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Where’s that one post that goes something like

“swear words are now banned, anyone who swears will be in big trouble”


“you’re on thin fucking ice. Wait”

I need it for something

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This or that game

Bold your preference

ancient or modern · bitter or sweet · chocolate or vanilla · coffee or tea  · create or destroy · day or night · early bird or night owl · freckles or dimples · gold or silver · Greek mythology or Egyptian mythology · macarons or eclairs · hot or cold · thunder or lightning · typewritten or handwritten · secret garden or secret library · spicy or mild · dark magic or light magic · virtue or vice · ocean or desert · mermaids or sirens · known or unknown · rough or smooth · moon or stars · rain or snow

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Read at your own risk

What’s up I’m bored. I like giving advice so ask me a lot of stuff. And talk to me. Quarantine is getting to me. I should meet new people. I’ll listen to drama, shit going on, funny stuff. You know how it be. Talk to me I’m bored. Anytime. Ever. Please. Thanks.

I don’t normally hashtag stuff.

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Alright so uh my headcanon voices so far based off my music taste and all hcs are for funsies

Arlaka - Me :-)

Fuvenk - Artic Monkeys

Parmex - Mother Mother

Daynir - Jack Conte

Nurrix - Mitski? (Pitched down??)

Sixer - P!NK(?)

Z - Lemon Demon perhaps??

Viakhe - Mxmtoon

Kelari - Blanks??? (Pitched up??)

Ollver - C,,Cavetown

Loxvoc - BANNERS (Pitched up a bit?)

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Hi people, how are you? Are you also starting to freak out with this quarantine? I have anxiety and it is very difficult to deal with all this, can we talk a little? if anyone has tips to tell me how to soften this, it will be very welcome! ;)

Oi gente, como vocês estão? Também estão começando a surtar com essa quarentena? Eu tenho ansiedade e é muito difícil lidar com tudo isso, podemos conversar um pouco? se alguém tiver dicas para me dizer como amenisar isso, vai ser muito bem vindo! ;)

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what do you say to someone who feels like life is purposeless and wants to die but you don’t wanna say the cliche shit like life gets better. because that doesn’t make anyone feel better cause like yeah, it can get better and then probably just get worse so that doesn’t help. and assuring her that i care about her isn’t working but i didn’t really expect it to because that sentiment has never helped me either, like i don’t care how many people care about me that doesn’t make being alive any easier or more worthwhile bc i don’t wanna be here. but like what do i say to her??? she doesn’t even wanna talk about it so it’s not like i can listen to her vent. she’s posted suicidal shit before and obviously been fine but i try to take it seriously every time of course, i just can’t imagine what i would do if i just left her alone and one day found out she was gone

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not even @ my professor literally emailing me and asking me how i got a good grade on the online test i took this morning,,, motherfucker it was an online test for a class i dont give a single shit abt, how do you THINK i got a good grade??

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Girls I daydream about being my girlfriend (not necessarily my bias) from each of my bias groups:

Wjsn: eunseo

Loona: Kim lip

Dreamcatcher: gahyeon/siyeon

Red velvet: yeri

Twice: nayeon

Aoa: Jimin

Clc: seungyeon

Rocket punch: yunkyoung they are all underage I think looking back on it so never mind

SNSD: Taeyeon

Fiestar: jei

Stellar: minhee/hyoeun

Exid: hani

2NE1: CL

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