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💌The baby parts of course🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? you hitting me with baby makoto and baby haru for the first three seconds???? YES! And can we talk about how cute baby makoto asked baby Haru “what are you drawing” UGH CUTE

💌SOUMAKO BITS. ALL OF IT. From the fated meeting in the bookstore, to the chit chat thing in the rooftop to when makoto asked rin if the surgery went well ALL OF THAT 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 im taking all the crumbs i can get thanks very much

💌My Sano boys❤️❤️❤️❤️

💌Ikuya and Rin’s ridiculous rivalry but make it PG and fun hahahaha

💌Okay so i kind of liked the whole Haru/Albert thing because Haru is just a ghei magnet he turns everyone gay😂😂😂

💌My senpais natsu/nao have more interaction tho i still wish they have more screen time!! Nao really knows how to hold Natsuya down 💚💚💚💚

💌Nao and Makoto bonding moment! They really look like brothers imo love that

💌Kirishima kyoudai ❤️❤️❤️

💌When Rin and Haru went to suppor their kouhais✨

💌Rei and Asahi meet up!!

💌Rei’s brother D U H

💌Rei getting drunk off liquor chocolate!! Hahahahahaaha seems like a good time

💌NAGISA. His overall presence is a blessing


I dunno I feel like I’m missing something here but I’ll just add it when I remember it ughhh i love Free! 💚💚💚

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Fangirl’s struggles

I’ve just realized that- more often than not- I’m Barry when it comes to love either a canon or popular OTP. No, instead of that, I’m trapped with non-canon and probably crack OTPs.

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okay but imagine : sousuke, a famous musician, covered in tattoos. makoto, broke college dropout, gold digger, wants nothing more than to be famous, has gained a small following on social media but not at all where he wants to be.

okay now imagine this : makoto manages to get into a prestigious night club that sousuke frequents (his goal being to see if he could either get some public recognition being around A-List celebrities, or seeing if he could get some of his bills paid for) they meet and sousuke immediately knows what kind of person makoto is and what he’s after. only, sousuke feels like he could get something out of this as well.


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Makoto himbo Makoto can’t cook… But SOUSUKE CAN MUCH TO THINK ABOUT

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I still want you…
by UchihaEclair

Rin had been abroad training in Australia for a year after graduating from Samezuka. Haru and Rin who had always been in love finally got together, and they were so in love. However, the distance between them, the time difference and the rigid schedules that the two professional swimmers had was too much. One day Rin broke up with Haru and they never spoke again.

It’s 4 years later, and Rin returns to Japan for the national swim team, which Haru is already on. Little does he know his friends are holding a surprise party, where Haru is invited.

Words: 4300, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

Read Here:

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Why did I now only discover that baby sakura is a thing and now I CAN’T STOP THINKING ABOUT HIM

Like imagine:

• Haru letting Sakura take the name ‘Matsuoka’ as a tribute to Rin’s late father (him being the one to suggest it in the first place and rin bawling his eyes out)

• Imagine Sakura going to the Olympics with Sousuke’s kid and Sousuke crying like, “ I never thought I’d see the name 'Matsuoka’ and 'Yamazaki’ in the scoreboard ever again

(tbh not really a fan of sousuke continuing to swim competitively cause I think he’d be better of as a coach or something, considering how he helped Nitori train)

• Imagine Sakura being friends with SouMako lovechild like sometimes they’re Sousuke and Rin (all playful banter, bets, rivalry, overprotectiveness etc.)

• Other times they’re Makoto and Haru (telepathy thing, walking to school together, sharing lunches)

• And like Rin and Haru would totally be on every swim meet like wouldn’t miss it for the world. And reporters flooding all over the place, imagine the headline "Two Olympic Gold Medalists’ Son Competes in Local Swim Meet”

• Sakura being another level of stubborn (since it’s Rin and Haru’s)

• Sakura going to Iwatobi Elementary School

• Sakura being an overachiever like Rin (surprising all of Haru’s former teachers like “a nanase that’s actually paying attention and taking notes?”)

• They’d probably be weirded out whenever Sakura recites in class since he looks so much like Haru that it’s weird that he’s not staring out the window or something

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unfortunately for me this account is a like a double life I live and I just could not tell any of my friends about it and no one in my personal life is ever going to know about it because if they did my shit would be GASSED. just wanted to put this out there because I think about this all the time and yeah it’s kind of sad, but I also enjoy having a space to myself that’s anxiety free and I can share w people who can appreciate the same things I do :)

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Gotta say, I was quite surprised that we had a SouMako convo!! AHH it was so sweet, they both think the other is amazing <3 and Sousuke told Makoto they should go out to eat the next time they’re free, AHHHHHH they’re so cute I can’t. 

Man, they did not need to include them as children, but it makes this scene even more meaningful, they haven’t spoken much but they’re able to have such a deep, relaxing conversation like this ;__;

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Things about Road To World I can’t stop thinking about:

  • Gou: says something passionate
    • Nagisa: That sounds like Rin-chan :D
  • Rei is an honest drunk who shouts about his love for people!!! the potential for romantic chaos this present!!!!!
  • Sousuke and Makoto met up on accident in the mall and it was really framed like a destined meeting,,, Sousuke was standing right in front of the book Makoto needed? What is this, a romcom?
    • makoto was like “i was worried about you during s3 but i didn’t know how to approach you” YEAH??? that changes so much for me personally i can’t believe this
    • also they banter!!! They tease each other!!!! my fanfictions are CANON!!!
    • they then went on to share emotional things about their dreams? this is like, the 4th time we’ve seen them together and they’re talking deeply about things…  they even made it a “younger sousuke and younger makoto talking” scene? that was how emotional it was? Was that Necessary? idk but i was very into it
    • i showed my friend screencaps of this whole scene and they went “why did they overlay sousuke asking makoto out to eat on a shot of pink roses? what are they trying to tell us?” IT’S ROMANTIC TO ASK SOMEONE OUT
  • On another SouMako note, in season 3, when MakoHaru met SouRin after the regionals, they only showed a small part of the conversation but in the movie, they showed Makoto greeting Sousuke.
    • “Sousuke, too. Otsukare.” was very soft. The voice!!! He really went all gentle, like he was talking about something else ;w; Sousuke looked like he understood, too. I’m just. Emotional. About em.
  • Speaking of that scene!!! In S3, they only showed Rin looking at his samezuka babies, but in the movie, they showed Rin saying “Rei and Nagisa worked hard.” before he did that emotional speech about the past connecting them to the future!!!
  • And of course, I will never get over the fact that my delusion about Rin keeping Iwatobi updated/asking to be updated so they could meet as soon as he came back was CANON. That time Gou talked about Rin’s texts and Nagisa asked when Rin will come home? It connects directly to this scene in the movie because Rin met up with them before he went to Tokyo to meet up with Sousuke!!! They sent him off from Iwatobi to Tokyo!!!! Captain Rei updated Rin about their team and Nagisa teased Rin!!! NagiRin was being soft and playful in front of people without Rin becoming embarrassed! Character development!!
  • Nagisa and Rei with the other bbys were watching the MakoHaruRin Youth Drama scene when they swam in the ocean!!! Nagisa was jealous of it and he wants to swim with them in the ocean too. Rei saw that and decided on a new dream??? NagiRei running after MakoHaruRin and going towards a professional life in swimming too??? I want them together again, please.
  • Haruka won that race in the end with Rin going 2nd! Haruka possibly broke the tournament record because he was so inspired by their talk!!! We all kinda knew that was what was gonna happen but the confirmation feels so good.
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y’all know when bitches start a fanfic they never finish because they become interested in other things and then forget about the fandom and now they’re in quarantine and find themselves falling back down into the rabbit hole of edits, ships and rewatching the entirety of the anime, after they told themselves they wouldn’t. that’s me. I’m bitches.


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Person A, pointing to Person B: Oh my god, that top looks so cute!

Person C: What, where?

Person C: *starts processing what they just said*

Person C: Oh. Oh.


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@reborns asked: sousuke kisses mako on the cheek. v-v

it’s a quiet morning, the peaceful tranquility one that makoto often associates with his beloved hometown. the only sounds filling his apartment are his hums and the sizzle of the food he was cooking, the warm smell drifting lazily besides his off key humming. makoto’s long since zoned out, really only paying attention to stirring the food. so when a pair of lips press against his cheek, he’s more startled than he would like to admit. the grip on his spatula tightens involuntarily for a moment before loosening, already knowing who it was when he turned to look.


sou, baby, you almost got slapped by a spatula. maybe warn a guy next time ? 

makoto’s words lack any malice, or really anything besides his pure and utter fondness for the taller male. he leans in to press a kiss of his own against the corner of sousuke’s lips, offering him a bright smile after.  good timing, breakfast’s almost ready. i think you’ve got a sixth sense for this. 

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