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#charlie shepard

Constellation - Does your Shepard have a family? Are they alive?

Emily is the only one with living family, and that’s just her mom. Lisa and Quinn are Colonists, so they both lost their whole families(parents, 2 siblings, aunt and uncle for Quinn, parents and 3 siblings for Lisa) in the batarian raid. And Charlie’s Earthborn; his parents died when he was young and he didn’t have any siblings or extended family that he knew of. 

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15, 16 and 17 for Charlie! :D

What is something about your OC can make you laugh?

Garrus has definitely shot her(on accident) when she charged a target he had lined up.  

What is something about your OC can make you cry?

Answered,  but in summary, just the loneliness that can occur as an only child with military parents.  I’ve lived with only one parent active and with siblings.  It still sucks a lot.  

Is there some element you regret adding to your OC or their story?

Yeah, going with the control ending. Playing through with her now,I don’t want that for her, even if the power of control the Reapers would intrigue her.  Destroy ending for all my Sheps, I just want (somewhat) happy endings.  

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7, 18, and 21 for Charlie Shepard?

Thank you for the ask! <3

7: What does your OC look for in a friend? Do they value friendship a lot?

Charlie is used to being alone, but she values those who are able to keep a secret and can call her out when she’s being an ass. She’s closest with the original Normandy crew, trust them the most. 

But Charlie still keeps them at a distance. Tali is sweet but doesn’t know how to relate to her. She likes Garrus, sees a lot of herself in him, but he’s a bit too agreeable of her crappier nature.  Wrex and Kaidan both would have been a good friend to her, but she lost them on Virmire.   Her relationship with Liara is complicated after breaking up, and with the Shadow Broker situation has a hard time trusting her again.  So Ashley sort became her number two, even after Horizon. As she was glad to have some see-through Cerberus and stick up for themselves.   

18: Do they have a guilty conscience? Why? Did they ever do something they totally regretted?

The obvious answer would be Torfan definitely weighs heavily on her. But I don’t think she fully realizes that it’s guilt. She still blames Major Kyle for not stepping up, forcing her to be the one to make the call to sacrifice her many of their people.  She doesn’t regret it though, she sees it as a necessary evil, ruthless calculus in a way. 

21: Name an embarrassing situation that your muse has been in.

Charlie has never been embarrassed, she has no shame. That is at least what she will tell others.  

She has an embarrassing behavior in that she has no clue how to flirt with other women. I would say on par with Garrus. 

Can you like completely fail the setting Garrus up on a date scene in the Citadel? I haven’t finished her playthrough, but having Charlie play Cyrano is a set up for disaster.  

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Something i was always upset about with me3 was how Shepard just kinda shrugged off Thane’s death?? Like you’re lover just died can you show SOME emotion? So I wrote this thing, Charlie Shepard the night after Thane died (feat.the best bro Kaidan) 

Charlie had a line of sweat forming on her brow, it trailing down her temples and cheeks. Her knuckles were sore, small bruises showing up on pale skin but she kept going, her fist beating rhythmically against the punching bag. 

By this time in the night cycle everyone was a sleep, everyone except for her. Thoughts kept pushing their way into her head the moment she was alone, so she just kept moving. 

One punch to the bag, two, and three- her chest was heaving searching for a rest, for some air. Dropping her hands to her side she took a deep, shaky breath, and then closed her eyes. The burning citadel filled her vision, the shot landing in Udina’s gut, Kai Leng’s smug face, a blade piercing its way through Thane’s chest-

 A loud “Fuck” escaped her lips and she had she had swung back to the bag, fist glowing with biotics. At the sound of her hand hitting the punching bag it went flying across the shuttle bay floor, sand from inside slipping across the surface. Charlie watched the sand go still before her hands dropped to her sides again. Her legs were giving out on her, knees getting weak and before Charlie knew it she had fallen to the ground. She was heaving, holding back the tears. She didn’t cry- 

Commander Shepard didn’t cry. 

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Nebula - Who is your Shepard’s best friend?

Charlie’s absolute ride together die together best friend is her “twin” turian brother, Sammus Veros. They’re on the same wavelength of brilliance and the same amplitude of annoying mischievous memelord streetrat dorks. 

Of course, the longer she spends with the Normandy crew with her brother more than simply out of reach, she grows to love and depend on Tali and Garrus above everyone else. She’s in love with Garrus, madly, and he is just as idiotically in love with her. However no matter what title they have romantically, they’re best friends first and foremost, and it shows with their very “bromantic” banter, rivalry, and inside jokes. 

Shepard Ask Meme

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Dark Nebula + Moon

Dark nebula - Is there something they’d change about their past?

Charlie Shepard is a very close follower of the “things don’t happen without a reason” mentality. She wants to believe it with all her heart. Despite this, she’s the kind of person who thinks she wouldn’t change anything, but given the chance, she would have avoided a horribly abusive relationship she’d been in after she’d been the sole survivor of the Akuze Massacre. She’d try to save everyone she could, all the comrades and innocents and loved ones she’d witnessed perish.  

Moon - Did your Shepard have any dreams as a child? (dream job, plans for future etc)

Charlie really just wanted to make things better for her family and the other people living in the poverty of the under city. She’s a simple woman and she was a simple girl. All she could ever want was the people around her, the ability to make sure they were happy and healthy, justice for her people, and to find new tech challenges whenever an opportunity presented itself. All except for the latter just wasn’t meant to be, not for Charlie. 

If she ever had a dream that was just for herself, not born of her relationship with others, it would be to venture the stars. She wanted to be the wonderful, altruistic person her birth mother was, but also to experience the thrilling space adventures her adopted mother had lived as a reality. 

Shepard Ask Meme

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1. Pick one of your characters.
2. Fill in the questions/statements as if you are being interviewed for an article.

1. What is your name?
Charlie-Aasfa Shepard

2. What is your real name?
I mean… my surname used to be Farid, but it’s Shepard now, so…. yeh, Charlie-Aasfa Shepard.

3. Do you know why you are named that?
Turian mom liked Charlie. Not sure why. My other mom wanted me to have a given Muslim name, and thought Aasfa would reflect the kind of person she wanted me to be. I gave myself Shepard, reminds me of my mom, of what’s important, you know?

4. Are you single or taken?
I am QUITE taken with one helluva handsome turian <3  Or maybe he’s taken with me? I have beaten him at like everything he likes, “men like it when you’re better than them at something they love” 

5. Have any abilities or powers?
Sure, every fully trained Alliance soldier has a class. Before my commanding days, I was an Engineer. Before I joined the Alliance, back on Earth, I…. /might/ or might not have become an expert in manipulating programs and tech…. But you don’t know that, capiche? Thanks, Champ~

6. Stop being a Mary Sue.
*insert horrible southern accent* Oh my lucky stars, because i am such a meek and stupid lady i just don’t know what to do without fine gentlemen guiding my frail lil’ mind about. Them big ol’ reapers just swoon at the sight of an appealin’ special snowflake such as yours truly!

7. What’s your eye color?
Iunno? Blue? –ish Purple?

8. How about your hair color?
You know i get that question a lot and i honestly don’t know why people are so riveted by the idea of what’s under here, but it’s just brown guys. I promise, no rainbow mohawke goin on behind the scenes…. though that would be fun and i mean i guess no one would know???

9. Have you any family members?

oh, that was a real question. Yeah, i have a huge family. Lots of siblings, nieces, nephews. One mom,– I think? V, I don’t really know what she’s up to, if anything. 

10. Oh? What about pets?
I was never allowed to have one ;< but Sammy (my turian brother, close in age) and i tried to take home a pigeon from central park once. Mom was so scared when it was flapping around, it was hilarious… i mean until we got in trouble with V.

11. Now tell me about something you don’t like?
Human government. Sounds ironic, i guess, being a spectre or wtf ever. But every reason other species have for being prejudiced against us is justified. We’re around for what? 20, 30 years? Don’t even try to learn about other cultures or integrate ourselves at all, and then demand a form of rule. Sounds like the manifest destiny bullshit that’s putted our shitty society along since the Europeans decided to start sticking their noses where they didn’t belong. 

12. Do you have any hobbies/activities you like?
Yep! I like to tinker. They don’t like me working on maintenance around the ship, but i love it. It’s fun to fix things. I like working on systems as well, but EDi takes the fun out of it and won’t let me get creative with it. Sometimes i’ll pre-create data-mining devices for upcoming hacking-related missions.

I also love dancing, parkour, skateboarding, sparring, boxing, exercising, running…. pretty much anything physical. I always got my tunes playing, too!

13. Ever hurt anyone before?
Yeah, it’s part of the job lmao. I got caught up in some unfortunate gang activity and even got involved in some protests gone awry back on earth. 

14. Ever killed anyone?
You don’t become an N7 by asking the bad guys nicely to pretty please maybe not do that.

15. What kind of animal are you?
Ohhh! I dunno, when i was little my brother and I used to chase the alleycats around trying to be them so??? I guess that. Though I’ve never really thought about it! I grew up in the Undercity, so I guess i haven’t really studied animals much. 

16. Name your worst habits.
Heh, well, I like to serenade people, and that annoys them, but i do that on purpose. I guess my bad habits are fiddling with peoples weapons and programming without asking. I also am funny in times that people never ever appreciate it, but that’s their fault, not mine. Look i’m a goddamn delight. 

17. Do you look up to anyone at all?
I’m surrounded by people who inspire me. My superiors, V, Sammus, and all my comrades who have stuck by me through thick and thin. They all have their strengths that i know i could learn from. I could become a better person if i give them the chance to teach me.

18. Gay, straight, or bisexual?
Hm. Not really any of those. To be specific, I could be attracted to any gender of any species, i don’t like to say anything’s impossible. Though i’m not really into human cis men…. also I can’t quite picture myself with an Elcor… or a Hanar… or… you know this question is too complicated, can you throw it out?? 

19. Did you go to school?
I was homeschooled as a kid. If you can call it that. But it was more than enough. And of course I attended the Academy. 

20. Do you ever want to marry and have kids one day?
Absolutely, despite everywhere i’ve traveled, all the people i’ve met, and all the places i’ve been, settling down and having my own family sounds like the most amazing and compelling adventure yet.

21. Do you have fanboys/fangirls?
Ehhhhhhghhhhhh…. tragically. I don’t… like it? It’s weird to be fanatic over someone doing their job. I do this because i love the adventure, because i love the people, because a life doing anything else wouldn’t be one worth living. As hard as this gets, I could never live a life outside service. I could never spend too long grounded. Space… that’s my home. If someone likes me, I’d rather they just treat me like a person. Half the time they’re probably let down by what a dork i am.

22. What are you most afraid of?
Losing hope. Losing what I’ve got to live for. Losing everything…. so… Loss, i guess. 

23. What do you usually wear?
At work, my engineering uniform and a black hijab. On shore leave, i like to coord some dark, layered, edgy clothes with some serious heels and colorful scarves. I like bracelets and rings, I remember where each one came from. 

24. Do you love someone?
WHO TOLD YOU? hopefully literally everyone because I scream it to the world every goddamn day. But in case you didn’t get the memo, i am madly and completely in love with my best friend in the cosmos and comrade in every fight, Garrus Vakarian. 

25. When was the last time you wet yourself?
Pfff, before I can remember, V didn’t really like a lot of the stuff human bodies do. Mom was nice about it but i think I’d wake up just to avoid V getting on my case.

26. Well, it’s not over yet!
… What isn’t over, wetting myself? I mean yeah i guess i die a lot and your bowels release naturally, or so i’m told. Which is kind of weird and gross…. man humans really are weird.

27. What class are you? (high class, middle class, low class)
I guess…. high class? Spectres and Commanders are paid well. It’s weird to think about, though. I grew up with five siblings and my parents in a dinky two bedroom apartment in Under-Harlem, New York.

28. How many friends do you have?
I have many close friends. Once my trust is earned, it’s rarely lost.

29. What are your thoughts on pie?
sign me thE FUCK. UP. Like??? I’ll enter a contest if it means i get to have as much as i want??? good? good!

30. Favorite drink?
The alcoholic kind. That’s some good shit.

31. What’s your favourite place?
There’s this bridge that my brother and I used to climb way up onto the beams of to look over the ocean at night. I think about it whenever I want to give up.

32. Are you interested in someone?
I mean I love Garrus but if my girl Tali was game to play it would H A P P E N. 

33. What’s your bra cup size and/How large is your penis?
Aheh. That’s cute.

34. Would you rather swim in a lake or the ocean?
Lake, the Ocean is filled with some scary shit?? I’m not quite fond of large bodies of water at all. I barely had time to learn how to stay afloat at all before N7 training. Just so i didn’t… you know. Drown. And die.

35. What’s your type?
Someone who can be funny and goof around. Someone who can dance with me without being embarrassed. Someone who listens to my music and plays video games with me. Someone honest, and intellegent, who doesn’t get pushed around or give up easily.

36. Any fetishes?
Yep. Doesn’t everyone? You ain’t slick.

37. Seme or uke? Top or bottom? Dominant or submissive?
Bitch you guessin’. 

38. Do you like camping?
Yeah! It’s fun, i never got to do it much before joining the Alliance. I hardly had been out in nature at all before then. But i like the quiet, and the air, and the peace. I like drinking with friends in the middle of nowhere and feeling like we’re the only people in the galaxy.

39. Are you wanting the quiz to end?
Yeh, i prefer conversations to getting drilled with questions. Besides I really /really/ like listening, too! Learning about other people is so fulfilling!

So if anyone else wants to do this, feel free to say I tagged you. Because at this point I don’t remember who I tagged and who has OCs they want to talk about.
@actualhawke @whalebonerunes

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★ ★ ★ ;")

Okay *cracks knuckles* I’m gonna do one fact each about three characters, because I wanna talk about as many of my babies as possible. B)


**Trinne has two younger siblings she doesn’t know exist. When she was taken to the Circle, there was just her, Simone(older), and Isla(younger). Now there’s also Levi and Vera(not twins, but they’re only 11 months apart, so everyone assumes they are). Oh, and Isla also turned out to be a mage. :’)

**Jaaide is deaf. Technically. That’s what her cybernetic implants are for. You can’t really see with her new hairstyle, but the implants run along each side of her jaw and up around the back of her ears. They’re really good too; voices sound pretty much exactly the way they would if she was hearing them normally, not much distortion or “tinnyness”. It pays to have a high-ranking parent. :P

**Charlie(Shepard; haven’t talked about him much here yet) may suck at more modern club-type dancing, but he is an expert at ballroom dancing. The tango is his favorite, especially with Jack. :3 He learned his senior year of high school, trying to impress a girl he liked. Wound up having an argument with said girl that escalated to blows(she threw the first punch) about a totally unrelated issue before he could tell her. She broke his nose, he broke the juvie equivalent of parole(ah, my gangbanger son…) and wound up joining the Alliance military to avoid actual jail time for assault. (Even if he never actually hit her bc she was a quick minx, it’s frowned upon when a 6-foot, 200 pound senior tries to hit a girl–regardless of who threw the first punch or if the girl in question was on the school boxing team) His dancing abilities are something he never tells anyone about, except Jack and maybe one or two very, very close friends.

Doing these.

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For the Injured Starter Prompts thing: “Look on the bright side. You’re alive, aren’t you?” for Charlie ;)

ah yes my reckless shitty child

When Charlie’s senses finally returned to her, the first thing she could feel was sharp jabs in her shoulder and gut, like knives digging into her skin. The taste of blood and iron filled her mouth as she dug her teeth into her bottom lip, keeping herself from screaming. She tried to move her arm, testing to see how bad it was, but even a twitch of her fingers made her vision go white and a cry of agony force past her lips.

“She’s waking up- goddamn it Krios get that armor off her”

Zaeed? Turning her gaze from the ceiling she could make out the older man’s bulky shape as he leaned against the door to the pilot’s seat, tapping his hand on the frame impatiently, yelling at the on board comm. The shuttle-How had they gotten to the shuttle? Charlie took a deep, shaky breath, they had been fighting Blue Suns-had it been Blue Sun’s? Or Eclipse? 

“What do you remember?” Thane asked, carefully unlatching the chest piece, trying not to disturb where the bullets had entered.

“Little- but obviously my barriers weren’t up when I charged” Charlie hissed, her teeth clenched “-fuck’s sake-don’t we have medi-gel?”

“It will be more effective if applied directly to the wound.” He glanced up at her, she couldn’t see the state her armor was in, but it was enough to worry him “What else can you recall?”

She swallowed, squeezing her eyes shut as he worked around the armor. “I-I uh- didn’t count for the sniper, to focused on the biotic-”

Charlie cry out as her chest plate was pried from her, the under layer sticky with blood and pulling on her wound. All coherent thoughts she had a moments ago were replaced by the splitting pain filling her body from her skull to her toes. Thane placed a hand on her forehead, running circles above her eyebrow with his thumb as he started to apply medi-gel over the wounds on her shoulder and by her hip. It took a few moments before her breathing became less ragged, and her heartbeat had the chance to regain its normal pace.

“How bad?” She was able to get out, squeezing Thane’s hand once he was done apply what was left of the teams medi-gel.

“It is hard to tell the damage without a proper Doctor. Two bullet wounds, shattered collarbone and possibly internal bleeding from the lower shot, but we can’t be sure.” Thane said eyes hardly leaving her.

“Look on the bright side. You’re alive, aren’t you?”  Zaeed said, closing the comm and looking back at her, a grin spreading on his face.

Charlie tried to laugh, regretting it immediately as her body started to convulse into a series of coughs. Clearing her throat, she collapsed onto the cold metal floor of the shuttle, letting the medi-gel work it’s way into her systems, thankful for the relief. 

“I hate mercenaries.”

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