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“No one sits under a tree with a book, no one gazes at the ripples on a pond, no one lies in thick grass in the country. No one is still.

Why such a fixation on speed? Because in this world time passes more slowly for people in motion. Thus everyone travels at high velocity, to gain time.”

~ Einstein’s Dreams- Alan Lightman

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but like even if we win and get a good characterised non white washed straight washed Billy and Tommy in the mcu… we will still have to deal with people grouping them with Peter Parker and Harley Keener and stuff…

there’s no way this could go well… it’s a lose lose guys…

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New Japanese music related video, this time showcasing a variety of Japanese girl groups. I enjoyed making it, and going back to all of the songs past and present!

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The @hptuners MPVI2 allows you to tune any vehicle that is supported with our software. One device can store licenses for all your vehicles and provides access to our comprehensive calibration and data logging software.

Visit our website to see a complete list of supported vehicles and details on our VCM Suite software.
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#hptuners #hptuned #hpt #automotive #carlifestyle #horsepower #speed #tuning #mpvi2 #vcmsuite #calibration #datalogging

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