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#isaac rambles
dirtdweller11 months ago
people who have never played Half Life 2 caption this image
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abri-chan2 years ago
Can we talk about how Castlevania has a healthy representation of masculinity?
Usually masculinity is defined in opposition to feminity. That is, putting down women or 鈥済irly鈥 things, aversion to emotions, etc. But the male leads treat Sypha like an equal, and nothing is super sexualized. Even if there are hints of her and Trevor, it is a mutual thing, and not the guy taking the lead over the woman. There was also none of the 鈥渨e must protect Sypha cuz she a woman鈥. Instead, all three of them fight together, and try to protect one another if possible.
The main guys aren鈥檛 unnecessarily violent or cruel. They are fighting for a goal; it鈥檚 not just violence for the sake of violence. And we have Alucard breaking down and crying, which is big no-no for a male lead (strong men don鈥檛 cry).
Collaboration is also a thing. In many series, it boils down to the main guy taking care of most of the battle, and you wonder why the other two characters are even around. In Castlevania, anyone of the trio contributed an equal part to defeating Dracula. In the sense that each character鈥檚 skill was used to defeat the final boss, and no one was overshadowed. Also, screen time is shared equally.
The guys acts homoerotically friendly to one another. Which is great, because it portrays men as actual decent humans, with feelings and all. And both male leads have depression to some extent. Mental 鈥渨eakness鈥 for my male leads? What? And the solution is to open up about it. And accept help and empathy from other people.
Even the main 鈥渁ntagonist鈥, Dracula, is severely emotional: he wants to destroy humanity for love. But his feelings are not portrayed as bad, in the sense that his love for his wife was not wrong. It鈥檚 cruel and undeserved punishment he wants to inflict upon humanity that is wrong.
Other cool male representation this season had: Hector is autistic. Trevor is thicc/bara. Alucard is feminine. Isaac is guided by passion and love, and possibly gay.
Update 1: Some people were confused, and thought I was saying masculinity is bad. I was referring to how the type of masculinity we see in shows is toxic masculinity. It was mostly about the behavior of characters, not their looks. So nothing wrong with a character being manly or muscular, that is, physically masculine. Also, when it comes to behavior, nothing wrong with聽鈥渕asculine鈥 traits. Although I would argue it is wrong to consider some traits as masculine, and other traits as feminine. But that鈥檚 another issue. Masculinity is bad when it becomes toxic, which is what me mostly see in shows. Castlevania managed to introduce good male characters. That鈥檚 all.聽
Update 2:聽When I said each character in the trio contributed equally to defeating Dracula, I didn鈥檛 mean that the expectation was for a mortal to do as much as a vampire. What I was trying to say was that the entire journey leading to Dracula had all of them contributing based on their abilities. So Sypha moves the castle. Trevor fights while she is busy with the spell for moving the castle and Alucard is trying to fix the mirror. And when they finally reach Dracula, Alucard being a vampire takes the bulk of physical fight. Basically not one guy running the entire marathon, but different tasks for different characters. I wouldn鈥檛 expect it to be exactly the same screen time. But you can tell the creators tried to give each character a good share of the spotlight. Always within the limitations of what a character can do. If all of them contributed equally to defeating Dracula all the time, it would feel forced.聽
Update 3: The homoerotic part was meant to be a joke on how male characters are supposed to act detached to one another, or else they are gay for each other. The range of emotions male characters can show is so limited, that we start thinking something homoerotic must be going on, instead of considering they are acting like wholesome human beings.聽
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sethopophobia3 years ago
Tumblr media
he says hes not but i have seen heaven and it is GOOD
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dirtdweller2 years ago
Fanon Death The Kid: Too polite to swear, or uses sophisticated 鈩 swears
Canon Death The Kid:
Tumblr media
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doctorizzykleiner8 months ago
I genuinely love the idea that Magnusson and Uriah met during the rescas. Like the rudest, most spiteful man to ever exist saw this probably injured alien who was/had probably been trying to kill him during the literal apocalypse and was like "aight. you're coming with me" and then proceeded to make that alien his lab assistant and also gave him a labcoat and made him a cute little nametag with his picture and name on it.
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Imagine if the suitors went to the beach for a whole day in the modern world...what crazy crap do you think will happen
Here are a handful of crazy and/or cute headcanons that came to mind! :D
-Mozart swatting away seagulls because HE IS TRYING TO EAT IN PEACE
-Jeanne watching him, MC offering him two water guns with a silent nod (sunglasses on, we鈥檙e going full meme)
-Jeanne then proceeds to shoot at them (no gulls were harmed in making of this promotional video) and his aim is impeccable it would be disturbing if the thwarted squawking wasn鈥檛 so funny
-Little kids start swarming around Jeanne asking how he鈥檚 so amazing and wanting to play team battles, inviting him to join
-Napoleon encourages him, and even Mozart joins in despite not liking getting wet very much (he wants Jeanne to have some positive fun times bc he BIIIIIIIG depressy)
-In the end they both admit to having fun, and one of the kids even teaches Jeanne a special ten step handshake (Jeanne has no idea what that was but the kiddo was smiling so he figured he鈥檇 go with it)
-Dazai, alternatively, gathers the fallen gull army and becomes their god with a singular cylinder of Pringles. No I will not elaborate--THE SEA GULLS GOT HER!!!!!!!!
-Spends most of the beach day wetting his feet in the tide pools and talking very earnestly to the gulls about this new thing he learned about called tax evasion while people pass by this fucker in full kimono at the beach and are convinced he鈥檚 lost it
-Dazai is very much not sane but we knew this already, offers sea shells to little kids that ask him what he鈥檚 doing and tells them to listen to the secrets bird friends can tell them
-If Dazai sounds like an Animal Crossing Villager, that was entirely by accident but remains no less true
-Surprising absolutely no one, Arthur suggests volley ball after watching people play and invites some pretty ladies to join him
-Arthur ends up needing two more people to play, so he invites Vincent and Theo (Vincent is so excited about trying something new that Theo can鈥檛 say no despite wanting to make a volleyball-shaped crater in Arthur鈥檚 face)
-The funniest part about the volleyball game is that not only is Arthur a shit player (CANON WEAK ARMS FOOL) Theo destroys with his spikes, and Vincent鈥檚 reach is insane--the two brothers end up becoming the talk of the beach
-I just laugh imagining Vincent sincerely complimenting people around him and the ladies swooning because he鈥檚 just so nice and pretty is he even real
-Men aren鈥檛 happy about that^TM but at the sight of Theo鈥檚 defensive glower they keep their malicious traps shut--which turn on whichever girls weren鈥檛 interested in Vincent jahkslgjh
-**Kaguyasama narrator voice** Today on Arthur Shenanigans: Arthur loses
-Poor Isaac is hiding under the umbrella clutching sunscreen bc HE IS A PASTY BOY HELP HIM
-MC brought a few of the newest Maths/Physics books in her time for him to read, and while he doesn鈥檛 enjoy the intensity of the sun--not like vamp weakness, it鈥檚 just the strain on his body (too many stimuli too many people too much noise) that makes him tired and ultimately thirsty bc aberrant. But the change of scenery's not so bad.......
-MC laughs when she gets out of the water and the salt dries visibly on her skin, Isaac鈥檚 eyes bug out and he asks if it hurts (startles when Leo flicks sea water at him and asks how on earth they got in the water when it鈥檚 so cold!!!)
-Leo chats with him and he likes being able to draw theorems and the like in the sand, it鈥檚 like one big chalkboard (until a kid tramples across them in the middle of writing, POPPYCOCK!). Isaac ultimately has fun but prefers to stay inside poor bub
-Leonardo, surprising no one, falls asleep in the sand the second he gets there HE IS HOME (Italian beaches, amirite)
-MC decides to, after a point, bury him fully in the sand for shits
-Comte notices and aids in her shenanigans from his beach chair, snickering the whole time
-When the two are satisfied they go for a swim together, trusting Leo to look after Isaac if need be (even if he鈥檚 a mummy rn)
-Comte is relieved to hear that she knows how to swim, but also watches carefully and doesn鈥檛 let her drift out too far by keeping closer to the shore himself (riptides!!!! can be!!!!!!! dangerous!!!!!!!!!!) if he had his way (he would never impose but he worries ;-;) she鈥檇 be wearing floaties SAFETY FIRST
-They splash at each other like maniacs and chat amiably until they start swimming away as fast as possible when Leo wakes up, laughing
-How do we know that Leo woke up?
-Because he sat up ramrod straight and a tower of sand fell. He then proceeded to jump up and sprint to the water despite Isaac鈥檚 startled cries about being careful, and swam after them like a shark to get his revenge (it was like something out of an anime s2g)
-Mostly just tugs on MC鈥檚 leg, picks her up in the water, and yeets her across in retaliation; really harmless, she鈥檚 cackling the whole time
-Dunks Comte鈥檚 head in the water while he鈥檚 being scolded, and MC has to de-escalate their increasingly dangerous shenanigans before the life guard comes after them LMFAO
-They concede only bc MC looks sad/worried abt being kicked out, and agree to keep things fun FIGHT TO THE DEATH LATER TONIGHT
-Napoleon goes for a nice long walk along the shoreline and climbs the rocks if he finds any til he gets to the top (he does not go to his happy place HE GOES TO HIS HIGH LONESOME PLACE) wishes that Jupiter could be here to enjoy the brine
-Our boy Napoleon is simply just vibin he loves the beach. A little further off the sound of people is p muted, it鈥檚 just the crashing waves and crisp smell of salt, the light breeze ruffling his hair聽
-Sebas is absolutely watching through binoculars and writing down how majestic Napoleon is while making sure no one gets lost/wrecked as he takes notes
Bonus: since volleyball games can often happen back to back on a sizable beach, the boys^TM were playing and Arthur called out聽鈥淭heo duck!!!!鈥 and just as Theo was saying聽鈥淎re you fucking kidding me did you really think I鈥檇--T H W A C K鈥 Theo gets nailed in the back of the head (Arthur later died after being put in a headlock)
Shakespeare didn鈥檛 feel like playing volley ball and didn鈥檛 have much else to do (can鈥檛 swim and has no interest), so he just sat back and tried to throw Theo off his game as much as possible聽
Por ejemplo: Theo misses a serve and Shakespeare just聽鈥淔or never was there a story of more woe; O bard Alexa, verily, play us Despacito鈥澛犫淪HUT THE FUCK UP鈥
Jeanne also gets hit by a stray volley ball, but when Vincent said聽鈥淥h no, Jeanne, duck!鈥 he has one of either two reactions: 1. Boulevard of Broken Dreams plays obnoxiously loud as he dodges inhumanly fast 2. he quacks, gets nailed, and doesn鈥檛 react because he doesn鈥檛 have any brain cells to damage
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milkierways3 years ago
i am convinced that one of these finnpoe blogs is actually being run by oscar isaac. i just need to find it.
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shippertrsh2 years ago
Tumblr media
Can we please take a moment to appreciate that even though Rachel sticks a gun to him, shocks him, nearly tries to kill him multiple times, Zack doesn't go berserk. He keeps chasing after her because he just wants to talk to her. He knows she's running away, both physically and mentally.
Just like when Rachel found out about Zack's past and his victims, Rachel stood there by him not phased by it all. Zack isn't scared of Rachel's "threats". He knows her -- personally knows her. The sort of knowing that comes from spending time with someone and forming your own opinions.
He's become a different person because of her. He wants to talk to her. He wants to understand her. He's grown this strange fondness for this odd girl and he can't seem to leave her alone.
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dirtdwellera year ago
My friends dming: Drow elves, cults, orcs and goblins- and confused warforged who actually just wants to be friends!
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alinadarkova year ago
John Boyega, Oscar Isaac, and now Sebastian Stan said fuck the mouse and fuck bad writing and I just think that鈥檚 beautiful of them to do that 馃枻
Tumblr media
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sethopophobia2 years ago
Tumblr media
if u told me that this was an actual panel of paranatural i would definitely believe you
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dirtdwellera year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Can anyone tell me what kind of handsome boy this is? I saw it on Rhode Island and it sang to me so I'd give him food. He was a very handsome and polite boy but I have no idea what kind of bird he is
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wordhuntering3 years ago
Hey so we know that kids can inherent a combination of their parents鈥 quirks
Izuku鈥檚 dad鈥檚 quirk is breathing fire
And his mom鈥檚 quirk is attracting small objects
All I鈥檓 saying is Izuku鈥檚 pretty good at attracting fire
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mondeelaugh3 years ago
ep. 9
oscar to jj: make it gay, coward.
jj: haha oscar you sound just like those fans, good one
oscar: fans? do you know who i am
jj: what
oscar: i am the CAPTAIN of the stormpilot
jj: oscar wh-
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isaacsnflda month ago
my best friend (of four and a half years) and I got really jealous seeing that Tubbo and Ranboo were hanging out together IRL so now I鈥檓 flying across the country in a few months to see my best friend...
this will be my first time being on a plane and I鈥檒l be alone too... I-
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