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Недавно купил билеты домой… с 11 на 12 марта я покину этот город… отнюдь, время с сего момента тянется катастрофически медленно! Я подготовил сумку, нашёл ключи от квартиры… но календарь горит 25 числом февраля…

остаётся надеяться, что комната не тронута с того момента как я её покинул… опять же, я возвращаюсь домой не в лучший момент…


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Уже предвкушаю планы на эту неделю… как пройдусь по Марсовому полю или Гостиному двору… я не турист, но каждое возвращение в Питер даёт новый взгляд на вещи…

Остаётся верить, что эта поездка окажется чем-то исключительным…


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Textbook elbow by John Haggerty 👌

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The Milwaukee Road’s class ES-2 comprised four electric switcher locomotives. Two were built in 1916 and the final two in 1919. They were of steeplecab design, with a single roof-mounted pantograph to access the Milwaukee’s 3,000 V DC overhead line. Originally numbered 10050–10053, they were renumbered E80–E83 in March 1939. The ES-2 was the Milwaukee Road’s primary class of dedicated electric switchers. They produced a nice 475 horsepower and despite their highly specialized niche on the Milwaukee Road, the ES-2s were well-liked by personnel. Engineers liked them due to their rapid throttle response, preferring them over diesels which were slower to transition and accelerate. Their simple nature made them easy to service, and the units seldom needed major attention. Few changes were made to them over the years, the most important of which was the addition of extra steel plates, which added weight and reduced wheelslip. Engine E83 became surplus and was scrapped in 1952 while the last 3 survived all the way to the end of the electric operations on the Milwaukee Road (June 15, 1974). Unfortunately the last 3 were retired from service not long after and were scrapped and thus there are no more of these funky little electric switchers around anymore.

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“The practice of pugilism was therefore increasingly seen as a cultural antidote to the corrosive influence of dandyism and a robust physical assertion of the masculinity and marital prowess that Britons believed had made their forebears great.”  –theprintshopwindow about pugilism.

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This is the last Yume Nikki drawing from my backlog I hadn’t posted, and to end where it began, its also the first full color one I ever did. So I’m outta shit to post now, and willing to take some suggestion for more YN art! Feel free to PM me if you have an idea, just keep it to the original game because I’ve never played the fan games like 2kki or .flow.

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The Rockets by Craig Sanders
Via Flickr:
“For a few years in the 1970s the Rock Island Railroad operated a pair of passengers trains from Chicago that served downstate Illinois points. Both trains received some funding from the state. Both trains featured Rocket in their names although neither was much of a speedster given the countless slow orders imposed on their routes. At left is the Peoria Rocket sitting next to the Quad Cities Rocket. Both trains made their final runs on the last night of 1978. The image was made at LaSalle Street Station in Chicago. (Scanned from color negative film)”

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