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This is TF-Tickle's new account!  If you've managed to find me all the way here, congradulations! I don't just write for Pokemon I swear, that just happens to be my current fixation!  Feel free to message me, send me asks, whatever!  I love to talk and meet new peoples!  Also have some writing up as J0rn on AO3!  Icon made via picrew by https://sangled.tumblr.com/

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feathers-and-fisticuffs·2 days agoText

The young boy swayed slightly in the strong gusts that blew through the trees at the edge of the forest, clutching his partner’s pokeball close to his chest.

“I called for help, not some scrawny punk!”  The man growled, arms crossed, scowling down at Allister who didn’t seem effected in the least.  He made a few more disgruntled noises before throwing his hands up and going back into his home, muttering about how if this kid wanted to get himself killed, that was his prerogative.

Allister barely heard, eyes locked on the darkness of the foreign forest that sprawled out before him, lost to his own thoughts.  Something was calling to him, reaching out to him, something dangerous was waking at the heart of this wood.  The man was right, whatever it was, it needed to be taken care of.  It took him a moment to find his legs, one shaky step then another, but he quickly found his footing and before long he was rushing through the branches, dodging with ease as he raced towards the call.

It was getting hot, and hard to breathe.  The air smelled of smoke, but he kept on running, one hand holding his mask on tight, the other raised in an attempt to keep the branches from knocking it off.  Why was it so hot..?

He lost his footing, tumbling down a small ravine, and only then did he stop and try to get his bearings.  When he glanced up, the sky was orange with fire, lapping at the trees, sending bird pokemon scattering, somehow deafening and silent all at once.  He wanted nothing more than to turn back, but he couldn’t, he took a deep breath but kept on running, the pull from deep in the forest stronger than ever.  His feet were getting caught on gnarly roots and his pace was slowing as he dodged flaming branches, scrambling for purchase wherever he could manage to find it, just trying to survive, until stumbled out onto a clearing.

He stumbled back, he couldn’t believe his eyes.  The heat was unbearable, sweat dripping and pooling in the crevices of his mask as he shielded his eyes from the swirling inferno before him.  The wind ripped at his clothes and hair, tugging him closer; if he wasn’t careful he’d get pulled right in and burned up like everything else.

Whatever this was, it needed help.  Fast.

He knelt down, wrapping his arms around a twisted root to keep himself steady.  His mask caught in the wind and in a moment was gone with a tiny yelp.  He watched it swirl around the blaze once, twice, and in a second it was incinerated.

“No!  Aw crumbs…”

He hadn’t meant to speak out loud.  If the furious entity in the center of the clearing wasn’t aware of his presence yet, it was now, as suddenly the fiery vortex stopped completely, the wind stopping in an instant as if he himself were caught in the eye of a storm.  His eyes widened as it’s attention centered on him.


He closed his eyes then and reached out.  “I-i don’t want to h-hurt you..!”  He called, bracing himself.  “Please!  Let me help you!  You’re going to hurt innocent people!”

The mass of flames moved towards him, the heat unbearable.  It’s flames lapped at his skin, burning, agonizing, making him cry out, but he was unmoved.  “PLEASE! LET ME HELP YOU!”

With another anguished cry, his body was consumed by the flames completely.  It was unlike any pain he’d ever experienced, but it was all internal.  His mind felt like it was being split apart, his soul rending from his body, his voice sounded as if it was coming from another plane of existence altogether.

You can not help me… none of you can help me… you will all be lost…

Allister took one last leap of faith, lunging towards the center of the flames, in one moment he felt as if he was falling, and his heart dropped.  This was it, he was done for… but then, his hand brushed something solid, and all at once he was blinded by a bright white light.

The light faded, and he watched a life flash before his eyes.  He was thankful, for now, that it wasn’t his, at least. 

He was watching a little boy, lost in the forest, a small timid litwic following him, peaking out through bushes and behind trees, too afraid to approach.  Eventually, the boy was too scared to go on.  He fell to his knees, and started to cry, and the litwic found the courage to show itself, doing what it could to comfort the boy, and help guide him back out.  He saw the boy visit, and the two get close, enjoying the splendor of the forest together, the lampet’s home, the only one it had ever known.  He watched them grow, and evolve, and though the lampent’s excitement never changed, he watched the boy drift away.  He watched as things changed, but the lampent stayed the same, wandering the same path, waiting for the boy to return, season after season, year after year… until eventually, it had evolved into a chandelure, older, wiser, more bitter, and lonely.

He felt hot tears streaming down his face when the boy returned once more, now a man, arms full of blueprints and tools as he surveyed the spot, preparing to tear down trees and harm the forest, and destroy the chandelure’s home.  His heart welled up with the same betrayal, and rage, and fear, he couldn’t turn away as the flames grew hotter, and brighter, watching in horror as they engulfed every paper and tool and cloth, leaving nothing but the smoking husk of a man, no soul left in tact.  He felt that burning rage spiraling deeper out of control, the hate, the fire, it all hurt so much…!

Allister let out a roar as he pulled himself from the memory, not his memory, trying to focus on the now, on where he was and what he was doing.  “Let… me… help… you…!”  He tried to be heard over the howling winds and flames, pain and fear distorting his voice.  This pokemon was too powerful, not even he would be able to stop it.  He could feel himself growing weak, his life force fading, he wouldn’t last much longer in the Chandelure’s flames.

Blue flames turned to black as his eyes rolled back, falling forward onto the pokemon, arms wrapping around it in a final effort to comfort.  “Please…”  He whispered, as the chaos around him faded out of consciousness. 


The smoldering ashes of the clearing still burned white hot, but the flames had been extinguished.  It had felt something, when this boy had wrapped around it, so gently, so kindly… it had caught a glimpse of something, just as Allister had seen his own memories.  This boy… understood.  He knew.

It brushed against him gently, trying to wake him, not wanting to scare him, thankful it hadn’t gone too far and killed him.  He was alive, he was breathing, but he was weak.  Very weak…

Something rustled in the bushes, and the Chandelure bristled.  He would protect the boy, if something was there.  A Phantump popped out of the bushes then, swirling around the unfamiliar pokemon once, before nudging against Allister and snuggling close, reaching up and placing a berry in his mouth.

Allister stirred a bit and bit down on it, the bitter, healing juices rousing him from his sleep.  “Hm… where… who…”  He sat up and rubbed his sleepy eyes, before looking around, dazed.  “Where am I..?  Oh… you!  Did you follow me all the way from Galar?”  He pat the Phantum’s head.  “Aren’t you sweet.  You shouldn’t have…”  He glanced around the singed forest, before his eyes locked on the Chandelure.  “Oh… You’re still here… are you alright?”

It nudged closer to him, almost shyly, and he held out his hand again.  “You don’t have to be alone anymore.  You don’t have to be scared… I’ll be your friend…”  He smiled when it bumped his hand gently.  “Anger is so dangerous… you tried to protect your home, but you destroyed it yourself…”  He muttered sadly.  “You didn’t mean to hurt anyone.  It was an accident…”

It made a sad noise, and for an instant, Allister felt it’s emotions welling up again.

“I know.  But you can come home with me… We’re friends now.  You can play in the forest with me all you want.  But you don’t have to stay there.  I’ll take you with me.”  He smiled.  “It’s alright, I know you didn’t mean to hurt me.”

The Chandelure could hardly contain its excitement.  It was so happy to have a friend again, even if the circumstances were less than ideal…

He held out a ball, and the Chandelure gladly let itself be caught.  It couldn’t bear to see the damage it had caused.

Allister felt the ball twitch in his hands, once, twice, and a click.  He held it close, and closed his eyes.  “Don’t worry.  Hearts heal.  Forests heal.  Everything heals in time…”


The phantump helped lead him out of the forest, his best friend from Galar had joined him all the way across the ocean.  How, he wasn’t sure.  But he was thankful for the company.  

The man was watching from the porch of his cabin, looking stunned.

“Cripes, kid, I thought you were a goner.  Did you… do it?”  He asked in a whisper, almost conspiratorially.  “Is it gone?”

Allister hated that his mask was gone.  He hated that he looked like he’d walked through hell and back.  But he gave the man a reassuring nod.  “The forest is not pleased with all of the.. people coming through, trying to… hurt it.  J-just… keep it s-safe and you’ll be okay… okay?”

The man nodded.  “If that’s what it takes to keep that… thing from setting fires to every house around here, we’ll do whatever we have to.”

The Phantump tugged Allister’s sleeve, wanting to go back home.  Allister put the pokeball next to his partner’s ball.  Now he had two Pokemon to join him, and his abilities were growing stronger.  He was going to keep doing everything he could to help.  There was no one else like him, as far as he could tell.  He had to keep helping ghost types, or no one would…

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feathers-and-fisticuffs·4 days agoAnswer
🎵Compliment Sunday🎵🎵 Compliment Sunday🎵 You are a beautiful and awesome person, and don't you ever forget that! I appreciate you and your writing very much! Now go play enough animal crossing for the both of us; because I don't have a switch to play it on! Bye!💚🌱

I need you to know that I read the first lines in the tune of the Starbomb animal crossing song idk if that was on purpose but it sort of just made the whole ask complete so good for you friend 💜💜

I promise I’ll get writing again soon! Things are. Weird. And I’m working overtime now to make up for it lol… I hate being an essential employee….

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feathers-and-fisticuffs·10 days agoAnswer
Tis I, Plant Boi, after accidentally ignoring tumblr for about two weeks, I'm back, and my first order of business is that Sunday is now officially Compliment Sunday! You're an amazing writer, I look forward to every post you make, and I think you're a great person. I hope you do amazing in life. Well, time to go hide in a cave until next Sunday. Bye!💚🌱


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feathers-and-fisticuffs·12 days agoText


medical whump starters
send a word, get a drabble. caution: blood, lots of hurt and ill content.
  • stress
  • exhaustion
  • fever
  • beating
  • electrocution
  • smoke inhalation
  • hypothermia 
  • heatstroke
  • frostbite
  • sunburn
  • nightmare
  • confusion
  • falling
  • self-harm
  • vomiting
  • memory loss
  • amnesia 
  • fainting
  • phobia
  • IV
  • UTI 
  • flu
  • bronchitis
  • common cold 
  • pneumonia
  • blood loss
  • nosebleed
  • coughing up blood
  • gunshot wound
  • stab wound
  • insomnia
  • trauma
  • shock
  • bruising
  • cut or scrape
  • bump
  • rash
  • stitches
  • bite
  • heart palpitations
  • under-eating 
  • over-eating
  • malnutrition
  • dehydration
  • starvation
  • delirium
  • pregnancy
  • mind control
  • jet lag
  • hungover
  • allergy
  • paralysis
  • blindness
  • deafness
  • home sickness
  • car sickness
  • altitude sickness
  • body ache
  • headache
  • backache 
  • intubation
  • chicken pox
  • infection
  • dislocation
  • broken bone
  • fracture
  • sprain
  • dizziness
  • choking
  • cramps
  • upset stomach
  • gas
  • constipation
  • diarrhea 
  • low blood pressure
  • high blood pressure 
  • captured  
  • trapped
  • poisoning
  • drowning
  • laryngitis
  • head injury
  • branding

What up y'all send me some angst I need to do some drabbles to keep my mind off the world imploding rn 😁

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feathers-and-fisticuffs·13 days agoPhoto

Look at this slut. XD  Not shown:  Sandals and socks.  His name is Kiran, he’s a minor league Electric type gym leader in the Galar region.  He’s also one of Milo’s most trusted farm hands, and they’re both too dumb to realize they’re dating.  But they are. XD  He’s a total himbo, he also supplies Milo with all of the Yampers used in his gym challenge. Yes, he does wear crop tops all the time.  Farmin is hard work, you know. XD

He also has a younger sister who’s about the age of the gym challengers in game, and she’s his entire world he basically raised her.

(The number 005 is significant, Thunder Punch is TM 05 XD)

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feathers-and-fisticuffs·13 days agoPhoto



@tealleadership​ So uh… this one image stupid picture I was drawing turned into a full blown crappy comic?  So here you go?  I imagine TD is the kind of big bad dude who would save kittens stuck in trees if he saw them.

Anyway I call this “why do I always choose poses where I have to draw hands when I cant draw hands”  I hope you like it, I’m not great but this was fun practice!

I realize I asked from my main but posted from my alt I hope that isn’t confusing lol sorry XD


OML… YOU MADE HIM BABBIE…. He is perfect…

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feathers-and-fisticuffs·14 days agoText

Using the same bank account I used to share with my ex really do be giving me brain damage trying to fix all my shit tho….

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feathers-and-fisticuffs·15 days agoText

Raihan terrorizes Leon by sneaking up behind him and squeezing his chest or ass, it started as a way to be cute and flirty but the reaction he got made him continue… Because Leon is deathly ticklish there and cannot hide his reaction to save his life.  He lives in constant fear of when Raihan will strike next, especially when he does it in public, where other people can’t see the cause only the reaction…

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feathers-and-fisticuffs·15 days agoText

[chapter list here]

Bede’s eyes opened slowly, roused from a deep sleep by a hand on his mouth and something cold pressed against his throat.  The figures standing over his bed came into focus, little by little, still unable to process exactly what was happening.  His heart was thundering in his chest but he didn’t dare panic; it’s not the first time someone had dared to put a knife to his throat and it wouldn’t be the last he was sure.

“Don’t. Move.”  The one with the blade hissed.  “Don’t make a sound.  You start making a scene and granny’s gonna get it, got it?”

Bede gulped and nodded slowly, calmly, trying not to  push the blade deeper.  They were right.  No need to get Opal involved.

The hand slowly moved from his mouth, and he took in a shaky breath.  The blade followed, and he slowly sat up, trying not to let the panic coursing through his veins show through.  There were three of them and one of him, even if he could have taken one thug, three of them was too much.

“Get up.”

Bede pulled the covers back and cautiously stepped into his slippers, silky pink and blue pj’s clinging to his back from sweat.

“Come on, move!”  The leader growled, grabbing Bede’s wrist and yanking, causing him to trip over his feet.  

“W-wait… my coat…”  He said quietly, voice too soft in the silence as he pulled his arm away and picked his coat up off of the chair on the other side of the room.  He barely had time to slip it over his shoulders before they were binding his wrists behind his back and roughly shoving him out of the room, demanding he be quiet.

Even with his coat the cool night air stung his skin as they walked.  He took one last frightened glance over his shoulder at Ballonlea, the secluded little town he had begun to call his home, and wondered what would become of him now.

“You son of a bitch!”

“Raihain–”  Raihan and Leon acted quickly, Leon putting himself between Piers and Rose, Raihan grabbing him quickly and dragging him kicking and screaming to the other room.

“You son of a bitch!  I’ll kill you!  Let me go!  I’ll kill him!”

Leon stood motionless with his back to Rose, making sure Raihan was able to get Piers safely out of the room.  Once silence fell on the two men, his face flashed with anger.  “You’ve got some nerve coming back here…”

“I know.”  There was an edge to Rose’s voice that he had only heard a few times before, right before he unleashed the darkest day upon Galar, a panic and sleeplessness that seemed unfitting for someone like him.  “I wouldn’t have come if it wasn’t important, Leon.  You know that.  But… I need help.  I don’t know who else to turn to, I… Please, you have to help me..!” 

Leon turned just in time to watch a proud man crumble to his knees, taking a surprised step back.  “I don’t have to do anything for you!”

Rose shook his head then, desperately.  “No you don’t, but you don’t understand…”  He held up his rotom phone for Leon to take, an email thread between Rose and a man who had only announced himself as G.

Leon frowned, brow furrowed as he glanced through the exchange, a back and forth about the darkest day, G trying to get information and Rose doing his best to deflect it.  Until the final email from G, which was a very heart stopping threat indeed:  

“You wouldn’t want anything to happen to your son, now would you?”

A response, from Rose:

What are you talking about?  Don’t you dare hurt him, leave them out of it they’re just children!

And again, after not getting a response:

I’ll do whatever you want.  Don’t hurt them.  Please, I swear.  Just show me that they’re alright.”

Leon put Rose’s rotom phone in his pocket.  He would do everything in his power to help keep Bede safe, he would have done that whether Rose had asked him or not, but he wasn’t about to let Rose get off so easily.

“Why should I help you, Rose?  After all the trouble you’ve caused?  I should have let Piers beat the shit out of you.”  He growled, grabbing his collar and yanking him to his feet.  “Get up.  You’re pathetic, groveling like this…”

Leon couldn’t believe the words that were coming out of his mouth,  but he had heard similar things from Rose all his life.  It felt good to turn the tables for once.  

Rose scrambled to his feet, willing to do whatever Leon said to ensure nothing bad would happen to Bede or Basil.  “Do whatever you need to do…”  Rose spoke quietly, afraid to test Leon’s patience.  “Kill me if you have to.  Don’t let that monster hurt them.”

Leon’s tough guy persona faltered, and his face softened slightly.  “We’re not going to kill you.  Don’t be so dramatic.”  The door behind him opened and Raihan returned without Piers.

“Rai, we have a problem.”  He muttered.  “We’re going to help you, Rose, but you listen to us.  Understand?  You don’t make any moves without consulting us first.  You do what we say, when we say it.”

Rose nodded, grabbing Leon’s arm and clinging to him.  “Yes, yes I understand oh thank you, Leon thank you!”

He pulled his arm away, taking a step away from him.  “Don’t touch me.”  He handed Rose’s phone to Raihan to look at.  “You to stand in the corner.  Over there.  Don’t move from that spot.”  

Rose nodded again and did as he was told, listening to the two trainers whispering back and forth, trying to form a plan.

“Now you can start to panic about the others.”  Leon sighed, rubbing his temples.  “Now we have to be careful…”

He and Raihan discussed what they could do, how they could track this mysterious “G”, what exactly he wanted and why.  Rose’s phone buzzed and made a small plinking sound.

“Leon…”  He turned his head slightly, to look at them.  They weren’t paying attention.  “Leon.”  He cleared his throat, this time turning all the way around.  Again, he was ignored.  He stepped towards them, urgency in his voice.  “Leon..!”

Leon spun around to face him.  “What did I just say?!”  He watched Rose flinch away from him slightly, he was sure the man was surprised Leon had found his voice and was standing up to him for once.  Rose only pointed at his phone, watching in horror as the two young men opened the new email.

“What is it…?  Is everything okay…?”

Raihan shook his head, and Leon covered his mouth in shock.  

“What?  What’s wrong?”  Panic was starting to rise in Rose’s voice.  “What is it?!”

Leon turned the phone screen so that he could see.  The picture was dark, very hard to see, and too grainy to get any good detail out of.  But sure enough, in the center of a small cot at the back of what looked to be a small cell, they could just make out Bede’s outline through the static of the camera lens, wrapped up in his Macro Cosmos jacket.

“No…”  Rose covered his face with his hands and sank to his knees again, struggling not to let himself cry in front of the two standing over him. 

When Leon spoke again, his voice was much more gentle.  “We won’t let them hurt Bede,”  He promised, “We’ll get him home safe.”  He knelt beside Rose and put a hand on his shoulder, comforting him as best he could.  “Let us help you, alright?  Don’t do anything stupid. We’ll figure this out together, without putting anyone in danger.”


“Basil?!  Basil!”  Nanu slowly walked the snow covered streets of Circhester, hoping that Basil was closeby, somewhere he might hear or see him.  Hopefully not under one of these enormous mounds of snow…

Gah, why didn’t he bring a warmer coat?  He kicked himself for only owning one leather jacket and not being prepared for something like this.  He just wanted to find the kid and get him home as quickly as possible.  But with near white out conditions, and the storm only getting worse with every passing moment, he didn’t think that was going to happen till morning, at least.  But every building he glanced into seemed empty, the shop was closed, the diner was closed, everyone was tucked away in their homes and Basil was nowhere to be found.

“Blast… Basil!  This isn’t funny!  Come on where are you?!”  His train of though was instantly derailed as his feet found a particularly icy step, sending him tumbling backwards painfully down a small set of stairs and into the snow, cursing up a storm.

“Ugh…. Kabu, this kid better be damned worth it…”  He muttered to himself.  Of course he was.  He was now equally as worried as Kabu had been about him if not moreso, but his irritation was winning out over his worry as he stood up, covered in snow and colder than before. 

“Aye!  It’s dangerous to be out here in this kind’a weather!”  He heard someone calling from behind him.  He turned to find a stranger, bundled from head to toe, waving him down.  “Come on, come inside before you catch your death of cold!”

Nanu couldn’t argue with such a warm welcome, so he trudged over and followed the stranger up the road and into the Circhester Gym.

“Ah, you poor dear you must be totally frozen!”  The older woman took down her hood and smiled at him.  Just the smile alone was enough to warm him, but he took the towel offered as well.

“I’m alright, ma’am.  Thank you.  I’m just looking for my kid.”  He said without thinking.  

“Oh!  You must belong to one of these sweethearts!”  She smiled and tugged him into the other room, motioning for him to be quiet.  There, he found Basil and all of his friends passed out in a heap under a pile of blankets and pillows, looking peaceful and rested.

Nanu put a hand on his forehead and let out a quiet, incredulous scoff.  “I’ve been freezin’ my ass off out there he can’t so much as send a text letting us know he’s okay?”

The woman laughed and put a hand on his back, leading him out of the room.  “They’re tired.  They’ve had a long day, dear.  Sounds like you have too.  Why don’t you stay here till the snow stops?  There’s plenty of room, it’s warm, and it’s far too dangerous to be leaving till then anyway.”  

He couldn’t say no to that.  “Yeah, let me just let Kabu know I won’t be coming home.”  He murmured to himself, causing the woman to gasp.  “Oh!  You’re the gentleman everyone’s been talking about!”

He stopped halfway through typing the number, looking up incredulously.  “What?”

“Oh yes, all of the gym leaders have been buzzing about you, you’re quite a hot topic!”  She teased and pinched his cheek.  “It’s good to see Kabu looking happy again.  We’re all very happy you two have found each other.”

Nanu felt his cheeks heat up and he grumbled something halfheartedly about nonsense and gossip, but he was secretly thrilled that he had had that much of an impact on Kabu.

The phone rang once, twice, three times, no answer.

“Must be asleep.”  He shot him a text, letting him know they were safe, before following the woman, who introduced herself as Melony, into the other room for a hot meal and pleasant conversation.

He couldn’t keep Kabu out of the back of his mind, checking his phone every few minutes, waiting for a text back.


Something startled Kabu awake.  He wasn’t sure what it had been, all he remembered was Arcanine whining and bothering him until he laid down with him, and the next thing he knew he was awake, and 5 hours had passed.  He stretched out his sore muscles, and then remembered that Nanu and Basil were both still gone and scrambled over to his phone.  Two missed calls, and a text from Nanu.

He laughed quietly, he was sure Nanu was panicking, thinking he was being murdered or something worse, he’d better text back or it’d be him in the doghouse instead of Nanu.

He glanced through the text, everyone was okay, staying with Melony, gonna murder the kid when he wakes up for scaring them like that, all pretty standard stuff.  He breathed a sigh of relief.  Everything was alright, then.  There was nothing to worry about.

He thought of a quick response.

<  Sorry, I didn’t mean to fall asleep.  Glad everyone is okay.  See you whenjloghjlkl;l


Nanu slept fitfully, waking up every hour or so and checking his phone for an update from Kabu.  The flashing notification this time was like a present from the heavens and he picked the phone up faster than he’d ever moved for anything else in his life, smiling when he read it.  What was that part at the end, though?  Maybe he was still asleep while he was texting.  Wouldn’t be the first sleepy, nonsensical text he’d ever gotten, but something about it seemed different.

<  You havin a stroke old man?


Kabu’s eyes opened slowly.  His head felt too heavy, and hurt like the dickens.  He couldn’t focus his vision, everything was blurry and moving…

“He’s not here.  No one else is here.”

Those weren’t voices he recognized.  He tried to remember what was happening… he was texting Nanu, and then…

Then everything went black.

“Who’s there..?”  His voice was still groggy, words slurring together as if he was drunk.  He couldn’t see anyone, but he could hear them talking around him, but all of their voices went silent when he spoke.

A rough hand grabbed a fistfull of hair and dragged him up to his knees, sending waves of pain through his skull, where he could only imagine he must have been struck.

“Where’s the boy, old man…”  a voice growled in his ear, full of venom and danger.  “Tell us quickly and we won’t have to kill you.  Where is he hiding?”

Kabu grit his teeth, trying to ignore the white hot pain shooting through him.  “I dont know.  I can’t find him either.”

“Liar!”  His attacker hissed.  “We know you know where he is.”  The grip tightened on his hair, forcing a yelp of pain from his throat.  “Don’t make us hurt you old man!”

Kabu grimaced.  “It’s a little late for that, don’t you think?”  He spat before his face was shoved hard into the floor with a crack and a strangled cry.  “I’m not… telling you…. anything…!”  He could taste blood, he was sure his nose was broken.

“Boss!  Look!”  One of the grunts picked up Kabu’s phone and handed it to the one holding Kabu down.

“Hmm… Melony, hm?  He’s in Circhester… well, we’ll be waiting for them here when they get back tomorrow won’t we old man?”  He chuckled, putting more pressure on Kabu’s head, pressing him further into the ground and making him cry out in pain.

“We’ll get him one way or the other you know.  There’s no point in trying to fight it…”

He took the phone in his free hand and sent Nanu a text back.

<  Hurry home with him, I’ve got a surprise waiting

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