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hopeless-starry-kingdom·a month agoText

18 | Tom Holland

Summary:Tom has loved you since you guys were eighteen

Part of the One Direction Song Series!

Best Song Ever (Fics aren’t related)

You and Tom have known each other since you were in the sandbox.Your moms were best friends in high school and so happened to have you and Tom around the same time.It was luck,destiny,meant to be,whatever you want to call it.But you’ve know. each other since forever.When you guys were ten you shared your guys first kiss.

And when you were fourteen Tom beat up Zach Colby for breaking your heart.The next month you comforted Tom when his girlfriend broke up with him.You shared everything and anything with each other.It was you two against the world.And on a Friday night at his house,you both decided it was only fair to be each other’s first.

That’s when you knew you were in love with Tom.You loved the way he was caring and funny.How he knew the moment he looked at you,if something was wrong.When he looked at you,he would look into your eyes and it would bore into your soul.His laugh that could cure world hate.That smile.Oh,that smile…But it didn’t matter because soon after that Tom started dating someone from another school.It broke your heart,of course.You cried yourself to sleep when you found out.To Tom you were just his best friend,like a sister.But to you,he was so much more than that.

So that’s when you met Connor.He was the popular guys.High school jock.Full ride scholarship.Every guy wanted to be him and every girl wanted him.Except Connor wanted you.It never made any sense but you just went with it.In hopes you forgot about Tom and the love you had for him.It worked…sort of.You pushed those feelings down and swore that after high school,you would rarely ever see Tom.Out of sight out of mind,right?Wrong.

But Tom realized something too.On his eighteenth birthday,his acting career was starting to take off.But his girlfriend called it quits.Tom didn’t really mind though,he knew it would never work.And part of him knew why.His crush on you was starting to get bigger and he couldn’t bear the thought of him being with someone else.But it was too late,you were with someone else.And when he saw you across the table as his family sang him happy birthday,he knew he was in love with you

“Make a wish,Tom”You said and he smiled and made his wish before blowing out his 18 candles

He seen you outside,laying on the trampoline.He walked out and over to you and joined you.You didn’t bother to look up “Hey,what’re you doing all by yourself?”

“I don’t know thinking”You chuckled and turned to look at him “About?”

“College.Life”Tom sighed,he knew you always got in your own head about the future and things of that nature

“Don’t worry about all that stuff.Worry when the time comes,Y/N.I promise,everything will work out in the end”You smiled at him and turned to face him entirely

“How do you know?”

“Because I just know.Trust me”Tom turned to you and as he stared into your eyes he began to move closer.And you didn’t pull back,so he closed his eyes and pressed his lips to yours

When Tom got the invitation in the mail his heart shattered.You were getting married,to Connor.He gripped the fancy invite and sighed.He went to the kitchen and grabbed a beer before opening it and chugging half of it.Harrison came in and chuckled

“Slow down there,mate.Whats up?”Tom clenched his jaw and threw the invitation at him.Harrions rolled his eyes and picked up the envelope.He opened it up and began to read it.His face fell as his eyes ran through it

“Jesus.She’s getting married?”Tom nodded and chugged the rest of the beer. “You see that date.Thats next week”


“Meaning,you don’t send out wedding invites a week in advance.She was holding back.I don’t know in hopes I didn’t come?Fuck”Harrison sighed and clapped his best friend on the shoulder

“Tell her.Its now or never”

Tom walked into the venue and immediately grabbed the champagne people were offering.He drank half of it and moved to go sit in the back.Then he felt a hand on his shoulder “Tom!My god,it’s been so long!How are you?”Your mother moved to hug him,which he returned

“I’m doing good.How are you?”He asked and smiled politely at the woman.He hasn’t seen your mother in months

“I’m doing well.Happy for Y/N…if i’m going to be quite honest,I always thought you two would end of marrying each other”Tom sighed at her sentence and felt his heart start to race.He didn’t know what else to say other than to smile at her again and drink the rest of his champagne.Then the music started

“I must go.See you soon”She squeezed his shoulder and seen Connor on the alter and wished it was him.The doors opened behind him and then you walked out with your father.Tom breathed out and couldn’t believe how gorgeous you looked.The dress,the veil,the bouquet.It was everything he imagined and more.

As you walked down the isle,you felt everyone’s eyes on you.People were taking pictures and crying and smiling.Today was the day.As you got to the alter you hugged Connor “You look beautiful”You smiled at him as the priest began to talk

Your heart was pounding in your chest and the wind was a gently breeze.You turned your neck slightly to see if one of your friends had come,she said she would try to make it.But when you turned,you recognized that curly brown hair from anywhere.Tom.He was here.The boy you fell in love with.The man you were still in love with.

When Connor asked you to marry him,you didn’t want to.You knew it wasn’t right.But you said yes anyway.Because that’s all people were waiting for,was for you two to get married already.You loved Connor,you truly did but you weren’t in love with him.Like you were with Tom.And seeing him,knowing he’s watching you get married to another man,hurt you.

“Do you Connor McLaughlin take Y/N to be your wedded wife”

“I do”He slid the ring on your finger

“Do you Y/N Y/L/N take Connor to me your wedded husband”You looked out in the crowd and seen Tom.The look in his eyes made you question everything and then you looked at connor and seen the hope and love in his eyes.Then you realized that you had been quiet for far too long


“Does anyone object to this marriage.Speak now or forever hold your peace”Just then someone jumped up.

“I have loved you since we were eighteen”Tom gulped as everyone gasped and turned to look at him.People began to whisper in shock as he walked out into the isle “Long before we both thought the same things,Y/N”

Your mouth was wide open as you looked at everyone.You seen your mom and dad near tears,everyone was looking back and forth between the two.And then you looked at Connor and his puppy eyes as he waited for you to say something.But once you met eyes with Tom,you knew your answer.Connor was just a place holder as sad as it was to say.But you’ve always loved Tom,it’s always been Tom.You turned to Connor with tears in your eyes and whispered “I’m sorry”You took of the ring and placed it in his hand and ran towards Tom

His eyes widened but opened his arms to embrace you.People gasped at the display.But you didn’t care,you pulled back and grabbed his hand and ran from the ceremony.Somewhere quiet and where you had your own privacy

“Did you mean it?That you love me?”Tom smiles at you “Every word.I don’t know what’s gonna happen next but I now these arms were made for holding you”

His hands were placed on your cheeks

Yet all along I know we’d be fine”You said and kissed him.Finally kissing him after years of loving him,he was yours

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hopeless-starry-kingdom·5 months agoPhoto


I’m just glad I made it out without breaking down and then ran so fucking far.


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hopeless-starry-kingdom·5 months agoText

Best Song Ever | Tom Holland

Summary:You and Tom dance to the best song ever

Song:Best Song Ever by One Direction

A/n:think I might make a series of fics from one direction songs 😗

Tom seen you as soon as you walked through the club doors.Your hips swayed in an enticing manner that made him and every other guy sit up straighter.Hoping to catch your attention.And he see. the way that you just marched past the bouncers like you belonged there.Like you had a right to be there.This was your castle and you were the queen.He watched as you walked immediately up to the bar and asked for a drink

You had already felt eyes on you as soon as you entered the club.You smirked as they followed you towards the bar and eyed you up and down,hoping they could take you home.But tonight you didn’t really want any of that.Tonight you just wanted to enjoy yourself.But when you turned your head to meet a pair of eyes,you debated throwing that all out.You ordered your drink while side glancing at the man with curly brown eyes,if he wasn’t going to make a move you would

And that seemed to be what was going to happen because your drink came and he was still staring.You picked up your drink and started to walke towards him.Tom noticed you were walking towards him and quickly looked away and down at the beer in his hand

“Oh cmon,you shy now?”You asked as you smirked and leaned against the bar

“My bad”

“No need to apologize.Whats a pretty boy like you doing all by yourself”You giggles as you seen him shake his head with a smile

“Thought that was my line”You tsked and set your drink down in front of you “Well not anymore,pretty boy”The nickname formed goosebumps on his skin and he wanted to bear you say it again

Soon a pop song came on and Tom for some reason knew the song and by the looks of you bopping your head and tapping your nails against the wood,you did too.So Tom downed the rest of his beer and shood. “Dance with me”

You smirked and grabbed his hand and led him to the dance floor “I’m Tom,by the way”

You thought about it for a second before saying “Georgia Rose.Please to meet you”You and Tom both began dancing like it was the last time you’d ever dance.You were hot and sweat was starting to fall down your hairline as you danced among the bodies.But you truly couldn’t find yourself to care,at this point it was more than what she expected to do for the night

Tom watched your hips sway and the way you looked so ethereal dancing.He was sure you weren’t really trying from the way you laughed about every ten seconds.But he just couldn’t get enough of it.So he grabbed your hips and pulled you close.He hoped you didn’t mind.And you didn’t because you started to dance on him and it made his mind run wild.

“You’re driving me crazy in this.You look absolutely divine in this dress.But it would look better on the floor”He lightly pinched the dress you were wearing and you laughed and turned to him

“Well don’t you have such a dirty mouth,Tom”You bit your lil and dragged your finger across his mouth and the gripped his chin with your thumb and index finger.What Tom didn’t expect was for you to kiss him so hungrily.The way you gripped onto the front of his shirt and arched into him.He practically smashed you into him to try to get you closer as your lips moved together

“Can I take you home with me?”Tom panted and you smirked

“Never in your wildest dreams”And then you went back to dancing with him and it bad him lose his mind because you were absolutely in his wildest dreams.You and Tom began belting out the chorus while horribly trying to dance along and he surprised at how well he knew the song

The next morning he woke up with a pounding headache.He looked over at his nightstand and seen a glass of water and some advil.He quickly took the pill and chugged the water while looking at his phone.He had a few messages and notifications from apps.He threw his sweatpants on and made his way to the living room where he seen Harrison watching a show

“Nice to see you up,Sleeping Beauty”Harrison chuckled and Tom groaned and flipped him off “What happened last night”

“What happened was you were absolutely smashed,mate.Couldnt even walk properly.Was scared someone drugged you or something.Hope it was all worth it”

And then last night came back to him,except the end.You.That was on his mind.

“Was I with someone?!A girl?Y/h/c hair,red dress?”Tom looked through his phone frantically for a Georgia Rose and looked up to see his friend staring at him like he was crazy

“No,man.You called me at like two in the morning talking out your ass so I tracked your location and picked you up.Why did something happen?”Harrison paused the show and turned to his friend

“I met this girl.Georgia Rose….And man she was amazing”Tom smiled and it made Harrison laugh

“So what went on then?Dont tell me you had a quickie in the bathroom”He cringed and Tom shook his head

“No!Of course not.We danced to the best song ever,in telling you”Tom chuckled

“And what was the song called”Tom furrowed his eyebrows and groaned because he couldn’t seem to remember “Jesus.My mind is completely fucking blank.Which is so weird because I knew every line—we knew every line.But now I can’t remember how it goes”

“Sounds like some night mate”Harrison chuckled

“I think it oh,oh,oh,no maybe yeah,yeah,yea.Fuck”Tom tried to remember but he just couldn’t

“Don’t beat yourself up about it.Im sure it’ll come to you.And i’m sure you’ll fine this Georgia Rose too”

“Yeah,I better.Because I just wont forget about her”And Tom made it his mission to find you

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(x) (x) Okay, let’s talk about what makes a hero. They’ve all walked the same path. They’ve answered the call, met the mentor, and battled the threshold guardians. They’ve come out of it stronger than they’ve ever been. But towards the end of that arc, when the rubber meets the road, the tire blows. Something knocks him down, hard. And that hero regresses. They lose everything. Become less than they were when we met them.

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Nomination Form

Welcome to the Holland Fic Awards Nomination Masterlist! This is where you can find every fic and author that has been nominated so far. Updated versions will be posted along the way, and you can also look out for a similar masterlist for Round 1 Voting and Finalists.

➳ User Awards

  ↳ Favorite All-Around Writer

  • @mcuspidey​
  • @spidey-swift​
  • @angelic-holland​
  • @angelsparkers​
  • @plushparker​
  • @parker-holland-osterfield​
  • @nyc-parker​
  • @madmadmilk​
  • @peterplanet​
  • @osterfield-holland-andcompany​
  • @heyhihellowhatsup0​​
  • @wordsinwinters​​
  • @spideypeach​​
  • @starksparker​​
  • @angelhaz11​
  • @heyhihellowhatsup0​
  • @rupimiller​​
  • @farfromhaz​​
  • @princepeteys​​
  • @snowflakeparker​​
  • @sunshinehollandd​​
  • @hey-marlie​

  ↳ Favorite Peter Parker Writer

  • @heyhihellowhatsup0
  • @spidey-swift
  • @mcuspidey
  • @angelic-holland
  • @plushparker
  • @toms-gf
  • @lostinspidey
  • @starksparker
  • @wordsinwinters
  • @spideypeach
  • @fairytaleparker
  • @princepeteys
  • @spideyyeet
  • @hey-marlie​
  • @lamptracker

  ↳ Favorite Tom Holland Writer

  • @heyhihellowhatsup0​​
  • @starksparker​​
  • @angelic-holland​​
  • @parkeraul​​
  • @mcuspidey​​
  • @eeyore101247​​
  • @hollandroos​​
  • @worldoftom​​
  • @princepeteys​​
  • @snowflakeparker​​
  • @h-osterfield​​
  • @tomhollandsblog​
  • @peeterparkr​

  ↳ Favorite Haz Osterfield Writer

  • @osterfield-holland-andcompany​ ​
  • @angelic-holland​ ​
  • @definitely-not-black-cat​ 
  • @farfromhaz​ 
  • @hoforhaz​ 
  • @rupimiller​​
  • @fanficparker​​
  • @rupimiller​
  • @fanficparker​

  ↳ Best Blurbs

  • @spidey-swift​​
  • @angelic-holland​​
  • @angelsparkers​​
  • @lostinspidey​​
  • @plushparker​​
  • @the-southernbelle​​
  • @blissfulparker​​
  • @osterfield-holland-andcompany​​
  • @peterplanet​​
  • @mcuspidey​
  • ​​@heyhihellowhatsup0

  ↳ Best Holiday Blurbs

  • @the-southernbelle​​

➳ Peter

  ↳ Best Fic

  • Hamartia || @starksparker​​
  • Dark Webs || @heyhihellowhatsup0​
  • Happiness Begins || @preciouspparkers​
  • The Baby Project || @spidey-swift​​
  • Then Again || @wordsinwinters​​
  • Stardust || @nyc-parker​​
  • The Memory Project || @spidey-swift​​
  • Uptown Girl || @spider-boi​​
  • Far From You (Home) || @hey-marlie​
  • Annabelle’s Homework || @lamptracker​ 
  • Fake It Till You Make It || @cxptain-capsicle​

  ↳ Best Fic 5k+ Words

  • Dark Webs || @heyhihellowhatsup0​​
  • Happiness Begins || @preciouspparkers​​
  • The Baby Project || @spidey-swift​​
  • Hamartia || @starksparker​​​
  • Then Again || @wordsinwinters​​
  • The Memory Project || @spidey-swift​​
  • If I Can’t Have You || @galaxy-parker​​  
  • Fake It Till You Make It || @cxptain-capsicle​​

  ↳ Best Fluff  

  • Princess Party || @angelic-holland​​
  • Too Shy To Say, But I Hope You Stay || @lostinspidey​​
  • Then Again || @wordsinwinters​​
  • Hopeless Romantic || @fairytaleparker​​  
  • Angelic || @writtenbybelle​​ 
  • You Need To Calm Down || @spidey-swift​​ 
  • Love Letters From Peter || @spidey-swift​​ 
  • Smile For Me || @waitimcomingtoo​​ 
  • Fake It Till You Make It || @cxptain-capsicle​

  ↳ Best Angst

  • Dark Webs || @heyhihellowhatsup0​
  • Happiness Begins || @preciouspparkers​
  • Hamartia || @starksparker​
  • Strangers || @spidey-swift​
  • One Broken Promise || @naturallytom​​ 
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  • In Case You Don’t Live Forever || @waitimcomingtoo
  • I Want You Back || @lousimusician​

  ↳ Best NSFW/Smut  

  • Happiness Begins || @preciouspparkers​​
  • Long Week || @notobsessed-justobservant​​
  • The Memory Project || @spidey-swift​​

  ↳ AUs / Tropes

    ➳ Best Dad!Peter

  • Baby Steps || @waitimcomingtoo​​
  • Isn’t He Lovely || @waitimcomingtoo​​
  • It’s My Party  || @waitimcomingtoo​​
  • New Breath || @thollvnd​​
  • Daddy’s Home || @eeyore101247​​
  • The Memory Project || @spidey-swift​​

   ➳ Best College/Fratboy!Peter

  • San Francisco || @parker-holland-osterfield​​ 

   ➳ Best Fake Dating AU

  • Fake It || @pparkerwrites​​ 
  • Fake It Till You Make It || @cxptain-capsicle​
  • Nine Days || @spideyboipete​

   ➳ Best Best Friends to Lovers AU

  • Dark Webs || @heyhihellowhatsup0​​​
  • Astrophilia || @waitimcomingtoo​​
  • Then Again || @wordsinwinters​ 
  • Fake It Till You Make It || @cxptain-capsicle​​
  • Friends To Lovers || @lousimusician​

   ➳ Best Enemies to Lovers AU

  • Dark Webs || @heyhihellowhatsup0​​
  • The Baby Project || @spidey-swift​​
  • We All Wear Masks || @stuckonspidey​​
  • Are You Kidding Me? || @spideyyroos​​  

   ➳ Most Creative Peter AU

  • Dark Webs || @heyhihellowhatsup0​​
  • Miss Americana and the Heartbreak Prince || @spidey-swift​​
  • The Light || @nyc-parker​​
  • All I See || @dear-selena​​
  • Without A Word || @underoos-shield​

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  • Serenity + Tranquility || @spideypeach​​

  ↳ Best Spideychelle

  • It’s a Date…? || @uglypastels​​

  ↳ Best Series

  • The Baby Project || @spidey-swift​​
  • Timshel || @angelic-holland​​​
  • Studying || @thollvnd​​
  • We All Wear Masks || @stuckonspidey​​ 
  • Hamartia || @starksparker​​
  • Then Again || @wordsinwinters​
  • Red and Black || @mybesttobobcratchit​​
  • Love Spidey || @farfromhaz​​  
  • The Memory Project || @spidey-swift​​
  • Uptown Girl || @spider-boi​​
  • Airplane Mix-Up || @spideyyeet​​
  • Fake It Till You Make It || @cxptain-capsicle​
  • Far From You (Home) || @hey-marlie
  • Something Sinister || @hey-marlie
  • Secret Wars || @hey-marlie

  ↳ Holiday-Specific Categories

   ➳ Best Holiday One-Shot

  • Peter, Peter Parker || @starksparker​ 

   ➳ Best Holiday Series

➳ Tom

  ↳ Best Fic

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  • Different Now || @tomhollandsblog
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  • Dirty Shirley || @angelic-holland​
  • Fooled Around and Fell In Love || @angelic-holland​
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     ➳ Best Mob!Tom

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  • Boyfriend || @screamholland​ 
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     ➳ Best Best Friends to Lovers AU

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    ➳ Best Enemies to Lovers AU

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    ➳ Most Creative Tom AU

  • Take Me Out || @angelic-holland​  
  • Smile Though Your Heart Is Aching || @waitimcomingtoo​ 
  • I Don’t Even Know Your Name || @snowflakeparker​
  • Across The Stars || @nyc-parker​
  • I Think He Knows || @snowflakeparker​

  ↳ Best Series

  • Ex On The Beach || @heyhihellowhatsup0​
  • I Only Feel You || @stuckonspidey​
  • My Girl || @waitimcomingtoo​
  • Sweetener || @keepingupwiththeparkers​
  • We’re Only Kidding Ourselves || @wazzupmrstark - cannot tag
  • The Press Tour || @dahliaspidey​ 
  • Smooth Criminal || @angelhaz11​
  • ​Different Now || @tomhollandsblog​
  • Win-Win || @lamptracker​     
  • Clear || @peeterparkr​

  ↳ Holiday-Specific Categories

     ➳ Best Holiday One-Shot

     ➳ Best Holiday Series

  • 12 Days of Christmas || @keepingupwiththeparkers​
  • Single All The Way || @heyhihellowhatsup0​  

➳ Haz

  ↳ Best Fic

  • Love On Ice || @osterfield-holland-andcompany​ 
  • Lucky Swap || @parker-holland-osterfield​ 
  • Good As Hell || @farfromhaz​ 
  • Lucky Date Shirt || @h-osterfield​  
  • The Tea Shop Girl || @lamptracker​

  ↳ Best Fic 5k+ Words

  • The Tea Shop Girl || @lamptracker

  ↳ Best Fluff

  • Love On Ice || @osterfield-holland-andcompany​
  • Lucky Swap || @parker-holland-osterfield​
  • An Obscure Evening || @arigatouiris​

  ↳ Best Angst

  • Unholy Desires || @osterfield-holland-andcompany​
  • Out Of Sync || @parker-holland-osterfield​
  • Easier || @angelhaz11​  
  • Not So Subtle || @rupimiller​
  • Not Meant To Be || @fanficparker​  

  ↳ Best NSFW/Smut

  • The Package || @hoforhaz​
  • Confessions In A Can || @hoforhaz​
  • Exam Revenge || @alwaysbenhardysgirl​

  ↳ AUs

     ➳ Best Dad!Haz

  • The Little Love || @bringmethehorizonandpizza​

     ➳ Best Mob!Haz

  • A Collector || @detroitbydark​​  
  • Allies || @soft-haz​

     ➳ Best College/Fratboy!Haz

  • The Art of Pretending || @h-osterfield​​
  • Side Effect || @darlingosterfield​
  • The Situationship || @fairytelling​

     ➳ Best Fake Dating AU

  • The Art of Pretending || @h-osterfield​​  
  • Faking, Falling || @fanficparker​

    ➳ Best Best Friends to Lovers AU

  • Singing In The Shower || @detroitbydark

    ➳ Best Enemies to Lovers AU

  • Not So Subtle || @rupimiller​

    ➳ Most Creative Haz AU

  • Love On Ice || @osterfield-holland-andcompany​
  • Bite Me || @beautifullydisconnected​  
  • Moonbeams and RidingHoods || @detroitbydark​ 

  ↳ Best Series

  • Unholy Divinity || @hoforhaz​  
  • Not So Subtle || @rupimiller​
  • Love On Ice || @osterfield-holland-andcompany​
  • The Art of Pretending || @h-osterfield​​
  • Faking, Falling || @fanficparker​
  • Side Effect || @darlingosterfield​
  • Meant To Be || @spxderbarnes​
  • The Tea Shop Girl || @lamptracker

  ↳ Holiday-Specific Categories

     ➳ Best Holiday One-Shot

     ➳ Best Holiday Series

this….this is honestly so amazing and so outstanding.just to see so many writers being recognized is ….beyond amazing.i read a lot of these pieces and can say i wish they can all win.best of luck to all the amazing creators out there,i can only hope one day I can be on a list like this 🥺💕

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Homecoming Part 1 | Peter Parker

Summary:It’s homecoming and Peter wants to ask you to the dance

Pairing:Peter Parker x Reader

It was homecoming season.And even though Peter liked the pep rallies and the carnival his school had,the dance he dreaded.He earned himself a title after last year on how he ditched Liz Allen.But he had a good reason,he tells himself.And he obviously couldn’t tell anyone this reason so he had to let people gossip about how they should steer clear of Peter and not risk getting stood up.He understood their reasoning but it made everything so much harder when his plan to ask you to homecoming came around.Especially since you were running for homecoming princess…and you were popular.It made things ten times harder. But was gonna do it,now or never.

He tried asking your friends for help but they just laughed at him and told him that if he thought you’d go with him to homecoming after you ditched Liz,he was out of his mind.But was he crazy to say that he thought you felt the same?When you passed by his locker and sent him a wave and then turned back around to smile at him.Or when you send him little post it notes during calculus all throughout the period.Yeah,maybe he was a little crazy. Or you felt the same way.Yeah,that was crazy.

“So what’s the plan?”Ned asked,wanting to make sure Peter knew what he had to do and make sure he didn’t chicken out

“The drone will come down and I’ll come out with flowers a-and ask her the homecoming”Thank god Ned sat next to you in AP Literature and got to know you as friend or this probably wouldn’t work

“You got this man!”The bell rang and Peter blew out a shaky breathe of air,lunch started meaning you’d be out on the field giving the a cheer performance for the pep rally

“I hope I do”He grabbed the flowers and started to make us way down to the football field

“You seriously can’t tell me you don’t have single person who has asked you to homecoming”Your friend Ashley said as you made your way to the field.You sighed and shrugged your shoulders

“I mean Flash asked me—”She gasped loudly and gripped your arm to hold you in place “Youre saying Flash Thompson asked you to homecoming!This is amazing,Y/N!Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Becuase I said no”You continued walking and her gasp dramatically and follow you in step

“Why the hell would you say no?”I mean sure Flash is nice…occasionally but he saw how he treated some people and you didn’t like it.You saw the way he treated Peter and definitely didn’t like it “I just didn’t want to go with Flash.That’s all”You put your pom poms down on the grass and began stretching with the rest of the girls

Ashely sat down next to you and did the same, “So you just didn’t want to go with him.Said no because he wasn’t the person you wanted to ask you,right?”Your cheeks flushed and you shook your head

“Shut up”

“Y/N.Peter is nice and all but he’s a total no go”You knew she was only looking out for you and you loved her for that but you couldn’t ignore the way you felt

“Peter is something totally different.I know he had a good reason for ditching Liz Allen last year.Peter is a good guy and I have a credible source”You stood as you heard the bell ring and knew students would file out for the performance

“Who?His friend Ned.Friends have to say good things about each other”You heard your coach call everyone in as people started to sit in the bleachers “We’re done talking”You said before picking up your pom poms

Band played a song.Dance did their dance that they had been working on.You stood for the national anthem.And your team had performed their cheer performance.And the whole time you were looking for Peter in the bleachers.But you knew you wouldn’t be able to see him since there were hundreds of kids out there.

“Let’s give a hand to our Cheer Team”The ASB President said and then the field was filled with claps as you ran (some flipping out) to the touchdown

“How do I look?”You asked as nerves filled your stomach when they started bringing out the nominees and was going to announce who won for prince and princess “So hot”


“You’re totally gonna win”

“And now for our prince and princess nominees”

“How do I look?”

“You look….normal”Peter rolled his eyes and shook his head “Thanks,Ned”He watched as you stood beside three other girls as they were about to announce the winner.He was really hoping you’d win because then it would distract you a bit and hopefully make you even more happier

“And the winner is….Y/N Y/L/N!”You smile stretched out onto your face and you squealed excitedly.The three girls came to give you a hug and congratulate you before stepping back as you received your crown.You smiled as you were asked to get a picture with the Prince which was Tommy Stevenson.You smiled happily next to Tommy as the yearbook staff took your picture.You and Tommy both congratulated each other before starting to walk off the field so they could bring out the king and queen nominees.But before you could you heard a whirring noise.Everyone looked around,confused to where this was coming from.You only looked up when you seen people pointing at the sky

A drone was in the sky and leaving behind blue and red fog as it spelled out letters.Everyone waited for a second and watched to see what it said

“Will you go to homecoming with me,Y/N”

You gasped and turned around when you heard other people start to whisper.Walking towards you with big and nervous strides was Peter Parker.Your legs felt weak for a second as Peter approached you and you finally noticed the sunflowers and roses in his hands,your favorite flowers

Peter gulped and out of the corner of his eye took a look around him, “Will you go to homecoming w-with me?”

The football field grew quiet for a second and it felt like you couldn’t breathe.Was this really happening to you?Right now?The boy you focused your attention on this year was actually asking you out.This was unreal.You realized that you hadn’t answered because his shoulders slumped a bit and he started to lower the flowers a bit

“Yes”The field erupted in claps and cheers as you threw you hands around Peter to hug him.Peter snapped out of his self depricating thought when you hugged him and moved to hug you back

“T-these are for you”He thrust the flowers into your chest and you giggled, “Thanks,Peter”You bit your lip and you two were interrupted when a photographer asked if he could take your guys’ picture.You both said yes and posed,you wrapped you arms around Peter’s waist and he bashfully put his arm around you shoulder

“Thanks”The photographer left and you two were ushered off the field so the Pep rally could continue

“Um,I hope I didn’t make y-you feel awkward or like you had to say yes.Cause you didn’t.You really didn’t.And if you were just trying to spare my feelings,it’s fine,re—”You pressed your finger to his lips and he stopped talking

“Peter if I’m gonna be honest,I really do want to go to homecoming with you.And…”Are you really about to confess your feeling?Guess so

“I really like you,Peter”Peter swore he could just past out right here right now.His mouth hung open and his face turned red as he struggled to form words,his mouth started to open and close like a fish out of water and he managed to squeak out a a few words

“Me too”It was high pitcher and he probably sounded like a little girl but that didn’t matter because you smiled widely “Really?”

“Yeah,really”He sighed and smiled back at you.And for a second you just stared at each other.Both of your minds were screaming to kiss each other and as Peter took a step forward people started walking past you and back to class.He sighed and rubbed the back of his neck

“Um I’ll pick you up six?Uh next week,for homecoming”You smiled and nodded your head quickly

“Perfect”Peter started to walk backwards wanting to continue to look at you but ended up bumping into the gate.He hissed and you seen him grab his shoulder because it did look like it hurt

“I’m fine.Im fine”Then he tripped over his untied shoe lace and you giggled as he smiled at you awkwardly before quickly turning around as to not embarrass himself again.But all he could think about was next week

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it’s homecoming season so I will have a homecoming fic (maybe a two parter) up by next Friday 🥳😌

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Birthday Boy Part 2 | Peter Parker

Summary:You continues Peter’s birthday with more surprises

(Warnings:smut,some curse words.)

(Both Peter and Reader are 18)

Birthday Boy Part 1

“Do you know where we’re going”You asked your boyfriend as he walked you towards your car “Probably something really fancy in the city.Its Mr.Stark after all”

“Get in.Ill drive you home”Peter quickly got in and threw both yours and his backpack in the back seat “Thank you again for making today so special.I don’t know what I do without you”You turned to him and smiled at him and then turned back to the road.You held out your hand for him to take,which he did without hesitation

“You’re welcome,babe.I’d do it a million times just to see you smile like you have been all day”You didn’t have to look over to see he was blushing.Once you were outside his apartment he loooked over at you with a pouted lip

“Please stay.I want you here”You places your hand in his cheek and kissed his pouted lip “I have to get ready too.I promise it won’t be long till we see each other…Do you think you can come over after,the uh,dinner.Parents arent home.You know just us?”Peter was about to question why until he saw the way you but your lip,the way your eyes gleamed with want,and how your hand came to play with his collar

“Oh,yeah.I can,yeah.Definitely”He coughed and you giggled “Great.See You later,pretty boy”You leaned and kissed his lips before pulling away and letting him grab his bag and leave.He turned to wave and you laughed at his lightly red cheeks before driving away

You were told a limo was coming to pick you up,courteousy of Tony Stark.They would pick Peter and May up first and then you.You leaned into the mirror and attached the earrings to your ear before your phone buzzed

We’re here x

You groaned,you really shouldn’t have spent that fifteen minutes dancing around in the matching set you had all because you felt cute.And you knew Peter would love it too

Be down in a sec x

You quickly threw your heals on and took one last look in the mirror.The red lipstick you wore batches the red dress that loved,perfectly.You had gotten it over the summer but never got the chance to wore it.But you knew this was the perfect time.Peter’s birthday dinner.You knew he would like it because I’m Peter’s words “You could wear a trash bag and still look absolutely stunning.Gorgous.Hot”

With your purse in one hand and keys in the other,you made your way out the house and locked the door.When you turned and seen the lavish limo,it shocked you.It shouldn’t have but it did.The door was held open by none other than your boyfriend.You instantly smiled and quickened your pace to meet him

“Jesus,you look beautiful”He bent down and kissed your lips lightly as a blush settled to you cheeks,knowing from past experience that if he pressed to hard it would stain his own. “And you Mr.Parker look very ravishing”You wanted to pull him down and kiss till you couldn’t breathe with the way his suit made him look.The compliment made him go pink as he ushered you in the car

“After you,m’lady”You laughed as stepped inside and slid all the way down to hug May “May,you look beautiful”May threw her hands in exasperation

“You’re one to talk.Look at you!”You smiled as your face felt hot and an arm settle around your shoulders.You looked up at the brown haired boy and smiled “You excited?”

“Yeah,I am.I have everyone that I live with me,well besides Ned and MJ.You know how they said they didn’t want to intrude.But yeah,I’m really happy”He leaned into you and pressed a kiss to the top of your hair

“Mr.Parker,were here”You smiled at Peter as the door opened and he let you and May exit before leaving himself.You looked up in awe as you saw the most expensive restaurant in New York. “Wow.He really out did himself”You began to wonder if you were underdressed.But really you were fine,it was the nerves of being in a place where a plate of almost cost thirty dollars

Peter lett you hook your arm around his left arm as the three of you walked in.You were immediately greeted by the host “Mr.Parker,Mr.Stark is waiting for you.Right this way”She smiled as she led the way

“Hm,I like the way that sounds,Mr.Parker.So business like”He laughed and squeezed your hand “Yeah,very business like”He teased

“Ah,kid.Happy birthday”Tony stood from the table with Pepper as they moved to greet the three of you.You all exchanged hugs and as Tony got to you,he threw his hands up in the air and hugged you

“Well if it isn’t the girl who’s got the kids heart under lock and key.Long time no see”

“Mr.Stark”Peter whined as his cheeks began to heat up at the mention of what Tony said.Truth be told,Peter had told Tony that he was sure that he was gonna marry you.Tony was surprised to hear that come out of his mouth but knew he was serious when he didn’t stutter or laugh after.And Tony couldn’t be more happy that the boy he thought of as a son,had found love

“Tony,don’t embarrass him”Pepper said as everyone moved to sit down.Peter being the gentleman he hid pushed both yours and May’s seats in.He then moved to sit next to you and reached for your hand

“So,kids how’s school”He asked and you both movies into a conversation about how the last year of high school was going and then Tony proceeded to ask about your plans after high school and managed to skip in “What are you’re intention with our boy in the real world”

“Mr.Stark!”He hissed

“Tony”Pepper sighed

“Oh,Tony”May laughed.And you couldn’t help but laugh along because you thought it was pretty funny. “Well I plan to work hard day and night just so my wife has a place to live”You joked and that helped Peter’s embarrassment as Tony laughed and nodded

The night went on just as well.Tony ordered a birthday cake from one of the bests bakers.In the form of a Peter’s suit.You all laughed when the cake came out and servers poked candles in it

“Happy birthday to you…Happy birthday to you…happy birthday dear Peter.Happy birthday to you”Peter smiled and you leaned into his shoulder

“Make a wish”He turned to you and smiled,before kissing your forehead and blowing out the candles.As the cake was being served and eaten,Tony cleared his throat

“Well I think it’s the most appropriate time to do this.Pete,you’re growing up and…okay I’ll save the cheesy speech”He drew in a big breathe and dig into his back pocket “Happy birthday”He threw something at Peter which he caught easily.Peter looked down at what was in his hands and with wide yes looked up at Tony

“What-”You looked down at Peter’s hands and gasped when you seen a set of keys “Mr.Stark,I-I can’t.I-Don’t”

“Tony-”May started but was caught off “Please.Let me do this for you.You’re eighteen now and I figured you’d need something to take you places and well it’s the least I can do”Peter quickly stood up and hugged the man which made everyone smile

“Now get out of here.Take her for a spin”Peter looked at May with questioning eyes and she nodded.Peter immediately pulled you up to your feet and you laughed as he tugged you out the restaurant and into the parking lot

“I-I can’t belive he got me a car!”Peter was beaming with happiness as he touched the black sleek car.You didn’t know what model it was but you knew it was expensive.This must have cost at least a house mortgage “C’mon let’s go for a spin”Peter nodded excitedly and unlocked the car for you both to step in.

“Where should we go?I don’t even know what to do with myself.Ned is going to freak out,I can see it now”You giggled at his excitement as he pulled out of the reserved parking and into the streets.You bit your lip and placed your hand on his thigh.This caused Peter to quickly look at you before going back to the road.He did this a couple times

“W-What?”He questioned.He could feel himself starting to get excited as your hand softly rubbed his under thigh “You still fine with going to mine?”Peter immediately nodded his head and started to drive faster,making you laugh

You were there in record time,thanks to the fancy GPS and amazing engine.Peter all but dashed to your side and opened the door for you.You both laughed as Peter tugged you to the front door and you took out your keys quickly and opened the door.You barley had time to step inside before Peter had picked you up and closed the door.You gasped as he attached his lips to your neck and led you upstairs to your room

“You sure no one’s home”He whispered against your lips.You nodded “Positive”He gently placed you on the bed and connected his mouth to yours.You ran your hands past his shoulders and dropped his jacket.He disconnected from you to throw it off before coming down and attaching his lips to your collarbone.You let out a small moan as he began to suck and kiss on that spot.You reached up and tried to your best ability to undo his buttons.He laughed when you could only get three undone

“Let me”He sat and started to undo his buttons at rapid speed along with his pants and you reached to undo the straps of your dress and slip out of it.When he looked up at you,his mouth was open as he stared at you in only your underwear “You’re killing me,babe”He groaned and pulled you back into the bed

You wrapped your legs around his waist and rolled him over so you were on top “Now if I remember correctly,I think it’s your birthday”You ran your hands down his chest and you could hear the way his breathing changed and sped up.You leaned down and started pressing kisses from his neck down his chest,past his stomach and to where his boxers started

“Y-you don’t have to-to”His lip was in between his teeth and god did you love the sight.You smirked at him as you snapped the band against his waist making him hiss from the contact coming back down on his erection “But I want to”He closer his eyes and nodded,giving you the okay.You smiled happily and slipped his boxers down his legs and he kicked them off

You leaned down and Peter shivered when you breathe came in contact with his length.You licked your plan and grabbed him in your hand and slowly began to pump.He groaned and gripped the sheets tighter when you began to speed up

“Y/N,jes—Fuck!”He was taken by surprise when he felt your warm mouth around him.He moaned as your cheeks started to hallow in around him,his hand that were in your hair were tugging the strands into a makeshift ponytail and every time he hit the back of your throat he’d moan,throw his head back and pull gently on your hair.Only to look back at you because he didn’t want to forget such a pretty sight “Y/N,baby I’m gonna c-cum if you don’t s-stop”He moaned as you released him.You quickly threw off your bra and underwear before getting up and going to your bedside table for condoms

“Prepared”He teased and you laughed and threw the condom at him to put on “You know it,tiger”You started to kiss the side of his face as he slipped on the condom.Once he was done you had positioned yourself on top of him,you two have had sex twice before but usually Peter was the one on top so this was a bit different.But you watched some videos and figured it had to be somewhat easy

“If you want I could just be on top,I don’t mine at—”He gasped as you slid down onto him and gripped your hips

“Fuck,fuck,fuck”A deep growl came from that back of his throat and made you wetter if that was even possible.You started to slowly grind down onto him,to get a feel if this was a better move.You placed your hands onto Peter’s chest to balance yourself and you moaned when you felt pressure being applied to your clit.

“Peter,fuck,feels so-so good”You whine as he moved to squeeze your breasts.You realized that this tactic wasn’t doing much for Peter as he was only letting out little whimpers,so you sat up straight,gripped his biceps and started to bounce up and down on his length.This made him moan loudly and squeeze his eyes shut

“Oh,Y/N,baby doing so good.Feel so g-good”He groaned as you quickened your pace and you matched his moans of pleasure.Soon after that he reached down and started to rub your clit,making you cry out and slow your movements as the familiar feeling in your lower stomach started to build

“Pete,god…Fuck!”You threw your head back as he sat up a bit and started to move up into you and match your thrusts “Baby,ah,I’m-Im gonna,oh god Peter!”You felt the feeling of euphoria wash over you when he started to tease your nipple with his tongue.You screamed Peter’s name as you came and Peter knew his orgasm was coming too as soon as he felt your walls clench down around him

“Y/N..”He moaned when you bit down on his neck

“Cmon baby cum for me.Go ahead—”You didn’t get to finish that sentence before he let out a load groan mixed with your name and a few swear words.You both stood sat there for a while trying to collect your thoughts and find your breathe

“God,that was…”You laughed as Peter didn’t finish his sentence and nodded your head.You slowly got off of him pulled him down with you

“We have to do that again”He had a cheeky smile on his face that made you giggle “Definitely”You kisses him slowly before deciding you needed to clean up.You picked up Peter’s dress shirt and threw it on

“Where you going”He whined and sat up grubbing your hand “Gotta clean up”

“I’ll do it”

“Be quiet and give me the condom so I can throw it away”You kissed him and he gave you the condom and you tossed it

“I’ll be back”You pushed him back down on the bed before going to the bathroom to pee and do your business.You had brought back a wash cloth to clean Peter’s thighs.Once you had both cleaned up,you layer there in silence for a while

“Thank you again for making this birthday really special.I-I Truly dont know what I’d do without you”You looked up at him and he brushed some pieces of hair away from your face.You leaned up and placed a gentle kiss on his nose

“I’d do anything for you,Petey”He smiled and kissed you.It was slow and passionate and said everything you two wanted to say

“Stay the night?Please”You have him that look and he knew he couldn’t say no “Of course,babe.Let me text May.I know she’ll say yes”He grabbed his phone out his pants and began typing away while you sat up

“I can go for some ice cream,movies and cuddles.What do you say,wanna end your birthday with a bang?”You both laughed and he nodded,tossing his phone to the side

“I would love nothing more”

“You pick the movie.I’ll get the ice cream.And just this once I won’t fight on your movie choice.AKA the movie we’ve seen a billion times”You truly founder count the number of times you watched Star Wars with Peter

“Marry me”He sighed jokingly and you winked as you began to exit the room

“Plan to,tiger”Before leaving the room and leaving Peter to fall back with a dreamy sigh. “Yeah me too”He smiled and closed his eyes and thought of you in future with him

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Boyfriend | Peter Parker

Summary:Peter isn’t your boyfriend.And your not his girlfriend.(Very inspired by the Boyfriend music video)

Pairing:College!Peter x College!Reader

Song:Boyfriend by Social House ft.Ariana Grande

I’m a mother fuckin train wreck

I don’t wanna be too much

But I don’t wanna miss your touch

But you don’t seem to give a fuck

I don’t want to keep you waiting

You walked into the frat party you were invited too.More like dragged to by your friend MJ.She wasn’t a party person either but she insisted that the two of you needed a break for your professors and the work load.At first you weren’t to fond of the idea,you much rather stay in bed and watch Netflix and maybe call a certain someone over to keep your mind occupied.But then you reluctantly agreed because of the free drinks they were serving

But I know just what I have to do

And I might not be the one for you

“So I say we hit the bar first and-”Her sentence was cut off when she seen your furrowed eyebrows and lips in a thin line.She followed your stare and let out a small ‘oh’.There stood Peter Parker with little to no space next to Gwen Stacy.You blinked and swallowed harshly.’Whats was he doing here with her?’And as if on cue Peter looked your way but quickly looked away and back to Gwen

But you ain’t about to have no boo

Cause I know we’d be so complicated

Or we’d be so smitten it’s crazy

“Hey let’s-”You quickly saw the guy in your chemistry lecture and tapped him on the shoulder “Brad!”You exclaimed and pulled him in for hug.You could tell he was confused as hell but hugged you anyway probably thinking you were drunk.You peeked over his shoulder to see if Peter was looking at you.He wasn’t

I cant have what I want but neither can you

He was laughing with Gwen as her had was on his chest

You ain’t my boyfriend (boyfriend)

And I ain’t your girlfriend (girlfriend)

You took off running through the crowd.Pushing people out of the way and in full speed ran towards Peter and Gwen.Peter saw you coming and quickly stepped away

But you don’t want me to see nobody else

And I don’t want you to see nobody

You tackled Gwen to the floor and started hitting her and scratching at her.She was able to push you off and start to crawl away.But you grabbed her into a choke hold and her screams started to silence.You noticed the crowd around you but you didn’t care

But you don’t want me to touch nobody

Baby we ain’t gotta tell nobody

You were snapped out of your daydream by MJ snapping in our face “Are you okay?”You looked over and seen Peter glance at you “Yeah,I’m fine”You pulled MJ away before you actually made a scene

Even though you ain’t mine I promise

The way we fight made me honestly feel like we just in love

You wrapped your boa around Harry Osborn as you danced.You purposely did the most to get Peter’s attention who was on the couch.And you did because his eyes were on yours.Jaw clenched and eyes hard.Harry grabbed your waist and said something that made you giggle

Maybe when push comes to shove

Then baby I’m a train wreck too

Peter had enough of seeing you with someone else.He set his drink down and stood up.Ned tried to stop him but it was too late.Peter jogged half way over to you before doing a roll and jumping up then kicking Harry in the face.You took a step back shocked.Peter then reached into Harry’s chest and pulled his heart out.Harry fell dead to the floor

I lose my mind when it comes to you

I take times with the ones I chose

Peter stood and held the heart out to you.You smiled wildly and your eyes were filled with adoration.You stretched out your hand to accept the bloody heart from him

Peter was snapped out of his day dream when Ned tapped him on his shoulder “Your staring”Peter rolled his eyes as he continued to watch you and Harry flirt

And I don’t wanna smile if it ain’t from you

You walked down the stairs of the frat house and seen Peter talking to Liz Allen.You groaned in frustration as she touched his face.

Cause I know we’d be so complicated

Lovin’ you sometimes drive me crazy

You walked down the stairs with a bow in your hand,ready to shoot an arrow

Cause I can’t have what I want and neither can you

You jumped over the railing,pulling back your bow and shooting it at Liz.It going straight through her hand as she screamed in pain and you smiled

Cause you ain’t my boyfriend (boyfriend)

And I ain’t your girlfriend (girlfriend)

You flipped Peter off as he made a shocked face

But you don’t want me to see nobody else

And I don’t want you to see nobody else

You blew a kiss at Peter and he chuckled a bit.You snapped out of your daydream and stood from your leaning position on the railing and got off the top of the stairs

I want to kiss ya

Don’t want to miss ya

I cant be with you,cause I got issues

You seen Peter by himself.He was nursing his beer by the bar and figured this was your time to take him away from the party

Stress high when the trust low

“Hey”You bit your lip as he turned to you.Face easing up when he seen it was just you “Hey,you”

“Wanna go somewhere a bit quieter”You took a step closer.Peter was quick with his answer “Yes”Compared to you,Liz and Gwen were nothing

Bad vibes when the fun go

Try to open up a lot more

Peter grabbed your hand and led you into the master bathroom.He immediately pushed you up against the door and kissed you.You grabbed onto his flannel and pressed your lips harder against his

You ain’t my boyfriend

And you ain’t my girlfriend

I probably wouldn’t see nobody else

But I can guarantee that by myself

You pushed Peter off of you and started to unbutton his flannel and threw it over your head as you kissed him up and down his neck.He pushed down the blazes you were wearing and let it fall down the floor.You bumped into a vase and let it fall to the floor.You both stopped and laughed before Peter grabbed a painting and kicking a hole through it

You let out a loud laugh and swiped everything off the vanity in the corner.Peter picked you up and sat you down on it while he kissed you lovingly.You reached up and took the art and threw it against the wall and let it break into pieces.

You ain’t my boyfriend

You ain’t my boyfriend

You ain’t my girlfriend

You ain’t my girlfriend

Ten minutes later of just kissing Ned and MJ walked in and gasped at the mess.You and Peter sat on the floor and slightly pulled away from each other and tried to act innocent

“I’m not even gonna say anything”MJ sighed and walked out with Ned following behind her

“You are my boyfriend”You giggles

“And you are my girlfriend”He kisses you in between laughs and you

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Does this count as a writers resource? I’m going to count it. ^.^ 


romantic tropes i adore

  • sun and moon
  • princess and knight
  • death and the maiden
  • two royals in a political marriage both invested in the good of their kingdom that develop feelings for each other
  • one showing kindness and the other choosing to become kinder as well, as redemption
  • two damaged, vulnerable people swearing to protect each other no matter what
  • reincarnation, always
  • as much angst as possible with a happy ending, non-negotiable.
  • ancient morally neutral one swayed into love by young mortal upstart
  • going on a fairytale quest to save the other
  • turning into twin stars/flowers/hugging statues/etc even after dying
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Are we really gonna ignore this letter from Tony to Peter they showed at D23? I’m so emotional, so many hints in this that can be broken down

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I Can’t Belive You

Summary: “One second I’m amazing, and the next you’re embarrassed to be seen with me?” Prompt from @sunshinehollandd and @naturallytom

“Cmon,Tom I want to ride the Ferris Wheel”Tom chuckled at your excitement and he was happy he finally got to spend time with you.You two didn’t live in the same country but that didn’t mean he wouldn’t make it work.He liked you,truly liked you.When he saw himself in a couple months or a year he saw you with him.You two were happy and it was all working out.He stopped while you were and just stared at you.He couldn’t believe that he had found someone so perfect

“What?Do I have something on my face”You reached up and started to touch your face but He stopped your.His hands grabbing yours and pulling you close

“No.Its just,you.You are probably the best thing that’s ever happen to me”You blushed and looked down “You are such a sap,Holland”You playfully nudged him and leaned up to kiss him

“Only for you darling.So after the Ferris wheel I was thinking we could go grab something—”He stopped when he seen a group of teenage girls whispering behind you.They were pulling out their phone and trying to make it look like they weren’t filming him.He took a step back and cleared his throat.He didn’t want the public to know about you just yet.You were just a simple girl trying to live your life when his crazy life collided with your normal one.You didn’t deserve to be put in the spotlight all because you were dating him.It wasn’t fair to you that you wouldn’t be able to go to your work without your every move being watched

You noticed the drastic change in the space that was now between you two.He wasn’t looking you in the eye and was now looking for anything to look at besides you “What’s wrong?”You took a step forward and he took a step back.That hurt.

“Did I do something?Do you not want to go on?We don’t have to,I just thought it would be fun”You trailer off.You noticed how Tom only looked up once and that was to look behind you.You turned around and seen a group of teenage girls giggling and pointing their phones in your direction.Oh

“Oh,is it your fans?Im sure they’ll go away”You reached for his hand only for him to pull away and scratch the back of his neck.Like that then,huh.

“Okay.I see how it is Thomas”He cringed at his full name “Have fun”You turned and began to stomp away

“Wait,Y/N”You ignored him and kept walking until you felt a hand on your arm.You tanked it away and turned to face him “Oh,so now you want to touch me”

“No.I mean yes.Look it’s not like that.I swear”He was pleading and hoping you’d let him explain the situation

“Then how is like then Tom?You don’t want to be seen with me out in public,is that it.One second I’m amazing and the next your embarrassed to be seen with me?Some boyfriend you are”You turned again but he ran right in front of you

“Jesus,no-no.I don’t want you to have to be like me.I want you to live exactly the way you did before you met me!I just don’t want you sucked up in this craziness if my life”He was flailing his hands and people were staring at the argument being witnessed

“Well guess what Tom the second you stepped into my life,it was no longer going to be normal.I knew what I was getting into when we started dating and the fact that you think you should ‘protect me’ from your world really shows a lot about you”You turned and started to walk away but he kept following

“Please,please don’t go.Im sorry,okay.Im so so sorry I thought I was doing the right thing.I thought I could try and be with you without the crazy fans or people following our every move.Im sorry,Y/N…I want to be with you and I don’t care about anyone else,please don’t push me away”His throat was starting to constrict and you felt that it was harder to look okay him with every second passing.You closed the small space between you two and hugged him.You heard Tom let out a sigh as he gripped you tight and ran his fingers through your hair,something he knew calmed you

“Thank you.Thank you,babe.I promise—”

“You’re not off the hook Holland,I’m still upset with you.We’re still going to have to talk about this”You pulled back just enough to see his face “Take me home,please”He immediately nodded his head,

“Yes,O-of course.Let’s go”He reached for your hand and this time you didn’t pull back “I never meant to hurt you,I thought I was doing the right thing,I— I promise I’ll make it right.We’ll have that talk as soon as I get you home”He opened his car door for you

“Okay.Thank you”You leaned up and kissed him on the cheek.You looked at him as he crossed over the car and seen his nervous face and you knew that he just did what he thought was right and he wanted to protect you.Even if it did hurt you a little,you knew that the talk would go great and you’d be able to forgive him for making such an idiot decision

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