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#jack daniels

Im loving this. Pumpkin pie is my absaloute favorite pie.

Warnings: Jack being a cutie, jack making a mess in the kitchen, Jack is a warning just on his own.


Y/n had been baking all day. She had gotten out the old and dusty recipe books from her mother, made by her great-grand mother’s mother. Jack had woken up early to the smell of pumpkin, and the clattering of cutlery, pans and bowls.

As jack walks down the stairs, only his boxers and a pear of sweatpants on. He smiles when he sees his fiance in the kitchen, reading one of the cook books that she had set out. “one and one third cups of all pourpose flower… salt… shortening…” Y/n listed the ingredients off one by one, grebbing them from the cupboards and cabinets or from the pantry and fridge.

When she finally had all the ingredients she needed out, including the Pumpkin that she had Jack buy from the local pumpkin patch, she felt his presence, and she spun around. Jack met her eyes, and he shot her a lopsided smile, stalking forward and taking the female into his arms. She relaxed into his old, breathing in his scent. “Hey darlin’ whatcha makin’?” Jack asked, hushed as he whispered it by her ear.

The female in his hold shivered, and she pulled away from his hold slightly so she could look up at him. “Pumpkin pie… Do you want to help me?” Y/n asks him, Jack nods, and Y/n’s smile grows bigger as she slips out from his grip. “Okay! Pumpkin pie is kinda complicated. We seperate the wet from the dry. YOu can handle the dry, ill take care of the wet ingredients. Okay?” Y/n asked him, grabbing two metal bowls, Placing one on the kitchen island, along with all the dry ingredients.

Jack nodded, determinations spread over his face, and he took the electric mixing tools that Y/n handed him, along with a spatula. “Once were done with the wet and dry ingredients, were going to open up the pumkin and carve everything out. Save the seeds! I’m going to roast them.” Y/n directed, already starting with the wet ingredients.

Y/n turned on the radio, playing some of hers and Jacks favorite music as they worked. She heard the ocasional grunt, but when he cursed quietly, she turned around. Jack had somehow gotten the dry mixture all over his face and in his hair, and of course, all over his chest. Y/n giggled lightly, and she wet a cloth for him to clean himself with.

Jack muttered a thank you as he cleaned up his chest and face with the cloth, muttering to himself as he placed the cloth in the sink. Y/n silenced his muttering with a soft kiss on his lips, then on his cheek before she continued with what she was doing.

Jack and Y/n completed with the wet and dry ingredients without any more complications. “Can you grab the Pumpkin?” Y/n asked him, grabbing a saw like knife from the knife rack, along with a pumpkin scraper she bought from the store a couple years ago. Jack nodded, and he grabbed the pumpkin that was placed on the floor by the island. It was a big pumpkin, and it was fuckin’ heavy too.

Jack placed it on the counter gently, and Y/n thanked him with a light kiss on his shoulder. She cut open the top of the pumpkin, and she placed the top on a dish, scraping off the strings into a seperate bowl. She handed Jack the scraper. “All the insides go into one big bowl, then start carefully seperating as many seeds as you can.” Y/n instructed, turning around an dplacing the knife in the sink. Jack glanced at her. “What are you gunna do?” He asked.

Y/n smiled at him, and she grabbed a large metal bowl from the fridge. “I’m rolling out the crust.” She stated, quickly cleaning off the counter with all the ingredients she had used, placing them back in their designated spots. She sprinkled a bit of powdered sugar down on the counter before tipping the bowl and pulling all the doe out of the metal bowl.

That was alot of doe.

“How many pies are you makin’ darlin’?” Jack asked her, and Y/n chuckled. “Just two. One is for The Kingsman, the other is for us after dinner.” Y/n told him, she started kneeding the doe, ocasionally sprinkling powdered sugar to keep it from sticking. When she finished, she seperated it into equal halves, and she pulled out two circular pie pans. Over with Jack, his right had was absaloutly covered in pie guts, and he had somehow gotten it on the floor, and all over the counter, and even on his face, and more in his hair.

When Jack was done gutting the pumpkin, he washed his hands, not liking the feeling of the pumpkin guts. “Do you do this every autumn?” Jack asked her, and she hummed in affirmation. Jack grunted. “Gutting a pumkin is gross.” He stated, which made her laugh. “You’ll get used to it Jack dear, as long as your with me that is.” Y/n smiled, and she went back to working on making the crust.

Jack placed the pumpkin off to the side, and he started seperating the seeds from the guts, shivering at the feel of the guts. Y/n soon finished putting the egg and butter base over the crust, and she sprinkled some pumpkin spice over the crust too.

Y/n turned around to check on Jack, and her eyes widened. The mess he was making was absaloutly catastophic. “Jack!” Y/n exlaimed. He looked over at her, then he looked around him at the mess he made. “Oh..” Jack trailed off. Y/n shook her head and she laughed. “My lord, Jack! finish up what your doing, then ill help you clean up.” Y/n was still trying to get over her giggling fit. Jack grumbled out an apology, smiling when he felt her arms around his waist. Y/n pressed a kiss between his shoulder blades, and she reste dher head on his shoulder. “It’s okay to make messes Jack. It’s part of the fun.” Y/n stated, pressing a few kisses to his neck and jawline before she let go.

“Come on, a few more seeds then we can throw out the guts.” The female told him. Jack nodded, and he quickly went through the last few seeds, throwing them with the other seeds. Jack then tossed the pumpkin guts in the garbage, a sigh of relief escaping his lips. Y/n then came back with a mop in her hands.

She helped Jack clean up the floor, then the counter. She placed the seeds to the side with the other ingredients, and then she mopped the floor. After the counter’s were cleaned up. Y/n grabed the pumkin, and she cut it into smaller chunks. She then placed the pieces into a large pot which had boiling water in it. She and Jack waited untill the pumpkin softened. Once it did, Y/n drained the water, and she placed the cut pieces into a mixing bowl. She grabbed the potato masher, and she started mashing up the pumpkin. She threw in the dry ingredients and the wet ingredients, and she mixed it all together. Mashing it thuroughly untill it made the pumpkin paste that she needed for the pie.

Jack then helped her pour half into one pan, and the other half in the other. Once the two pies were done, and ready to go in the oven, Y/n started to put all the dishes she used inside the dishwasher that she had cleaned and emptied prior to making the pie.

The oven beeped to signify that it was ready for the Pies. So jack carefully placed each pie into the oven, closing the door with a soft sigh. He then helped Y/n put the dirty dishes away. When everything was done, the counters were cleaned and everything was put away (minus the pumkin seeds), Y/n and Jack went into the shower, and she cleaned his hair, and his body, he did the same to her. And by the time they were done, so were the pies.

The couple walked back into the kitchen, and Jack watched as Y/n slipped on the oven mits, pulling out the two pies and placing them on a cooling rack. Jack walked up behind her, and he wrapped his arms around her waist. Pulling her against him. “Come on sweetheart… Lets go lay down…” Y/n felt him smirk from behind her, and she rolled her eyes, but nodded nonetheless.


Perminant tag list: @thegreenkid @f0rever15elf @paintballkid711 @chicken-ona-stick

just message me if you would like to be added to the tag list!

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Baby Come Back to Me

@jura-moon Inspired me to write in a gentle way, so I sat down and this song came on and here it is. 

Jack Daniels x Fem!Reader

Summary: Jack worries he’s not enough for you. Angst with a happy and hopeful ending.

Tags: @tiffdawg @cinewhore @jura-moon my sweet darlings I am spamming you with ♥️

Word Count: 1050, just a sweet little thing

Inspired by “It Was You (Baby Come Back)” by Wild Belle. You should listen during or after, it’s a beautiful song & sets the mood. :)


It was a long day. Too fucking long. The weight of the freshly completed mission settled itself deep into his bones. It permeates into his muscles, drips into his blood, weighing every crevice of him down. He can’t shake this one from his soul. It’s been too long since he’s had a chance to rest, a chance to reset himself back to the Jack Daniels everyone knew and begrudgingly loved. The cocky swagger, the charming grin permanently affixed to his face, the trademark Stetson perched on his head. Now, he felt like a shadow of that man. One mission after another after another, building a pile of darkness around him until he looked up and realized he couldn’t see the stars. His North Star; you. You’ve been away on business the last few months, off galavanting across the world with your team. The time difference changed almost every day, making it easier to rely on brief texts here and there. But you were gone for so long and the world was getting darker every day. He hated it. It was reverting back to what it looked like before he met you, when he was a different man. A man who didn’t believe that another person could come into his life and shatter what he thought he knew. A man who didn’t understand that the ability to love is inherent in us all, no matter how much trauma and pain has tried to convince us otherwise. A man who resigned himself to a time when he’d be alone after all the steady stream of women dried up. A man lost, a man bereft, a man alone. 

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soooooo I hit a follower milestone!!!

in celebration, I am going to open up writing prompts until November 1st.

I will write for

  • Agent Whiskey
  • Din Djarin
  • Marcus Pike
  • Pero Tovar
  • Ezra
  • Maxwell Lord
  • Dave York

I’ll write fluff, I’ll write smut, I’ll write neither of those things if it’s in the request- so please send me stuff!

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Hi folks! This is my side-blog where I will publish stories and try to improve my English and my writing skills this way (because I’m German and I’m studying English, I am thinking about becoming an author later).

I want to start with prompts. I kind of want to force myself to write every day, so the prompts might not be extremely long, some might be drabbles, others could be a little longer. But the goal for me is to publish something new once a day. I hope you are okay with that. :)

When I feel like I can do bigger projects then I will let you know so that you can send in submissions/asks for bigger stories - these will take longer then of course. :)

For now, you can send in asks/submissions for the following characters/persons:

- Jack Daniels/Agent Whiskey

- Ezra (the Prospect) - I will try my best to make Ezra sound as eloquent as possible, this will def be a challenge for me.

- Din Djarin/The Mandalorian

- Javier Peña

I know the list is very short, but at this starting point I’d like to keep it small. When I am feeling more confident about my writing then I’ll add more characters.

Also: I will not write any smut (yet) or death scenes. I don’t feel very comfortable about writing such sequences, because I am a bit of a perfectionist and such scenes require good writing skills which I not yet have. Smut will be added later as well - I will let you know when I’m ready for that! :P

Another thing: Inclusivity is very important and I know first-hand how frustrating it is to read stories that aren’t very inclusive (I am a plus size woman). So I will write gender neutral stories and I will try my best to exclude things such as hair colour, skin colour, etc. so that everyone feels included! But if you have certain wishes (e.g. if you specifically want Y/N to be plus size, blind, anorexic, etc.) I will include that into the prompt. Just mention it in your submission. :)

I appreciate every bit of advice! As I said, this is some sort of exercise for me to get better over time and I will gladly accept any advice you can give me. :)

Looking forward to seeing your asks/submissions!

love, Alex :)

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Jack ‘Whiskey’ Daniels x Gin x Nanny (Fem!Reader)

Rating: Explicit

Description: A week after you accidentally catch Jack and Gin in a compromising situation, you try to maintain your composure around the intoxicating couple

Word count: 5,366 (God forgive me); not beta read, we live and die by the sword

Warnings: Smut: fingering, oral (m receiving), praise, rough sex, penetration (PIV), voyeurism, cum eating, one (1) spit, naughty language, 18+

(A/N): Z’s Whiskey x Gin series was the first one to pull me into this fandom, so writing for them now is truly a weird feeling, but I adored every moment of writing this. I think this is absolutely my favorite that I have ever written. Big thanks to @pedropasscals, as usual, for reading a redacted portion without knowing what is was for validation that is was okay and, of course, to @zeldasayer for her beautiful, dreamy 1970′s AU I never knew I needed. 



With Levon’s door closing with a soft click behind you, the weariness from the day starts to set in as you sag against it with a sigh. It had been a series of busy days with the children’s father returning from weeks away, their mother’s last minute announcement of a party, and all the preparations needed on top of watching the two little dears. Your employers, who recently told you to simply call them Jack and Gin in private, had hosted a luncheon that, as usual, became a cocktail party to celebrate the wrap of filming on his latest picture. Famed actors, esteemed fellow directors, and celebrities of all sorts had filled their lavish villa with conversation and flitting laughter.

Gin swept gracefully between guests, slit sage skirt and sleeves flowing behind her as if she was forever caught in a light breeze. A natural ease about her as she entered and exited conversations with effervescent laughter bubbling past her painted lips like the champagne in her glass. Elton trailed behind her dutifully, trying sweetly to mimic her mother’s cultivated movements and getting flustered when she was pulled into conversations as Gin bragged her daughter’s talents and beauty to any guest within hearing distance. More than once the girl came to you pouting, little flower crown drooping down her head, frustrated that she was not as good at playing hostess like her mother. 

Jack sat amongst the others gathering in the sunken living room wearing a double-breasted suit with a high collar and warm striped linen shirt, barely buttoned so his chest was fully exposed, nursing his usual tumbler of whiskey as he captivated them with grand stories. One strong arm stayed in constant, smooth motion as he narrated his tall tales while the other large hand rested on the back of little Levon perched on his knee with rapt adoration. It wasn’t long until the boy was thoroughly worn out from all the excitement and his father laid him back so the toddler could curl tightly against his chest, booming voice transitioning to a honeyed warmth so as not to wake him. He then let others take up the storytelling, often being distracted by lovingly stroking his son’s wild curls and soft doughy cheeks as he slept.

You didn’t miss the devotion the couple easily displayed toward each other. She would, like clockwork, come stand behind him and lean down to drape her arms around his neck requesting stories and whispering secrets in his ear that made his smile upturn devilishly. He’d seek her out, wrapping his arms around her and swaying lightly to music only the two of them seemed privy to the rhythm of, the look in his eyes a beautiful ember of passion and adoration. When they could not move from their current company, sneaky winks, subtle signals, and conspiratorial smiles always seemed to know what direction lay their target to convey a conversation all their own. The whole scene made something in your chest clench and feel heavy.

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Agent Whiskey x female nurse!reader

Something deeply self-indulgent that I accidentally came up with chatting with @thick-dick-din-daddy-djarin 

Warnings: Mentions of blood, physical trauma, medical situations, angst (is that a warning?), no edits to speak of, me projecting like crazy

“EMS Unit 437 calling Mercy General”

Hour nine of twelve has rather numbed you to the sound of the EMS line, but you glance up from your charting anyway to meet the eyes of your charge nurse over the desk. Lance sighs and shoves his blond-grey hair out of his eyes before reaching for the awkward walkie-talkie like unit.

“Mercy General calling EMS 437. What do you got?” Lance says into the walkie, his voice the practiced detachment of a veteran ER nurse.

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She was in my dreams last night.

We were back on the beach for my birthday. I was drinking. A.lot. And you were concerned. But my sister was there. This girl was there. And we were having fun. But her. She just kept looking at me. Watching me drink. I was almost don’t with the largest bottle of JD. And the rest of us were laughing and joking. But she just sat there and watched. Sad? Disappointed? Angry?

I wouldn’t look at her in the eyes. I would just kiss her shoulder and smile.

This was the first time in months she has been present.

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i need your help with something of great importance 


i read the most amazing agent whiskey fic awhile ago, i think it was about 6-8 parts long

from what i can remember, reader hooks up with whiskey at glastonbury because she’s there with her ex who’s ditched her, she finds his number and they continue to text and yadayadayada

there is also some long distance relationship struggles with his profession and such, bit of angst

reader is a massage therapist from what i can remember??

i just can not for the life of me remember what it’s called or who wrote it!! please help!!

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