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80hd-tv · 2 minutes ago
there so much fucking liquid on my plate
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times-like-these · 4 minutes ago
Film bros getting mad about Letterboxd being full of joke reviews is so hilarious like, it’s essentially a social media site. If you want serious film criticism and discussion, seek those things out instead of complaining that all the users on this singular platform don’t cater to what you want
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stillinthatweirdfaze · 5 minutes ago
the biggest anomaly in our modern world is buffet style breakfasts. to enter into one as a small child or adolescent is to acquire a power that of a god, because there‘s just cupcakes and fondue and shit left over from the dinner buffet and no one’s gonna tell you shit if you just go up and eat it at 9 am on a Monday morning. To enter a breakfast buffet as an adult or (for some) a teen is to be immediately unsettled and uncomfortable for no reason at all.
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bluelueblueblueblue-oh-no · 6 minutes ago
I'm sorry but I think you mistook my question, I wasn't talking about aedsmp au, I was talking about the normal dream smp. And since your version is quite different i was wondering how they met?
(Since in Canon there's been suggestions wilbur is implied to have taken Tommy in, as Wilbur acted like a Big Brother Mentor before his mental health started to decline, and Ghostbur even claims that he named Tommy when he was alive.)
Aahhhh! Okey!
Wilbur was send to Ireland, as a way to protect him from the war (since he was son of a war criminal), there he meet the SMP Earth council (Chipp) who give him a job in the courtroom. As his first job he had to do boring town stuff, as making sure that the weird kid in the end of the town didn't get himself or others in problems.
Tommy was the weird the kid.
Tommy caused a lot of trouble, so they meet a lot, and end up creating a "sibling" relationship.
Tommy even got a job in the courtroom, even trough he was like 15, and end up working together a lot.
Together they build a rail system.
Until the Antarctic Trial, where Tommy end up on DSMP (thanks to the rail system) and Wilbur escape with Sally.
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littlenbybug · 7 minutes ago
*sees you resharing stuff about DID and movies that treat it with really bad reputation* finn my beloved /p
it's tooth, btw. hi \o/
O hello man i missed you
And yeah of course I'm really fucking tired of the just horrible representation of it in media I just
Tumblr media
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keiffeine · 8 minutes ago
does that mean that you threw them away 😟😟 or did you just forget to unpack them
no i just started unpacking them ☝️😁
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backdoorbertl · 8 minutes ago
Reiner: Rock bottoms will teach you lessons that mountain tops never will.
Bertholdt: Aw, Rei. That's so sweet, I'm glad I could teach you something.
Reiner: ... That's not what I-... You know what, fuck it. Yeah Bertl, you taught me a lot of lessons.
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80hd-tv · 9 minutes ago
comic sans is my favorite font it is beautiful I love it it’s easier 2 read
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reidemandweep · 11 minutes ago
i laugh every time i see kate and spencer’s first interaction
“what u don’t twerk?”
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the-witty-pen-name · 11 minutes ago
So happy too see you back and i'm really looking forward to reading your WIPs!!!! 🥺 But do take all the time you need and update just whenever you feel lime it! Lots of loveee 💕💕💕
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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