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just thinking about the symbolism of Dinah’s job as a singer for her male boss, singing “It’s a Man’s, Man’s, Man’s World” and she shatters his martini glass, an ironically quiet act of rebellion as her boss only looks at her body and the sound of her voice, hearing none of the power behind it.

just thinking about how she watches him and other men degrade every woman around them and she forces herself to choke her voice down in their presence, while secretly using her voice to warn other women about her boss’s wrath.

just thinking about how Dinah’s power is in her voice, not only the sonic scream that shatters mens’ eardrums and forces them to listen to her, but pushes other women forward, sometimes on their roller-skates.

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Crossover fan writing intros: Sindel and Black Canary

1.Sindel A: Your lover husband will mine forever

Black Canrary B: You stay the hell away from him

Sindel A: Prehaps I’ll kill you first 

2. Black Canrary A: I met Kitana for first time

Sindel B: And what about Mileena too ?

Black Canrary A: A cheat bootlegged ass of her

3. Sindel A: Haha! A Canary Cry against me ?

Black Canrary B: My will give you silent deaf

Sindel A: Come and try me fool!

4. Black Canrary A: You are even worst that Grodd

Sindel B: That disgusting creature fought you. HMPH!

Black Canrary A: Don’t you mean a Grollia

5. Sindel A: You will be surrender or serving me ?

Black Canrary B: Your not like other Regime

Sindel A: Even Shao Kahn can use full focus

6. Black Canrary A: You trying strangle Connor with your hair

Sindel B: My hair can tangle and kill everyone like I did

Black Canrary A: Go strangle on Superman

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i just got done watching birds of prey and i know i like women i just didn’t know how much until i saw them all kick ass. i love everything about it the women who hated each other first then become best friends and harley basically adopting cassandra.

birds of prey is a cinematic masterpiece and anyone who thinks different can fight me

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