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#desiree talks

Ughh I’ve been thinking about typing up this long ass theory post about Hanako and his brother but I cant get myself to do it

First I wanted to reread the manga and gather any information/interactions regarding the twins before and after they died and then work around that bc I dont want to make a post and have it unraveled bc I missed a detail (already happened like 3 times at a smaller scale)

Also i have a lot of potential thoughts and I want to make it readable and with citations. Not just word vomit bc that wont be useful for me if i want to check back on something

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I remember being literally shocked when Genya pulled a fucking gun out before a battle. I was so used to everyone using swords that I was seriously caught off guard

Around the same time I was binging My Hero Academia and it was late into the first season and the same shit happens when cowboy hero teacher’s power is literally GUN

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Well that’s disappointing. I got a notification from Manga Rock that Ijousha no Ai updated and I went to go read it and there isnt an update

It hasn’t updated since someone sniped the ending last October I think and the last person to translate it hasnt continued RIP

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So i was going though my likes to clear out posts since tumblr is updating the desktop site (I suddenly got it recently and mildly freaked out) and its just all endless scrolling so no pages to keep my spot for later

Anyways i found out that since i stopped being active back in 2018, i only have like 300 pages to go through so thats actually not as bad as i thought. I actually hope to be active again since im back into fandom stuff again sorta

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Hearing the characters wishing Masumi happy brithday on the homescreen just reminded me of a faster way to fill in my name chart. So now I should be done with it later tonignt.

Just before remembering I can just use the birthday messages, I had about 400ish out of 576 names filled in (the final count also includes their use of “I” so Ore or Boku).

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