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Free! Eternal Summer is making me feel like MakoHaru & SousuRin are 2 happy pairs until RinHaru met each other and had an affair. Makoto had a gist but is playing dumb about it ‘coz he’s afraid to lose Haru but Sousuke’s different. He’s ready to take back what is his and mark his territory.

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On the way to the station, (Name) had stopped at a vending machine to buy Sousuke a can of coke. The teal eyed male had offered to pay her back at first, saying the meal was more than enough, but (Name) refused and Sousuke accepted it in the end.

They walked leisurely to the platform, only rushing when they saw that the train was already there.

(Name) and Sousuke barely got onto the train before the doors closed behind them, and they collapsed on the closest seats, laughing quietly among themselves.

Their conversation started out chipper and lively, but the events of the day and the lull of the train moving took its toll on the two. The train car in which they sat only have a handful of people, most of them sleeping, tired after work.

The sound of their whispered talks soon simmered down to comfortable silence as they sat side by side.

Sousuke could feel his eyes grow heavier as the silence dragged on. Practice had been exhausting, Rin had made all those who made it to nationals go all out, swimming more and harder than everyone else that was not on the competition. He knew Rin well enough that he understood why Rin did all this for them, and he reciprocated with as much vigor.

However, truth be told, he was getting worried. His shoulder had started to hurt more and more each morning he woke up. It was not something major yet, and still very much bearable, so nothing more than a minor discomfort. But he knew deep inside him that something is wrong, and he should go have it checked again. He wanted to go, he really does. The problem is, dr. Shibata would most likely immediately know that he is swimming again, and that would get him into trouble if dr. Shibata forbid him from swimming. Nationals was so close.

His train of thought was then interrupted by a slight pressure on his good shoulder. He looked to his left and his eyes widened. (Name) was asleep, and her head had leaned on his shoulder.

Sousuke immediately tensed, feeling nervous all of a sudden, not knowing what else to do other than stay out so that she wouldn’t wake up.

His sleepiness was all gone at this point. He only stared at her, the seemingly small girl by his side, breathing softly in a steady rhythm. He watched her lashes, long and delicate against her cheeks. Her mouth was quirked up a bit in a miniscule smile he was sure she wasn’t even conscious of. It was just how she looked, so peaceful and… Very cute.

Scratch that, cute doesn’t even describe half of it. She is.. Beautiful. Everything about her seemed to draw him to her lately. He even felt his heart race when he was with her, and he sometimes wondered if she could hear it.

Fortunately for him, she was currently asleep, because at that moment, his heart was racing and he had… Well.. Butterflies in his stomach. It was the only way to describe the fluttery light feeling he had at the moment.

Sousuke wondered what he should do. He had been too focused on swimming that he barely read or watched any sappy and cliché romantic movies or books. Besides, reading was not one of his hobbies. Should he wrap his arms around her shoulders?

He didn’t want to jostle her that she woke up. He actually really liked it this way, her leaning against him, her warmth seeping into his side.

In the end, Sousuke didn’t move a muscle. He only stared at her, a smile tugging the corners of his lips. She looks so perfect right now.

Moments later though, he did move, albeit very slowly. Truth be told, Sousuke had no idea what compelled him, but he was slowly leaning his head towards her unconsciously, drawn by her presence. Her calm, gentle presence. He did not stop until his eyes were closed and his lips were softly pressed against the top of her head.

A second or two passed before he pulled away, embarassed at what he just did. He carefully snuck a glance at her, only to find that her eyes are still closed, breathing still even. Sousuke breathed out a sigh of relief. That would’ve been embarassing if she woke up, and he had no idea how he would explain himself.

Feeling his face heat up, he looked away and tried to remember that one awkward conversation he had with Rin. It was quite a while ago, perhaps when he first got to Iwatobi, when he and Rin went out to a cafe to just talk and catch up with each other’s lives. Rin had asked if he have someone special in his life, a girl he likes. He was confused at first.

He never really thought about getting a girlfriend. Most girls in Tokitsu, his high school before he moved back to Iwatobi, had avoided him because most of them thought he was a delinquent. He couldn’t blame them, he knew he was scary at a glance, so he had brushed it off and just went to hang out with his guy friends, not bothering the girls. It was only after Rin told him to smile more that he realized it made people less intimidated by him.

So generally saying, no, Sousuke never liked a girl this way before. Until now.

Is this what its like to have feelings for someone?

He remembered that she didn’t even flinch when she first saw him looking at her at the beach. She didn’t scoot away when he met her again at the park while he was jogging.

Do I.. Like her?

The train finally got to the stop where (Name) usually gets off. He had to wake her up.

Sousuke gently brushed her hair away from her face, “Hey.. (Name), wake up, we’re here.”

(Name) blinked blearily for a few seconds (which he found absolutely adorable) before her eyes widened and she stood up immediately.


“Come on,” he took her hand and pulled her out of the train.

Once they were on the station again, he let her hand go and rubbed the back of his neck. He couldn’t look at her, not after that little stunt he pulled when she slept.

“Sousuke, I’m s-so sorry I didn’t mean to fall asleep and lean on you like that!” She gushed out, groaning. “This is embarassing.”

“It’s alright. I know you’re tired. You had to cook for me and all that.” he looked down at the floor with a smile, hoping she could'nt hear his heart. “Let’s go, I’ll walk you home.”

After her failed attempt of convincing Sousuke that she could walk alone from the station, (Name) gave up and followed.

They walked side by side, talking about the most random things, and before they knew it, the two were already standing on her front porch.

“Come in for a while Sousuke, I’ll get you something to drink,” (Name) opened the door and ushered him inside. He didn’t resist. Sousuke felt like he couldn’t get enough of her, so whatever extra time with her is precious.

(Name) disappeared into the kitchen, bringing a glass of water for him as she came back out. She gave it to him and he took it, unintentionally brushing his fingers against hers. She bit her lip at that, trying not to gasp.

“Uh.. About this Saturday,” (Name) started, “Azure Beats will be there to perform the closing of Samezuka festival. Th-they will probably arrive early to practice first and do other sound tests and stuff. Is that okay?”

Sousuke ruffled her hair, trying to mask off his nervousness around her, “I’ll take care of it.”


(Name) took her phone out, still no creepy mail. She sighed in relief. She opened her messaging app to check if she missed anything from Gou, but immediately froze as she saw an unknown number on top of Gou’s chatroom.

She stepped closer towards Sousuke, who looked at her confused. His confusion only lasted for a few seconds because when he saw how tense she was, and the screen of her phone, he immediately knew why. Somehow, that bastard had got her phone number.


“H-how did..” her voice was barely above a whisper.

“Its okay,” he pulled her towards him, wrapping his arms around her in a hug. He let her bury her face into his broad chest, not caring if she could hear his heart hammering at their proximity, “Its not your fault. I know you give nothing away. He just somehow found your number.”

He could hear her trying to calm her breathing for a while. He stroke her hair, trying to calm her down, letting (Name) take her time as he held her. When she did speak again, her voice was muffled by his shirt that he had to lean down to hear. “What should I do..”

Sousuke pulled away and held her at arm’s length, leaning down to look at her straight in the eyes. It hurt him to see the fear in those (eye colour) orbs.

“Listen,” Sousuke spoke softly, his voice deeper than usual, “I want you to have someone with you whenever you go out. Who else knew about this?”

(Name) took in a shaky breath, “j-just you.”

“I think its time you start telling your closest and most trusted friends.” Sousuke’s hand moved to cup her face, “Tell Gou. I trust her. Makoto too. Nagisa, Rei, heck, even Nanase. If you want me to be there when you tell them, I’ll come. I’ll do anything to make sure you’re alright.”

(Name) shook her head, “I-I’ll tell them myself. Sou, its okay.” She took another shaky breath and let it out. “I’ll be fine. I can do this.”

Sousuke nodded, walking to the living room window to make sure it was locked. “Whenever you’re at home, make sure you lock every single door and window, especially when you’re asleep.”

(Name) nodded, unable to say anything.

“We should also change your phone number as soon as possible. I’ll feel better knowing you’re safe and untraceable.”

“I know.”

Sousuke went back to stand in front of her. She looked up at him with fear still in her eyes, but there was something else there. Hope. He pulled her in for another hug, this time it lasted longer, with him rubbing comforting circles on her back.

“It will be okay, (Name). He won’t find you, I promise.”

He could feel her nod once against his chest. She wrapped her arms around his midsection this time.

“Thank you, Sou,” came her muffled voice,“Thank you so much.”

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- Author’s Notes -

This is probably the FLUFFIEST chapter so far mwehehehehe i hoped you enjoy it (and that mood killer in the end HAHA

Its gonna get interesting soon, stay tuned for more *cough* confession coming *cough* prolly not next chapter but definitely coming *cough*

Oh does anyone notice that chapter 22-25 have chapter titles that are part of song lyrics? Its from the Greatest Showman movie. I love their songs fkbdkspmfvbd i had just rewatched it again on netflix lol


If you see the smol Haru below, remember to take your time and drink some water, stay hydrated everyone!

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Mermay Days 11-21!

Continuing the mermaid au for PPG, as well as a break for the OT3 because I had to lol

We got Ms. Keane as a clownfish (and as the Girls’ mom in this au); Him and Mojo as a lobster and an octopus (who adopt the Boys and love them dearly); Mike as a simple merman, Robin as a seahorse, and Mitch as a porcupine puffer; a redraw of Whale Tales; Princess in all her flamboyant glory; and the Punks are sirens! :D

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— yamazaki sousuke —

sitting down in a coffeeshop and probably procrastinating on your home works. a coffee mug wrapped around your fingers and carefully sipping the hot liquid, while your eyes wander across the place in hopes to get rid of the boredom. amongst the mundane activities going on around you, he stood out. a man, tall and fine, with wide shoulders screaming beneath the tight burberry jacket and skin tight sweater. entangled earphones in his hands and the frown in his eyebrows sparked amusement in your mind.

“what a perfect specimen of a man.” you thought.

such captivating turquoise eyes. you began to imagine the life he probably goes through. athlete? chef? wonder who are his friends. you’d break your stare when he makes the smallest movements. hoping he doesn’t catch you staring at him. does he stare at me too? he stayed for hours without muttering a word. you enjoyed the sight of his excellent physical stature, and yet, quite saddened because you’re both complete strangers just passing. feeling uneasy when he starts to stand and pack up his things. then, you proceed to watch him in silence as he walks away leaving the coffeeshop.

“i’ll never see him again, will i?”

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💌The baby parts of course🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? you hitting me with baby makoto and baby haru for the first three seconds???? YES! And can we talk about how cute baby makoto asked baby Haru “what are you drawing” UGH CUTE

💌SOUMAKO BITS. ALL OF IT. From the fated meeting in the bookstore, to the chit chat thing in the rooftop to when makoto asked rin if the surgery went well ALL OF THAT 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 im taking all the crumbs i can get thanks very much

💌My Sano boys❤️❤️❤️❤️

💌Ikuya and Rin’s ridiculous rivalry but make it PG and fun hahahaha

💌Okay so i kind of liked the whole Haru/Albert thing because Haru is just a ghei magnet he turns everyone gay😂😂😂

💌My senpais natsu/nao have more interaction tho i still wish they have more screen time!! Nao really knows how to hold Natsuya down 💚💚💚💚

💌Nao and Makoto bonding moment! They really look like brothers imo love that

💌Kirishima kyoudai ❤️❤️❤️

💌When Rin and Haru went to suppor their kouhais✨

💌Rei and Asahi meet up!!

💌Rei’s brother D U H

💌Rei getting drunk off liquor chocolate!! Hahahahahaaha seems like a good time

💌NAGISA. His overall presence is a blessing


I dunno I feel like I’m missing something here but I’ll just add it when I remember it ughhh i love Free! 💚💚💚

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Callout to all still active SouHaru fellow shippers out there! (& note)

If you are up for it, I am currently running a loosely-tied story in the form of oneshots about them, named 「White Tiled Sorrows」that you can read starting from here. Or! You can find it on the archival Fics page on the drop-down menu of the blog. (Note: It will take some time for “Part B” to be up - though it is being written - because of reasons)

I know about writing as much as a chicken knows about flying. So I beg your pardon if they’re not good. I only started writing recently, but I hope that you’d be able to at least enjoy them as snippets on your Free!-time (pun intended).

In that light, I would also love to hear everyone’s thoughts or simply fangirl over this lovely ship. 💕

Ask is open.

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okay but imagine : sousuke, a famous musician, covered in tattoos. makoto, broke college dropout, gold digger, wants nothing more than to be famous, has gained a small following on social media but not at all where he wants to be.

okay now imagine this : makoto manages to get into a prestigious night club that sousuke frequents (his goal being to see if he could either get some public recognition being around A-List celebrities, or seeing if he could get some of his bills paid for) they meet and sousuke immediately knows what kind of person makoto is and what he’s after. only, sousuke feels like he could get something out of this as well.


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Well.. for me Free! was never that kind of anime where there are other ships, but honestly after several years of watching anime and lately discovering that people ship Wei Wuxian with Jiang Cheng I kinda lost my faith in people lol And yes, I also truly don’t get those ships, where there are zero romantic vibes, but I got used to seeing this already.

I think I’ve talked about Makoharu only once, I usually don’t do it cause as a ship it’s so illogical to me that I just don’t see the point of wasting time on this lol I feel like it’s gonna be long answer so I’ll split it and after “***” I’ll talk about my bro-rinharu-shipper Sousuke.

I’m not gonna throw a debate if it’s the most popular ship or not, but I just want to say that I don’t think that it’s really called shipping Makoto and Haru, since firstly, let’s talk about Makoto as a character (which is the main problem in this whole thing tbh) cause from what I saw the Makoto the MH fandom created has nothing to do with the real Makoto. Like the dude is scared of dogs, ghosts, bees, water and I forgot what else; covers his eyes when he sees anyone even in swim trunks and gets embarrassed easier than a nun (apparently you can’t even unbutton the collar of your freaking jacket!!!!!!!!!!! oh lord!!!!!!); crumbles under everyone in this anime including Hiyori and can’t even talk back. 

And suddenly like half of this fandom thinks that Makoto is a dominant top apparently. We seriously laughed our asses off seeing that, I mean even my mom (who’s a teacher btw). I’m like… I have a sister who’s majored in psychology and I myself in literature (like I seriously promise we ain’t stupid) and we just seriously don’t understand.. In what Tarzan’s ass does he suit this description? Dude can’t even answer properly while being offended. Like maybe they like Makoto’s twin brother? Because real Makoto does not have any dangerous dark side, seriously, this ain’t “8 dogs of the east” lmao.

I appreciate their friendship at times, but I never was a fan of him, because I don’t really like people who treat everyone equally (friends and strangers) and think that some asshole deserves as much love as the closest friend. I just don’t understand this life position and don’t like those “world peace” guys anyway. I mean, that fish died moment in the books was when my brain died honestly. Like I get it, dude is sensitive, but… seriously?

And for me being kind is not really a personality. I mean, hell, sometimes it’s no good to be kind. There is a fine line between being kind and being a mop you know.

And sometimes his behavior is really cringy to me. Like during the funeral and during Haru passing out in the book and during many things that are very serious. I just don’t think he’s the person you can rely on at times. I mean at first I thought he’s a steady shoulder, but somehow in all serious situations he doesn’t do anything useful.

Like I might be in the minority here, but to me when you know very well that you panic in the ocean you don’t go there trying to save somebody, it’s not brave, it’s just plain stupid (like it’s not like the tent was far, it was fucking next to him, all he had to do is wake up a pro) so by the end we had to rescue two instead of one, just because he’s dumb af.

He also panics a lot which I really hate on people. I’m sorry but like panicking ppl are the only worst. It reminds me of one of my life situation when my sister was badly hurt and we needed to keep our heads cool to act quickly and do what was necessary asap. And I’ve seen ppl behave like Makoto in situations like this and man it’s seriously no fun, it’s annoying. Like when you need to help somebody and someone panics beside you it pisses you off. And he does it even in little things like when he yelled Haru in the ear while driving JUST BECAUSE A CAR IN FRONT OF THEM BRAKED I mean omfg I would seriously yell “shut the fuck up, you pussy!”

And it all honestly keeps getting worse and worse like the way he’s written, his behavior just buffles me so much. Makoto in s3 just murdered me tbh. Like he didn’t help with anything, he didn’t bring anything to the plot, you can just erase him, he only sat there anyways. And the way they pulled his “dream” out of his ass was just a second-hand embarrassment tbh. And he’s not even Haru’s emotional support anymore. He’s just… I don’t get it. There were literally scenes where he was third-wheeling or just forced into that looked laughable. 

Which brings me to the second point. From what I saw many of Makoharu fans are mostly Makoto fans, so they just want what’s good for him, and since he has no life goals whatsoever (like after he dropped his “I dream of making children like swimming” thingy like a hot potato and was like “training children.. but look at Rin and Haru” I really lost my last marbles watching him) they apparently don’t care for what Haru’s dream is and that he said openly that he wants a future with Rin.

Like I get that everyone has their tastes, but like what.. two people who are crazy about each other since twelve and blossomed a dream of having a future together and the thought of being with each other got them through and they finally have what they wanted.. this is not a trend anymore? Mutual romantic love is not a trend anymore? Like I even without novelization can see that (and I quote Rin word for word here) that “every time he sees Haru his heart beats so fast he can’t calm down” and quote “Haru sees Rin and he’s shaking, he closes his eyes desperately trying get rid of the image, but the pain in his chest doesn’t go away”.

I am personally very happy that Rinharu are finally together and will be doing what they wanted in their life by each other’s side, cause they’ve been dreaming about it for too long, they’ve been thinking about it for  years. So not wanting them to have that is very weird for me. And the argument that Makoto somehow better than Rin for Haru is so invalid, I always laugh. I guess it depends on what you want for yourself. But honestly like you guys better find someone who make you want to reach for the stars and make you heart skip a bit everytime you see him.

So I as a huge fan of Haru want my boy to fly and now I have all the canon proof for those who were blind that Rin is the only one (been said) who makes him feel that way. So all those anons who kept writing to me how relay with Sosuke, with Rei and what baffled me the most swimming with Ikuya was just as emotional for them can finally shut it (lmao I’m sorry).


Now… Sousuke, my bro, the first Rinharu shipper on the village who helped them to get together is a threat? Okay. Well, I actually like s2, there are some dumb episodes but s2 actually to me showed how rinharu relationships are different from anyone else. There are literally two whole episodes and several scenes of how the bROMANCE prevails over BROmance.

Sousuke and Rin have typical brothers relationship. From their secret handshakes “parent trap” style to the fact that they draw them exactly the same with his real brother. I mean I don’t know if anyone noticed, but in 3x11 they drew Sousuke doing the exact same teasing move with Rin, that his older brother did to him in 3x01, and it’s definitely not a coincidence. Which means he treats him like his little bro, and not just that. I have lots of proof.

You know, I had a friend back at university who had an older brother who she was very close with and she kept telling me about how he kept testing her boyfriends if they’re good enough… I mean Sousuke was doing it with Haru since Rin has told him that he has found his one and only. And it never ever looked like he was possessive of Rin and was like “he’s mine”, it was always like “he’s yours so make sure you make him happy you loser”, he even stalked Haru to see if he still swims alright which is really funny (like okay dad), so by the end of the season when Rin lovingly looks at Haru and says it was all worth it, Sousuke looks very content like he was sure that they’re all good now.

And that moment like in Yakusoku where Rin dropped Sousuke as soon as he saw Haru, I honestly don’t think it’s the kind of jealousy people think it is. It’s like if I asked my sister “do u want to see the new avengers movie” and she’d answer “sorry, I already promised to go with my boyfriend” (not that this would ever happen, but let’s imagine that she found herself her nanase) I would be fucking upset too, but I would kinda get it (if it’s a love of her life I mean). Or like literally imagine you lived with your best friend for years and suddenly she wants to move in with he boo. I mean it happens sometimes. But it’s not the jealousy really, he’s just sad because he knows that he needs to let Rin go and he won’t spend as much time with him as he did before. Sousuke knows how much Rin loves Haru, plus after he saw that Haru is as good as Rin told him, he started to like him himself so he was worried about both of them. 

And I love Sousuke, he’s our godmother. I’d rather have him on the international team than Ikuya but he sadly he doesn’t swim breaststroke or back and we only have one butterfly and one freestyle spot xD

I’m sincerely saying as a person with two siblings that I really don’t see it. It’s just there’s a huge difference between brothers and lovers. And you can’t call Harurin bros. It’s just laughable. Even if you haven’t read anything and just watched the anime.

I mean I think it’s easier to see if you try to imagine Haru in Sousuke’s place in any Sourin scene and see how it would’ve went then. Like do you remember when Sousuke asked for cola and Rin went to get one and there was only one can left so they rock-paper-scissored it and Rin won and drank it?

Now imagine if Haru was there in Sousuke’s place. I can tell you 100% that Rin would’ve just given him the can. And then he would’ve looked at him with that face he makes when he’s content just by watching Haru eat, you know.

I mean it just how I see it. And there are a lot of comparable scenes in s2 that bring me lots of evil joy, but I won’t tell lmao.

But as I said before to me there’s a huge difference between bromances and bromances. So I mostly don’t get most of these ships. I don’t understand anything in this world apparently lol but I only see Rinharu since the first time I’ve watched it, and then I’ve read everything and realized that I’m right, so I’m ok with all this xD 

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