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walkcycles·20 hours agoText

i think i might be out of walk cycle ideas, ya’ll.

If you have any lemme know. ill shout you out.

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walkcycles·24 days agoPhoto

By using the d-pad instead of the analogue stick, Big Boss does this very slow ‘stalk’ walk cycle. It’s another example of the Metal Gear Solid series going for some kind of miltary accuracy, ignoring or even revelling in the goofyness of the outcome. I’ll never get over his little T-rex arms.

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walkcycles·a month agoPhoto

2B has three v good movement cycles/speeds. I love em all. But I really like her default (the one you’re looking at). It’s the most human of the three. The walk is all baddass vibes and the sprint has this intense robotic precision business. But this jog, it’s got an inquisitiveness to it, as well as an alertness to the unknown dangers around her. I think it’s the most vulnerable of the three and that’s cool as she’s quite a walled off character overall.

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walkcycles·2 months agoPhoto

Hitman is all about blending in, he has to be almost invisible. So his walk cycle reflects that. EXCEPT, his lil man fists. Tightly clenched, that’s where he holds all his stress. All his murderous intent is balled up between those fingers. At any moment he’s ready to bonk someone on the head with one of the three cans of soda he’s got stuffed in his pockets…

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walkcycles·2 months agoPhoto

Sams walk cycle seems to dynamically change depending on cargo weight as well as terrain and other factors. So there’s a butt-tonne of animations to pick from. I chose his ‘over-encumbered’ walk. I really like how the backpack sways. ALSO, this cycle is just over ten seconds long before it loops. Most of the others I’ve done so far are about 1 second long. So that’s a crazy amount of animation before it loops again.

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walkcycles·3 months agoPhoto

One of the things I’ve noticed while doing these animations is how many other elements are going on to create the intended affect. Just looking at this animation, you’re missing the sound of the wind cracking against Snakes body, the camera violently shaking trying to keep up with him as well as the added motion blur effect. The animation itself shows him as focused and precise, everything else is what he’s pushing up against.

Slowed it down btw

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walkcycles·5 months agoText

If you haven’t already fallen for Aerith at this point, Marlene’s immediate display of trust and admiration by taking her hand and staring up at her should seal the deal. I love one off walk cycle animations like this, it lasts for about ten seconds and then you never see it again.

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