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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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I love how musicals are like “how can we make the struggles of a white woman just as impactful as those going through actual shit”

White women: I’m having a mental breakdown because my husbands gay. I’m being discriminated against for being blonde. I never got my time in the limelight so I’ll live vicariously through my children. I’m an old dying cat.

POC women: I’m literally dying and my entire race has been persecuted for centuries.

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do y'all remember when i did all those it/dolly parton parallels.. that but it’s ian/dolly bc he’s literally my emotional support character

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lord please guide me with your strength to not execute my horniness in my own written smut for my online classes will start within 6 minutes and im about to go fucking insane because all I want is jotaro and his everything


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araki kicking jotaro out of his depression cave in time for stocean: its time child

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#sayTHEIRname #littlehouseontheprairie #1977 the depth of #racism hasn’t changed… There is so much more that lies beneath.
• #blacklivesmatter #livesmatter

Mental wear and tear from the #cradletothegrave , the recognition that skin color determines your life expectancy.

Thank you @urbanthrowbacks for sharing this. 💜
#Honestlyspeaking #mediamakersnyc #music #movie #film #video #creative #honestlyamandajane #podcast #honestlysoulmuze #justsoulmuze #talk #canitalk #soulspiration #mysoulspeaks #soulmuze #lifecoach #soulfullyyours #soulstory (at The Great Divide)

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smooth songs with guitar riffs are josuke vibes. dunno what it is they just are babye!!!

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