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#jerkin it

a little comic i did on the 20th about a shape i thought was a migraine aura but wound up being a damaged retina that im now seeking treatment for in the midst of the fucking pandemic. what could possibly go wrong

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day 35 comics (a couple days ago)

at this point i can only describe my body as “uncanny”, the honeymoon phase is worn off and im just healed enough where i worry if this is as good as its gonna get. im still very physically compromised; sore and helpless. day before last i tripped and fell and braced myself with my hands, and now my whole chest is swollen and achey. i miss being able to do things by myself. i cant stop fretting about made-up scenarios where im rejected because of how my body looks - a much different vibe now that it looks how it does because of my own choices. i hope it gets better soon.

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