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Tumblr media
Master List: August
        Salt air, whispers while gazing at the stars in matching Adirondack chairs, memories that last a lifetime... All experienced in August. The end of summer, the beginning of new adventures and challenges, it's always been sacred and magical for you and Taehyung. Days spent on the beach, swimming in the salt water, working at the ice cream parlor and staring longingly at each other have filled the 31 days you share each year. And through it all, summer after summer, the bond between you and Taehyung, sacred and secretive, builds. It's shifted from a shy early crush to budding romance, squashed by years apart and distance that never seems to get smaller. But when everything keeps changing, and life is never quite as you left it the last time you were together, you have to wonder if the hope of what you shared isn't better left slipped away, lost in your memories. 
Genre: Fluff, Angst, Non-Idol AU
Rating: R-NC17
Warnings: Swearing! Making Out! 
Word Count: 
Listen: August, Taylor Swift
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I. Salt Air Pt. 1
II. Salt Air Pt. 2
III. Are You Sure?
IV. Twisted in Bed Sheets Pt. 1
V. Twisted in Bed Sheets Pt. 2
VI. Never Mine
VII. Behind the Mall 
VIII. Cancelled My Plans
IX. Moment in Time
X. Lost in the Memory {Epilogue}
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The Littlest Dumpling {8}
Tumblr media
Previous: The Littlest Dumpling {7}
Pairing: Min Yoongi x OFC
Genre: Non Idol AU / Author AU
Rating: R
Warnings: Swearing! Talking About Sex! Kissing! Talking About High School Bullying!
Word Count: 4.6k
Summary: Jealousy! Jealousy! And confrontation.
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Tumblr media
        “Who are you?” The Lil King asked, staring at the unhooded figure.
        “You! Tell me now.”
        “Hee-Young, protector of the 3rd land.”
        “Hee-Young? What is your power?”
        “Witch,” She answered.
        “Witch?” He asked.
        “Yes. Who are you?”
        “Yoongi,” The Lil king said.
        “Your highness,” She bowed, knee hitting the cold earth of the forest.
        “Please, you have saved me, I should bow in your honor.” He said.
        “It was my duty, sir. To protect the kingdom,” Hee-Young said.
        “Please rise, we are equals in my kingdom.”
        “Aren’t you the ruler who chose to starve the people instead of offering them grain?”
        “I am the ruler who fed all those who prepared us for battle, and clothed those who gave their time.”
        “You can be both, your highness”
“Cruel and kind.”
Lil King Yoongi Vol. 3
Tumblr media
October Pt. 2
        “I’m sure Yoongi’s told you,” Jane says. She sips her coffee at DanBam and stares at you expectantly.
        “Told me?” You ask.
        “About my little afternoon affair.”
        “About him catching you with some guy?” You ask.
        “Yes. Did he tell you who?”
        “Yoongi isn’t a snitch.”        
        “But you’re his lady love, he didn’t say anything?”
        “No, he didn’t,” You lie. He had said many, many things about Jane and Namjoon.
        “Well, you were right,” Jane says.
        “Aren’t I always?”
        “I am dating a friend of Yoongi’s.”
        “Oh my god you’re fucking Namjoon.” You say.
        “You knew!.”
        “I did, he couldn’t keep it a secret. You’re in love with him, aren’t you?” You ask, seeing that look in her eyes… you know, from past experiences, it’s the sign of love.
        “I am.”      
        “I fucking knew it!”
        “I believe that’s what Yoongi said, too.”
        “Fuck that, I was right and he was wrong.”
        “He was wrong?”
        “That you wouldn’t date his friends because they’re not good enough. But it isn’t about being good enough, it’s about being the right person for you. If he’s the right person for you.” You tell her.  
        “Yoongi is dense,” Jane laughs. “And you’re not. You’re good for him.”
        “I don’t know that someone can be good for you… but I do try to be the best version of myself around him.”
        Jane shrugs. “Isn’t that what dating is? Finding someone who doesn’t make you a raging cunt?”
        “I suppose so.”
        “How’s his editing going?”
        “It’s going okay, he’s insisting on more and more edits, though he doesn’t need them. But that’s Seokjin’s problem.” You say.
        “Are they, are they getting along?”
        “They’re apparently having a meeting to discuss what happened in high school that’s made Yoongi hate Jin’s guts for the last decade. So, we’ll see.”
        “Did he tell you what happened?” Jane asks.
        “Yes. Did he tell you?”
        “No, never.”
        “That’s probably best, it took a full breakdown for him to tell me.”
        “He’s entered his hobbit phase. It’ll last until, well, last time it went on until he was forced to do press. That’s when he’ll most likely come out of it. He might even write the next two books while in the hole, but he’ll come out. Eventually.” She explains.
        “It’s a little scary.”
        “Yes, the first time. But he’ll be okay, he always is.”
        “I know what it’s like, to have that mental fog, the depression. But watching him… it’s really fucking hard,” You take a sip to steady yourself, though caffeine doesn’t do much to quell your anxiety, only makes it worse.
        “Yoongi has a tough shell but is soft and kind on the inside.”
        “He’s my little mandu turtle,” You laugh.
        “Yeah, he’s a good one.”
        “So, I have only met Namjoon once or maybe twice, but I’m dying to know –
        “What I see in him?” Jane laughs.
        “No! What’s made you attracted to him? I know what made me attracted to Yoongi, he sees lots of things in me because I’m incredible. What was the initial spark?”
        “Right that’s how it started, but you stuck around for what, a year?”
        “Yeah, a little over.”
        “What’s that like?”
        “Namjoon is… stubborn and thinks he’s always right. He has this huge fucking brain that’s so obnoxious. But he’s a golden retriever, he is cuddly and wants attention and is so soft. He listens to me and doesn’t demean; he cares but doesn’t overstep. Sure, we fight, often and loudly because he’s stubborn and an oaf. But I’ve fucked enough to know a good thing when I find it.” Jane explains.
        “And he’s your good thing.”
        “He’s the best thing.”
        “Did you want to fall in love, like were you looking for it?” You ask.
        “I didn’t, I just wanted to fuck him. You’ve seen him. He’s six feet, muscles for days, those eyes and the dimples? God, he can devour me whole and I’ll ask him to do it again. But I wasn’t looking for him to be anything.”
        Jane had taken a break from dating when she got drunk and slept with Namjoon. A break from dating anyone, after her last relationship with Stef ended. It had ended… not amicably and that was largely due to the huge fight they had over the future of their relationship. Jane didn’t want to keep seeing Stef, but Stef had wanted to keep seeing Jane. Isn’t that the problem in all relationships? When one person wants it more than the other? Stef was pissed, rightfully so. They’d been together for three years and Jane was finally at a place where she was ready to move on. Move on from the life they’d built, have the freedom to sleep around or spend late nights at the office working on plans and projects without the guilt of Stef waiting for her. Which was hard, because they lived together, and had lived together since the great rent debacle a few years before.
        So, Jane broke up with her. And Stef did not take it well. There were names exchanged, unpleasant things said, and Jane moved out of the apartment that night. She didn’t care to take any of the pieces they’d bought together with her. It was the end of a chapter, and she wanted a clean slate.
        Jane was doing great, being single, hooking up, getting over Stef and the years they spent together… But then Namjoon started flitting about. Showing up to different activities, being in her orbit so frequently she started expecting him places. Namjoon Kim. Then, he became all she wanted. When his birthday party rolled around, she took her opportunity and hasn’t looked back.
        “You’re lucky.”
        “That we don’t work at the same place?” Jane asks.
        “Yes, no secrecy.”
        “Did you talk to HR?”
        “Yeah, they were helpful. We’re only a little fucked because we’ve been hiding it for the last few months and that looks suspicious. But other than that… we should be fine. We have documents that state when we started seeing each other socially, and it’s clear when he signed his contract that this started after… All good things,” You tell her.
        “That’s good!”
        “That’s better than good, I thought we were fucked. Going to have to break up, fucked.”
        “Now you can continue being, whatever you two are.”
        “I kind of hope we become more,” You say earnestly.
        “No I love yous yet, right?”
        “Yeah, I’m not… we’re not… I don’t think we’re ready, yet. And that’s okay,” You tell her. The yet is important, you’re not ready yet, but that doesn’t mean the feelings you have brewing aren’t leaning towards something bigger than just deep affection for Yoongi.
        “Every couple in their own time – I didn’t tell Namjoon I loved him until we’d been together for six months.”
        “Don’t you think he was waiting for you to say it first?” You ask.
        “Probably, he has a little fear when it comes to crossing boundaries.”
        “That’s probably a good thing, isn’t it?”
        Jane smirks. “Yeah, depending. I like it. Means I still hold most of the cards.”
Tumblr media
        Yoongi invited Seokjin to his apartment, because it was the only place he could imagine screaming at Jin in without being looked at strangely. What it meant however was that Jin knew where he lived, and that was unsettling. Not that Seokjin would do anything to Yoongi, but it made him mildly uncomfortable to share that information with Jin.
        Jin arrives on time, and the doorman, having known he was going to show up, points him in the direction of the elevator and Yoongi’s home. Seokjin, a little apprehensive to the scope of this non work meeting, hasn’t brought a housewarming gift or anything to say “thanks for inviting me”, though he’s not sure this is even the time or place for it.
        “This is quite the place Yoongs,” Seokjin says as he slips his shoes off.
        “Thank you,”
        “Is this Lil King Yoongi money?” Jin asks.
        “Yes, it’s the gift the keeps on giving.”
        “You did good, you know,” Jin says, taking in the view from the wide windows.
        “So I’m assuming you’ve invited me over to talk about something?” Jin asks.
        “Can I sit or?”
        “Yeah, sure. Do you want water?” Yoongi asks.
        “Yes, that’d be great.”
        Yoongi grabs a glass and fills it with water for Jin, handing it to him as he sits across from him on an ottoman.
        “Do you remember what you did to me, in high school?” Yoongi asks.
        “Enlighten me,” Jin says.
        “Well, first you stole my jokes.”
        “I am sorry for that – that was totally uncool.”
        Yoongi purses his lips and tries not to roll his eyes. “But what’s really been the defining moment of our friendship, of high school, for me, was the day you told your little posse all my secrets, right fucking in front of me.”
        Jin’s ears immediately turn red, his neck too, as he stares at Yoongi.
        “What?” He asks.
        “Don’t act like you didn’t do it, Jin. You did. I was there, I heard you, I saw you. You told your friends about me wetting the bed and sleeping next to my brother. You broke the trust of our friendship.”
        “I,” Jin is speechless. He could deny it, or try very, very hard to, but what’s the point? Yoongi’s got him dead to rights, and he knows it. “I did do that. I did share those secrets.”
        “Not going to deny it?” Yoongi mocks.
        “Why? You saw me, you heard me. I did it.”
        “You’re so fucking cavalier.”
        “How do you want me to be, Yoongi? How do you want me to behave right now?”
        “You don’t seem to get how much it ruined me and the rest of my high school experience… But what I still don’t understand, is why you did it.”
        “Why I did it?” Jin asks.
        “Yes, why? What did I do to deserve that from you?” Yoongi asks. He wants to give himself a medal for how he’s been maintaining his cool.
        “I don’t know what your mother said to you, about me. But all my life, from the day you started walking before me, all I heard was why aren’t you as good as Yoongi? Everything I did… every day was a competition between you and me to be the best. It didn’t matter what it was, it didn’t matter if I struggled, I was always up against you,” Jin inhales slowly. “And I wasn’t, I never measured up.”
        “So, you told all your friends my childhood secrets?”
        “I – it wasn’t right Yoongi. I’m not saying it explains anything. And I’m sorry it’s had a lasting impact on you.”
        “You’re, that’s it?” Yoongi asks.
        “What do you want me to say? I snapped and it was shitty of me Yoongi, but it’s been a decade!”
        “You ruined my friendships, Jin! Everyone knew the next day. Everyone fucking knew all my problems because you opened your big fucking mouth!” Yoongi’s voice has risen many decibels, louder and louder as his frustration brews.
        “I’m sorry! I couldn’t, I couldn’t control them!”
        “No, but you could control yourself. And you fucking didn’t.”
        “I know, Yoongi. Can you try to understand the pressure I was under?”
        “I’m sorry… are you saying that your inadequacies made you copy me, steal my thoughts and jokes and then blab my secrets to the whole school? Is that what you’re fucking saying to me?” He asks.
        “No! I did a shitty thing. I did. I did it. And I’m fucking sorry.”
        “For the record, my mom fucking compared me to you every day of my life. And it fucking sucked watching you go from my best friend to a pompous asshole who only cared about himself. Do you know what that was like?”
        “I – you were going to leave me behind anyway, Yoongi.”
        “So you decided to break up with me so slowly you thought I wouldn’t notice?”
        “No, we were going our separate ways. Can you blame me for growing up?” Jin asks.
        “Into an asshole? I’m not mad our friendship ended, I’m mad about how you treated me.”
        “I didn’t mean to, Yoongi. I didn’t mean to at all.”
        “But you did, and you never looked back.” Yoongi won’t cry, but he can feel the tears stinging his eyes.
        “You stopped talking to me!” Seokjin yells.
        “You humiliated me!” Yoongi yells back.
        “You were better than me in every fucking way, Yoongi. I’m sorry I couldn’t measure up.”
        “That’s not what this is about, Jin.”
        “Oh, then what is it about? You wanted me to apologize, I have. Is that not enough for you?”
        Yoongi stares at him as their tempers dampen, the frustration ebbing into sorrow. They had been best friends… so close… but now?
        “I’m sorry,” Jin says again.
        “I know you are. I appreciate that,” Yoongi says. It’s going to be difficult for him to be kind to Jin, but he is going to try.
        “I didn’t, I didn’t mean to ruin our friendship, Yoongi. I didn’t know how to behave, or how to make friends besides you. So, I changed who I was because I couldn’t be associated with you all the time. I couldn’t keep being part of the duo, it was killing me, Yoongi.”
        “How was my friendship killing you, besides our parents obviously pinning us against each other?” He asks.
        “You’re Yoongi Min. You were everyone’s favorite. Every teacher adored you. You so easily got good grades and succeeded in clubs. Everyone wanted to be you, Yoongi. You were just too aloof to notice.”
        “I don’t think that’s true. People fell at your feet, Jin.”
        “They did, because of my face and the jokes I stole, not because they ever knew me. No one did, except you.”
        Yoongi stares at him, because what a confession. He isn’t sure what to say next or if he should even believe it.
        “I was an imposter, for years, Yoongi. That’s what got me through, pretending I was cool and popular. But you were cool without trying.”
        “Have you been jealous of me the whole time?”
        “I’m not jealous, Yoongi. I don’t want the life you have.”
        Yoongi scoffs. “Rude.”
        “I just mean, the fame, the depressive episodes, the self-doubt. I don’t want that. I love my life, I am in love with Violette and I love my job. But that’s because I went to a different college than you. One where I could reinvent myself.”
        “So, ending our friendship propelled you into your new life?” Yoongi asks.
        “While it ruined me for a solid two years?”
        “I – I guess.”
        “We both lived the same moment but experienced it completely differently.”
        “And yet, we both burned because of it,” Yoongi says.
        “That’s dramatic,” Jin comments.
        “But it’s true, isn’t it?” Yoongi asks.
        “I guess, in some ways it is.”
        Yoongi lets the silence sit for a few minutes, trying to make sense of it all. Jin is sorry, though he doesn’t feel as sorry as Yoongi would have liked him to… but he can’t control that, only how he takes it in.
        “I don’t really have anything else to say to you,” Yoongi says, eyeing Seokjin warily.  
        “Well, that’s good because I’ve been vulnerable enough with you. Are you coming to the party Saturday?” Jin asks as he stands and heads toward the door.
        “Yeah, Y/N is making me.”
        “Great, I will see you then, and not a moment sooner.”
Tumblr media
        Serendipity Publishing hosts a Halloween party every year – costumes optional. It’s the perfect release for authors, editors, and graphic designers to let go, eat too much candy and drink a little too much Witches Brew. It’s fun, even for you, who hates Halloween. This year, you, much like every other year, have refused to wear a costume. Yoongi has also opted for black pants and a black button down, keeping himself in the color story of Halloween without showing too much participation. He hates Halloween, not the lore of it, the commercialization and kids’ costumes and trick-or-treating. It would all be solved if parents just let their kids eat sweets and didn’t try to create unhealthy relationships with sugar.        
        The office is decorated for the occasion, a party planning committee having come in Friday afterwork and all day Saturday to transform the office into a haunted… well office. With black high tops covered in spider webs, a guess how many jar of candy corn, and food all shaped and themed for the occasion. Black streamers and twinkling lights hang from the ceiling and off the exposed beams, with classic literature characters dressed in Halloween costumes adding an extra pizzazz. The art department has always contributed some artwork for the party. Last year it was expertly carved pumpkin, the year before a display of horror books in the shape of a witch’s hat, carved and manipulated to reveal elements of the stories they contained.
        Yoongi keeps his distance from you at the party, a request and agreement that you don’t love, but need to keep. You haven’t told him, but you’ve conversed with HR requesting a meeting and asking some preliminary questions regarding your situation. Hopefully they come back with good news, and hopefully it’ll mean taking your relationship public.
        For tonight, you’re a seemingly free agent and Yoongi fucking hates it.
        He hates how good you look in your black dress and witches hat. How your eyeliner is shimmering bronze against your latte skin. He hates how your lace tights increase the sensuality of your outfit, including the dip of the front of your dress. He hates that other people are milling about, talking to you, flirting with you, touching you.
        Most of all, he hates that he doesn’t get to follow you around and listen as you introduce him as an author and your boyfriend. Because being called your boyfriend is what makes his heart sing just a little louder than it normally does. Which, frankly, is quite quiet.
        “Yoongi, good to see you,” Jimin says sidling up to him.
        “Jimin-ah, good to see you too,” He hugs his ex. “Where’s Jungkook?”
        “Getting drinks. He might grab you one, if he sees us talking.”
        “Great. I could use one, or three.”
        “What’s got you so angsty?” Jimin asks. He’s dressed up like an angel, all white with a halo and extraordinary wings. He’s even put glittery eyeliner on, sweeping across his lids and up his temples. He looks heavenly.
        “Y/N,” Yoongi says, eyes glancing to you.
        “She’s still your secret?” He asks.
        “I’m hers,” Yoongi corrects.
        “Still worried about being good in bed?” Jimin teases.
        “I knew I shouldn’t tell Hoseok or take his advice.”
        Jimin laughs. “Why? Didn’t I calm your fears?”
        “I mean, you were kind of helpful.”
        “What, me telling you that you were good in bed wasn’t enough? Are you still worried?” Jimin asks.
        “No, I’m not still worried,” Yoongi rolls his eyes as he blushes.
        “Oh, so you’ve sealed the deal? Damn Yoongi, look at you go. Fucking like a man.”
        “Don’t talk about my sex life with her like that.”
        “Is it sacred?” Jimin asks.
        “It is, yeah, it is.”
        “Like ours was?”
        “Jimin, we were in love,” Yoongi says, eyes softening at his ex. “We dated for two years and then we broke up, amicably.”
        “Yoongi, I’m just giving you shit.”
        “How’s Jungkook?” Yoongi asks.
        “In bed?”
        “If he fucks as good as he looks, I don’t think you need to explain anything,” Yoongi smirks as he glances at the man walking towards them.  
        “That’s fair. And true. He’s good, you know after we broke up, I didn’t really think I’d date for a while. But then Jungkook happened, and Jungkook cannot be ignored.”
        “You love him, yeah?”
        “Yeah,” Jimin smiles as Jungkook finally approaches with three drinks in his massive hands. “Do you love her?”
        Yoongi glances back to where you were, and still are, but instead of that nice lady from marketing, it’s a chiseled man dressed as Wesley from The Princess Bride who is leaning awfully close. And Yoongi knows all too well what it means when someone leans… wanting, anticipating… That’s exactly what this man seems to be doing.
        You can feel Yoongi’s gaze on you – how could you not? He’s staring so aggressively, no matter where he moves in the room, he’s always watching you. It’s kind of hot, a psychosexual game that you get to play. You wish you can be near him, holding his hand, staying close to him, but you can’t. Not yet anyway, next Halloween party you can wear matching outfits and hold hands and be cutesy. But not this year.
Tumblr media
        The car ride back to your house is tense, Yoongi not speaking or looking at you, the silence becoming so overbearing you want to scream.
        “Yoongi, why are you so mad?” You ask as you step into your house. He follows behind you, shuffling his feet and making small sounds of annoyance as he does.
        “I’m not.”
        “You are too, and you’re acting like a mad child. Can we talk about it?” You kick off your heels and start filling a glass with cold water, which you down quickly before pouring another one.
“Talk about what, how he looked like he was going to take you home?” He asks.
        “Yoongi, he was not. He was just being friendly. I didn’t even talk to him for more than five minutes!”
        “Did you even know him?” Yoongi snarls, the freeing nature of his anger flowing from him.
        “Of course, I know him. His name is John and he works in legal. We have several meetings a month together and he has never once made a pass at me. Is that what you want to know?” You ask.
        “Good, now can you tell me what about that really pissed you off?”
        He rolls his eyes. “It felt like we were in some weird open relationship, and you were off dating other people.”
        “I’m not dating other people, you know that,” You remind him.
        “Maybe if we didn’t keep hiding, I wouldn’t feel like you are.”
        “Yoongi,” You say.
        “What if I don’t want to be your secret?” He asks.
        You clench your jaw, grinding your teeth for a moment before speaking again.
       “I’m not having this fight with you Yoongi.” You snap, staring at him with what seems like contempt.
       “And why not?” He asks. “Are my feelings not valid?”
       “Because it’s stupid! You’re being immature and an asshole,” You say.  
       “Maybe I’m feeling insecure and need reassurance,” He argues.  
       “Maybe you do, but you’re enough of an adult to know to ask for it instead of being a dick.” You say, noting how harsh it sounds when it leaves your lips. Too harsh, like you’re being too mean and aggressive towards him.
       It hangs in the air, your anger dissipating as you stare at how sad he looks. Does he really think you would step out on him? In front of him?
       “I’m sorry. I saw you with him and I just -
       “What does he have to do with it? He’s married!”
       “Oh!” Yoongi feels partially embarrassed, how could he have missed that fact?
       “Whatever this is, this jealousy, you need to handle it because that was a work event, and at work events I am your publisher. I’m not your girlfriend or your lover or something more. We work together.”
       “No - for fucks sake!” He exclaims, the anger you once held flowing freely to him. “We sleep together! We do more than that, this is more than that, and you acted like I wasn’t in the room while that guy fawned all over you.”
       “I’m sorry.”
       “For behaving in a way that made you think you weren’t, and aren’t, at the front of my mind. You are, always. I didn’t mean to twist your feelings up in a fucking webbed mess,” You apologize and sit at the counter, head in your hands. “I didn’t mean to demean your fears it’s just… I want us to be together in all those situations. But for now, we can’t and that’s fucking hard.”
       “My heart felt like it was a fucking mess, but my head tried to steer it in the right direction.” He explains.
       “Well, that doesn’t explain why I’m behaving like a bitch right now,” You mutter.
       “You’re not –
       “I am, being awful to you. I’m sorry, I’m sorry. That’s not enough, but I am.”
       “It is enough,” He says, taking his hand from yours to drape it around your shoulders. He kisses your temple, holding you close.
       “Are your feelings still webbed?” You ask.
       “Every one of my feelings for you is in a tangled mess,” Yoongi sighs.  
       “So are mine.”
       He nods and kisses you again. “Mine are a good mess, though. Not like an existential wondering what our relationship is, kind of mess. I think I know what our relationship is.”
       “But you still got jealous?” You ask him.
       “I’m only human,” Yoongi says.
       “I’m sorry.”
       “Me too.”
       “Is this our first big fight?” You ask.
       “I think so… we fought about being together, but you agreed to be my girlfriend.”
       “It was a good decision, agreeing to be together.” You hold out your free hand, and he takes it in his. He gives it a gentle squeeze, then brings the back of it to his lips and kisses it gently.
       “You think?” He whispers.
       “Yes, I know.”
       “I haven’t driven you crazy yet?” Yoongi asks.
       “I’m a little worried about you, and the whole living and working out of your bed thing, but other than that,” You confide.
       “Other than that one major obstacle,” He says.
       “You make me happy, and I think I’m having very big, scary feelings about you,” You say, and you mimic his earlier gesture, bringing the back of his palm to your lips.
       “Me too, about the feelings. You don’t really worry me, except tonight.” He says.
       You pull back, staring at him. “You didn’t really think I would cheat, or pick someone else, did you?”
       “No, not really,” Yoongi says.  
       “Good, because I would never.”
       “Just,” He starts.
       “What?” You ask, tilting your head to the side to get a better look at his soft gaze.
       “If he’s got a wife, why was he leaning like that?”
       “Oh my god, how many times have you seen While You Were Sleeping to have that memorized?”        
       “Clearly enough.”
       “He was leaning? It was loud! Monster Mash was playing almost on repeat, he might’ve just had a hard time hearing me,” You’re finding this all so comical.
       “I don’t think he had a hard time hearing. You look sexy, and you’re wearing that perfume… I would lean.”
       “You would lean?” You laugh, unabashedly, freely, at how fucking adorable your boyfriend is.
       “Honey, I always lean when you’re around.”
       “I like you,” You say smiling, leaning a little closer so your lips nearly touch.  
       “I like you too,” Yoongi says, and he closes the gap.  
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Tumblr media
Master List: Once
Summary: Seven break ups. Seven break up letters. 
Genre: Angst
Rating: PG13-R
Word Count: ~2,000
Warnings: Swearing
Listening: Once by Maren Morris 
I. Dear Yoongi 
II. Dear Seokjin
III. Dear Jimin 
IV. Dear Namjoon
V. Dear Taehyung
VI. Dear Hoseok
VII. Dear Jungkook
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The Littlest Dumpling {7}
Tumblr media
Previous: The Littlest Dumpling {6}
Pairing: Min Yoongi x OFC
Genre: Non Idol AU / Author AU
Rating: NC17
Warnings: Swearing! Talking About Sex! Kissing! Making Out! SEX! P-In-V-Consensual-Sex
Word Count: 4.7k
Summary: Yoongi decides to be an adult and face multiple fears. And the history of a long standing feud comes to light. 
Master List
Tag List: @4ksj, @jagiya, @ot7nem, @knjkitten, @teamtardis-notdead​
Tag List
        “Your highness, what do you want to do?” Hyun-Woo asked.
        “I will fight for my kingdom. I will fight for our freedom. I will fight to keep our land safe and welcome to everyone. We will fight for what is dear to us. That is this land, and that is our kingdom. Ready the troops,” The Lil King instructed.
        “But sir,” Chin-Hae tried to stop him. “Sir, we aren’t ready for battle. The armor isn’t made, the weapons –
        “Call on every person in the land, offer them grain for a year and clothing for winter. Every person that can help should help.”
        “Okay,” Chin-Hae said, satisfied by the King’s answer.
        “And call on my grandmother. We will need her magic.”
        The Lil King disappeared into his chamber, shutting the door and sitting at his desk. He stared at the papers in front of him, spells and projections that were being written for this occasion. But they’re untested, how will they work when the forces are surrounding his kingdom, threatening his people? How will he fight?
Lil King Yoongi Vol. 3
Tumblr media
        “Are you sure?” Yoongi whispers, lips against your collarbone, hands toying with the hem of your underwear.
        “Yoongi,” You mewl, raising your hips lightly to grind against him. His hardened cock presses into you, pushing all reason and judgment from your mind.
        “What?” He asks, pulling away to stare at you, lust in his blown irises.
        “We’ve been doing this, dating, for months…. Haven’t we waited long enough?” You ask.
        His chest is still pressed to yours, breasts marking him in invisible lust that’s potency is building, drawing him deeper and deeper into your orbit.
        “You aren’t officially my girlfriend, I didn’t know if you wanted to wait until we talked to HR.”
        “Yoongi, you fingered me last week.”
        “I – okay yeah so that’s a form of sex but it’s different.”
        “You know how I taste, Yoongi,” You remind him, nails scraping down his neck.
        “Yeah, and I’d like another to drink you in, but I want us to be on the same page,” Yoongi says.
        “I want to have sex with you, right now.”
        “That’s my enthusiastic consent. Do you want to have sex with me right now?”
        “More than you realize,” Yoongi answers.
        “Great, there’s condoms in the drawer,” You point towards your nightstand and watch as he rolls off of you and slips his boxers off. His tears the condom open and sheaths himself before turning back to you.
        “Oh shit,” You mutter, staring at a completely naked Yoongi.
        “Is my body weird?” Is his first thought, and first thought is best thought.
        “No! God, sorry! You’re really sexy, and I’m even hornier for you now that you’re naked on my bed than I was when you were pressed against me.”
        “Okay that’s a good ego boost,” He says and slips back to his position between your thighs. His lips find yours, passion and heat building as his lips toy with yours. He’s the best kisser you’ve experienced, or maybe you care about him so much that it makes every ministration feel like fireworks. “Are you okay like this?”
        “Missionary?” You ask.
        “Yeah, I kind of like that for our first time we’re keeping it classic.”
        “I just want to feel you, every part of you,” Yoongi says and kisses you again.
        Your legs wrap around his waist, opening yourself up to him whenever he’s ready to take that step. It’s hard to resist, when he can feel your wetness against him, creating a smooth glide as your hips buck into his.
        “Yoongi, you’re killing me,” You moan, tilting your head to the side to catch your breath.
        “Okay, okay,” He laughs and slips a hand between you. His deft fingers swirl your clit as he lowers himself to your entrance. “You good?”
        “Please just fuck me,” You groan.
        Yoongi kisses you again as his hand glides his hardened cock to your entrance.
        There’s something thrilling about having sex with someone for the first time, particularly someone you care about. It’s both exciting, promising, and terrifying. This is what Yoongi was scared of, the intimacy that comes with sex, the vulnerability of bearing yourself completely to another person. Of your bodies joining and being unable to hide that birthmark or the scar from when you fell off your bike. The pressure to perform, to be present and there for your partner and bring them relief and bliss as they try to do the same for you. And then, it’s all consuming. The scents, the sensations across every one of your senses in all parts of your body. The way it takes over your mind and all you can think of is their name, over and over again. A prayer. A wish. A command.
        “Oh my god,” You mutter as he bottoms out, cock fully inside you, hips stilling to let you adjust to him. “Yoongi.”
        “What?” He asks, panicked.
        “I have a very good feeling about this,” You say, and use one of your hands to tilt his jaw to you. You lean up to kiss him, and Yoongi begins to set a pace. He pulls out gently at first, slowly stretching you as he begins to rock back and forth.
        “Tell me if it’s too much.”
        “It’s not, I want more,” you moan.
        Yoongi takes your direction and begins to move his hips faster, snapping harder with every thrust. It’s powerful and potent, the way his body conforms to fit into yours, his gentle touch on your face, his lips still pillows of comfort and wanting on your burning skin.
        This is sex, Yoongi thinks. This, this is good sex.
Tumblr media
        Yoongi lays next to you, breath finally returning to nowhere as he pushes hair off his sweaty forehead. Crawling into bed next to him, you snuggle onto his sticky chest, draping a leg across his body.
        “So that was,” You start.
        “Yeah, that was,” Yoongi laughs.
        “I’m glad we waited,” You say.
        “You are?”
        “Yeah, that way we could spend too much time talking about it and figuring out how we feel about each other.”
        “Me too, time’s made me like you even more,” Yoongi says.  
        “Me too.”
        Yoongi kisses your forehead tenderly and hugs you close.
        “Can I ask you something?” You ask.
        “What exactly happened with you and Seokjin?”
        “I – that’s a long story.”
        “Will you tell me?” You ask. It’s more than that. It isn’t a simple request, tell me about this past hurt. It’s a deep sign of connection. Do you trust me enough to tell me? Can you be vulnerable enough to share with me? Give me a piece of yourself?
        “Okay.” Yoongi says. “But first, we need water.”
Tumblr media
       The Kim household was strict, fair but hard on the two boys that were raised within it. Bedtime was the rule, honoring their father and mother was not simply biblical, but expected. Disobeying would result in grounding and punishment so severe they didn’t speak about it at school. Both Kim sons, Seok-Joong and Seokjin, grew steadfast in their parents’ guidance. They were patient and measured like their mother, genial and charming like their father. They dabbled in so many clubs and athletics it was a wonder they had time for homework, let alone Korean school on the weekends. The brothers Kim became well rounded and thus, well respected.
       Except for the problem with the Mins.
       Yoongi Min and his older brother, Geum-jae, grew in almost parallel lives to the Kim’s. They obeyed their parents, were in many clubs and sports and were respected. Well the eldest was. Yoongi was too busy with art classes and creative writing workshops to play sports. But that didn’t stop him from excelling at everything he tried.
       The problem with the Mins, was also the problem with the Kim’s.
       Mrs. Kim and Mrs. Min had met when they were pregnant with their first sons and created a sisterhood of the traveling pants type friendship. Their pregnancies, both with sons, created a deep bond between them. One they maintained when they both became pregnant with their second sons as well. They felt like the other could see them, could understand their plights and the pressures of being a mom and provider. They discussed, in hushed voices, their marital problems and shared recipes for traditional Korean dishes and laughed over soju when the kids were asleep or at sleep away camp.
       For Mrs. Kim, there was no one more elegant and commanding of respect as Mrs. min.
       For Mrs. min, there was no one more poised and put together as Mrs. Kim.
       And thus, without ever saying so, they raised their boys in direct competition with each other.
       “Yoongi-ah got straight As this semester, how can you explain your B in world history, Seokjin-ah?”
       “Seokjin-ah you’re in the same classes as Yoongi-ah, why is he getting 100% and you aren’t making a solid A? Maybe he should tutor you.”
       Both phrases were used, edited, and reused so many times Jin knew when his mother was going to say them. He knew the exact score that would elicit a comparison, the exact comment from a teacher that would provoke a comment on how smart or incompetent he was.
       At the Min household, the other side of the coin was: “You did better than Seokjin-ah this semester, good job Yoongi-ah.”
       These interactions naturally created a resentment and frustration between the two once very close friends. So close Seokjin and Yoongi had called each other brother for years, though in the presence of their parents Yoongi was expected to address Seokjin with the honorific, hyung. They had been inseparable. Fast friends, best friends who at one time knew everything about the other, despite the constant competition their mothers refused to acknowledge they put them through. Their older brothers got off fairly easily, they were the first borns and more in tandem with each other than Yoongi and Seokjin.
       Like all friendships, there comes a point where friendship and hormones meet… often to disastrous consequences.
       In high school, Yoongi was known throughout their school as the quiet, studious artist. He didn’t make waves; he rode them casually and with ease. Internally, he was a duck paddling under water. That was Yoongi, calm on the outside, panicking on the outside.
       Yoongi’s saving grace was how funny he was, hilarious even. Jokes for days that flowed quietly out of his lips and fell on the only person who ever actively sat next to him, Seokjin.
       Now, it wasn’t so much that Seokjin hadn’t discovered his humor and comedy yet… well, frankly he hadn’t. He wasn’t sure how to be funny, or what he could say that would make the popular kids he hung out with find him more interesting than just his pretty face. Which is how his habit taking whatever it was Yoongi said and repeating it to a larger, more willing audience began.
       Seokjin was popular. Very. Very. Popular. Walk down the halls having multiple people try to high five him, popular. Girls calling his name and waving like a 90s romcom popular. And thus, the comments and jokes Yoongi made circulated to a wider audience. A much wider audience. He didn’t mind, the first or second time. But my junior year, he began to pull away from Jin. Why talk to a friend when they have such loose lips? Didn’t Seokjin know that’s what sunk ships? And would, inevitably sink their friendship? He didn’t seem to realize it, or care that much that he was stealing the comments and intellectual property right out of Yoongi’s mouth to fan the flames of his high school stardom.
       The incident occurred in the middle of senior year. Yoongi was walking through the halls, headphones half in, playing nothing of consequence. He rounded the corner, and there was Seokjin with his usual set of fawners. They stared at him, bewildered and beguiled by his handsome face and hilarious retelling of what happened in AP lit. It wasn’t anything exciting, presentations on whatever topic they’d picked for their main thesis essay of the year. It was American lit, so naturally Yoongi was exploring the difference in narrative from a Japanese American and a white American during the internment. He’d found two novels set in the same time period, in the same city that he could compare. Seokjin wanted to know the American fascination with Steinbeck, weren’t there female authors of the same time doing the same thing but better?
       But the way Jin told it, it sounded more like a farce a La On the Way to the Forum.
       Regardless, as Yoongi rounded the corner, they gawkers started whispering, his name he caught, then from Seokjin
       “He hasn’t even kissed a girl. Did you know he steals my jokes? Copies them for his well, parents I guess. He doesn’t have friends. Probably because they know he’s a fucking loser.”
       Yoongi was shocked, weren’t they once best friends?
       “Did you know he wet the bed until he was 10?” Jin said, telling Yoongi’s secret to these random people. “Apparently, he slept in his brother’s bed too. Until he was twelve.”
       Yoongi went home, slammed the door, and never spoke to Jin again. He didn’t answer his parents’ questions about the Kim’s, he didn’t sit near him in class. He didn’t do anything that would involve spending time with Seokjin.
       That was a decade ago.  He still hasn’t forgiven him.
Tumblr media
        “Yoongi,” You whisper, feeling all kinds of guilt wash over you.
        “Y/N,” He says. “I don’t want your pity.”
        “No, I’m not pitying you. I’m sorry.”
        “When you first started the editing, you didn’t want to work with Jin and I forced you to. I was cold and unsympathetic. I didn’t give it the time or space you needed, I forced it. I’m sorry.”
        Yoongi wasn’t expecting an apology, truthfully, he’d forgotten about the conversation almost completely. You were pretty firm with him, but it was nothing out of the ordinary for a publisher dealing with a stubborn author.
        “Thank you,” Yoongi says.
        “I, he completely destroyed your trust. I flitted about like it was nothing but that’s not fair, it was something. Something major.”
        “Yeah, it was traumatizing. Took me a while to even talk about it.”
        “I’m so sorry honey,” You say, stroking his face.
        “It’s okay, it’s not your fault.”
        “I know, but I could’ve been nicer, kinder to you.”
        “I appreciate that.”
        “You know,” You say. “I kind of want you to stay.”
        “You want me to stay?”
        “I want you to stay the night.”
        “Oh,” Yoongi’s surprised. “You do?”
        “Fuck, you don’t have to. It’s just an idea.”
        “I don’t have a toothbrush,” He says. That’s his first thought, his greatest fear. Like he can’t run home and get clothes and come back.
        “I have an idea,”
        “Why don’t you go home and get clothes, and your toothbrush, and I’ll change the sheets?”
        “Did you just read my mind?” He laughs.
        “I did,” You answer, kissing his cheek.
Tumblr media
        Waking up next to Yoongi is an experience. His hair a little mussed, eyes closed and lips gently parted, he’s so beautiful and soft.
        “Stop staring,” He mutters.
        “It’s weird.”
        “I’ve only been doing it for maybe thirty seconds.”
        “Is that a way of saying we haven’t crossed into the weird territory yet?”
        “Mm,” Yoongi reaches for you and you scoot towards him. His arm around your waist, you’re drifting back to sleep to the sound of his heartbeat and the breath inflating his lungs.
        “Brunch?” You mutter.
        “Yeah, in like two hours.”
Tumblr media
        The Ruby Poppy doesn’t have brunch, however its sister restaurant, Sunflowers & Daffodils does. They don’t have a cozy corner booth for you to snuggle into, but instead offer cute tables exploding with flowers.
        Yoongi pulls your chair out and you sit, hand leaving his as he moves to his own chair.
        “I really want French toast,” You declare.
        “Wanna split French toast and an omelette?” Yoongi asks.
        “Oo, best of both worlds. Yes.”
        “I think going to The Ruby Poppy weekly has helped me figure out your food preferences.”
        “That and you’ve cooked me dinner multiple times a week for at least two months, so that probably helps too.”
        “I like cooking for you.”
        “I like it when you cook for me.”
        “Yoongi?” A voice calls, and it stops Yoongi as he’s about to take your hand.
        “God fucking damnit,” Yoongi mutters and stares up at the ceiling. “Fuck me.”
        “Y/N?” The voice says as it approaches, a woman following close behind.
        “Seokjin!” You say and stand. “Wow.”
        He hugs you gently and stares at Yoongi. “Mr. Min.”
        “Mr. Kim,” Yoongi rolls his eyes.
        You’re not quite sure what to do, their relationship is strained and stunted at the moment Jin decided to betray Yoongi and never apologize. Now that you know, do you still view Jin the same?
        “This is my girlfriend, Violette,” Jin introduces the woman with him.
        “I didn’t know you were seeing someone,” You say. “Hi Violette, I’m Y/N, Jin’s boss. And this grump is Yoongi, an author at –
        “You’re Lil King Yoongi!”
        “I – yeah.”
        “The kids I work with, at my gallery love your books. There’s one kid who draws a little king in all his pieces at art camp. You’re a legend,” Violette smiles.
        It occurs to Yoongi that Violette has no idea how vile Seokjin can be. It also occurs to him, more potently than before, that Seokjin exists in a world where his decision to betray Yoongi doesn’t weigh heavily on his life at all. He probably forgot about it, moved on so quickly it would’ve given Yoongi whiplash. How fucking unfair.
        “Oh, thank you,” Yoongi says, voice stiff and posture equally as rigid.
        “What are you two doing here?” Jin asks. His eyes drift from Yoongi’s hand, awkwardly resting on the table, to the relaxed nature he walked up on.
        “Having brunch,” You answer.
        “A working brunch? On a Saturday? Wow Y/N, really burning the candle at both ends,” Jin laughs.
        “We’re discussing what I need to do to get you fired from books two and three,” Yoongi answers. “Apparently, it’s a lot of sabotage and telling of secrets.”
        “Ah, yes, probably would require blackmail of some sort. Would you really do that Yoongi, and disappoint our mothers?” Seokjin asks.
        “My mother would understand.”
        After the incident, Mrs. Min and Mr. Min sat down to discuss what to do. They hadn’t realized the contempt brewing between Yoongi and Seokjin, though they realized they should’ve seen it coming. Mrs. Min began to separate herself from Mrs. Kim, which broke her heart. But Yoongi wasn’t speaking to them, after his initial breakdown, and how could she continue a friendship when her friend’s son, wounded hers?
        “Surely she wouldn’t,” Seokjin argues.
        “How long have you two known each other?” Violette asks.
        “Birth,” Yoongi answers.
        “Oh wow,”
        “Our brothers are friends, our moms met when they were pregnant with them.” Seokjin tells her.
        “But you two?”
        “Used to be friends, now we’re enemies,” Yoongi answers.
        “Enemies is a bit strong,” Seokjin says, pacifying Yoongi’s attitude. “I’m your editor, you’re my author. We’re coworkers if anything.”
        “Their working on Yoongi’s next project, and shockingly, it’s going well,” You step in to course correct the conversation, which is failing dismally.
        “Well, we don’t need to talk shop on a Saturday. It was fun running into you,” Jin says.
        “Yes, I’ll see you this week.”
        “It was nice to meet you, Violette,” Yoongi says. He doesn’t acknowledge Seokjin.
        The couple walks away, leaving you with a disgruntled and frustrated Yoongi.
        “Can’t you let it go, just for brunch?” You ask.
        “So we’re going to eat in silence?”
        “No, we can talk.”
        “Okay –
        “Do you think Violette knows?”
        “About his youthful indiscretion?”
        “It’s not an indiscretion, he publicly humiliated me.”
        “I wonder if she knows he’s a monster.”
        “Could it be possible that he’s grown up?”
        “He’s never apologized, he’s never told his parents what happened. My mother lost her best friend because he hasn’t owned up to it.”
        “At what point do you leave it in the past?”
        “I – if I knew the answer to that I probably wouldn’t be so uptight about it.”
        “Maybe it’s something you need to explore.”
        Yoongi can take the hint, and quiets himself over his cup of coffee. He can see it, the chasm this fight with Seokjin is beginning to create between them, a rift that if he doesn’t get it under control, will doom them.
        He reaches his hand for yours. “I’ll talk to Seokjin, okay?”
        “You will?”
        “I will.”
        “Okay, I’m proud of you.”
        “I haven’t done it yet. Odds are I chicken out and never speak to him outside of the office again.”
        “Yoongi,” You sigh.
        “No, I’ll figure it out, promise.”
        “You don’t have to do it for me.”
        “I know, but, I don’t want my dislike and distrust of him, on a personal level, to affect us.” Yoongi says.
        “Us?” You ask.
        “Don’t do that,” Yoongi blushes.
        You smile. “Do what?”
        “Act like we’re separate people, and not a couple.”
        “Are we, a couple?”
        “You’re my secret girlfriend, aren’t you?”
        “I, yes.” It’s your turn to blush.
        “Then we’re a couple.”
Tumblr media
        Yoongi and Hoseok sit on Namjoon’s couch, watching as he paces back and forth, back and forth. Yoongi can’t believe it’s taken him over a month from when he found out to fess up to Hoseok, it seems ridiculous to wait that long over information that could easily be sent in a text. But Namjoon insisted on telling him in person, so now Yoongi is impatiently waiting for this conversation to start.
        “What is wrong with you?” Hoseok asks.
        “I have to tell you something, and it’s not a big deal,” Namjoon says.
        “Is this about your secret girlfriend?” Hoseok asks.
        “It’s Jane, isn’t it?”
        “How’d you know?” Namjoon asks, stopping in his tracks.
        Hoseok shrugs. “I’m psychic.”
        “You are not,” Yoongi laughs.
        “I just knew, how could you not? You talk about her constantly, and it’s exhausting. You wouldn’t be talking about her that much if you haven’t seen her naked,” He explains.
        “Shit,” Yoongi says.
        “Yeah, damn. How long have you known?”
        “Six months at least,” Hoseok says.
        “And you didn’t tell me?” Yoongi asks, outraged.
        “I thought you knew!”
        “You thought dense little Yoongi knew?” Namjoon laughs.
        “I caught them, that’s how I found out,” Yoongi says.
        “Oh shit, naked?” Hoseok asks.
        “Post,” Yoongi clarifies.
        “Oh, so kind of like if I showed up at your apartment any evening after 8pm?” Hoseok teases.
        “And Y/N was there, naked in his bed?” Namjoon adds.
        “Fuck you both,” Yoongi says.
        “Very protective over your non-HR sanctioned secret girlfriend,” Hoseok teases.
        “Of course, he is, he’s got love in his eyes, can’t you tell?” Namjoon says.
        “I hate you both.”
        “Joon – who said I love you first, you or Jane?” Hoseok asks.
        “Jane,” Namjoon answers. “She knew, not before me, but she said it before I did.”
        “Let’s really think about it,” Yoongi starts. “If Namjoon said it first, would Janie have accepted it, or just made fun of him?”
        “Made fun of him for sure,” Hoseok says.
        “So maybe it worked out that you let her take the lead.”
        “Did you kiss her first?”
        “Yes, I did. She sat next to me, but I kissed her first.”
        “Good, with consent I’m assuming.”
        “Yes, dad, with consent.”
        “Good,” Hoseok nods. Jane would’ve castrated him if he made an unwarranted advance. Rightfully so, he would’ve deserved it.
        “And your anniversary?”
        “October 3rd.”
        The silence is brief, because Yoongi needs to talk to his friends about what happened at brunch.
“I told Y/N I’d talk to Seokjin,” He says.
        “About high school?” Namjoon asks.
        Hoseok is surprised. “What are you going to say to him?”
        “I’m going to ask if he remembers it and ask if it ever crossed his mind how that day affected me and my life. Which I know it didn’t, because he’s a narcissistic asshole.”
        “He could’ve evolved,” Namjoon suggests.
        “That’s what Y/N said too. He could’ve evolved. But how does he get to be in love and have a successful relationship after how awful he was?” Yoongi asks.
        “The same way that you get to, Yoongi.”
        “But, I was the victim. He bullied me. He stole my jokes and comments for his own popularity, he took from me.”
        “Yeah, and you’ve made it very difficult for him to show you that he’s changed,” Hoseok says.
        “I don’t believe he has.”
        “How would you know?” Namjoon asks.
        “That���s fair.”
        “Maybe Seokjin has totally changed and is an evolved person. But he also might not remember that incident in high school.”
        Yoongi sighs, this is a new low he hadn’t quite examined. “How pathetic does that make me if he doesn’t remember it?”
        “Seems like it’d make him the insane one. He can’t remember being a bully? That’s sociopathic,” Hoseok says. He rises from his spot on the couch and retreats to the bathroom to grab more water for himself and Yoongi.  
        “I don’t want this to ruin what Y/N and I have,” Yoongi tells them. “I can feel it, this fucking thunder just off the horizon. I can see her giving me an ultimatum, a fix it or we’re over… I don’t want that.”
        “If your relationship ends, you want it to be because you’re a neurotic mess, right?” Namjoon asks.
        “Well, you’re making the real step towards not letting it,” Hoseok says.  
        “Unrelated – did you find the answer you were looking for?” Namjoon asks Yoongi, smirking mischievously.
        “What question?” Hoseok asks.
        “What is good sex?” Namjoon asks.
        “Oh, that’s a good question,” Hoseok says.
        “Thank you!” Yoongi cheers. “Vindicated!”
        “It’s a good question that I’m not sure has an answer,” Hoseok says. “More of a nebulous idea.”
        “Aren’t you sex negative?”
        “Yes, but this is a universal question anyone having sex is asking. What does it mean to have good sex, or mind-blowing sex, or insane sex?” He asks.
        “Namjoon said insane sex first!” Yoongi cheers, so glad he’s not the only one who thinks it’s worth asking.
        “Yeah, what qualifies it? Namjoon, how was your anniversary sex?” Hoseok asks.
        “It was,” Namjoon pauses. “I understand the error of my ways.”
        “The error?” Yoongi howls, laughing hysterically.
        “It wasn’t an error! Good sex is… My anniversary sex was really good. It wasn’t like, Pam and Tommy sex. It was tender and romantic, which can fall into the category of good sex.”
        “So, it’s an umbrella with lots of little facets?” Hoseok asks.
        “That makes so much more sense,” Yoongi says. “See, syntax matters.”
        Namjoon and Hoseok roll their eyes.
       “No one said it didn’t.”
       “Good sex can’t just be about orgasms, because some people, a lot of women, don’t reach climax during sex. So whatever good sex is has to be measured by individual people,” Hoseok explains.
       “Sex negative but sex knowledgeable,” Yoongi says.
       “Yeah. Think about sex with Jimin, that was good sex, but wasn’t sex with Y/N also good?”
       Yoongi blushes, bright pink and red across his cheeks and neck. “Yeah.”
       “They both can exist, different experiences, with different aspects, all good sex.”
       “Hoseokie is a genius,” Namjoon laughs.
       “That, gentlemen, is a fact you should already know.”
Tumblr media
You: I miss you
Yoongi: I miss you too
You: How was your boys night?
Yoongi: It was fun, not as fun as making out with you, but fun
You: Things can be different kinds of fun
Yoongi: Can I ask you something?
You: Anything
Yoongi: What’s good sex?
You: Do you mean do we have good sex, or are you asking what good sex is in the broader sense?
Yoongi: I guess both, if my embarrassment can take the answer to the former
You: I think we have good sex… I think we might be headed towards great sex
Yoongi: Oh thank god
You: For me, good sex depends on my mood. Lately, with you, it’s so good because I feel connected to you, engrossed in you… but it’s also good because you make me feel like … it’s indescribable. We’ll have moments where good sex is defined by a quickie in the bathroom while we’re at dinner… it just depends
Yoongi: I want to have sex with you, right fucking now
Yoongi: (I can’t believe I just typed that)
You: What’s stopping you?
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The Littlest Dumpling {4}
Tumblr media
Previous: The Littlest Dumpling {3}
Pairing: Min Yoongi x OFC
Genre: Non Idol AU / Author AU
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Swearing! Legal Alcohol Consumption! 
Word Count: 4.6k
Summary: Drinks and discussions of work … Is this something more?
Master List
Tag List: @4ksj, @jagiya, @ot7nem, @knjkitten, @teamtardis-notdead​
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       “Why didn’t you tell me?” Lil King asked his mother.
       “Why didn’t I tell you?”
       “Of the prophecy?”
       “You’re a child, children don’t know of prophecies and their potential. Your head was too full of dreams. You needed to stay grounded. A prophecy was only going to make your daydreams worse… like turning them into reality.” She said with ice in her voice.
       “But I’m a King, I’m the King to rule them all. Slayer of dragons, harmonizer or lands! I am the King!”
       “And what good has knowing your fate done for you?” She asked.
Lil King Yoongi Volume 1
Tumblr media
August Pt. 1
       Yoongi exhales and adjusts his shirt sleeves before breathing out a pointed, “Fuck you.”
       “Aye, fuck you,” Seokjin responds.
       “Oh fuck you,” he says back.
       “Fuck you!”
       “Oh come off it,” Jin says.  
       “Fuck off,”
       “I mean it, fuck you.”
       They stare in silence, unsure what else to say that hasn’t already spoken between them. Jin glances at Yoongi, confused and annoyed by the interaction they’d just shared. Hadn’t they been polite and friendly when Alexis had brought them to your office? Hadn’t they just shared pleasantries and light conversation? Yes, they had. They absolutely had. So where did this sudden hostility and venom come from?
       “Stop looking at me,” Yoongi barks.
       “Then stop staring at me”
        “Fuck -
       “Oh my god! Stop it! You two are acting like babies when you need to fucking apologize and get over your egos.”
       They exchange a glance before turning to the voice.
       “Oh, Y/N,” Jin says and stands. Alexis is next to her, holding a try with iced waters and coffee.
       “I cannot believe you two children,” You comment, sitting down at your desk.
       “We are grown men,” Yoongi says.
       “Who act like children.”
        “That is true,” Jin agrees.
       “We’re here because you two can’t seem to work together. So, let’s go over the notes. Yoongi, what was the comment that set you off?”
       “All of them. Particularly the fact that pages are lacking sparkle,” Yoongi snarls.
       “I didn’t mean sparkle like, razzle dazzle or jazz hands.”
       “Why so many Chicago references?” Yoongi asks.
       “I meant that pages 5-10 are missing something, something the other pages have,” Jin corrects.
       “I have an idea,” You offer. You’ve read all of Yoongi’s pages and all of Seokjin’s notes multiple times. Jin’s notes are great, but you’ve got an idea that will both most likely piss Yoongi off but give Jin new ideas.
       “Okay, but if it has anything to do with –
       “Open mind,” You repeat your new catchphrase for Yoongi.
       “Fine, what is it?”
       "What if you wrote it in rhyme?" You suggest.
       "That's offensive." Is Yoongi’s first comment, and first thought.
       "Offensive?" Jin asks.
       You roll your eyes. "To who?"
       "Me, the author. I'm offended."
       "Have you actually read research on rhyme schemes and how they help with students RAP?" Seokjin asks.
       "Rap? Spitting bars?"
       "No, rate, accuracy, prosody," You answer.  
       "You have no idea what those are, do you?" You ask.
       "Nope." He says.
       "Yoongi, how are you going to publish a set of children's books if you don't understand the fundamentals of children reading?" Seokjin asks, a little softer and kinder than one would expect in this situation.
       Yoongi glances from Jin to you, and he sees it in both your eyes. You’re both right, and he has homework to do.
       "I - I don't know,” He answers.
       "I’m going to lend you a few books to read, which I want you to read ASAP. Then, I want you to do an entire third edit of this book all in rhyme."
       "Do you always assign homework?" Yoongi asks.
       "Only to people who need it."
       "Why can't my book -
        “Because Yoongi. You're not writing for adults, or teenagers. Your content has to be skewed so it’s appropriate, and so does your language. Your sentences are a fifth grade reading level. A 7-year-old isn't going to pick this up and finish it."
       "Why not?" He asks.
       "It's too hard!" Jin says.
       “Can’t it elevate their vocabulary?” Yoongi asks.
       “Not if they can’t sound it out. You can do it, Yoongi. Just read the books and take time with it.”
       “There’s a reason that racist Dr. Seuss is so popular, rhyme,” Jin says.
       “That’s so, not me. At all. Me as an author or me as a human person. Not me at all.”
       “Maybe it’ll be the growth you need.” You suggest.
       “Or it’ll kill this book before it ever takes flight,” Yoongi mutters.
       “There’s only one way to find out,” Seokjin says.
Tumblr media
Yoongi: Did you know that rhyming dictionaries are organized by end sounds?
You: I did
Yoongi: How?
You: I have a copy of one and have used it before
Yoongi: Oh… Is that like common for publishers?
You: Only if they write books for themselves on the side, or where editors before
Yoongi: You edited children’s books too? Not just Two Affairs to Remember?
You: Lets not talk about that title
Yoongi: It’s the funniest book title I’ve ever read
You: It’s honestly the worst book title in the history of books
Yoongi: It’s iconic. The fact it didn’t win awards and isn’t talked about more is wild
You: It wasn’t my choice, or Tae’s for that matter. The publisher loved the symmetry and its connection to the film.
Yoongi: Tae?
You: Old habits die hard
Yoongi: Are you two still close?
You: We’re friendly, but that’s about it.
Yoongi: To be fair, he’s a great writer
You: He is
Yoongi: Very talented, and he doesn’t even write in a rhyme scheme
You: You’re not going to get out of it
Yoongi: I know, but wouldn’t it be fun if I did?
You: I guess, your book might suffer
Yoongi: How do you just know?
You: Know what?
Yoongi: When something will work
You: Experience
Yoongi: But what if it fails
You: Yoongi, you’re not going to fail. We haven’t even put out cover art and I’m fielding dozens of emails a day about press appearances
Yoongi: Oh god, don’t tell me that. It’s going to send me into a spiral
You: Well it’s your reality. You’re highly sought after
Yoongi: By you, too?
You: Yoongi…
Yoongi: Y/N…
You: Anyway, keep exploring that dictionary. It’ll be helpful I promise
Yoongi: I read the first two chapters of that book, Know Better, Do Better and shit… I didn’t realize teaching reading was so complicated
You: Yes, but isn’t it fascinating? How we learn, why certain systems work better than others… the importance of early reading intervention
Yoongi: I’m learning a lot. There’s going to be at least 10 more edits of this book until I get it perfect
You: Good, I love that
Tumblr media
To: Seokjin
From: Yoongi
Subject: Rhyming
The littlest dumpling didn’t have many friends
It wasn’t because he couldn’t make amends
In fact he was great at saying sorry
But people would forget like Finding Dory
His best friend was named ____ (something that rhymes with Jin)
Together they always winned (can I make up words?)
Except for their bully, Seokjin
Who made sure their lives were a living hell
And bullied them until the very last bell
Because Jin always, always, had to win
But Dumpling stayed strong
He knew all along
That his mom was waiting for him at home
With a hug, a kiss and something that rhymes with home
        Look – I’m trying okay?
Tumblr media
To: Yoongi
From: Seokjin
Subject: RE: Rhyming
               Yoongi –
       Maybe rhyming is a bad idea for you. I thought you were good at everything? This is just… sad.
Tumblr media
To: Seokjin
From: Yoongi
Subject: ReRe: Rhyming
       I fucking told you I didn’t want to do this. I can write books with a pattern in the words, but rhyming is not my forte nor is it a skill I ever want to harness. Fuck you, you pretentious prick.
Tumblr media
To: Yoongi
From: Seokjin
Subject: ReReRe: Rhyming
        Was I not being polite and helpful? Jesus, Yoongi. Finish a draft in rhyme so we can compare it to the original. Y/N will want to see it, even if it’s shit or you hate it.
Tumblr media
To: Seokjin
From: Yoongi
Subject: ReReReRe: Rhyming
Tumblr media
        “I hear you got in trouble,” Jane says. She’s called Yoongi into her office for their semi regular meetings. Which over the years have become more and more frequent, and after his years of hiatus, are much needed.
        “I did,” Yoongi agrees.
        “But you’re working on it?”
        “Yeah, can I ask you something?” Yoongi asks.
        “Of course, you never hesitate to.”
        “How come you didn’t tell me about Y/N and Taehyung Kim?”
        Jane swallows and stares at him with wide eyes and a guilty smile. “Oh.”
        “Yeah, oh. Seems kind of important for me to know.”
        “You were off the grid for almost five years, Yoongi. You didn’t know because you didn’t know, I wasn’t hiding it from you.”
        “You sure? Because she seemed to think I did know.”
        “Well, you could’ve. Didn’t you google her?”
        “Absolutely not, why would I google her before meeting her?”
        “Like a normal fucking person, anyone would.”
        “I didn’t.”
        Jane drinks from her mug and stares at him, the little amount of steam drifting up to fog her glasses. “Clearly, you should’ve. Then you would’ve seen the last remnants of the drama.”
       “The last remnants?”
       “Yep, the movie rights that were bought, the trailer to the film that’s dropping soon, the teaser photos of the cast. Henry Golding as the lead,” Jane rattles on.
       “Oh shit, Y/N must be feeling like shit. I mean, wow. To have an accidental indiscretion rule her career?”
       “It wasn’t just an accidental indiscretion; they were falling in love,” Jane says.
       “Did you know Taehyung?”
       “I knew Y/N, professionally. But I’m sure she’s told you we’ve started hanging out socially.”
       “So have we,” Yoongi regrets it immediately.
       “I mean, we did once. For work drinks that turned social, but we might do it again.”
       “Have sex?” Jane’s excited, how desperately she wants her favorite client to get laid by the hottest person in publishing: you.
       “We haven’t even, we’ve hugged once! One time! One hug!” Yoongi says, cheeks turning red.
       “Oh? How was it?”
       He shudders. “Shut up.”
       “Tell me about it!”
       “What is there to tell? We hugged, probably longer than a standard hug, but we did.” He says.  
       “And what? She’s, my boss. There’s been texting, too.” Again, he regrets the fact that his mouth is moving faster than his brain and he wishes so desperately he could stop it.
       “Shut up!” Jane claps her hands together in elation. “You two are texting?”
       “Yes,” He slumps further in his chair. Unlike the chairs in your office, these are meant for moody artists to burrow deep in and hide from the world.
       “I can’t believe you are starting to date your publisher! What a baller move, Yoongi.”
       “I am not dating her, we’re friends,” He corrects.
       “Oh?” Jane says, eyebrows rising. “Friends?”
       “Yes. And she’s my boss, so that out ways whatever feelings I may or may not have for her.”
       “Does it now?” Jane asks. She can’t believe this, when was the last time Yoongi was like this over anyone? So cute with his obvious crush, the little hearts in his vision unmissable.
       “It’s supposed to,” He shrugs.
       “Wow, when are you going to fuck her?” Jane laughs. 
        “Oh my god!” Yoongi exclaims. “I’m never telling you anything, ever. Ever again.”
       “I’ll tell you who I’m sleeping with.”
       “No – no. This isn’t a quid pro quo; I’m not sleeping with her in exchange for you telling me who you’re fucking. No, that’s horrible Janie. I won’t do it.”
       Jane’s caught off guard by how serious Yoongi is taking her joke. She would never encourage him to sleep with anyone just to trade information. She’ll tell him who she’s bedding… eventually.
       “We can’t have backroom deals?” She smiles gently, letting him know she’s kidding.
       “Not about this.”
       “You like her.”
       He rolls his eyes. “She’s special, that’s all I’ve got.”
       “That’s how I feel about the guy I’m dating.”
       “Oh my god, a window into your super-secret relationship! Is he an employee? You know Y/N thinks he’s a friend of mine, but I told her you’d never stoop so low as to date a friend of mine. They’re not good enough for you,” Yoongi sits up a little straighter.
       “What does that even mean? Being good enough for someone?” Jane asks.
       “You’ve earned someone better, maybe, than my friends. Someone who has the means and desires to treat you like a queen, if that’s what you want.”
       Yoongi treads lightly whenever they discuss Jane’s relationships, never wanting to put something on her she wouldn’t say about herself, but also struggles to find ways to describe her that… fit. An enigma, Jane will argue anything he says to a fault, and while Yoongi usually loves the banter, when it comes to romantic relationships, it’s too easy to get wrapped up and fuck it all up.
       “Maybe, but how do you know that my secret lover doesn’t do all those things?” She asks him.
       “He could,” Yoongi agrees.
       “He does.”
       “That’s all I get to know today, isn’t it?” He asks her.
       “Yep,” Jane smiles. “Now, you have a shit ton of press lined up for the release and pre-orders of The Littlest Dumpling. I mean a shit show. Do you want to go over talking points today or do you want to save it?”
       “How can we have talking points – the book isn’t done. I just sent in a fucking rhyming edit that’s actually garbage.”
       “How close are you to finishing it?”
       “Well, if I keep it in rhyme, at least five more edits, if not maybe five but probably closer to ten.”
       “Yoongi,” Jane groans.
       “How many edits did Lil King Yoongi Volumes 1-4 go through before they were ready to print? At least ten each, with large-and-small-scale changes. I took out chapters from book 4 and put it in book 2, it was work! This is work! I also have fucking homework,” He explains.
       “Homework? Do tell,” Jane says.
       “I have to read all these books on how children learn to read, and how phonics and teaching reading work. All to make the text of this series palatable for children.”
       “Oh damn, Jin’s got you doing homework?” She asks.
       “Seokjin doesn’t have me doing anything. Y/N does.”
       “Because you now have to have meetings with her, too?”
       “The three of us meet, at the request of me after being told that I am one of her worst authors ever,” He tells her.
       “Please tell me you don’t take fucking pride in that?”
       “No, it’s embarrassing! All I can hear is my mother, why can’t you be nice to everyone like Seokjin-ah? Why can’t you treat people with respect like Seokjin-ah does? Yoongi-ah, he’s your elder, show him respect. All. I. Hear.”
       “He’s –
       “Please don’t finish that sentence.”
       “Why not?”
       “Whatever it is, it’s going to make me so mad, I can already feel it. He’s an asshole.”
       “Okay, but, the faster you finish book one, the sooner you can write books two and three and hopefully be done with him,” Jane reminds him.
       “I know.”
       “Have you picked an illustrator?”
       “Y/N wants me to meet with some guy named Jungkook, who does really beautiful traditional Korean illustrations.”
       “Are you gonna ask –
       “My ex?”
       “Yeah, I kind of want to see if the two of them can somehow work together. I think the American traditionalist illustration mixed with Korean would lend itself to the metaphors of being an immigrant and second generation.”
       “So many layers for a book about a dumpling.”
Tumblr media
        Yoongi arrives to The Ruby Poppy first and finds his way to a little corner both where, if he isn’t mistaken, both parties have to sit almost side by side. It’s the only place outside that’s available, and the temperature today is far more moderate than it has been, making for a perfect summer evening. He sits, his jeans ripped and loose on his legs, his t-shirt tucked in haphazardly. He’s never been one for a uniform, but this summer he’s definitely leaning into it.
       He scours the drink menu on his phone. Last time he just got a whiskey, but this time he wanted to try something a little less…. Toxic masculine. If that’s even what drinking a whiskey neat is. It can’t possibly be, but regardless he’s wanting to try one of their themed, and half off, happy hour cocktails.
       “Interesting table,” He hears you say as you approach him.
       “Yeah, it’s the only place outside,” Yoongi stands to greet you. “Hug?”
       “Depends, are we discussing work?”
       “I don’t know, we can.”
       “Let’s not and say we did,” You smile and reach for him. He takes a step towards you and meets your embrace. He holds you a little tighter than last time, nose pressed into your hair, he breathes in the scent of your conditioner, and whatever you put on your hair after you straightened it. The softness of your body envelopes him, and he wants to hold on just a moment longer.
       “So,” You say, pulling away and scooting into the booth. “What are we drinking?”
       “I was thinking one of their mules, they’ve got a ginger-hibiscus that looks interesting.”
       “Oh, that sounds delicious.”
       “Should we order two of them?”
       “Yes, and an appetizer. Or the whole menu. I’m starving,” You comment and take a sip of your water. You can see clear across the patio of The Ruby Poppy. It’s quite pretty with the lights all strung up and illuminated. It brings warmth as the sun slowly descends. You’re also noticing how close you are to Yoongi, legs touching, shoulders practically bumping. This will do nothing positive for the crush you are trying to suppress.
       “How’s work going?” He asks.
       “What? I thought we said no work!”
       “We said no work, but I figured that means my work. How my book is going, that idiot editor, et cetera. Not your work. I don’t know what else you do day to day.”
       “I manage everyone and everything.”
       “Besides Sadie’s team?”
       You smile, of course he remembered. “Yes, but I check in with her. I read from the reject pile, I try to scope out promising new authors and illustrators and designers. I meet with the board and department heads almost daily. I’m sort of in all the places at once, and of course I meet with new authors, or established ones, as often as is needed.”
       “Yet you somehow find time to sit here with me.”
       “I did.”
       “Why?” Yoongi asks.
       “I wanted to.”
       It’s so simple, you wanted to see him, him alone and not with Seokjin or Alexis poking her head in. Just you and Yoongi, a moment of reprieve to get to know him a little better. To share a drink and laugh and maybe see if the chemistry you have isn’t just lightning in a bottle, but a sustainable, stable enlightenment.
       “How was your day though, difficult?”
       “No, it was alright actually. Someone just finished the draft of the third book in a proposed series of ten, so that was very exciting. It’ll be more exciting when we hit the halfway point though.”
       “Can you tell me who?”
       “Legally, no.”
       “Fine, don’t break the rules for me,” He teases.
       “Aren’t I already?” You ask.
       The waiter comes back with your drinks and takes your food order. You decide to order three entrees to split: classic British pub food staples in Shepherds Pie, a perfect roast dinner and Fish & Chips.
       Yoongi, feeling confident and embolden by a few sips of booze, slips his hand down to his thigh, then drifts it to yours. You stare at him, confusion at first, then a flirty smile.
       “Bold move, Yoongi,” You say.
       “Is it too much?”
       “No, I don’t think so.” He says.
       You smile softly. “I’m glad we’re doing this again.”
       “Are you now?”
       “Yes, I am.”
       “Why?” You ask.
       “Because I wanted to see you.”
       You blush momentarily, not lingering on it at all. Not in the way you desperately want to. There’s time for over analyzing when he’s not staring at you looking so fucking cute it hurts your insides. “How was your day? Did you accomplish whatever you wanted to?”
       “I did, edited a draft of the rhyming edition with Jin’s notes, and then jotted down more concrete plot points for books two and three. Altogether, productive.”
        “I’m so glad.”
       “Because I’m listening and taking direction?”
       “Yes, and that you feel a sense of accomplishment.”
       “Oh, don’t worry, it won’t last long. I’ll be back to feeling unstable and like I have no talent very, very soon.”
       “I can’t help it, it’s all in my head I know. But I’m sure the spiral will start. Maybe once I finish a draft I don’t totally hate.”
       “What do you hate about your work?”
       “I think it’s all contrived and stupid, that’s largely my problem.”
       “You think your work is derivative?” You ask.
       “I think it can be. We’re all just telling the same stories in different words, but that doesn’t mean mine is better than someone else’s.”
       “It kind of does, Yoongi. You’re a great writer.”
       “I know you say that, and there’s hard evidence of it, but it doesn’t negate how I feel about my writing.”
       “Which is that it’s contrived.”
       “I don’t know…”
       “It feels like I’m rewriting The Brave Little Toaster.”
       “Oh my god, I hadn’t even thought of it. Don’t worry, legal will comb through it to ensure there’s no parallels or copying.”
       “I know there isn’t, all I remember is that the toaster gets lost and almost smashed. So I can’t possibly have copied it. But what if I am just taking The Little Engine that Could but making it you know, blatantly Asian?”
       “I don’t think so, the Littlest Dumpling isn’t trying to do anything other than exist within a world where his bully is a huge asshole. That’s it. I don’t think you’re copying it in any way. If you were, I wouldn’t have bought it for so much fucking money.”
       “It was an obscene amount for the work I put in,” He says.
       “Where have I heard that before?” You tease.
       “I’m just an anxious author. Insufferable is what my friend Hoseok has called me, and Janie agrees.”
       “We all have those things that we just can’t let go, no matter what. Your fear, particularly when it comes to writing and publishing, is that for you.” You tell him.
       “You’re very go with the flow – where does that come from? Weed?”
       “No, I don’t do drugs. I’m just practiced in the art of authors freaking out.”
       “And I’m freaking out?”
       “I do think it’s my primary state of being, anxious and always spiraling.”
       “Have you always been this way?”
       “Oh, yeah. I was an anxious child, but my parents put a lot of pressure on me and my brother to be the best, or better than the Kim’s.”
       “Is that where the problem stems?” You ask.
       “Yeah, sort of. That’s part of it.”
       “My parents were very hands off, to a fault, to the point where I had to fend for myself completely and totally. It wasn’t fun, and I don’t recommend it at all.”
       “You grew up with no parental pressure?”
       “I, yeah. No pressure to be anything, but because of that I had to put the pressure on myself to succeed and to do well. I had to fight for myself, which is terrifying to be thirteen and stressing about perfect grades.”
       “How did you maintain that?”
       “I just ran myself to the bone until I got to college, then I coasted because I realized it wasn’t sustainable. Well, I collapsed one day and then had to go to the hospital for extreme dehydration and sleep deprivation. Then I learned.”
       College had been… tough. Finding friends, finding your niche had been more difficult than it was in high school where you had fit in with the highly academic students. College was full of social quandaries, drinking, no curfew and no parents. Not that it was much different from your upbringing, but it felt totally insane, and unhinged. You spent freshman year trying not to drown while gaining weight rapidly, finding your footing and your voice…. Then declaring English as your major, with all sights on becoming an editor and maybe publisher one day. You could do it. You had to do it. No one believed in you but you, could you let yourself down? No, absolutely not.
       “Shit, Y/N,” Yoongi’s hand squeezes your thigh gently.
       “I know, but I’m okay and I drink plenty of water and sleep a ton. So, I’m fine now.”
       “Good,” He says earnestly, eyes watching the placid expression on your face.
       “Tell me something,” You request, turning your body more towards him.
       “Okay, what?”
       “Mm, your first crush.”
       “My first crush?”
       “Yes, then the book that made you want to be an author.”
       “My first crush was this girl named Mai, she lived down the street and we went to elementary school together. She moved after third grade and I never saw her again. The book that made me love reading, and pushed me to become an author was honestly, when I sat down and read Charlotte’s Web.”
       “No way,” Your smile falters, not because he can’t love Charlotte’s Web, it’s just not the book you thought he’d pick. Who loves Charlotte’s Web? Not you, that’s for certain.
       “Yes way, I hated it so much, I thought that I could write something better, that I could read something better. But there weren’t books about little Asian boys living their best lives or achieving anything. I set out to find them, and when I couldn’t, I started writing them.”  
       “I get so tired of hearing the phrase representation matters, but time and time again, it’s proven that it does.”
       “You don’t want representation?”
       “No – I just hate hearing the phrase. We should just be doing it, but instead we have this stupid phrase that gets used to placate audiences and reminding them we have value. I just want us to be seen and heard equally.”
       “Is that why you focus on minorities and POC’s at Serendipity?”
       “Yes. I’ve got the power, I better fucking use it.”
       Yoongi wants to tell you you’re so sexy, that in this moment, you’re the hottest person he’s ever seen, and he wants desperately to kiss you. But he won’t, he’ll just reach the hand that was once on your thigh towards your open palm, and he’ll hold your hand tight, because right now, that’s all he can do.
Tumblr media
        Exiting the restaurant, Yoongi walks you to your car. He pauses, unsure what the move is. You stare up at him, though the height difference isn’t much, it does create a shift in the dynamics. Yoongi reaches up first, to place his hand on your cheek. You lean into his soft touch. He brings his lips to your forehead.
        “Text me when you get home,” Yoongi asks, eyes staring into yours.
        “Okay, same to you.”
        “Yeah, and I’ll see you at our next meeting?” He asks.
        “We have illustrators coming in, it’ll be quite exciting!” You remind him.
        “Can I kiss you again?”
        “On my lips or on my forehead?”
        Yoongi leans in, his lips finding the exact spot they were just in, and he plants a kiss on your forehead, lingering as he makes contact with your skin.
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The Littlest Dumpling {3}
Tumblr media
Previous: The Littlest Dumpling {2}
Pairing: Min Yoongi x OFC
Genre: Non Idol AU / Author AU
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Swearing!
Word Count: 4.4k
Summary: Drinks and discussions of work … Or maybe the beginning of something more.
Master List
Tag List: @4ksj, @jagiya, @ot7nem, @knjkitten, @teamtardis-notdead​
Ask is Open
Tag List 
           He sat on his throne, watching his subjects file into the chamber. They were unsure why he had called them in, and why he was the one waiting to speak. He was barely a king, still a child, what did he have to say to them?
           “I heard his mother abandoned him after he took the throne,” A subject said.
           “Apparently his father is disappointed in him, and his brother has tried to kill him twice.”
           “Maybe he’s abdicating,” A third subject said.
           “Or maybe he’s going to surprise us!” Violet said, pulling their attention to the little girl. “Maybe he’s going to be a great king, and you don’t know it yet.”
           The older subjects stared at her. What was it with children and daydreaming?
           Lil King Yoongi Volume 1 
Tumblr media
You: Alright – so it’s been about 2 weeks since our meeting and … I’m wondering … drinks soon?
Yoongi: Are you that desperate to see me? Aren’t we supposed to meet once a week?
You: Fine – I’ll see you in two weeks at the Ruby Poppy. 5PM, don’t be late.
Yoongi: I’m kidding! I actually am waiting for Jin to send his next round of notes
You: Oh so you have free time and that means you respond to my texts?
Yoongi: I’d respond to your texts even if I didn’t have free time
You: Are you flirting?
Yoongi: Maybe
You: Okay
           You stare at your phone, unsure what to say next or what to type…. He’s admitted he’s flirting and that is somehow so close to crossing the line that it feels so… dangerous. And not in a fun way.
You: If Jin doesn’t get his notes to you in a timely manner, let me know and I’ll talk to his boss
Yoongi: Aren’t you, his boss?
You: I mean, yes, but there’s a manager in charge of the editors. The go between of sorts
Yoongi: So when they complain they go to them first
You: Yes, then me… or HR
Yoongi: Are there a lot of HR complaints?
You: I’m not at liberty to discuss what does or doesn’t happen between HR and the rest of the company
Yoongi: Please?
You: No
Yoongi: Who is Jin’s boss?
You: Her name is Sadie
Yoongi: And you’re her boss, too?
You: Yep
Yoongi: She manages the editors?
You: Yes, she does. Makes sure they’re on track for their projects
Yoongi: Mine’s supposed to come out next summer, with the end of school?
You: We want to finish edits by June to print and go out with the beginning of the school year. Did you not read the plan we created? You signed it
Yoongi: Sometimes details are fuzzy, I mostly needed to know when I had to be done so I could panic plan my days
You: You panic plan?
Yoongi: I do – doesn’t everyone?
You: No? I mean, I do but that can’t be healthy
Yoongi: Most things aren’t
You: You’ve got time to finish your book, and maybe even start or write the next book
Yoongi: Oh god, there’s gonna be more… I forgot there has to be two more
You: Yes, obligated to write 2 more
Yoongi: Damnit – any chance I can get out of it?
You: Absolutely not
Yoongi: Fine… fine… I guess I’ll write them
You: Perfect
Yoongi: So what are you doing tonight?
           You put your phone down. This can’t be good. This level of flirting. This banter back and forth. The want to keep texting and texting and texting until the sun comes up. This can’t be good.
You: I have several new episodes of The Boys to watch, and a glass of chardonnay that is delicious and begging to be consumed
Yoongi: Sounds like a good evening
You: What are you up to?
Yoongi: Wondering how long I can keep texting you before we both decide this is a slippery slope
You: It’s been a slippery slope the entire time, Yoongi
Yoongi: I know
You: And yet, we’re somehow happy to slide down it
Yoongi: Don’t you have rules?
You: Oh, we have so many rules. We’re breaking at least two now…
Yoongi: Should we stop?
You: Do you want to?
Yoongi: No, not really
You: Me either
Tumblr media
To: Yoongi
From: Seokjin
Subject: Notes Draft #2
Yoongi –
           Draft 2 is looking stronger than what you initially presented. I still want you to take a look and put in some work for pages 5-10. They’re missing something, a little sparkle or hint of hope that is apparent in all the other pages. It’s only the second draft, so please don’t be too hard on yourself.
           The rest of my notes are included in the attached documents.
           Yoongi opens the attachments and stares at the notes Jin’s given him. They’re not…. Bad. But he definitely doesn’t agree with at least five of them… or six… okay half of them. He dislikes at least three of them and vehemently hates the rest. Who the fuck does Jin think he is? Coming in and giving useless notes on Yoongi’s project? It’s Yoongi’s project, doesn’t he know best? But one could argue that Seokjin’s job is in fact to give Yoongi edits and make his project better. One could argue, but Yoongi will not.
To: Seokjin
From: Yoongi
Subject: Re Notes Draft #2
Jin –
           These notes are shit. I’m not taking them.
Tumblr media
           “I don’t know what you expected, Jin. You two have a tough relationship, you supposedly always have. But your job is to get through it,” You tell Jin as you sit across from him at your desk. He’d scheduled a last-minute meeting and came in flustered and frustrated.
           “I don’t know how to, Y/N, my notes were good. You saw them, they were solid and not personal or emotional. They were good notes!”
           “They were, that is true.”
           “So what do I do? You can’t keep babysitting me and him for this entire process. He has two other books to write too.” Jin’s trying so hard to remain calm about the whole situation, but it’s wearing thin on his nerves.
           “I don’t know Jin,” You say.
           “Are you mad I didn’t go to Sadie first?”
           “No, no I’m not mad. Yoongi is being difficult, and obstinate. Let me, let me talk to him and see what I can do.”
           “Thank you, that’s all I need,” Jin says standing. “I also sent in notes for two other books that Sadie should have copies of. They’re all on track, one of them is nearly ready to go.”
           “You don’t have to give me a status report, Jin. I know that you’re doing great work.”
           “Thank you, I’m trying.”
           Seokjin is, really, truly trying. But he’s also just naturally gifted at editing. He knows when to pull back, when to press his authors and how to get the best work out of them. That being said, this whole fiasco with Yoongi has him stumped. He knows he’s guilty, but damn it why is Yoongi being such a hard ass? Isn’t it wader under the bridge? Aren’t they passed it? It was high school for fucks sake – and it wasn’t like Yoongi didn’t do damage to him either. He did. Yoongi was unflinching and brutal towards Seokjin. It went both ways, always has.
           But maybe – maybe he needs to not only be the older person, but the bigger person.
           “I know you are. Look, I’ll talk to him. Aside from that, the only thing we can really do is have your 1-1 meetings with me too.”
           “We might have to.”
           “Let me see what I can do before we resort to that.”
           “Okay,” Jin pauses.
           “Do we get his agent involved?”
           “No, not yet. We’re not quite at the point of no return yet.”
You: Drinks tomorrow, The Ruby Poppy, 5PM
Yoongi: Is this in response to my comments to Mr. Kim?
You: Yes.
Yoongi: So not a social call
You: Absolutely not.
Yoongi: You’re mad at me
You: A little
Yoongi: Damnit
You: I’ll see you tomorrow
Tumblr media
           You arrive first to The Ruby Poppy and are seated quickly, which gives you a little time to go over the notes you drafted for Yoongi. They aren’t lengthy, more concise bullet points of his recent behavior that needs to be addressed. Which does make you feel like his mother scolding him. It’s complicated and messy, having a crush on him while also knowing full well you can’t fuck around with him either. It’s your own fault, letting a slight crush find its way to Yoongi, then letting it plant and begin to blossom. It’s your own fucking fault, and yours alone.
           Yoongi shows up right on time, looking… good. Hair long, a V-neck white t-shirt tucked into ripped jeans with a casual black cardigan on top, Yoongi looks… so good it’s making you feel all sorts of ways towards him.
           “Hey,” he says as he approaches.
           “Hi,” You stand. “Hug, or is that weird?”
           “We’d hug if it was social, you said this wasn’t social so, no?” Yoongi’s guarded, unsure how much trouble he’s actually in. Jane had told him to be wary of his behavior and actions towards Seokjin, that if he wasn’t careful, they’d bite him in the ass… And that seems to be what’s happened.
           “That’s true. Sit,” You instruct and take your seat again.
           The waiter comes by to run through happy hour and disappears after you’ve both ordered.
           “So, do you want to get to the business so we can get to the social?” Yoongi asks, flirting lightly.
           “Seokjin gave you notes, good notes, thoughtful and decent notes. You have all but ignored them.”
           “That is true.”
           You cock an eyebrow.
           Yoongi remains calm. “You thought I’d deny it? I’m sure he showed you the email. I flat out rejected them.”
           “Right, I did not see the email but was told about it. Look, you need to take his notes.”
           “Why?” Yoongi asks, though he supposes it’s a stupid question.
           “Because if you do not figure out how to work with Seokjin, you will be in breach of your contract and will owe me a shit ton of money to get out of it. Your pride is getting in the way of your work, and it’s making your book worse.” You explain, using your most stern and concerning tone of voice. You hoped you wouldn’t have to use it on Yoongi, but he just couldn’t let that happen, could he?
           “I – my book isn’t bad.”
           “No, but it could be great,” You say, hand reaching onto the table for emphasis. “You are already great, Yoongi. You wrote an incredible saga of dragons and an unwilling, too young king who saves the day through courage and a lot of cunning. This new project could be just as big, but you have to listen to Seokjin.”
           “I don’t trust him.” Yoongi says for what seems like the millionth time.
           “I know. What can I do to help you trust him?”
           “Can you edit my book?” Yoongi asks.
           “No.” You tell him flatly.
           “Why not?”
           “That sets a bad precedent, Yoongi. If I edit yours because you don’t like him, what about everyone else that has troubles with their editors? Or editors with difficult authors? You are not the worst author I have ever had to work with, but you’re getting there.”
           He slumps lower in his seat. “I feel like a child.”
           “You’re acting like one. And for the record, I hate this so much.”
           It does make him feel a little better, to know you’re miserable in this conversation just like he is.
           “How do I trust him?” He asks earnestly.
           “Read his notes objectively.”
           Yoongi thinks on it, spinning it around in his mind a few times before he speaks again. “Can we, would it be possible to have meetings with you, too?”
           “A one-on-one with you and me?” You ask.
           “Or with Jin, too.” Yoongi would very much like a meeting with just you, but that seems like he’s asking for too much.
           “I think we could find time for a weekly meeting of the three of us, or every other week to look at new edits. You’re well on your way to having it together, but you just have to keep your mind open to feedback,” You offer.
           “I’m trying – poorly, but I am.”
           “Well, maybe for my sanity, try a little harder?” You wink and he quietly feels his heart picking up its pace.
           “I can do that,” Yoongi smiles as the drinks are placed in front of you.
           “Let’s cheers to new beginnings and working through our challenges,” You say, raising your glass.
           “That’s a tall order,” Yoongi comments.
           “You got a better idea?”
           “Nope, cheers to that.”
           You clink your glasses and take a sip.
           “Now that that unpleasantness is over, we can be social,” You smile softly at him, warm and inviting.
           “Oh, can we?” Yoongi asks. “I thought this was purely business.”  
           “It can continue to be if you don’t stop teasing me.”
           “No, no, it’s good. We don’t have to be all business all the time,” Yoongi says.
           “Great, that would be very boring.”
           “Would it? You work with authors, creating all sorts of worlds and creatures. That wouldn’t be boring at all.”
           “I suppose, but it can be tedious, always talking about invented things and nothing really truly tangible,” You say.
           Yoongi thinks about it, that does make sense, why always talk about something invented when you could discuss something real and true and plausible?
           “When I was a kid, all I did was create worlds. It’s how Lil King Yoongi came out, how I managed to exist… world building.”
           “I think all creatives do something like that, creating the places where we feel safe and seen.”
           “Yes, exactly.”
           “So, I met with Jane,” You tell him.
           You take another sip before setting your drink down. “Yes, and I have theories on who she’s dating.”
           “Oh fuck,” Yoongi smiles. “You do?”
           “Yes. I don’t know her nearly as well as you do, but from she’s told me… I think she’s sleeping with a friend of yours.”
           “No way!” Yoongi dismisses it.” That’s impossible, there’s no way she could be sleeping with a friend of mine and keep it a secret.”  
           “How do you know? Isn’t that the point of this? You don’t know who she’s sleeping with, thus creating mystery and intrigue?” You ask.
           “Yes, but she couldn’t keep it a secret from me, neither could whatever friend of mine it is. He certainly couldn’t.”
           “Why do you say that?”
           He takes another sip and waves his hand dismissively through the air. “None of my friends are good liars, particularly when it comes to Jane.”
           He doesn’t add that none of them can lie when it comes to you, either, because that seems like an over share you don’t need to know.
           “Yes, you’ve met Janie. She’s magnetic. All my friends fall at her feet because she’s beautiful, yes obviously. She’s strong and intelligent and funny. Every friend of mine, regardless of orientation or identification, is in love with her.”
           “Except you.”
           “I pay her too much money to be in love with her. Plus, she and I are oil and water, and not in a funfetti box mix,” Yoongi explains.
           You laugh, sipping your drink to hide how much you enjoyed his comment. You’ve spent a lot of time with Jane, between negotiations and fundraisers, but you don’t really know her. You’d like to, if she’s into the whole female friend thing.
           “I can see why everyone loves her, I mean, she’s great at her job too.”
           “And she’s a decent person, which is why I’m not surprised my friends want to sleep with her, but I can’t believe she wants to sleep with one of them,” Yoongi explains.
           “Your friends that bad?”
           “No – just… they’re men. Men are inherently horrible.” He doesn’t need to explain it, you’re fully aware the extent to which men as a concept and in practice, can suck.
           “I have one friend, Namjoon, who has been in love with Jane since the minute she became my agent. He is weak at the knees for her… but if they were together, no way Namjoon wouldn’t be screaming it from the rooftops.”
           “So that automatically eliminates him?” You ask.
           “I think so.”
           “What if he’s just matured and totally could be hiding it from you?”
           “Namjoon? No, no way.” He says.
           “Who else is there?”
           “Would he?”
           He shakes his head. “No, he’s self-described sex negative, plus Jane scares him.”
           “She scares him?”
           “Yes, he’s, not delicate, but delicate.”
           “I get that, before I came into my power, I was quite delicate too. Still am,” You tell him.
           “It’s good, to be soft,” Yoongi shrugs. “I think I get a reputation for being a cold hearted, uninterested basic man but I’m not.”
           “I don’t think anyone would use any of those words to describe you.”
           “No?” You’re surprised.
           “No, not from the readings you’ve done, or the way you interact with your fans and their parents.” You say.
           “I suppose you’re right.”
           “Yes, I am.”
           “What about you? How do you think people perceive you?”
           “Oh,” You sit back, adjusting your necklace. How do people view you? “Before or after the scandal?”
           “The scandal?”
           “Do you not – you don’t know?” You’re genuinely shocked, how could he not know, didn’t everyone in the literary world know?
           “Should I?”
           “Shit,” You take a large swig from your drink. “I – you know the author, Taehyung Kim?”
           “Remember a few years ago when it came out that he was dating two women, and then he turned it into a best seller?”
           “Yes, that book was…. A lot. And that title!”
           “Oh, Two Affairs to Remember? Yeah, horrible.”
           “I can’t believe he capitalized on his own disgusting relationships. I mean what kind of a person does that?” Yoongi asks.
           You stare at him, preparing to drop the bombshell that will inadvertently change how he sees you completely. Which, you don’t want. You want him to keep seeing you the way he has been. As a powerhouse, a force, a woman in charge and with a plan. But you can’t lie, not about this.
“I was one of the women,” You say softly.  
           “What?” Yoongi asks.
           “I was one of his girlfriends.”
           “I didn’t know he was seeing someone else when he started seeing me… I didn’t know he was in a relationship at all. I thought he and I were just, dating. Keeping it a secret because I was editing his first book… Everything seemed fine, until we got caught and it exploded.”
           “Did you – did you love him? Sorry, that’s too much isn’t it?” He asks.
           “No, I was definitely falling in love with him. How could I not? He built me a world where we could be in love, but he was also in love with someone else, someone he’d been seeing for far longer who didn’t know I existed.”
           “You got caught – would you have stayed with him if you didn’t know?”
           “I can’t answer that Yoongi. Maybe we would be married and he’d still be cheating on me. I don’t know.”
           “I’m sorry, that wasn’t a fair question. I shouldn’t have asked. The whole world knew?”
           “Yes. Which is why I thought you knew.”
           “I didn’t. I mean I read the book – oh my god what happened with his book?”
           “I, you don’t know?” You’re shocked again, how does he not know these very public, very well documented moments from the last few years?
           “Clearly I don’t know anything about this.”
           “I edited it. It’s, it’s what got me this job. So, when you ask how people perceive me… It’s not totally positive.”
           “How have I never heard any of this?”
           You finish your drink, spinning the ice around your empty glass. “You don’t strike me as someone who pays attention to gossip or the rumor mill.”
           “I’m not, but something that big… I knew his book was based on his life I didn’t know…”
           “No, and I’m glad when you signed with Serendipity that you didn’t,” You say.  
           “It wouldn’t have mattered. Your reputation, for whatever it’s worth, does proceed you. You’re a powerhouse, Y/N. Seriously, it’s intimidating,” Yoongi tells you.
           “I – thank you, Yoongi. That means a lot.”
           “So, you were dating him, and he had a whole other life, then he wrote a book about it and what, told all your secrets?”
           “That’s why I edited it, I got to control the narrative. So no, he didn’t tell the world my secrets. I wouldn’t let him.”
           “That’s power.” He says, honestly impressed.
           “That’s a contract.”
           Yoongi smiles at you, broad and wide with his gums showing. It’s endearing, how heartily he is grinning at you.
           “You’re cute,” You comment.
           “I am?” He asks.
           “Your mom calls you dumpling, isn’t that evidence enough that you’re cute?”
           “Sure, but cute to my mother and cute to you are two different kinds of cute, aren’t they?”
           “I suppose it would be problematic if they weren’t.”
           “Exactly. So, thank you. You’re pretty fucking cute too.”
Tumblr media
           “So, tell me,” You start, sipping your third cocktail. Yoongi’s on his second double of whiskey, a little tipsy and silly across the table. Your feet have bumped a couple of times, sending shockwaves through you.
           “You single?”
           “What’s it to you?” Yoongi asks.
           “Just curiosity.”
           “It killed the cat, you know.”
           “That I do, but I’ve never strayed from a fight.”
           “I’m single. Are you?”
           “Yeah, haven’t really dated or be interested in anyone since the whole Taehyung thing.”
           “That’s understandable. What would happen if you were interested in someone?”
           “Depends on who that someone is. If say, Harry Styles asked me out, I’d say yes without a doubt. But if say, Seokjin did, I’d say no.”
           “Because he’s hideous and a total asshole?” Yoongi asks.
           “Because he works for me and I’m not, nor have I ever been interested in dating Seokjin.”
           It was pointed, you bringing Jin into this conversation, because what Jane said had struck you. Maybe Yoongi did think you were interested in him, or could be at some point in time. Which seemed like an impossibility to you and so implausible, but it mattered enough that you decided to bring it up to Yoongi. Tell him straight, point blank, no way to interpret it: you are not interested in Jin.
           “Tell me about your last relationship,” You ask. “It’s only fair.”
           “It was less, public… We just, grew apart and wanted different things. He wanted this massive career, and dedicated time for his art which I distracted him from. I wanted to keep exploring our relationship. We lasted maybe six months; I think?”
           “The six-month ones often hurt so much more than the ones that last years, at least in my experience.”
           “Yes, it wasn’t a great breakup, but it was good enough that we’re friends now and I wish him nothing but the best.”
           “That’s evolved.”
           “It is, I like being evolved, and emotionally intelligent.”
           “Oo, I love when people have emotional intelligence.”
           “It’s kind of,” Yoongi pauses, thinking of the correct adjective.
           “Sexy, and impressive,” You say.
           “Exactly,” Yoongi doesn’t know if he just admitted to being sexy in your eyes, but if he did… he’ll take it.
           “Well, not to cut this short, but it is ten o’clock and I have work in the morning, scheduling meetings with an unruly writer and editor about to turn grey from the stress,” You say. The bill has been sitting on your table for at least an hour.
          “We talked business, so I’ve got it.” You brandish the company card and smile genially at the waiter as they take it.
          “So, if we do this again but don’t talk business, it’ll be on me,” Yoongi says.  
          “Will that make it a date?”
          “I don’t know,” He says. Because there’s rules, so many rules that he knows you aren’t telling him.
          You both stand to leave and Yoongi, ever the gentleman walks you to your car.
          “Do we hug goodbye?” He asks, standing awkwardly next to your now open car door.
          “I think so?” You say. He nods and takes a hesitant step towards you, arms out for an embrace. You meet him, hugging him gingerly. The hug lasts probably longer than it should between colleagues, and the blush that is shared between you is deep and visible in the summer evening light.
           “Text me when you get home,” He says, pulling away first.
           “Will do. And same to you.”
Tumblr media
Yoongi: Made it home
You: Same here
Yoongi: I had a lot of fun tonight, after the whole being yelled at by my boss part
You: It was really fun, after that part
Yoongi: We should do it again, sooner rather than later
You: Oh, so no more waiting a month to see me?
Yoongi: You don’t want to wait a month, do you?
You: No, not particularly
Yoongi: A non-work drink
You: Or a work drink
Yoongi: Okay, our next meeting can be over drinks
You: Great, and not a date
           Yoongi stares at the message you’ve sent. Not a date? Okay that clears things up but why is he so upset by it? Obviously, he wants it to be a date. He very much wants to hold your hand and gaze into your eyes and maybe if you feel like it, kiss him. Wouldn’t that be… romantic? So romantic, a summer breeze, walking down the street after an ice cream cone or drinks at The Ruby Poppy again… He’d pull you in so softly, hand reaching to rest on the soft skin of your hip. He’d dip his head, just enough to kiss you lightly. The flap of a butterfly wings, and maybe you’d pull him closer. Take the initiative to deeper the kiss. Your lips would feel incredible, soft and purposeful, he’d kiss you back so deeply it would knock the wind out of both of you.
           Yoongi should stop thinking about kissing you before he has a hard on and has to think about you, in compromising positions, to relieve himself.
Yoongi: Right, working drinks
You: I don’t mean to waffle on it – I just need us to be super clear about what this is
Yoongi: Colleagues. I get it
You: Okay, great. Again, I had so much fun tonight
Yoongi: I did too, you’re good company
You: So are you, Yoongi
Yoongi: I’ll look forward to your calendar invite
You: I’ll send it first thing tomorrow
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The Littlest Dumpling {2}
Tumblr media
Previous: The Littlest Dumpling {1}
Pairing: Min Yoongi x OFC
Genre: Non Idol AU / Author AU
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Swearing!
Word Count: 4.7k
Summary: Yoongi’s back from a writing retreat and ready to flirt – er share what he’s written.
Master List
Tag List: @4ksj, @jagiya, @ot7nem, @knjkitten, @teamtardis-notdead​
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           “The sword will not save you,” Hyunki said, unsheathing the weapon and handing it to the Lil King.
           “Why not?” Lil King Yoongi asked.
           “A sword is just metal, it’s the person who wields it who holds its power.”
           “I am its power?” Lil King asked.
           “Yes, you are.”
           He tried to examin the sword, but the weight was far too heavy for him. “What if I’m not strong enough?”
           “Have you tried?”
           “No,” He muttered, staring at the engraving on the handle. His name in Korean, branded into the hilt. It had been made for him, and only him.
           “Then you’ll never know,” Hyunki told him.
           Lil King Yoongi Volume 1
Tumblr media
           “Mr. Min, she’s ready for you now,” Alexis stands in front of him, waiting for him to glance up at her through his lashes. He hates coming back to a place after a long time away, the weird sense of familiarity mixed with dread. Like going back to school after summer break, something he had dreaded in his later teen years. Alexis guides him to your office with the clear ease of someone who comes to this place every single day, and does this action over and over and over again.
           “Great,” Yoongi mutters as he shuffles his feet, one after the other towards your office. It looks exactly the same as it did the last time he was here, two months ago, the last time he saw you. He immediately had a freak out over Seokjin, and Janie sent him on a writing retreat for four weeks. Big Sur, was a little too… outdoors for him, but the alternative option was Ojai and what would he do there? Look at grapes shrivel before being barreled and turned into wine? No thank you. The fresh air and the mountains… had worked and he had what he considered the first draft and a shit ton of notes for book one of The Littlest Dumpling.
           “Yoongi!” You say cheerily. You smile broadly at him. “Welcome back.”
           “Yeah, thanks.”
           “Have a seat. Alexis, can you bring us some water and lemonade?”
           “Sure thing,” She says and disappears.
           “So, how was your writing retreat?”
           “If I said unsuccessful, would I be released from my contract?”
           You exhale cautiously. “Yoongi, did you write something?”
           “Yeah, but I think it’s total shit.”
           “Have you sent it to Seokjin?” You ask.
           “No, he’s going to tell me it’s utter shit.” Yoongi crosses his arms, an action Jane would tell him closes him off to opportunity and good energy.
           “Maybe, but he’s your editor, and that’s his job.”
           “I wrote a lot, probably too much for a picture book. This isn’t The Berenstein Bears,” He hoped you’d like his little joke, but you didn’t seem to care for it as you moved quickly past it.
           “It could be. Who’s to say it isn’t?” You say.
           “I - that would be insane.”
           “No it wouldn’t. Your books could be geared towards 1st and 2nd graders, but we all know kids up until 5th grade love to read picture books. We want to get them hooked so after they devour all The Littlest Dumpling, they go for Lil King Yoongi, and whatever your next project is. It’s all a part of it, Yoongi. The worlds you’re creating.”
           “That’s horrifying.”
           “It’s deeply overwhelming, isn’t it?”
           “My request is that you send your draft to Seokjin. Just ask him if there’s anything worth keeping, or if he thinks you’re on the right track.”
           “Seokjin wouldn’t know what track I was on if he was setting the pace.”
          “You don’t know that. Besides, whatever happened between you is in the past.”
          “Is it though?” Yoongi asks.
          “I hope so, I asked him to stop by today.”
          “What?” Yoongi is both blindsided and enraged.
          “Yep, ah, Alexis will you bring a third glass and extra chair for Mr. Kim?”
          “Certainly, and then I’ll bring him back,” Alexis has dyed her hair platinum blonde, gone are the pinks in favor of this striking look.
          “Why?” Yoongi asks turning to face you. You feel kind of bad, misleading him like this.
          “You aren’t going to email him unless you see him and talk to him. Yoongi, this is such an important relationship. You have to rebuild your trust with him.”
          “I do not!”
          “You do, and it’s crucial to your success here at Serendipity to work with your editor. Plus he’s emailed you twice a week for two months and you have sent him the same automated message, which is incredibly unprofessional.”
          Yoongi’s about to protest when Alexis walks in with another chair, then another glass and finally, Seokjin Kim.
          “Y/N! It’s been too long,” Jin says hugging you.
          “It’s been two days,” You say smiling at him. “Jin, you know Yoongi.”
          “Yoongi Min, Min Yoongi, my, my, my, good to see you,” Jin says. He extends his oversized hand and shakes Yoongi’s.
          “Yeah, sure,” Yoongi responds.
          “My mom is looking forward to dinner at your parents house this weekend,” Jin sits and pulls a notepad out of his bag and clicks his pen before glancing at Yoongi.
          Yoongi rolls his eyes. “Do you make it a point of pride to know what your parents are doing every day?”
          “I speak to them regularly, if that’s what you’re asking,” Jin replies.
          “You’re a kiss ass.”
          “Oh, have I already made you jealous with my healthy relationship with my parents?” Jin laughs.
          “Fuck off.”
          “Gentlemen!” You interject, silencing them. “Shut up, and listen.”
          Yoongi, already seated, crosses and uncrosses his legs. Seokjin sits up
          “I’m not privy to whatever anger and grade school pettiness you’re both still harboring. But, I need you two to work together. You both signed contracts, you both agreed. The fact that I’m getting complaints from HR already, is absolutely unacceptable,” Your voice was clear and commanding, striking both of them in their chairs.
          “Sorry,” Jin mutters.
          “I’m sorry - that’s so embarrassing,” Yoongi’s apology is felt deeper within you, his soft eyes torn with hatred and sorrow. He hadn’t meant to fuck up enough that you had to scold them, they’re not children. But here he was, pissing you off. Jane was going to be even more mad. She’d rant about him jeopardizing his career by acting like an asshole. All he really wanted to do was piss Seokjin off a little… not get complaints from HR.
          “Yoongi’s just come back from a writing retreat and has pages for you to look over Seokjin,” You continue.
          “Oh, so there are pages?” Jin glances sideways at Yoongi.
          “Fuck. Off.”
          “Yoongi,” You scold.
          “Yeah, Yoongs. Be nicer.”
          “The point is, Yoongi has pages, first draft pages that he is ready to share. Jin, are you ready to edit them?” Your glance makes it clear, it isn’t a question.
          “Absolutely,” Jin says recovering his composure and professionalism. “I look forward to reading them.”
          “How long will it take?” Yoongi asks, refusing to look at the face he’s had memorized since childhood.
          “My initial notes? Or me to read them?” Jin chuckles.
          “It’s Tuesday? Give me until Friday. Then you can let my comments ruin your weekend,” Jin teases.
          “You’re the actual worst,” Yoongi mutters.
          “I trust that your comments will be helpful and not in fact ruin Yoongi’s weekend.” You tell them both. “And if I have to referee another one of these conversations you both will owe me royalties under the table.”
          “Fine,” Yoongi grumbles.
          “That’s fair,” Seokjin says. “And with that, I am off to put in my last notes for another project. Yoongi, I look forward to reading your first draft. I’m sure there is greatness in there.”
          Yoongi doesn’t say anything but stares ahead at the bookshelves. He notices a Morrison, a Rowling, a Steinbeck. Classics between old Judy Moody’s and the entirety of the Junie B Jones series. Numerous copies of The Chronicles of Narnia, but not one copy of book 7.
          “Thanks, Jin,” You smile warmly at him and watch as he exits your office. “So, you gonna tell me what that was about?”
          “I told you, I don’t trust him and I don’t like him.”
          You sip your lemonade slowly, thinking through it. “Tell me, how did you two meet?”
          “Seokjin and me?”
          “No, you and Alexis.”
          Yoongi rolls his eyes, an expression of his annoyance but one you’re beginning to find kind of cute and charming. Like his scowl, or the strained look his irises get when he’s pained.
          “Our parents are friends, our moms got pregnant around the same time with us. We’re both the youngest of two sons, and our brothers played in similar sports leagues. We went to regular school together, and then Korean school on the weekends. We became best friends.”
          “Can I guess what happened?” You ask.
          “He wanted to be popular and cool, which meant dropping you,” You guess.
          “Something like that,” Yoongi agrees.
          “I’m sorry Yoongi,” You tell him. “I know that doesn’t mean much, but I am.”
          “Yeah, I wish he was.”
          In your years working with Seokjin, him apologizing for being a pompous asshole had never happened because, frankly, you’d never seen him behave the way he just did. He was beloved by his coworkers, adored by his bosses. Seokjin radiated positivity and was the funniest guy in the office. He was a delight to work with, and the need to scold and reprimand him came from whatever Yoongi brought out in him. Clearly their mutual hatred, or the effect they have on each other goes both ways.
          “If it makes you feel better, he might be the least liked person in the office.”
          “Because he’s an asshole?” Yoongi asks hopefully.
          “He’s charming, and has that face, and is kind to everyone. Not to mention his work.” You really wanted to lie for him. “I’m sorry, he’s really great.”
          Yoongi sinks, crestfallen. “So he continues to be perfect while I exist to be a failure.”
          “You’re not a failure.”
          “You hardly know me, who’s to say I won’t disappoint you next?” Yoongi asks.
          “Is that what you really think?” You wonder, eyes hardening as your chest tightens. He keeps leaving these little crumbs, crumbs of these hurtful beliefs and ideas he has about himself.
          “I become insufferable when I write. Just ask Janie.”
         ”You call her Janie?”
         Your smile grows. “That’s sweet.”
         “I guess.”
         “She’s a great agent, everyone I know who works with her loves her.” You say.
         “She is. She’s always believed in me.”
         “Good, now believe in yourself.”
         “You say that like I have the key to enlightenment and self love within me. I do not, Y/N, possess such skills.”
         “How would you know? You don’t seem to have tried.”
         “That’s fair,” Yoongi agrees. “You know, Janie always tells me she’s kept me around for my unwavering disposition and penchant for snark and self doubt.”
         “You make it sound like she likes you because you’re fragile.”
         “Isn’t that a Sara Bareilles lyric?”
         “It is! I didn’t even realize I did that. I must be off my game.”
         “It’s okay, I’m sure we all quote lyrics without realizing where they’re from,” Yoongi says.
         “The point is,” You say remembering where you were trying to steer the conversation. “Your self doubt has pushed your work to be better. Maybe you need to learn to trust yourself like you’re learning to trust Seokjin.”
         “Did you just - call back while getting me to be introspective?” Yoongi’s surprise is disarming.
         “Um, yes?”
         “Wow, you’re good.”
         “Thank you. That’s why they pay me so much,” You say.
         “Is it?”
         “And I’m really fucking good at the other aspects of my job.”
         “Such as?”
         “Making money, getting our authors and editors to work together successfully. Bringing in big gets and new projects that go the distance. Plus I have extremely high executive functioning skills.” You tell him.
         “You’ve got it all.”
         “And if you asked my aunts, it would be all those things that have prohibited me from having a significant other. But that’s an after work conversation,” You are quick to cover your error. You do not know Yoongi like that, not in the way you know Seokjin, or Jungkook and Jimin.
         “Oh, I’ve got stories for days about my disappointing love life,” Yoongi offers. A little vulnerability, to be shared with you.
         “I would love to hear about those. Maybe we’ll take one of these meetings at 5 o’clock.”
         “That would be, fun?” Yoongi’s voice tilts upwards at the end of hi sentence.
         “Say it like it’s not a root canal please.”
         “That would be fun!” Yoongi allowed his hands to shoot in the air, shimmying a little.
         “Okay, too much. How about our next meeting, next month?”
         “You want to meet with me monthly?” Yoongi asks.
         “I trust Jin to keep you in line.”
         “It’s because he’s three months older than me, isn’t it?”
         You tilt your head to the side, curiously. “Is he?”
         “Yes, he is. Made me call him hyung all of Korean school.”
         “Ah, a lovely honorific.”
         “It’s three fucking months!”
         “It’s a lot of time Yoongi! It’s an entire year shift.”
         “So, he’s your hyung and frankly, you are mine.” You tell him.
         “No way!”
         “You think I’m old?”
         “No, aren’t we, are we not like the same age?”
         “You are older than me by what, five months?”
         “Wow, your hyung,” Yoongi says, wide eyed. “That’s super weird.”
         “Why? Wanted to call me noona?” You laugh.
         “Janie hates when I call her that.”
         “So naturally you do it all the time?”
         He nods. “Only when she’s particularly prickly, then I love to just turn the screw a little tighter.”
         “Oh, so kind of you.”
         “It really is, shows her how much I care,” His smile is broad and warm, so inviting. And cute.
         “The restraint alone. She’s lucky to have you.”
         “She is.”
         A knock befalls the door, and Alexis’s platinum blonde head pokes through. “Your next meeting is here. And um, a certain someone has called and left you           a message.”
         Yoongi glances from Alexis to you, and watches in real time how quickly your face falls. He hates it, the sadness in your eyes.
         “Great, we’re just wrapping up.”
         “Okay, after Mr. Min leaves, I’ll give you five minutes before I bring them back.” Alexis doesn’t wait for a response but turns on her heels and leaves.
         “I’ve been here far too long,” Yoongi stands and slips his jacket on.
         “No, it was all good. We were productive.”
         “Were we?”
         “We were. Swear.”
         “I’ll see you, next month?”
         “Yeah, I’ll send you a calendar invite, and we’ll pick a bar?” You ask.
         “Have you been to the Ruby Poppy?” Yoongi asks. It’s one of two bars he knows around here, the other is more of a dive and doesn’t seem to be your type of place. Though he doesn’t really know what your type of place is.
         “I do, they have a great tequila and blackberry cocktail that’s always available during happy hour.”
         “Sounds like we’ve picked a place,” Yoongi pauses at your door. “I’ll see you soon.”
         “Yeah, looking forward to it.”
Tumblr media
          Sitting down at his computer, Yoongi begins to type and transcribe his notes. He hand wrote everything in Big Sur, like he always did, in a new notebook he’d picked out specifically for this project. His notes, and the first draft, aren’t totally shit. He’s sure there’s a narrative in here, but where? He doesn’t know.
Maybe Jin will be the answer.
Subject: The Littlest Dumpling Draft 1 and Notes
From: Yoongi Min
Jin -
Here’s the first draft and my notes. I know there’s something here, but I can’t tell where. Or what. Or if it actually is there at all.
          He sends it off and groans loudly as his phone rings.
          “Hey,” Namjoon says.
          “Hey,” Yoongi responds.
          “Why are you so miserable?” He asks.
          “I just sent my shitty first draft and notes to Seokjin to edit and review.”
          “Oh fuck, you’re nervous?”
          “I’m sure it’s fine - hey do you want to come over and have drinks with me and Hoseok?”
          “Yeah, lots and lots of alcohol.”
Tumblr media
           “I don’t understand why you have to work with him,” Hoseok says, sipping his chardonnay and bouncing his foot up and down.
           “He’s the best of the best, apparently. According to both Janie and Y/N, my publisher.”
           “Janie?” Namjoon asks. “What about Jane?”
           “Do you always have to ask after her?” Yoongi asks.
           “It’s like he’s a dog, every time her name is said he reacts.”
           “Pavlov, it was Pavlov’s dog,” Namjoon informs.
           “Yes, a Pavlovian response. Every single time, Jane, where?” Hoseok acts out Namjoon’s dog like reaction and Yoongi laughs, because it’s true.
           “You have a crush, just ask her out,” Yoongi instructs.
           “I hear your new publisher is quite –
           “Intelligent?” Hoseok offers.
           “Charismatic?” Yoongi says.
           “Beautiful,” Namjoon tells them. “At least that’s the rumor.”
           “Why are you asking if you already know or have an opinion on it?” Yoongi wonders.      
           “Do you have a crush on her?” Hoseok asks.
           “Thank you,” Namjoon says. “I didn’t want to come right out and ask, but fuck I want to know. Are you into her?”
           “You heard Hoseok describe her, she’s pretty fucking cool. She’s lent me a few books to read too,” Yoongi answers. It isn’t the tea Namjoon was hoping for, but it is better.
           “So, she’s flirting with you?” Hoseok asks. “Are you serious?”
           “Oh my god, Yoongi! It’s all you’ve ever dreamed of!” Namjoon cheers.
           “How so?” He asks Namjoon.
           “She’s gorgeous, she’s intelligent, and she is into you.”
           “Or, she’s gorgeous, she’s intelligent, and she wants me to feel at home at a new publishing house and is supporting me through the transition.”
           “I think Namjoon’s right,” Hoseok says.
           “Thank you!”
           Yoongi rolls his eyes and tucks a stray hair behind his ear. His mini mullet is growing in swimmingly. “I can’t believe you two.”
           “Yes, you can, Namjoon is thirsty as hell, and I’m well, sex negative,” Hoseok shrugs.
           “Sex negative?” Namjoon asks.
           Hoseok takes another swig of wine. “Yes, I’m not opposed to sex, but I’m not interested in talking about it or actively seeking it out.”
           “Why not?”
           “Yeah, tell me more. Am I sex negative?” Yoongi wonders.
           “I can have sex whenever I want, but I’m not thinking about it constantly or looking at people wondering how good they are in bed, like Joon is with Jane.”
           “I don’t want to fuck Jane!” Namjoon exclaims.
           “Yes, you do,” Yoongi says. “You have for years and you’re too chicken shit to do anything about it.”
           “I’m not chicken shit! I’m respectful of her.”
           “Because she’s older?” Yoongi asks.
           “She’s your manager Yoongi! She can break any of our careers.”
           Hoseok is worried. “You think she’ll come for me?”
           “Hoseok, she knows everyone and can ruin anyone she wants.”
           “It’s why she’s so hot,” Namjoon adds.
           “That’s why we think you want to fuck her,” Yoongi points out.
           “I’m a data scientist, how could she ruin that?” Hoseok asks, still stuck on the idea that his career could be decimated by merely associating with Yoongi and Namjoon.
           “Do you really want to know?”
           “No, I don’t.”
           “So you’re sex negative, but aren’t you seeing somebody?”
           “I’m not asexual, or aromantic. I just don’t need to talk about it.” Hoseok reiterates.
           “Which is fair, I might be sex negative too,” Yoongi says.
           “I’m definitely sex positive,” Namjoon boasts.
           “We know,” Hoseok and Yoongi say.
           “Yoongi, what are you going to do about Y/N?” Namjoon asks.
           “I don’t know, keep my head down. My bigger issue is dealing with Seokjin.”
           “I don’t understand why he’s such an asshole.”  
           “That’s the thing!” Yoongi feels himself heating up. “He apparently is just an asshole to me, and according to Y/N, she’s never seen him behave like he did in our meeting before.”
           “You bring out the worst in him.”
           “He brings out the worst in me.”
           “She only knows him as nice? Do you think there’s a possibility –
           “Don’t,” Hoseok asks, eyes wide and pleading with Namjoon not to take Yoongi down the rabbit hole.
           “Don’t what?” Yoongi sips his wine and glances between them. “Oh, just say it.”
           “Do you think they dated?” Namjoon asks.
           “Oh fuck off,” Yoongi says, slumping back across the couch. “Fuck. Off. No way! There’s no way!”
           “I don’t know, if she’s only seen the nice side of him…. Maybe they’ve knocked boots,” Namjoon says.
           “I hate you,” Yoongi tells him.
           “I don’t think they’ve had sex,” Hoseok says. “I think they’re coworkers and Y/N happens to be a gracious and kind boss.”
           “You say that like you know her,” Namjoon teases.
           “I don’t, no idea what she looks like. But that’s what it sounds like. She’s doing the most to make Yoongi comfortable, but you’re putting her in a tough position. She has to be your boss, but you don’t have to be a monster.”
           “I’m not a monster, just when Jin’s around.”
           “Right, but he’s never not going to be around if you stay at that publishing house, he’s always going to be there. You’re going to be working with him, what can you do to not turn into a little shit whenever he’s around?” Hoseok asks.
           Yoongi’s often wondered what he’d do if he was in this position, forced to work with Seokjin after all they’ve gone through. He’s never found a solution, or an answer to it. He doesn’t know what he’s supposed to do or how he’s supposed to act. Because years later, Seokjin has never apologized. He’s never fessed up to what he did, how he betrayed Yoongi, how he abandoned him for popularity and sex. Okay, Yoongi just assumes there was sex being had in high school. But he’s never said he was sorry and asked for forgiveness, he’s just existed without a second thought to how he behaved hurt Yoongi.
           “I don’t know,” Yoongi says.
           “Well,” Namjoon sighs. “You should figure it out.”
Tumblr media
           “Jane!” You say, standing from your table at DanBam Coffee & Roastery to hug the familiar face.
           “Y/N!” Jane says in response. She takes the hug and sits across from you, pleasant smile on her lips.
           “How are you?”
           “Oh you know, people need extensions on their contracts, writers get writers block, some need to be sent away to figure their shit out…”
           “Are you just talking about Mr. Min or?” You ask.
           “Oh, no, not him. Besides sending him away on a retreat, that was necessary.”
           “I didn’t know the whole Seokjin thing would push him that far.”
           “He just… Yoongi still feels the effect of whatever happened between them, and he’s got to grow up and move on.”
           “What if he can’t?”
           “Let me worry about that,” Jane says. “How has it been, working with him?”
           “He’s,” You pause, thinking about how to appropriately describe Yoongi. “Prickly, but also so very soft. An anemone in human form.”
           “That’s a far nicer description of him than I’d offer,” Jane comments.
           “Really? Why?”
           “Yoongi is great, a basket case, but one of the best children’s authors around. He’s cynical and sharp, and don’t tell him, but he’s my favorite fucking client.”
           “Is he really?”
           “He is. He always has been. If only he’d believe it just a little bit.”
           “He really doesn’t see how great he is, does he?”
           “Absolutely not. Has no sense that he’s incredible.”
           “How do we get him there?”
           “If I knew the answer, I would’ve done it during his first edits. I’ve got to say,” Jane hesitates. “Putting him with Seokjin is the biggest clusterfuck he’s gone through.”
           “Really? He’s only alluded to their past, but I don’t have a great sense of what happened.”
           “It’s, pretty bad. Jin’s never apologized, never said anything close to sorry.”
           “They’re childhood friends, right?”
           “They are,”
           “You like him,” Jane guesses.
           “I do?”
           “Yeah, you let him borrow your books.”
           You laugh. “Is that how publishers show their affection? Did I miss it?”
           “I don’t know if others do, but that’s how you show it. Didn’t you let Taehyung borrow books?”
           “After his tongue had been in my mouth,” You answer.
           “Okay, fair.”
           “Taehyung is totally different, he and I were, not a mistake, but a weird detour that was damaging to both of our careers,” You say.  
           “You came out on top though, so did he.”
           “Yes, but that doesn’t mean what we did was right.”  
           Jane nods and offers a counter point. “It was right for you at the time.”
           “That’s true. But Yoongi is,” You begin.
           “I’m not naive enough to start something with one of my author’s, at least not when they’re still working on a draft and are contractually obligated to submit work to me. I would never, again. I would never do it again,” You clarify.  
           The relationship between you and Taehyung had begun as a secret affair during the editing of his first book. It had been a mutual attraction, and a sworn secret you both vowed to keep. But, office romances are rarely kept hidden and you were discovered kissing at the work holiday party under the mistletoe, mistletoe that Taehyung had put up specifically to kiss you under. That had sparked the gossip, and soon everyone knew that you and Taehyung were an item. Which was unethical as you were his editor, but what made it worse was the very public relationship it ended between Taehyung and his other girlfriend, whom you didn’t know existed. That is, until it was splashed across Page Six, and it became clear you were the other woman. It sparked Taehyung’s next novel, which was about the psychological warfare of dating and loving two different women and trying to discern who would be the best mother to his future hypothetical children. It was a best seller and stayed at number 1 for ten weeks. You, having worked with him on his previous book, were given first editing rights of this book. Which you took, and thanks to it, was offered a position at Serendipity.
           Jane was right, you had come out of an impossible situation totally on top… but at what cost? Your relationship, which you thought was leading you towards love, had crumbled, and your career nearly went with it. The snickers and back handed comments hadn’t fully stopped, either, which made certain public outings unbearable. You wanted it to be in the past, particularly as you were finding yourself staring into Yoongi’s eyes more and more frequently… but it also begs the question, does Yoongi know? Does he know about your past indiscretion, and if he does, does he care? He isn’t just another author, if he was you wouldn’t have fought so hard to have his newest project as a part of your publishing house.
           “But you like Yoongi.” Jane says.
           “He’s special and I can see it so clearly.”
           “Good, I think you two would be so fucking cute together, and it would take the heat off of me.” Jane sips her tea and remains coy.
           “Heat? What heat Is he putting on you?” You ask curiously.
           “I’m seeing someone –
           “Thanks? I’m seeing someone, but I won’t tell Yoongi who it is, and it’s driving him absolutely insane.”
           “Why won’t you tell him?” You ask.
           Jane tries to dismiss it. “Because it’ll just be messy, and the last thing I want is for my relationship with this new guy to deter my working relationship, and friendship with Yoongi.”
           “Will it?”
           “It might.”
           “So, you’re keeping a secret that he knows exists, from him?” You question.
           “Huh, doesn’t that get tiring?”
           “It does, particularly when he’s so fucking persistent about knowing.”
           “But you won’t tell him?”
           “Not yet,” Jane answers.
           “Hasn’t he known about your other relationships?”
           “Do you mean the one with women and non-binary people? Of course, he’s met several of them. But this is different and that’s why I won’t tell him.”
           “Either you’re in love or it’s someone he’ll be shocked to know you’re with,” You decide, deciphering her vague language.  
           “Are you dating Seokjin?” You ask, eyebrows raising. “That would put him over the edge.”
           “No, no, I’m not dating Seokjin. Could you imagine? I’d devour him whole.”
           “I’d love to see you try,” You laugh. “He could use a strong woman in his romantic life.”
           “I do fear that Yoongi will wonder, based on your interactions, if you and Seokjin have dated.”
           “If Jin and me? Oh, absolutely not. He’s an editor and also, if dating Taehyung was bad, dating Jin would be worse.”
           “Where would Yoongi fall?”
           “Oh, that could be career ruining if it’s not handled properly. Decimating, and there would be no positive spin or way out of it like with Taehyung.” You answer.
           “So, what will you do?”
           “Keep my distance, for as long as I can.”
           “What if you can’t?”
           You laugh. “Jane, the question isn’t what will happen if I can’t keep it to myself. The question is, what if I can?”
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The Littlest Dumpling {1}
Tumblr media
Pairing: Min Yoongi x OFC
Genre: Non Idol AU / Author AU
Rating: PG 13
Warnings: Swearing!
Word Count: 4.7K
Summary: Yoongi’s ready to shop his newest book idea, what he isn’t ready for is you.
Master List
Tag List: @4ksj, @jagiya, @ot7nem, @knjkitten, @teamtardis-notdead​
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       A dark sky streaks with lightening, thunder rumbles throughout the land.
       Boulders quake, but our hero stays strong. He pushes his sweatband up and adjusts his hanbok. The sweat still drips down his brow, his scar, long perpendicular to his eye shines in the flash of lightning.
        “I am not my brother,” Lil King Yoongi said, his sword unsheathing itself from underneath his garment. “I am not my father, either.”
        “Then who are you?” The hooded figure asked. His sword was drawn too, ready to strike in attack.
        “I am King Yoongi.”
        Lil King Yoongi Volume 1
Tumblr media
        “Damn it,” Yoongi throws his pen across his desk, watching as it nails the framed picture of him and his parents, holding his first ever published piece of writing from when he was a teenager. It was small, a local newspaper that held an essay contest. He had written stunning prose about why he loves books, and the local library. His essay had won, beating out all the competition from his 1000 person high school and surrounding areas. The prize was having his essay turned into a column, and getting to shadow the local newspaper staff for a month. He was allowed to create a column and run 4 articles. Naturally, he chose to read and review books.
        Yoongi’s Reading Review became a hit, and after the success of it’s limited run, he was offered a junior staff position. He submitted 1 article a month, full of up to 5 book reviews. He reviewed everything, novels to essay collections, to biographies and new comic book editions. In Summer months, when his classmates were off from school, hanging out at the local pool and the mall, making out on the empty football field and gearing up for football season in the fall, he worked. In the summer they upped his count from one per month to two, and as a rising Junior they upped it again to three. Every dollar he saved went to buying more books, despite what his parents wanted (saving all the money), he couldn’t help but reach for that hardcover fantasy novel. He couldn’t stop himself from indulging in a reissue of a comic he just discovered. Yoongi loved it, exploring new lands and times, sharing what he’d discovered with other people his age. It hadn’t made him popular, perse, but it had ignited a fire within him.
        A degree in creative writing, and MFA and a series that has garnered him a Newberry honor, and he’s sitting at his desk. The desk he started writing on as a boy, refinished and brought to his apartment from his parents house, still had indents from when he would write so hard on loose leaf paper that he permanently changed the make up of the desk. Now he has glass resting on top of it, protecting those early scribbles.
       With his favorite pen now lost behind a table, the words in front of him look like utter shit.
        “Fuck.” He mutters. “Fuck!”
        Yoongi has a meeting with a new publisher, someone his agent set him up with so he could make his first foray into official childrens books. He had the idea, and the concept and what he wanted to say, but he couldn’t well, say it. Nothing came when he thought about his newest project. And what did was complete and utter shit.
        Why had he thought he could do this?
        Easy, he had to. Just like breathing, he had to write.
        The Littlest Dumpling, is a story about a little boy who looks, much like he did and does, like a boiled dumpling. He becomes brave as he goes through school and out into the world. His mom calls him Little Dumpling, affectionately, his brother teasingly, and his father prefers more traditional nicknames for his youngest son.
        It’s meant to be both hopeful and easily identifiable as a story any kid can cling to. But he can’t get started. And that is terrifying.
        Lil King Yoongi had flown out of him. He had written four volumes of it before he got a publishing deal. He knew it inside and out, every aspect of it. His agent had wanted him to make a spin off when the last book came out last year, but he wouldn’t do that. That felt so disingenuous to the characters. There was no prequel, there was no sequel. Lil King Yoongi was complete.
        So he took five years off. Went to Korea with his parents, saw his friends, rested and did a few guest review spots for new books and his local paper that still asked him to. All in the hopes that he could, when he was ready, put pen to paper and write his next great work: The Littlest Dumpling.
        Then the deadline came - his agent, Marc, set up a meeting with a new publisher. And he tried. He really really tried. But now, sitting in the waiting room, bouncing his leg and trying not to crack his knuckles, he’s going into this meeting with an idea and no pages to show.
        “Mr. Min?” Alexis, the assistant asks. “She’s ready for you now.”
        Alexis guides him to the office, through a hallway of framed book covers, pictures with authors holding their books and quotes pulled from said books. It’s a gallery wall to end all gallery walls, and Yoongi kind of wishes he was a part of.
       Inside the office, which seems more like a fort than a functioning structure, you are standing behind a desk, waiting.
       “Mr. Min, welcome to Serendipity Publishing, where we believe every book we create is meant to be. Have a seat. Alexis will you bring some coffee?” You rattle off in quick succession, no hint of annoyance in your voice, but a little sparkle of fire in your eyes.
        “Sure thing,” Alexis smiles.
        “I’m Y/N,” You extend your hand to him, and he takes it cautiously. ”And I get paid to say that phrase, though I’d much rather not.”
        “Oh,” Yoongi’s taken aback. “Okay, then please call me Yoongi.”
        “Okay Yoongi. Welcome. I’m so excited to meet you and discuss your work.”
        “That won’t last long,” Yoongi mutters.
        “Nothing - just, don’t get your hopes up. I don’t know if I have anything, good.”
        You’re caught off guard by his deprivation, tipping your head to the side and staring at him quizzically. “That seems unlikely given the success with your graphic novels. But note taken. I am ready to be pleasantly disappointed.”
        “So, I have this idea -
        “Wait,” You hold up a hand and stare at Alexis who has just entered the room. “Do you want cream or sugar?”
        “Black, just black,” Yoongi says.
        Alexis, hot pink curls bouncing, sets two cups of coffee down and walks out, shutting your office door behind her. Yoongi takes the opportunity to glance around. It’s an office carved out of book shelves. There’s a window, a window seat and your desk in the middle. Every single wall is covered in what appears to be clear floating shelves filled with books.
        “Have you edited or published all of these?” He asks.
        “The company has, but if you keep looking you’ll find a few that aren’t our label. I snuck them in,” You say.
        “Aren’t you going to get caught?”
        “And what, fired? I’d love to see them try.”
        He nods approvingly. “So you’ve been here long?”
        “Yeah, straight out of college, started reading the reject pile, found a few gems, got moved up and eventually here I sit: Head of New Acquisitions, Young Adult and Children’s Lit.”
        “That’s a fancy title,” He says.
        “Better be, Vassar wasn’t cheap,” You crack a smile, and his shoulders relax.  
        “Ah you’re a Vassar grad?”
        You shrug. “That’s what my diploma says.”
        “Not up to snuff?”
        “I expected a Sarah Lawrence or like, Whitman.”
        “Small college in Eastern Washington. Wow!” You laugh. “That’s not where you went, is it?”
        “Berkeley?” You already know.
        “How’d you like the rain?”
        He shakes his head and offers a gentle smile. “About as much as you want to drink black coffee.”
        “Ah, you noticed?”
        “Yeah, I assume you brought yours from home?”
        “Of course.”
        Yoongi reaches for his mug, with the company logo in gold and rainbow across the front, and takes a sip.
        “It’s hot!” You say quickly, watching as he winces.
        “Fucking fuck,” Yoongi mutters. “Thanks for the warning.”
        “Who takes a sip of coffee like it’s ice water?” You ask, your mind racing to decide if a lawsuit is possible from too hot coffee. How embarrassing, going down for serving an author coffee that was scalding.
        “Valid,” He accepts your sympathy easily.
        You let the moment pass, then start again. “So you wrote a book.”
        “The new one, or the old ones?”
        “The new one, and your agent wants you to what, shop it around? We’re willing to make you a deal today, Yoongi.”
        “What if my idea is shit?” Yoongi’s earnest gaze is a little concerned, vulnerability and weakness showing through.
        “You wrote a five part saga about a lil king that has sold millions. It’s one of the most popular graphic novels in the history of graphic novels. You could go anywhere, do anything,” You lean forward, your voice just above a whisper. “But you’re here.”
        “How serendipitous,” he jokes.
        “Precisely. So tell me, Mr. Min, Yoongi, what is this new project?”
        He takes a deep breath, wishing he had water instead of this coffee.
        “Our parents all give us nicknames as kids, whether or not we want them. We either grow into them, or out of them. My new project takes shape with a little boy who affectionately is called, Little Dumpling.”
        “Oh my god,” You mutter. “I’m already hooked.”
        “The Littlest Dumpling is about this boy. I want the first book to be about his nickname, how he got it, what it means. Then the next to be about adventures he has as his alter ego, Littlest Dumpling, and as himself.”
        “Let me guess,” Your elbows prop, chin resting in hands. “You can’t fucking write, can you?”
        Yoongi stares at you, unsure how you could possibly know he’s had writers block for a year.
        “I - I currently have writers block. But, at present, I have outlined the first three installments.”
        “What’s book 1?”
        “His classmates find out his nickname.”
        You take out a piece of paper that has his name written across the top in very curvy lettering. “And two?”
        “His bully picks on him for the lunches he eats.”
        “Traditional Korean?”
        “Yes,” He agrees.
        “I’m in. I love it.”
        “But, I don’t have anything written.”
        You wave your hand through the air, dismissing his objection. “That’s okay, I’ve signed deals with people who had far less than you do.”
        Yoongi isn’t sure if this is comforting or concerning.
        “I see that look - but think about it, look at where I am. I know what I’m talking about.”
        “I don’t doubt that you do, but I’ve never gone to a publisher with an idea and no pages. It’s like streaking across the football field at halftime.”
        “I get it, and i know we’ve only been talking for twenty minutes, but trust me, Yoongi. You can do this.”
        He inhales through his teeth, sucking in air loudly before exhaling and doing it again.
        “I’m going to be incredibly difficult about the illustration, it has to be perfect.”
        “Understood, and editing too, I’m assuming?” You ask, jotting his answers down.
        “I have an editor and illustrator in mind for you, both have done work with our authors before to great success. I’ll get the contract sent to your agent and legal team today for them to go over and discuss. What we’re paying you will be included and competitive.” You switch to your computer, drafting an email to legal. That’s what it looks like to Yoongi, but really you’re typing send the contract ASAP.
        “That’s fast.”
        “Look, you’re Yoongi Min. I can tell you right now there’s at least five other agencies and publishing houses who want you to sign with them. Your current agencies is shitting themselves over losing you and your future projects. The sheer fact that you’re leaving your primary publishing house is, the most exciting get anyone could imagine right now. I know that’s pressure, I know that that means that you are having writers block. But Yoongi, I’m telling you, and I will keep telling you, we are your best option. You can pick who you want. You can go anywhere, truly, but we are dedicated to children’s literature. We are dedicated to the highest quality illustrations and collaboration amongst all our artists. We aren’t some big magnate, or conglomerate. We aren’t going to license your work without you knowing, and we aren’t going to publish something you aren’t 100% proud of. I promise you that.”
        “So, once I send the deal over, please take your time to look it over and understand it all. I will give you a list of editors with a single name starred for who I think you should work with, same for illustrators. But it’s up to you. Serendipity is a fabulous publishing house, and I can guarantee you will not regret signing with us or working with me.”
        “You’re incredibly convincing.” He says.
        “Like I said, Vassar. Business and creative writing degrees.”
        Why are you so hellbent on impressing him?
       “Double major, damn.”
        “I’m incredibly impressive, Yoongi. And I won’t hide it.”
        Yoongi wants to smirk, to keep calm, to remain somewhat nonplussed. But he can’t, not when you are looking at him like he’s the hope diamond and you haven’t yet realized he’s cursed.
        He can’t look away, so he whispers instead. “You shouldn’t.”    
“So, like I said. I’ll send it over and we can meet next week to sign or you can come by for more hot coffee and turn me down. Either way, we should talk again.”
        “Yes, okay, sounds good.” He agrees.  
        “Great. Do you have any questions for me?”
        Yoongi does. “What’s your favorite children’s book?”
        You smile, not waiting a moment to respond. “Harriet the Spy for classic literature. Where the Mountain Meets the Moon and Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library for contemporary. Oh and The Westing Game.”
        Yoongi beams, he hadn’t been expecting that. Not one book, but four?
        “Okay, okay, I haven’t read three of those.”
        “You should. You can borrow my copies,” You stand and move to a specific corner of your book shelves, taking down all four and handing them to Yoongi. “Then you have to come back and see me.”
        “Okay, sounds like a deal.”
        “If you bend pages or damage them in any way I will take it out of my offer.” You warn him, finger pointing accusingly at the middle of his chest. He’s standing a little too close, he realizes that as he backs away.
        He picks up his coat and mutters, much louder than he intended. “You’re feisty.”
        “Thank you. It’s one of my winning qualities.”
Tumblr media
        Yoongi has met with a few publishers in his day, and at the behest of Hoseok’s girlfriend, sat through many episodes of Younger starring Sutton Foster and Hilary Duff. But his meetings were never quite like the TV shows, or films, that glamorized publishing houses. No one was itching to sleep with each other, or fuck him while editing his books. But then again, he was in children’s publishing. Perhaps if he wrote a book geared towards adults, he’d have a similar sexy experience. But he hasn’t. Instead he’s just… Yoongi.
        The littlest dumpling that ever lived, slinking into his agent’s office to discuss the deal. Or, if his agent has anything to say about it, you.
        “She’s the hottest new publisher in the game, Yoongi’s,” Jane Huang says. Her quaffed hair is the color of flames, reds and yellows blurring into orange and curled atop her head. The sides are delicately shaved and bleached blonde. He always gets distracted by the ancient Chinese symbols dancing up her forearm, giving way to rich greens and emeralds that make up the bonsai she has stained into her skin. Jane, or Janie as Yoongi calls her, stares at him from her place behind her desk. Her office far less occupied than yours. “She’s promising you the world. Or at least, what sliver of it she can.”
       “It’s all great - but how does the contract look?” Yoongi asks.
       “She’s offering more than the others.”
       Ah yes, the others. All the notable publishing houses, the few that still cared about his work after his brief hiatus. All offering far less than Serendipity, with a publisher far less enthused than you.
       “The contract is clear, you aren’t going to get a better deal for the amount of work you’ve put in,” Jane says.
       “I’ve put in a lot of work! There’s a concept, I have outlines!”
       “But you haven’t written shit, don’t try to bullshit me, Yoongi.” Her tone is reminiscent of a scolding from his mother - which he knows if he points out, she will absolutely ream him for it.
       “Noona, I know. But there will be,” Yoongi waits for her to erupt, hoping for sparks ready to ignite.
       Instead she gently rolls her eyes. “I hate it when you call me noona. I’m not even that much older than you, and you have known me for long enough to know that.”
       “Sorry, Janie.”
       “Thank you. I’m glad you’re feeling confident. I was beginning to think you lost your nerve, and how embarrassing would that be for either of us? Humiliating.”
       He scoffs. “I haven’t lost my confidence, mostly. I mean a little. Most of it is totally gone and tied up with my writing ability which, now that it’s lost and probably never coming back, seems like a great time to sign a new contract with a new publisher who -
       “Yoongi!” Jane interrupts. “Stop spiraling. You’re fucking fine.”
       “Sorry,” He says sinking deeper into his chair.
       “She wants to meet with you again?” Jane asks. She finishes putting stickie notes where Yoongi needs to sign the elaborate and thorough contract.
       “Yes, to officially sign the contract.”
       “Isn’t that why Doc-U-Sign was invented?”
       “Yes, she also lent me a few books so i have to give those back too.”
       “I’m sorry, she did what?” Jane asks. She keens at him, elbows on her desk, body moving towards him as if she’s about to pounce. “She did what?”
       “She lent me a few books -
       “Books she’s published?”
       “No,” He’s desperately trying not to blush.
       “So, social books? Books about writing children’s books?”
       “No,” Deeper red, the colors of hell.
       “Yoongi,” Jane’s voice rises an octave, screeching in his ears.
       “Well if you’d let me get out more than a word I’d tell you that i asked her what her favorite children’s books are, and she let me borrow the ones I hadn’t read.”
       “And have you read them?” She asks.        
       “Of course,” He rolls his eyes.
       “She’s flirting.”
       “She is not.”
       “Yoongi, you’re dense but not stupid.”
       “She lent them to me, I read them. I’ll give them back when I sign the contract. That’s it.”
       Jane is still smiling, more like smirking and only a little green with envy. “Good, because no matter how hot and talented she is, you can’t fuck your publisher.”
       “Who says I want to?” Yoongi feigns ignorance, of course he wants to. He has eyes and ears that heard you spill genius to him.
       “The glimmer in your eyes, Yoongi. That’s who.”
       “Come on, you’re fucking some younger guy, why can’t I do something a little reckless?”
       “And jeopardize your career?”
       “I wouldn’t, she wouldn’t.” Though Yoongi has no idea what you would and wouldn’t do, with him. Or anyone that works for you.
       “You’re an idiot if you think sleeping with your publisher won’t absolutely tank your reputation and career,” Jane says.
       “It’s a hypothetical. I didn’t even know she was flirting with me until two minutes ago!”
       “You definitely knew she was flirting, because you were flirting too,” Jane teases. “Of course you were. Have you seen her?”
       “Have you seen the guy you’re sleeping with?” He tries desperately to pivot.
       “Uh, yes?”
       “Great because I haven’t, so tell me who he is.”
       “Yoongi!” Jane tips her head back in exasperation.
       “And not that we’re coworkers not friends shit, because you have been my agent for five years and we are more than just coworkers.”
       “Work friends is better than coworkers,” Jane reminds him.
       “You’ve told me about every exploit you’ve had over the last five years, and yet for some unknown reason you won’t tell me about this new person. Is it someone I know?”
       Yoongi and Jane met when he won a collegiate award for an initial draft of, what would become the first draft of Lil King Yoongi. He had busied himself turning his Yoongi’s Reading Review into a city wide column, and then in college leading his collegiate paper and winning writing scholarships. She’d been following his career as they both experienced tangential success. Jane had won some of the same prizes years before him. That’s how she got her start, and how she stumbled upon him. Reading his work in a contest for a 5K scholarship.
       To say in the last few years they’d become best friends would be a stretch, but Yoongi is right. They’re more than coworkers.
       “You know they’re younger than me, what more do you want?” She asks.
       “You’re being shady,” Yoongi accuses.
       “You’re being nosy.”
       ”Ms. Huang, I believe I am just trying to be your friend,” Yoongi says.
       “He isn’t in publishing if that helps,” Jane concedes. “And he’s around your age. And incredibly hot.”
       “That’s more information than I had… so I’ll take it.”
       Jane lets a beat pass. “But he isn’t as hot as Y/N.”
       “I didn’t even -
       “You have eyes, idiot. You know she’s a stunner.”
       ”Fine - she’s beautiful,” It’s his turn to concede.
       “Thank you!”
       “But I’m not, she isn’t interested in me. She wants my book, she wants my story. That’s it. That’s all.” He says.
       Jane shakes her head. “You don’t really believe that, do you?”
       “I do.”
       “No, you don’t Yoongs,” She leans forward again, staring intently at him.
       He’s uncomfortable under her gaze. “How do you know?”
       “Your eyes, Yoongi. Your eyes.”
Tumblr media
       “You’re back!” You say, smiling widely at Yoongi as Alexis brings him into your office. “Oo with presents?”
       “Just your books,” Yoongi hands the bag to you. “I liked them. Where the Mountain Meets the Moon was my favorite.”
       “I’m glad! So, tell me, good news or bad news?”
       “Uh, depends?”
       “I’m ready to sign my contract.”        
       “Oh shit! Yes! Great news!”
       “What would’ve been bad?”
       “If you didn’t want to sign it, if you decided you didn’t want to write The Littlest Dumpling. If your old publishing house offered you more money to write more Lil King Yoongi’s. There are a lot of possibilities, Yoongi.”
       “Clearly you’ve thought of all of them.”
       “Isn’t that my job?”
       “That’s fair.”
       “Well, while the contract is printed, let me show you the list of illustrators and editors. I’ve already starred the ones that I think would be great for this project.”
       You open a folder with his name neatly printed and take out a piece of paper with two columns. Passing it over to him, Yoongi doesn’t take long to skim it and choke on his own spit.
        “You’ve gotta be fucking kidding me,” He says, looking across the top of paper to you.
        He’s quick on his feet. “I will sign the contract, but I have one stipulation.”
        “Oh?” You ask, surprised he doesn’t have more. A lot more. He could ask for almost anything and you’d oblige. You need this win.
        “Yes, I will not, under any circumstance, work with him,” Yoongi hands over the list and watches as your eyes linger on the name you had starred.
        “Okay, why not?” You ask.
        “He’s an asshole.”
        “Okay, but what about his work?”
        “Who cares?” Yoongi snaps.
        You clear your throat, trying a different approach. “Did he wrong you in your past? Is that what it is?”
        You nod, understanding. “So you won’t work with him because he was a dick in college?”
        “High school. And we were childhood friends before that. Our parents are still best friends,” Yoongi rushes through it. A sordid past told in a quick breath.  
        “Oh my god! Yoongi! That’s even more pathetic.”
        “Is it?”
        “Yes, it is. Your parents like him, why can’t you?”
        Yoongi shakes his head, because really it’s more complicated than a petty disagreement or squabble in high school. It goes back years, decades really, and has hurt Yoongi the entire time. It’s so much more than his parents liking Seokjin, actually his parents liking Seokjin is part of the problem.
       “I will never, ever work with that man,” Yoongi says softly, his eyes hard and his jaw set.
       “So you’re telling me you won’t sign the contract if I make you work with him?”
       “Okay,” You nod and lean back in your chair, watching him. “So you have two options: One, walk away from Serendipity. Or, two, which I definitely think you should consider: get over it and push your feelings aside to create a great piece of work. Jin would be a perfect editor. He is incredible and has edited several best sellers. He is the best, and it would shock you to know how much we pay him to keep him here instead of going to Penguin or Random House or another boutique publishing house. Insane.”
        “I - that’s it?”
        “What, I’m not entertaining your teenage angst? Nah, I’m not doing that. I run a business, and if your ego is so fragile you can’t grow up, fine. But that’s who you’re going to work with.” You tell him.
        Yoongi exhales. His agent had prepared him for this, well not the Jin of it all, but the potential that his pettiness would be overruled and ignored. He would have to work with people he didn’t like, or who didn’t like him, no matter what field he was in. But this?
Maybe he should grow up and move on. Though Seokjin is the last person he wants touching whatever masterpiece you think he’s capable of writing. But- again - maybe you’re right. Maybe Jin is the best option, and he is finally ready to move past it.
        Yoongi inhales deeply through his teeth. “Fine.”
        “Fine?” You ask.
        “Fine - I’ll,” He exhales sharply, “I’ll bitch about it the entire time.”
        “I don’t care.”
        “You’re going to be the one who hears about it.”
        You smile, already looking forward to it.
        “That’s my job. Now tell me, what did you think of Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library?”
Tumblr media
        Having signed his contract and returned home with another two books that Serendipity had in fact published, Yoongi felt ready to finally put pen to paper. Though the physical demand of crawling on the floor to dig his pen out from behind the table seemed beyond reproach. But, he finally, truly wants to start writing this new piece.
        That is, until his phone buzzes, and a new email has arrived.
Subject: Untitled YM Project: Editing
From: Seokjin Kim
        Yoongi -
        Wow! It’s been a long time. What a weird coincidence you’d stumble into Serendipity Publishing. I am excited to work with you on this next project, Dumpling.
        Let’s get coffee and discuss your plans soon. I am eager to figure out a schedule and start working!
PS - I know you’re probably going to request I be taken off this project, and I’d love to tell you there’s a solution besides sucking it up and dealing with me… but unlucky for you, there isn’t. Lucky for me, I get to helm the latest project from Yoongi Min. What a partnership we will be.
        Yoongi throws his phone at the wall.
        Fucking pompous asshole who thinks he’s god’s gift to literature. What an asshat. Who emails like that? Who says that shit? Who flaunts their status and power in front of someone they have to work with?
        Yoongi’s fucked - because of course Seokjin is right. You were right when you said it earlier. There is no one better than Seokjin Kim. And Yoongi, despite his protesting and frustration and youthful hatred, absolutely has to work with him.
Next: The Littlest Dumpling {2}
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Tumblr media
Master List: The Littlest Dumpling
Summary: Beloved young adult author Yoongi Min, known to the world as author of the Lil King Yoongi saga, has stepped away from the spotlight for the last five years. Coming out of retirement, he is ready to step into new territory: picture books. Armed with an idea centered on his tumultuous childhood, Yoongi is unprepared to confront the friends he lost, the challenges he overcame, and the adventures that shaped him into the man he is today. With a new publisher, whose smile often sends a deep blush over his pale cheeks, can Yoongi make it through the editing, illustrating and launch of his highly anticipated new project? Or will he, like the dragons and little king he wrote about, scorch the earth, unsure how to tend to the swirling emotions around him? Only time, and too many edits, will tell. 
Pairing: Min Yoongi x Reader
Genre: Slice of Life / Non Idol AU / Fluff / Maybe Smut
Rating: R - NC17
Warnings: Swearing, Kissing, Maybe Smut,
Word Count: ~
Tag: #lilkingyoongi
Posting: Uhhh whenever I feel like it but probably Saturdays
The Littlest Dumpling {1}
The Littlest Dumpling {2}
The Littlest Dumpling {3}
The Littlest Dumpling {4}
The Littlest Dumpling {5}
The Littlest Dumpling {6}
The Littlest Dumpling {7}
The Littlest Dumpling {8}
The Littlest Dumpling {9}
The Littlest Dumpling {10}
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Tumblr media
Just a Spark Love & Smut stories for your February 14th! 
Master Lists
Be the One
Be the One Sequel: Love Again
Codename Cupid 
The Worst Guys
Perpetual Bliss 
Wider than a Mile 
I Hate Halloween
Troll in Luv 
Stay: Loving You 
Camp Evergreen
Wet Dream
I Choose You
If I forgot any.... let me know!!! 
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Happy Birthday Taehyung!
Tumblr media
Master List
Be the One
Camp Evergreen
Stay: Loving You 
Codename Cupid
Wet Dream 
The Worst Guys
River: Til I Reach You
Merry & Bright 2020
Merry & Bright 2021
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Mirrorball: Master List
Tumblr media
Summary: Jungkook struggles to maintain any semblance of balance as his world continues to demand more and more from him. Can he sustain the pressure or will his already cracked surfaces continue to break, glistening as they crumble? (sequel to peace) 
Pairing: Jeon Jungkook x Reader
Warnings: Given in each chapter
Rating: R 
Completed Word Count: 20.7K
Part 1: A Million Pieces
Part 2: Masquerade Revelers
Part 3: Tallest Tiptoes
Part 4: Burn the Disco Down Pt. 1
Part 5: Burn the Disco Down Pt. 2
Part 6: Try, Try, Try (final) 
Posted: March 2021
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Peace: Master List
Tumblr media
Summary: Jungkook’s coming of age has come and gone. As the Golden Maknae, he has to negotiate who is, what he wants, and how that fits into the life he’s seemingly signed away.  🔞
Pairing: Jeon Jungkook x Reader
Warnings: Given in each chapter
Rating: NC17
Completed Word Count: 20.1K
Part 1: Coming of Age
Part 2: Wasting Your Honor
Part 3: Loves for Show
Part 4: Your Brothers As My Brother
Part 5: In Secret
Part 6: Would It Be Enough? 🔞
Part 7: Clowns to the West  
Posted: November 2020 - January 2021
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Illicit Affairs: Master List
Tumblr media
Summary: BTS’ contract is up for negotiating, and as leader, Namjoon has to reckon with what he’s willing to sign away, what he’s going to fight for, and the damage he’s done to his bandmates, best friends, brothers. Will he ruin himself a million times? 🔞 
Pairing: Kim Namjoon x Reader 
Warnings: Given in each chapter
Rating: NC17
Completed Word Count: 24.1K
Part 1: Clandestine Meetings
Part 2: A Million Little Times
Part 3: Show Their Truth
Part 4: Mercurial High
Part 5: You Made Me
Part 6: Beautiful Rooms Pt. 1
Part 7: Beautiful Rooms Pt. 2
Part 8: Beautiful Rooms Pt. 3
Part 9: Beautiful Rooms Pt. 4
Part 10: Stolen Stares (final) 
Posted: November 2020 - March 2021
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Exile: Master List
Tumblr media
           Timothée crosses the one line they’ve sworn they never would. Consequences, heartache, and despair enfold as Timothée tries to find his way back to her.
Completed Word Count: 17.8K
Posted: October 2020, October 2021
Part 1: Breaking Branches
Part 2: Five Whole Minutes
Part 3: My Town
Part 4: Insult to Injury
Part 5: The Side Door
Part 6: Knuckles Bloody 
Anniversary Chapter: So Many Signs
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