threi · a day ago
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in context there their lol!versions are their future versions
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lightcannon-incorrectly · 2 days ago
Vi: *sneezes*
Caitlyn: Oh my god are you okay do you need me to call the doctor should I get you a blanket-
Jayce: *sneezes*
Viktor: Shut the fuck up
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littlebeesart · 2 days ago
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Another quick 80s doodle of the boys ✨
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oh-the-misery · 2 days ago
Viktor: Want to go upstairs?
Jayce: Um, sure?
Viktor: You got protection?
Jayce, sweating: Why? Wh-what's up there?
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inoghmia · 2 days ago
I love and hate how the fandom characterized (arcane) Jayce and Viktor cause they’re canonically like
Viktor: Jayce is an amazing scientists, his creative and genius mind intrigues and I am thankful that I have met him, that I am able to work with him, as his incredible dream and lives work has allowed me to work towards bettering the future and securing my legacy. My recent diagnosis has worsened my unhealthy obsession with work but such is the price I have to pay for evolution, to help the people in need . I expected more support from my partner, but I will continue this path on my own if I have to.
Jayce: Viktor is brilliant, an amazing scholar and has saved my life, believing in me when I had nobody else. His intelligence and intellect amaze and he’s understood me intellectually like no one ever else did. I have been forced by the council to play into politics and secure our research funding, although I don’t care for their trades and want to continue my lives work, devoted to helping people. However as I now am hold to a different standard, I find myself not in control of what I stand for and it pains me that I can’t be of more help for my partner.
And the fandom somehow interpreted this as
Viktor: Ew hate people, everyone can go fuck themselves, Jayce you’re a bottom and a cheater, your IQ is so low I sometimes wonder how you breathe - go fuck yourself I’ll be in my lab being annoyed at your existence you piece of shit. xoxo
Jayce: lmao I am so great and hot, look at everyone loving me, I’m a silly dumb hobo puppy eyed boi and viktor is my scrunky meow meow who’s a meanie also I’m such a top, science is for nerds lol, let’s fuck some politicians sextech > hextech am I right
Whats even funnier is that the fandoms characterization of them (not their relationship) seems to fit more the lol canon if anything but almost nobody in arcane read their lol lore
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jayvikbrainrot · 11 hours ago
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Viktor don’t tease him.
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nightlilly0110 · 2 days ago
Jayce: Just put him out of his misery.
Viktor: Okay. *pulls knife*
Jayce: To sleep, dude!
Viktor: Oh, right.
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sharpace · 2 days ago
ALSO I had a dumb continuation of that wonderful Monsters Inc insp ask (jayvikbrainrot is my side blog so uh hey)
Tumblr media
Hahahaha!! Oh my god. Viktor artfully hiding and keeping up his cryptid reputation. Perfection!! Hahaha
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widdendreampoot · 2 days ago
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Entering the droid’s lab…
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gingerale-enjoyer · a day ago
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I’ve seen some fun jayvik gender swap stuff (especially by @saumars ) but not a lot with lady jayce (jayne? jay? jaye). Anyways here she is because big strong lady and little skinny guy is THE ship dynamic.
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threi · 2 days ago
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Back in my days
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aerynwrites · a day ago
Jayce x Viktor
Tumblr media
Gif by @arcanedaily
A/N: saw this beautiful gif set by @arcanedaily and it inspired this little drabble. I hope you all enjoy, and as always comments/reblogs are always appreciated! 🥰
Word count: 670
Warnings: Leading into post-divorce era, hurt no comfort, this is literally their break up, post episode 9 when the council banishes Viktor, angst. So much angst.
Tumblr media
Jayce will understand…
The words repeated themselves over and over inside his mind like a mantra that never stopped flowing.
They kept reassuring him, even as he carved bloody runes into his skin, as he fundamentally changed his body and altered his physical self…
Jayce will understand…
Despite the words Viktor made himself believe were true…the one person he thought he could trust, the one person he could count on…
He didn’t understand.
As he stood before the council accused of breaking the ethos and playing with dark magic, hazel irises looked at him with astonishment, pity, confusion, sadness, anger…
Yet Viktor’s mind still scrambled to make his words come true.
He will. He'll understand! I just have to explain…just have to tell him - Jayce will understand. He always does…
Even as he is marched across that god forsaken bridge, his crutch pressing painfully beneath his arm, he gives the man one last glance. Silently imploring Jayce to prove him right.
He doesn’t.
All he receives is a pained glance before eyes screw shut, fists clenching at his sides. The leather of the gloves he wears creaking with the movement.
“You know you can’t come back.”
The words are harsh. Firm. Cold. Final. Lacking the usual mirth and warmth that Viktor loves so much.
Jayce’s voice was a solace for Viktor, it made him feel at home, reassured him he still had someone in this cruel, unforgiving world.
Now…Now a stranger stands before him, and his words just drive the stake in his heart deeper, crushing any last hope he had.
“I know.” His voice is frail, just as his failing body is, and he’s reminded all over again of the words that landed him in this position.
He refuses to cry. Refuses to look weak in front of him, no matter how heavy the tears are on his lashes. But his voice betrays him yet again as he speaks, throat clogged with emotion.
“I thought you’d understand.”
His words stop the Man of Progress in his tracks from where he turned back towards Piltover.
Viktor doesn’t expect a response, he almost hope’s that Jayce will keep walking.
He isn’t so lucky.
“I do.” The man’s voice cracks as he speaks, casting the banished scientist a glance over his shoulder.
Viktor wants to scream. He wants to yell and fight and clutch at the man in front of him - anything to force his eyes to look at him.
Then why are you doing this? Why are you throwing everything away? I -
I still love you…
Those last words slip through his lips involuntarily, the syllables falling in a whisper so quiet he doesn’t expect Jayce to hear them.
But the way his shoulders tense say otherwise, and when the man doesn't even turn to speak to Viktor, it’s the last blow needed to shatter his heart within his chest.
“I loved you too.”
Loved…Past tense.
“Goodbye, Viktor.”
He has no choice but to watch as his hope retreats from him, leaving behind a shell of what they used to be.
Viktor stands on the bridge, the calling of seagulls and the gentle lapping of waves against the banks the only thing that accompany him as he watches until Jayce disappears into the city he once called home.
He doesn’t know how long he stands there, but the ache in his chest doesn’t wane. He supposes it never will.
Singed was right.
‘Love and legacy are the sacrifices we make for progress.’
He never had a legacy. Always in the shadow of his partner, working just as hard but never recognized. He never wanted a legacy.
But he had wanted love. He had love. And he can’t help the seed of hatred that plants itself in his chest because of the man who took it from him.
Love is lost to Viktor. Jayce was the last person he had in this world, the only person he trusted to understand. So, if love is lost then…
Progress is all that’s left.
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sup-honey · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
@savvyn_t on twitter and I had the same thought that the mage's hands resembled Viktor's a bit and Viktor gave Jayce his crystal more than once so here is a wild theory (where we ignore that fact that MH Viktor has at least one metal hand):
At a point where Jayce is long gone and immortal old little Viktor thinks back at what they had and what was important to them, he realizes one thing. He then goes back in time to do his old friend one last big favour...
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layleigh123 · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
god of spring and fertility.
"hearts in halves" by vavavavoom is a Greek mythology au with Jayce as Persephone and Viktor as Hades.
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black-renji · 23 hours ago
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Vik and Jayce - Game of thrones AU doodle🤭 I wanted to picture them in medieval clothes, so I thought that Viktor will look great in Renly’s clothes and Jayce in Robb’s
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inoghmia · 17 hours ago
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rip v :(
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fortune-fool02 · a day ago
Viktor loves scented candles. Just imagine him and Jayce candle shopping.
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nightlilly0110 · 2 days ago
Caitlyn: *to Jayce* I’ve organized all your messages into three categories - from Viktor, death threats, and death threats from Viktor.
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sharpace · 2 days ago
I know that the full thing will only be posted next wednesday, but I had to drop in to say, I love that Vi's first instinct was 'Oh this HAS to be kinky' without taking the time to think over why Viktor would have talons in the first place. Pure herbo energy.
Which just conjures up Viktor with stiletto nails and just...Idk y'all this was very funny to me
Tumblr media
OH MY GOD! So I saw this via e-mail notification when you got the comic and went "HA! Okay, I will save this for when the comic comes out. This is hilarious" ONLY TO THEN open it on Tumblr.Com and see this ART! I'm cackling!!!
Oh my word, thank you for the good laugh
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