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[ this post is gonna be to let non-gaming mutuals from the balkans know & to help point western xiv players in the right direction ]

FFXIV’s latest patch added a zone called Bozja which is deliberately coded as Bosnia, specifically recalling the Yugoslavian wars. The area is besieged by an invading force and the ruins we see are clearly inspired by Islamic architecture. Characters have names that end in -ik and -ic, which is south Slavic. Every character with a -j in the name is meant to be pronounced as -ya, consistent with south Slavic language.

A lot of Americans are calling the zone “Boez-jah” (hard j) and many others are complaining that the region doesn’t “make sense” and doesn’t have a real world equivalent. Bosnia is a predominantly Muslim south Slavic nation in the Balkans. In the 1990s, Bosniaks (ethnic Bosnians) suffered genocide which is still denied to this day. This is not guesswork on my behalf (though disclaimer, my family is south Slavic and I, too, have an -ic surname which is pronounced as -ich, not -ick).

This reddit thread is a great source for more evidence:


No nation in XIV is a 1:1 representation of our real world, but the ties are clearly there. If we can recognize that Ishgard incorporates a lot of French and Anglo inspiration, surely we can recognize that Bosnia was a source of inspiration for this area.

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