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corvidii · 6 days ago
literally see roman numerals on a daily basis but still has no clue what i or v or x and stuff mean
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lovesakusa · 5 months ago
"If you like Mitsuya so much, you should've just told me," Baji says under his breath as he watches the way you play the ends of his jacket's collar between your fingers. You cheek settles warmly against his palm. For a moment, Baji forgets his jealousy as he brushes his thumb across your cheek. He wonders if you're cold. It's late, afterall. Do you want to wear his jacket?
Too bad you pissed him off.
You really were fucking with him. Mitsuya knows how to dress. Baji doesn't think he's too bad himself. He knows you're finding all of this amusing. Still, it's irritating, vexing, how easily it was for you to focus on something other than him; unfair with how Baji himself is always distracted whenever your around.
Of course, Baji doesn't think Mitsuya's bike is better than his. He knows he has the best ride in Tokyo. He takes pride in it. But what he wants to know is if you think so, too. Because the image of you sitting on a bike that's not his, with your arms wrapped around someone who's not him, brings forth a level of agression he didn't know was there.
"If you're just fucking with me," he whispers the words with calculation, his fingers trailing a hot path down to the side of your neck. Pretty, he thinks. They move under your chin as Baji aggressively tilts your head up, forcing you to meet his glare. "I'd fuck you right here, on this very parking lot. Raw, while standing, or we could use that wall over there. I'd fuck you nice and slow. For everyone to see. For everyone to know who fucks you good. And maybe Mitsuya would pass by, who knows."
It's tempting, it really is. But Baji is possessive. Fucking you out in the open might just be a step too far for him. Your body is for his eyes and his alone.
However, he decides that there's no harm in teasing you; giving you a good image of what he could give, what he could make you feel should he chose to do so.
You want to be a bitch? Fine. Two can play that game.
His fingers ghosts over the first button of your blouse. He's playful and teasing, and, smugly, he watches as your breathing hitched. "Wouldn't that be nice, Adele?"
— baji
wait hold on, is he baji keisuke, 25, motorcycle mechanic or....? your choice. also are you shorter than baji? i mean he's 5'7 at 15, but now he's 25 👁👁
[literally throwing myself into the VOID] also yes this is a baji keisuke (25) motorcycle mechanic supremacy blog n i’m tall (5′7) so baji (25) motorcycle mechanic is straight up 6′0+ in my universe 😭
he knows it, i know it; it’s in his eyes. we all know i can’t help but play with baji when stars cloud his vision. he’s working through it in his mind, clouded over with envy and jealousy and – is that anger? – while he considers everything i’ve said and everything i won’t say. 
(and it could be termed cute, really, the way he thinks i’d ever look that way in mitsuya’s direction. like he’d ever be something more to me than a charming friend. but i say nothing, because i don’t think i need to.)
besides, there’s not much to say when i'm fixated on his calloused hands as they search for my pulse, when they’re below my chin, when we’re looking at each other eye to eye, really looking, for the first time all evening. i'd fuck you right here, on this very parking lot, he’s saying, but it’s like water on my ears. i'd fuck you nice and slow. for everyone to see.
i should hate it. i should tell him no, that’s simply too much, what would even be the logistics of fucking against a wall like that? but there’s a particular heat spreading through my cheeks and a fire in my abdomen and i can’t say it. it’s not even about the possibility of mitsuya anymore but a certain fascination, a certain desire to know so how would that work, anyway. 
and baji’s never suggested something like it before, possessive man that he is, and i don’t know if he’s really serious, and fuck, i'd like to find out.
so it happens that everything’s on fire and i know i'm utterly fucked when his hands meet my blouse, his favorite, always. wouldn’t that be nice. it would be. and there’s no denying it.
“yeah,” i say, and i thank the stars i've got enough rational left to respond, because when baji speaks like this, the world turns upside down. “i think it would be nice, don’t you? you think anyone else has ever fucked in this parking lot before? reckon we’d be the first?”
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kagasim · 6 days ago
how r u kaga? nothing much just scrolling thru tumblr being indecisive abt which default skin to use. 
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outlier-roddy · a year ago
happy fucking 7 year anniversary to THIS
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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hollypies · a month ago
Tumblr media
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crescent-moon-tea · a year ago
sometimes i feel like that running gag in days where roxas just keeps getting exploding pumpkins lobbed at his face 
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doctor-roman · a year ago
“Yes, I’d like to get a room tonight.”
“Unfortunately, sir, we have sold out, but there are numerous other hotels in the immediate area wh-“
“No!! I was told that you guys would have rooms all week! I want to stay here!”
“Sir, when were you told that we would have rooms available??”
“Last week!”
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triggercmplx · 4 months ago
this is what my brain is like okay-
brain: rewatch black butler
me: hell no i dont wanna deal with all that shit again nope
brain: but grell
me: but-
brain: but grell
me: fuck
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reynier · a year ago
dinadan being one of the only ppl in malory to know other knights by their faces instead of just their heraldry.....he knows their faces.... like it parallels the fact that he SEES them all for who they are and what they are, and, in the end, he dies for it
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