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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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I was running, but I wasn’t going anywhere. It took me far too long to notice my feet weren’t on the ground, but I noticed. I started to panic, started to beg for whatever entity was holding me to let me down. All the response I received was a cacophony of strings grinding against each other in a deluded man’s opera.

My skin felt like it was on fire. Skin? No. No it… I wasn’t made of flesh anymore. Wood. Wood and fabric.

My body began to move on its own. I saw Lucky. Tried to call out to him. Tried, tried, tried. He just smiled. I was moved toward him. My voice died in my throat as I saw the gash across his throat, oozing blood, hand holding a knife out to me. It was still covered in blood. I grabbed it without hesitation and brought it up to my own throat.

I began to cut. Even made of wood, the knife sliced through my flesh like it was made of butter. I wept. Begged for it to stop. I could hear Anti cackling in the background.

Everything began to feel numb. My mind was buzzing, low and staticky, and my eyelids drooped. A dumb smile spread across my cheeks. This time, it was my turn to hold out the knife. Day was walking towards me.

Then I was woken up.

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A dream sequence in my consciousness, thought I would share with y’all.

📷 @trishalalabeme.💙💎

#animation #pddrury🌀🌐⛅️

Do you see what I see?

#clouds #nature #sky #ig #photography #sunset #photooftheday #beautiful #landscape #sun #instagood #tree #weather #cloudporn #beach #summer #photo #beauty #instanature #cloudphotography #dancing ng #nature_brilliance #sunrise #skypornpics #blue #naturephotography #mothernature #breezy .
Remember to breathe pddrury ☯️ (at Mesa, Arizona)

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