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We found love in a haunted place
by SweetHeaven

Rascal Sousuke Yamazaki acted purely on instinct when he dived into the river to save a stranger. He never thought that his selfless action would end up with him being stuck with a ghost who may or may not be interested in starting a spooky business with him.

Words: 6604, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

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Come into my ask box, ask trick or treat, and I’ll either treat you to some fluff, or trick you with some darkness!


Autumn had always been Makoto’s favourite time of year. He loved all the colours, scents, and cozy feelings. He loved the sweaters, and the coffee flavours, and the blankets, and the crunchy leaves, and how it was just chilly enough for a nice sweater, but not too cold that he couldn’t go out for his nightly walk along the shore of his hometown.

He loved taking the twins trick or treating, and he loved that Ren always shared his favourite chocolates, while Ran shared her favourite gummy candies.

As the twins got older and declared themselves too old for trick or treating, Makoto’s love of Halloween had shifted to staying home and handing out treats. He loved seeing all the costumes, and the kids being so free and so excited.

As the years wore on, he moved away from his hometown, and explored what autumn had to offer in the big city. He dated, and had his heart broken. He moved several times, but always made sure each new place had a balcony. He never wanted to miss the trees turning, and the crisp air refreshing his lungs.

He fell in love, and stole sweaters from his love as his love stole blankets from him. They moved back home, found a quaint little house near the shore, and adopted three cats. And when autumn came around again, they sat on their porch, wrapped up in a blanket, drinking spiked hot apple cider, and discussing their plans for the bookshop they’d just renovated and planned on opening the night of the autumn equinox - to celebrate fresh starts, and favourite things.

Another year, and another autumn fast approaching. But this year would be a little different. This year, Makoto would be celebrating something altogether different than just the autumn equinox, or the opening of his bookshop.

“Ready, babe?” The question broke Makoto out of his reverie.

“As I’ll ever be,” he answered.

Makoto took a steadying breath, fixed his lapels, and grasped the hand of the man who was about to become his lawfully wedded husband. Just for good measure, he patted down his pocket, just to make sure he hadn’t misplaced their matching redwood inlay tungsten wedding bands. Feeling the lump of the ring box, Makoto smiled at his love, and proceeded to walk down the aisle with him, hand in hand.

While Makoto adored the autumn equinox with every fibre of his being, he thought he could give up that celebration just this once. After all, changing his last name from Tachibana to Yamazaki was a once in a lifetime celebration. And he planned on making the most of it.

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Coming back to this now because it’s genuinely been a few years but I finally got around to watching Free! Season 3: Dive to the Future! 

Free! was a massive part of my childhood and so, for nostalgia sake I decided to re-watch it all to re-live the moments and see if anything has changed now viewing it as an adult (aha). For the most part, my feelings have remained the same about a lot of things but I really wanted to point out the development in some of the relationships, in this post, namely SouMako. 

I love RinHaru, I really do and moreso now that I’m older with more relationship experience and life understanding in general, and back when I was a kid, in order to fill that desire for “every character to have a partner” (a stupid phase because you don’t need another person to complete you or make you happy) I decided to ship Makoto and Sousuke - as I felt a lot of RinHaru shippers did. 

Re-watching it again, I thought their interactions in the special episode of Free! Eternal Summer were cute but nothing special. There was an obvious like of character and understanding between the two of them, but it really could only be interpreted as romantic if you made things up in your mind. 

Dive to the Future! though, while still remaining in that very grey, imaginative area, offered a lot more prospects, though, and I genuinely felt by the end of the season it was a potentially viable couple! The first instance for this was that cute little phone call where Makoto calls Sousuke to pretty much just tell him what has been going with Haru and ask for a bit of advice (? I guess) but moreso just vent/inform. I thought it was very sweet, very friendly and offered a bit of insight into, perhaps, the more friendly than realised nature of Makoto and Sousuke’s relationship and expanded upon the obvious and becoming increasingly prevalent respect they have for each other. 

My appreciation over their relationship only increased in the aquarium scene when Rin tells Makoto that Sousuke’s surgery went well and Makoto just lights up! I was pretty shocked actually! I couldn’t help but think that it had been a genuine while since I’d seen Makoto light up as such and it made me very happy. Makoto is of course a genuinely kind and thoughtful individual about everyone so it wasn’t out of the ordinary but I definitely think it showcased a potential or hinted at a much stronger, unrealised bond between the two. It was the first time, in my adult years, I had looked at their relationship and gone ‘damn, this could be a genuinely healthy and viable relationship, romantically.’ And in summary, I guess that means I still have quite a bit of love for them (separately and together) in my heart. 

Side Note: I also wanted to say their roles, as of Season 3, are quite complimentary as it would be very viable for something like Makoto finishing his swim trainer course at the time Sousuke finished rehab and them working together/ Makoto helping Sousuke with his rehad as a swim trainer. Once again, not certain but I think it would be a very cute option/path for them to take!

Thanks to anyone who got this far on my rant and please feel free to discuss, agree, disagree with anything I’ve said because everyone’s opinion is totally valid and no hate here!! 

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* little miss perfect // accepting

sousuke is human, just like the rest of them. it’s a hard pill to swallow, especially for sousuke himself. despite what he tells himself, sousuke is not untouchable and impervious to damage. ( but sousuke knew that, deep down, at least makoto thought so ). and despite makoto’s own thoughts of him, sousuke is also not perfect and messes up too. they will fight and argue and disagree, both too self destructive for their own good.

makoto loves him anyways.


❝ i don’t know about all the time, but that’s okay. messing up isn’t the end of the world, you know. ❞

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