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Once again I would like to express my gratitude to my dear friend @jacintoo for helping proof-reading my translation! ^^  I am more motivated to continue translating now LOL. This is the Karyu interview from the FC magazine released this year, about RESONANCE.I hope everyone enjoys, Karyu is a talented and admirable musician.

After the release of the album “RESONANCE” last year in November, the “WAVY EFFECT OF RESONANCE” tour took place. Because the album itself is a work that Karyu is very confident of, I think there was also tension toward the live performance.

K: There were many things that I wanted to do for a long time, all of those things are summarized in the album “RESONANCE”. So, from the point where we started the rehearsal, although I checked the details of the sound, I don’t know how good will be the quality of the musical composition. The PA systems made a good balance too. I also think the sound in the concert was very good too.

I also watched the video work that included the tour concert “Angelo Tour 2018-2019 WAVY EFFECT OF RESONANCE”. The separation of the twin guitars was good, and although it was a live work, it offers a quality in terms of sound source that can be enjoyed in a different way of listening.

K: That’s good to know. I’ve been able to distribute by nature now, the twin’s guitar construction and live guitar arrangement with Giru. For example, I play this phrase, and if Giru plays this other phrase, then I can insert this other phrase here. If you watch the video work, you will understand, I think it looks fun, in my opinion. There are songs that are full powered and very suited for live performances, I think the audience that came to see it might have enjoyed them a lot.

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Angelo 10th Album「RESONANCE」全曲ダイジェスト

Amazing! my favorite is ホログラム I love this album’s style ^_^ reminds me of Design era blended with a bit of Babel style.

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Karyu in no limit ( 際限ないKaryu )

Yesterday’s Osaka Live, it was another great night.

I felt that not only the audience but the stage, we surpassed the limit of them into another level.

And it was Karyu’s birthday.

I also talked about him in yesterday’s MC,

Karyu is a talented guitarist.

But his (language) learning is horrible.

When he read the lyrics of 「際限ない渇き」(saigen nai kawaki, endless thirst) which is included in the HETERODOX.

I know there must be people wondering “what does 際限ない渇き  mean”

But I learned something that blew me away after yesterday’s live.

That he, ignored all the kanji there ever since the first time he got the lyrics.

He read it as: NAIKI.

(And in Japan, NIKE is read as NAIKI)

I didn’t exaggerate the story, it’s true and I got shivers because it’s true.

But that’s the cute part of him and the part that you can never dislike him. It’s just that he’s not good at any foreign languages nor Japanese.

Please support this type of Karyu.

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