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thefeministpress · 7 years ago
Valerie Solanas & Women's History Month
Happy Friday, dearest Feminist Press followers!
I hope you all are having a wonderfully feminist start to Women's History Month. Here at the office, the other interns and I are super excited about all that's been going on with the Press. Just a few days ago, Monica Zgustova's incredible novel The Silent Woman arrived, which we enthusiastically recommend to anyone interested in European history and/or beautiful, heartrending love stories (...which I'm pretty sure includes every person ever, so yeah, do it!).
Speaking of inspiring, life-altering stories, we interns are anxiously awaiting the April 1st release of the newest FP book Valerie Solanas: The Defiant Life of the Woman Who Wrote SCUM (and Shot Andy Warhol). The biography, written by Breanne Fahs, is the first one ever to focus on Solanas, one of the most important figures in the history of radical feminism. Known primarily for her trenchant, biting SCUM Manifesto, and as being the woman who infamously shot Andy Warhol, the biography provides crucial information into Valerie's world-- a world that is simultaneously compelling and eerily dark, a world that is entirely her own.
Thus, in light of our brimming excitement and eagerness for such an important text to be released into the world (and hopefully into your own curious hands!), we've decided to use the month leading up to the book's release (and Valerie's upcoming birthday on April 9th!) to help introduce you to the radically feminist & powerful world of Valerie. Therefore, over the next month, we are going to be posting some of the most influential and thought-provoking Valerie tidbits, mostly in the form of her writing. Because, foremost, Valerie was a writer. Like many of us, the written world was the ultimate forum for Valerie's feminism, her way of channeling injustices into action.
We hope you'll join us in this conversation. Perhaps Valerie's words will inspire your own-- for here at the Press, we'd love to hear them, engage with them, and learn from them. Let's use this Women's History Month to learn not only from the ever-relevant Valerie, but also from each other.
Anna, FP intern
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