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Not even ashamed at myself. This applies to all these men and I know I am missing some.
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Family 5 Ever.
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John Silver: Why is Anna so sad?
Alex Reynolds: She took one of those “Which Dark Order Member Are You?” quizzes
Silver: And?
Alex: She got Stu.
Evil Uno: It could be worse, Anna.
Preston "10" Vance: Yeah, you could Five.
Alan "5" Angels: Hey!
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They're more chaotic then HookHausen 🤣
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If you’re still doing these, can you do 22 & 28?
22. Loves when you sit in their lap
Tumblr media
Pres10's a big dude, so no matter how tall you are, he's still taller. He doesn't mind, he loves helping you when you can't reach stuff. He doesn't mind that you always stand on your toes when you kiss, and he still has to come down to your height.
BUT it is just wonderful when you sit in his lap, because for once, you're on his eye level. He can make out with you without breaking his neck. And he can look straight into your pretty eyes. You just look different from this angle, more beautiful.
28. So many silent inside jokes that people get annoyed with the two of you
Tumblr media
Nick's mind is all over the place. Sometimes you wonder if he ever had one single coherent thought. Probably not. Not that you mind, though. You never had one of those either.
You two started out as friends, but your sick humor brought you closer and closer together until you both fell in love with each other. Humor always has been and always will be an essential part of your relationship. And it is driving everyone around you insane. Someone just said something about shoelaces and you two lost your shit. Because remember that one time you two glued the laces to Matt's favorite wrestling boots so he could never ever wear them again?!
Or you're out for dinner with some friends and the waiter brings some more bread. You just share a look with Nick, and start to giggle. Who could ever forget about breadgate, right?
Your friends should be used to it by now, but they're honestly just tired of it. Mostly because you don't ever explain what's so funny.
But they wouldn't understand it any way.
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DARK ORDER assemble!
Happy Birthday Pres10 Vance!
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maxwelljacobfriedman · 11 months ago
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Vlog 328 - Invasion: After last week’s heartwarming Fuego victory, we get another satisfying payoff seeing Five get to kick The Dark Order off the vlog after the horrible way they’ve treated him (they’ll probably be back though)
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Ménage à Trois (18+)
Wardlow x f/Reader x Pres10 Vance
Warnings: Some swearing. Descriptive sexual acts. Anal, threesome, oral, fluids, double penetraton. Minors do not read.
Just like all my other stories, this has not been proofread, but please enjoy.
Gifs & photos do not belong to me.
Main Masterlist ♡ AEW Masterlist ♡ Wardlow Masterlist ♡ Pres10 Vance Masterlist
Summary: f/Reader is a new wrestler at AEW. Two men want her, but she can't pick between them. They come to an agreement.
Cody - Pres10 ☆ Mike - Wardlow ☆ Stephanie - Red Velvet
My mind couldn't wrap around what these two men just told me. I blinked up at them a couple of times and they both just looked down at me.
"Sorry can you repeat what you just said Cody?" I asked him.
"I said, we know you can't pick between the two of us and we don't want to ruin our friendship with one another, so how about you have both of us?"
Yes, that is what I thought he said but I just had to make sure.
Tumblr media
"And how did you two come to this decision?"
"Remember the first day we met you?" Mike asked.
I nodded my head yes and he continued to talk.
"We wanted to get to know you from that day on, and we told one another that we wouldn't fall for you and well.. we both did. Then we both started to ask you out and you told us that you didn't want to come between us, so the two of us talked it over and here we are."
Never in my life did I think these two men would share a woman, but people can suprise you.
I remember the first day I met them. Tony Khan was introducing me to some people as I was making my AEW debut the next day. My first match was against Skye Blue and she seemed nice enough.
Mike and Cody were eating lunch when the three of us were introduced. The two of them stood up and introduced themselves and I tried to stay composed as best as I could.
These two men I have dreamt about in more ways than one and I was not about to make a fool of myself meeting them for the first time.
We shook hands and I almost whimpered at the fact that both of their hands literally engulfed my hand.
Tony and I left them alone and as I went to be introduced to more people. What I didn't know was that Mike and Cody were watching me as I walked away.
They told me later on that they love the view of my ass and they can stare at it all the damn time.
"So what do you think YN?" Cody asked me.
I already know my answer but I truly had to wrap my head around all of this. They literally bombarded me with this the moment I stepped into the gym.
I am not awake enough for this.
"Can I think on this?"
"Of course." They both said.
I practically ran out of the room, not really wanting to workout anymore. How can I work out when I have this big decision to make?
It has been a few days since they asked me and I ment to tell them my answer but my schedule has just been hectic and this isn't just something I want to text them.
So after four days of them patiently waiting for me to tell them my answer, I finally had time to meet up with them.
They insisted we go to dinner for this. They already know I am going to say yes. They are making this as our first real date and I am beyond excited.
The three of us are staying in the same hotel but different floors. I asked for my own room when we got here because I do have problems sleeping and I don't want to disturb anyone else.
I met them at the restaurant that is in the hotel. The two men stood up as I approached and told me how beautiful I looked.
My body started to heat up and I had to will myself to calm down.
The waiter came and took our drink order orders and gave us time to look over the menu.
Well I started too, but Mike and Cody had other ideas.
"YN?" I looked up at Cody.
"You two want my answer I am taking it?" They nodded their heads yes.
"Yes. I agree to being with both of you but we need to figure out how this going to work. I don't want any jealousy if I am spending time with the other person."
Throughout our evening we discussed how this is going to work. No jealousy. Assigned date nights for each of them and also a night or two where the three of us go out for a date.
Sleeping arrangements is where it will get tricky. We are on the road most of the time.
"Cody and I can be assigned rooms with one another. You keep getting your own room. We know how much you like to be by yourself some days."
"And the sex?" I asked them.
"It will be up to you YN. You can have us one at a time, or both. You can even lay in bed and masturbate if you want too. In the end, it is all up to you."
The images of the two of them taking me at the same time had me closing my eyes and clenching my thighs together to try and stop the throbbing that has started between my legs.
"Okay, this sounds good to me. Do you have any questions or requests from me?"
Any questions that they had for me I answered. Requests for simple enough. They both wanted to see how this will work before telling anyone. I agreed to that as well.
It has been almost a month since the three of us started our relationship and our secret came out earlier than we intended.
What happened was Mike kissed me just as he was about to walk out for his match and Britt saw. She questioned if we were together and I said yes.
Kris saw Cody kiss me before he put his mask on his face. She didn't ask any questions but shortly after that happened, Britt came out of no where with a few others and demanded to know why I am cheating on Mike.
"I'm not."
"Bullshit YN. I saw you the other day and Kris saw you earlier. Now why are you cheating on him?" Britt asked me once more.
"It is complicated and you guys will not understand." I tried to walk through them but they just stood shoulder to shoulder, like a damn wall.
"Try us." Jade said.
So I explained to them our relationship. I explained the whole dynamic.
"I don't believe it." Tay said.
"It's true. Just ask them." And by some miracle, Mike came walking down the hall.
The poor guy had no idea what the hell happened. One minute he was talking with Johnny and then Johnny was pushed aside and Mike was surrounded by all the woman bombarding him with question after question.
He looked at me and he knew by the look on my face that I told them. Once they calmed down he told them exactly what I said.
For once, these women had nothing to say. Jade and Tay kept looking between the two of us. They finally left us alone and I explained to Mike what happened and how this came about.
"We weren't careful but it is better for it to be out." He said to me.
The two of us told Cody that our secret was out and he seemed okay with that. He isn't really one for keeping secrets so this is wonderful news for him.
Our friends and coworkers slowly got used to the idea of the three of us being in a relationship with one another.
They kept their questions pretty clean until one night Britt, Kris, Stephanie and I went out for dinner.
After a few drinks, the questions started coming.
"So who has the bigger dick?" Kris asked me just as I was about to take a bite of my food.
"I am not answering that."
"Oh come on. You know about our men." Stephanie said.
"I never asked questions. You guys just gave up that information." I pointed out.
"So? Who cares if we did. Inquiring minds want to know." Kris said once more.
"They are about equal in size and length from what I have seen and felt." No point on fighting with them.
"Do you only do one at a time of have they teamed up yet?" Britt asked as she leaned back in her chair, swirling her wine glass slightly.
"One at a time. I have thought about them taking me at the same time but I am pretty fucking sure they will break me and I won't be able to walk or I will die from the pleasure."
The three of them laughed so loud the whole restaurant was looking at us.
"What a way to go YN." Krist said as she raised her glass at me.
It has been a few days since I had dinner with the girls and their talk about Cody and Mike doing me at the same time has not left my mind.
So after much consideration, I decided to sit them both down and talk to them. I had them come to my room after I just had a shower and I was ready for bed.
But I knew I had to talk to them and now they are sitting on my bed, with me pacing infront of them.
"Is everything okay YN? You seem nervous." Mike said.
"I just want to ask you two something and I don't know how you are going to take it."
"Hey, come here pretty girl." Cody said as he reached out and stopped me from pacing. He had me stand between his legs and I couldn't look at him in the face.
"I want you both at the same time." I said so soft that neither one of them heard what I said.
"Pardon?" Cody asked. Mike looked on just as confused as Cody.
"I want you both at the same time." I said louder, with more confidence.
"Are you sure?" Mike asked as he placed his hand on my cheek.
I turned my head to look at him. I kissed his palm. "I have more than sure. I want you both, at the same time. Even if it is only the one time, I just want to try it."
Mike closed his eyes and took a deep breath.
"I am willing to do this. You Cody?". I turned to look at Cody who didn't answer Mike.
"Are you okay?" I asked him. Cody didn't say anything but as I looked into his eyes, I noticed that his breathing has picked up slightly and his arms got tighter around me.
"Yes." He breathed out. Before I could any thing else, his lips crashed into mine. His one moved to my ass and gripped it tightly.
His other hand was holding the back of my head as the two of us made out. Out of the corner of my eye I can see Mike palming himself through his sweat pants.
I needed to breath, so I tapped Cody twice on the shoulder. He pulled his lips away from mine but started to kiss and bite down my neck.
I was trying to catch my breath but Mike stood up and leaned down to kiss me. His hands roaming over my chest.
"You have too many clothes on YN." Mike said against my lips. That was like a cue for the both of them as they ripped my nightshirt into pieces.
Fuck that was hot.
"Need you both naked." I panted as their hands and mouths were doing a number on my body.
Mike pulled away first and I watched with greedy eyes as he took off his clothes and shoes.
Cody was still leaving marks all over my neck and chest now.
I felt the bed dip as Mike got in and crawled to the middle of the bed. His back against the headboard, his massive legs spread and his hand stroking his cock, his eyes focused on Cody and I.
"Come on man, share her." Mike said. Cody let go of me and I crawled on the bed towards Mike, my mouth practically watering at taking him in my mouth.
I settled between his spread legs and I moved his hand away from his cock, but Mike was not having any of that. He gripped my chin in his hand.
I whined at the roughness but I love it when he is in this mood. "Cody and I are in the ones in charge tonight baby girl. Your safe word will be Potato and if your mouth is busy, snap your fingers for us love. You understand?"
I couldn't really move my head but I try to say yes and that was good enough for Mike.
"Good, now stick out your tongue." I did as he asked and he slapped his cock against it a few times before he slowly started to push in my mouth. The two of us moaning as Mike went further down my throat, until my face was against his pubic hair.
Mike had his hands tangled in my hair as he slowly started to thrust into my mouth.
"You gonna join us or what?" Mike groaned out as he started to thrust a little bit faster.
I felt the bed dip behind me and I went to move so I was sitting on my heels but Cody had a different idea.
He got behind me and I felt his breath against my wet pussy. I felt my body shudder slightly as he inserted two of his fingers in my dripping pussy.
I moaned around Mike's cock as I felt Cody's thick fingers start thrusting in and out, fast. Cody had his hand on the middle of my back so he can keep me in place as I started to move my hips.
Mike didn't let up as he continued to fuck my throat. The groans leaving his mouth were loud and every single time he let out a loud one, I would clench my pussy around Cody's fingers.
Cody was kneading and smacking my ass and I knew I was going to have problems sitting after this.
I felt Cody's breath once more and as he started to eat me out. I squealed around Mike's cock as Cody continued to eat me out like I am his favoutie meal.
Mike pulled my head off of his cock and I was gasping for air. One long string of my saliva was connected to the tip of his cock.
"You doing so well YN." Mike said as he kissed me. I whimpered at the slight praise.
Cody pulled his head away from my pussy and got beside Mike, leaning against the headboard, stroking his cock.
"Come here pretty girl and sit on my lap." Cody said to me.
I didn't move fast enough for the two of them so Mike literally picked me up and placed me on Cody's lap, being careful of his cock.
But Cody placed his hands on my hips and lifted me so I am hovering over his cock.
He slowly sit me down on him. Making sure to slowly enter me. Even after all the sex I have had with the two of them, I still need them to be slow at first.
The two of us moaning as I settle onto his lap, him completely buried inside of me. I'm not going to last long. Not by a long shot.
"Ride me YN. You want to cum, work for it."
Tag List: if you would like to be added, please let me know. @lghockey @wwenhlimagines @hungmanhorsecarriage @ecarroll1978 @anaeve @crowleysqueenofhell @thenerdybaker523 @wardlow
I didn't have to be told twice. I placed my hands on Cody's chest and started to bounce. My body shivering at the sensation of feeling him inside of me.
Mike got up and went in the inside pocket of my luggage. I knew what he was grabbing and he placed the half empty bottle of lube on the bedside table.
Mike was standing next to the bed, hand stroking his cock once more, groaning and grunting.
His hands were in my hair once more as he tugged my head back. "Tongue out baby."
I did as he asked once more. Mike spit in my mouth and I swallowed. Cody groaned at the filthy act that just happened.
My two men looked at one another and it was like they were silently communicating. Cody lifted me off of his lap and I cried out at the loss of his dick.
He put me on my hand and knees and I stayed in that position. I jumped slightly when I felt Mike's lubed up fingers as they worked their way into my ass.
I tried to relax as we have done anal before but my mind went crazy with the image of these two men filling me at the same time.
"Relax YN." Mike said as he slowly started to push into my ass. He had to stop a few times as I whimpered out in pain, but once he was all the way in, he kissed my shoulders.
"You're taking me so well YN. I can stay in your ass all day." He started to thrust into me, gently at first but then faster and I was moaning his name over and over again.
But then he did something that shocked me. He wrapped his arms around my waist and lifted me while still buried in my ass.
He turned us so we were facing Cody and Cody entered my pussy in one thrust.
My head flung back against Mike's chest, practically screaming at how full I am.
The two men started to move and it was like they have done this before. They moved almost perfectly in sync with one another.
One pulled out while the other one thrust in. Over and over again. My mind was filled with so much pleasure that I couldn't even think as the two of them made me cum over and over again.
My body was practically limp as they continued to fuck me at the same time but I knew they were close.
Cody was thrusting into me faster and harder and Mike kept muttering in my ear he was gonna cum.
With a shout of my name, Mike came buried in my ass and Cody followed not that far after.
The two of them were kissing where ever they could reach as the kept telling me how I took them so well and how proud they were of me.
They pulled out of me and I moaned at the feeling of being empty and our combined juices flowing out if me.
Cody placed me on the bed while Mike went to grab some towels to clean us up.
Once we clean, my two men snuggled up with me. I was almost out cold when they both whispered how much they love me.
I fell asleep, thinking of new ideas for the three of us to do in the bedroom together.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
All for the family.
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The Dark Order coming down was wholesome content. Offering him a beer and him saying no let's hug, and they hug and bring him up on their shoulders, and when he collapsed in exhaustion they just rolled with it. So great
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Adam about died with that lariat
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PRESTON VANCE: Dating Preston Vance Headcanon
preston vance x dating preston! headcanon
genre: fluff
warnings: none
requested by: anon (hope you enjoy!)
tag list: @cutierocker202 @bec0m @irish-newzealand-idian-dutch @elitehunter
headcanons masterlist
*i do not own this gif!*
Tumblr media
Preston definitely is a great boyfriend! Flowers, chocolates and candies, anything you desired always given to you or sent to you unexpectedly. He would spoil you to no end, materialistically and with the little things. Preston would enjoy seeing the smile on your face and the blush that appeared on your face whenever he’d give you a gift.
Preston was kind of a shy guy when he first courted you, which was super out of the ordinary considering his confidence. He thought you were the one for him almost immediately and needed to know you. It took a bit of pushing from some friends from The Dark Order, as well as from Amanda and -1, for him to finally talk to you.
When he asked you out, Preston swore that he almost passed out when you said yes. Having you finally become his significant other was all he wanted and needed, when he finally got it, he couldn’t believe it.
As a boyfriend, not only is he the type to spoil you, but he’s also the type to be really big on cuddling. Preston’s a total softy and has no shame in it. He would reach for you when you were far away, pull you close to him, constantly ask for cuddles, and keep his hands on you. Even you kissing him on the cheek would make him blush and send him over the edge, his love for you made him feel so fuzzy inside.
Since you two were together, the two of you would binge tv shows. Preston tried very hard to get you into Friends and you’d watch episodes with him, but it was definitely something you wouldn’t watch if he wasn’t around. Preston, on the other hand, could watch anything.
Just like watching anything, Preston could and would eat anything. When neither of you felt like cooking, you would get take out and the variety was endless since Preston wasn’t a picky eater. Because of that, his taste in food would also influence you to try new things!
When Preston would be away, he couldn’t let you stay home alone, even if you had other obligations like work or school. He always wanted you around and hated when he wasn’t with you; you were like his good luck charm. He’d always pay for your flight and beg you to take time off, which you couldn’t resist because of his puppy dog eyes. If you couldn’t get time off, the two of you would have to resort to long distance communication and Preston would hate it, but knew he had to deal with it because seeing you in person would make everything better again.
Seeing him after a long time would sometimes feel like he never left. Every time Preston came back from being on the road, it was almost like regularly scheduled programming had never stopped. The touches and kisses were always so much more sweeter and full of passion though every single time.
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Headcanon of Preston Vance with a chubby partner por favor
taglist: @peachmango-kombucha @lghockey @girlmythlegend
Tumblr media
- when you and preston first starting dating, you expressed that you hoped your size wouldn’t matter to him. oh boy did preston give you a look. a look that said “wtf”
- preston always tells you that you just have more to love.
- the cuddles between you two!!!
- the cuddles are just amazing, seriously.
- preston thinks you’re just so gorgeous. he tells you it everyday, all day.
- preston loves to buy you clothes
- you trust his opinion more than anyone else’s so whenever he buys you stuff, you almost always love it. your man knows what you like!
- you guys are adorable together🥰
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unscriptedinsanity · 10 months ago
Okay I’m calling myself out with this but here
Also yes I put Nyla rose because she’s hella valid and A absolutely stunning warrior queen if you don’t believe so why are you here on a trans mans wrestling page
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