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arcane char reaction to the reader that falls asleep in their lap, pleaseeee
a/n: oh to fall asleep in viktor/jayce's lap... also this request made me think and have i written cuddling headcanons for these characters? i cant remember if i have or not
warnings: none(?)
characters: jinx, vi, caitlyn, ekko, viktor, jayce, silco, vander
🕷 Probably wouldn't notice at first, she'd be rambling about something while working on one of her gadgets before checking to see if you're listening only to find you with your eyes closed
🕷 "hey sleepy head, are you listening?"
🕷 She'd probably lift one of your eyelids but would quickly pull away when she realized you were actually asleep
🕷 Jinx might get a little pouty because she was feeling chatty but would let you sleep
🕷 If she has a hand free, she plays with your hair
🕷 If you're still sleeping when she's finished with her stuff, she'll grab a marker and draw little doodles all over you
🕷 You two would be hanging out on the couch watching tv when she saw you asleep
🕷 She literally becomes stiff as a board because she doesn't want to wake you
🕷 lowkey forgets to breathe
🕷 Eventually Vi slowly relaxes when she's confident enough that she won't wake you up accidentally
🕷 Lowers the volume on the tv and will try and grab a blanket to cover you so you don't get cold
🕷 If there isn't a blanket close enough, she'll slip out of her jacket or sweatshirt and drape it over you
🕷 Honestly I can imagine Vi being very comfy
🕷 Caitlyn purposely makes you lay in her lap and plays with your hair or caresses your face so you'll fall asleep
🕷 She turns the heat up a little and gets you all snuggled up with blankets while she's reviewing a case
🕷 You soon catch onto the fact that she does it on purpose but it's not like you really care
🕷 There have been a few times where you'll wake up with her asleep with her arms wrapped around you
🕷 "... but i was cleaning up shop when i overheard—babe?"
🕷 Ekko always smirks when you fall asleep on his lap mainly because he just finds it very cute
🕷 He likes to take your hand and trace the lines in your palm
🕷 I feel like Ekko's body temperature is naturally just very warm
🕷 Sometimes he'll reposition you if he starts to get uncomfortable but he's a pro at not waking you up
🕷 Shoulder kisses <3
🕷 He'll be reading a book, taking a break from work, but once he's ready to get back to it he sees you're asleep
🕷 Might question if you're faking it just so he doesn't leave but he stays put either way
🕷 Viktor will either continue reading or will put the book away and just admire you
🕷 His leg will eventually start to cramp so he'll gently lay you on his chest instead
🕷 "mmgh... viktor?"
🕷 "shh, my любимая, i'm right here" любимая (lyuBEEmaya): darling, love
🕷 Jayce can be a little fidgety but if he doesn't have anywhere to be, he'll try to sit as still as possible
🕷 Might go on his phone and scroll through whatever while rubbing your arm
🕷 Depending on how late it is in the day, he might just pick you up and bring you to bed
🕷 If he tries to leave and you grab hold of him, he'll stay
🕷 Will bring you to his chest and just rub your back lulling you back to sleep
🕷 Might quietly tease you about wanting him to stay
🕷 "you must've really missed me today..."
🕷 It's a rare occasion that Silco actually lets you fall asleep on his lap
🕷 It's usually when he's doing paper work at his desk and you're sitting on his lap
🕷 Whenever he lets you sit on his lap, it usually means he's angry about something so most of the time he doesn't let you leave
🕷 Since he works late nights, you end up falling asleep on him
🕷 Silco would offer you some of his cigar just to see you asleep
🕷 I can't really imagine him caring that much but he'll rub your back occasionally while flipping through papers
🕷 Once he's finished with paper work, he'll wake you up by gently shaking you
🕷 This is only after he gives you a few hickeys
🕷 Literally how can you not fall asleep on this man? He's so comfortable
🕷 When he sees you asleep, he quietly chuckles to himself before putting you to bed
🕷 He's also a pro at not waking people up just because he's had plenty of nights where he's had to stay up with Powder/Jinx
🕷 Vander will usually put off whatever he has to do for tomorrow so he can stay with you
🕷 Will change you into comfier clothes
🕷 He usually falls asleep shortly after you
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honeydazai · 2 days ago
how the Arcane men eat your pussy
feat.: Viktor, Jayce Talis, Silco, Vander
warnings: nsfw content, oral sex (reader receiving), pet names, mild degradation, hair pulling, praise
Tumblr media
The sight of VIKTOR between your legs is enough to make you whimper with arousal, though the way he puts his mouth to use causes you to mewl and moan properly — he's unfairly skilled and picks up quickly on what motion garners the strongest reaction from you.
One of his hands is placed on your thigh to keep your legs spread for him, the other presses down on your lower abdomen to stop you from bucking your hips up as his tongue expertly swirls around your clit.
He encourages you to pull on his hair and you do so willingly, yanking on soft strands of dark hair while you tell him how good he's doing, how amazing his tongue against your cunt feels, and he revels in the praise; whimpers and whines that resonate against your folds escaping him. With a sly little smirk, he pushes two, then three of his lean fingers into you, making you cry out, though you quickly gain the upper hand again when you tell him just how pretty he looks right now, his cheeks flushing at your words. He thinks he's being discreet when he starts rutting against the mattress, but he's really not.
“You certainly look like you're enjoying yourself right now, dear. To think you were just teasing me a few minutes back — it seems you've lost all your confidence, no? Ah, love—, yes, do that again, please. Oh, that's good, please pull my hair again, dear, please—”
Tumblr media
Honestly, JAYCE just wants you to sit on his face, plain and simple. He's laying on his back with your knees on either side of his head, your hips grinding against him ever so often.
He's unashamedly pawing at your soft thighs with big hands while thrusting his tongue into your hole and, god, he lets out an utterly filthy moan as you pick up the pace and ride his face in earnest. Jayce is so eager to please you; honestly, he could probably cum just from eating you out like this.
If you choose to praise him for how well he's doing, his efforts redouble; his lips closing around your clit to suck or his tongue flattening against your wet folds. In fact, he's so enthusiastic that he wouldn't mind staying between your thighs forever and vocalises his pleasure through deep groans and whimpers that have you moaning.
“Come on, babe, don't be shy. Just grind on my face; you'd never crush me, promise. Yeah, like that — fuck, that's a good girl, oh my god. You taste so damn good, baby. Just like that, keep going.”
Tumblr media
While SILCO isn't very fond of the idea of eating you out, he might do so as a special sort of reward for good behaviour — like right now, when he has you sit on his office chair while he's between your spread legs. Even though he's the one kneeling, it's obvious he still holds all the power; you can only arch your back and moan prettily while you take whatever he decides to give you.
Silco's grip on your thighs is unyielding, no matter how much you ache to instinctively close your thighs at the pleasure of his mouth on your cunt, and you can only whine and mewl as you dig your nails into the armrests of his chair.
He's rather skilled too; his tongue just teasing over your loose hole, pressing in only a little, while his thumb rubs circles around your clit, never giving you as much stimulation as you crave but enough to keep you on the edge. Yeah, you're in for a long night.
“Oh? Don't tell me you're already close, dear. We've barely begun. I intend to make you writhe on my tongue for far longer than that. Even though I guess I might take pity on you if you ask me nicely enough — try your luck, then.”
Tumblr media
VANDER isn't particularly picky about the position, he likes about anything, though he did choose his favourite for today; you're sitting on his face, your back turned to him, and while his tongue slowly encircles your clit, you're reaching down to jerk him off with one hand. If your size difference wasn't this large, you probably would have been able to suck him off at the same time — shame, but he's not complaining about a hand job either.
He's a fan of eating you out messily; honestly, the more you grind your dripping cunt onto his face, the happier he is. Also, his beard is scratching nicely along your inner thighs, adding another intoxicating sensation that has you mewling as your legs tremble in his grip.
Vander eats you out like a man starved, all tongue and soft lips and rough beard, and he most likely cums at the same time you do, his hips bucking up into your fist.
“Ah, doll, you're so good. So damn hot. 'm so close already, you feel so good around my tongue, darl. Fuck, wish it was your mouth around me instead of your hand—, god, you're doing so well. Just like that.”
Tumblr media
notes: this was just gone for some reason?? so here's a try at reposting it 🙏🏻
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inkinflux · 2 days ago
A Night to Remember (Part 3)
ModernAU!Viktor x f!Reader x Jayce Talis | 4.2K | 18+
Viktor proves a point with his lips. Jayce gives a house tour and tastes a wet pussy. Everyone is really fucking horny.
A/n: all ur love on this series enticed me to make this part a little longer. enjoy x
Jayce could tell something had happened between you and Viktor, just by the way Viktor was smiling. A giddy energy had breathed new life into his movements, his entire body turned to you at any given moment, devout and dedicated.
He was completely in his own world, where the only thing he saw was you; those sparkling eyes and that all-knowing smirk, with a waist and thighs carved specifically to be cradled by capable hands. Jayce couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed that you hadn’t chosen him, but he could still manage to be happy for his friend.
But it was certainly strange, seeing his two best friends finally being so openly enamoured with each other. Viktor kept poking you. He kept letting his hands slide down to your hips, in front of everyone, his touches brazenly suggestive. And you were touching him back; just a lot more often with your lips. A peck to his cheek, a kiss laid on his hand – everyone could see exactly what was bound to occur by the end of the night.
Including Sky.
“Nope,” Jayce was firm as he moved the bottles of vodka and gins out of her reach. He had just finished making the wet pussy shots, and they were lined up in a fuchsia row, ready to be served only to the people who weren’t too far gone.
Sky was way too far gone.
“I just neeeeeed it,” she slurred her words, barely able to stand straight without planting her hands on the kitchen counter, “I need it for spin the- hic, bottle.”
Jayce’s eyes snagged on you as you straddled Viktor, drawing your arms over his shoulders, sharing what looked to be a juicy titbit as he looked up at you, licking his lips. While he was distracted, Sky stole the Vodka, sneaking off without notice as Jayce watched you lower your lips to Viktor’s.
“Spin the bottle!” Sky shouted, capturing everyone’s attention, “We- we should play spin the bottle.”
Both you and Viktor startled at the loud interruption, Viktor’s hands tight around your waist, before slowly releasing you. Jayce brought over the shots and set them down, almost spilling them as he misjudged the distance down to the coffee table. He was getting pretty drunk now, his body light and less coordinated.
He grabbed three of the shot glasses in his hands, collapsing onto the couch next to you and Viktor, handing you both one. You took yours, reclining to throw your legs over Jayce’s. Then you shotted it back, sucking your teeth as your eyes started to water.
“Strong?” Jayce asked, smiling into his shot glass.
You nodded, a tear slipping out, leaving a smear of black as your mascara smudged. Jayce reached over, wiping the mark away.  Viktor took his shot like it was nothing; that goofy smile couldn’t be wiped from his face by anything.
“Spin the bottle?” Sky suggested once more, trying to gather everyone.
Mel hummed as she swallowed her shot, her head shaking as she set the glass down. “If you want to kiss someone, just ask them. We are well past the point of using games as an excuse to get touchy,” she said that while shooting you and Viktor a wink. “I’m willing to swap a little spit, if you’re interested,” she teased Sky, and the poor girl fumbled with the bottle, luckily the carpet providing a soft target as it fell from her grip.
“I-I’m okay.”
Mel raised a brow, innocently amused. “Not into women? Hm. What about Jayce?”  
Jayce had been idly running his hands over your calves, but now he looked up, considering Sky. She was an attractive girl – sweet, cute. He wouldn’t have said no, though he looked to you, somehow feeling like he needed to get permission first.
Turned out, he wouldn’t need it.
“Ew, no,” Sky laughed nervously, and Jayce’s head whipped back to look at her to see if she was serious.
“What’s wrong with Jayce?” You piped up. You felt tense underneath his hands now.
Sky started to backtrack, already holding her hands up defensively. “He’s fine, I guess. I just don’t personally like…” she paused, realizing the whole room was listening now.
“Jayce is the sexiest man I know,” Viktor said, placing a hand on his friend’s shoulder. He was leaning on him in his drunken state, and he was heavier than he looked. His accent was thicker now that his brain was less concerned with portraying himself as the all-knowing academic. “He is, attractive from the inside and the out,” he started rambling, affectionately patting Jayce’s cheek, “Moy zolotoy mal'chik. He is like big puppy.”
“You’re so in love with him. Just kiss already,” you teased.
Viktor turned back to you, slack-jawed, like the thought had never before crossed his mind somehow. Then he turned back to Jayce, invigorated by the alcohol, his movements imbued with confidence as he took Jayce by the collar and smashed his lips against his.
Jayce’s shoulders rose in surprise, the room’s cheering drowning out the startled squeak he released. Viktor’s lips were cold and wet, melting against Jayce’s warmer ones as Jayce relaxed into the exchange. He drowned out the questions that surfaced at the realization that he was enjoying this a lot more than he should be, and instead lifted his hands to Viktor’s neck, pulling him closer as his tongue darted into his mouth.
He could have kissed him for hours if Viktor hadn’t started to pull away, giggling and hiding his face in the crook of Jayce’s neck. Jayce peered past Viktor’s mop of hair to find you chewing on your thumb, looking extremely pleased. You glanced down at his lap, an unspoken message that you could feel what no one else could see.
Jayce cleared his throat, wrapping his hands around your legs and pressing them down onto his hardened crotch. He wasn’t about to gamble that you were feeling kind enough to keep him covered so that he wouldn’t be embarrassed by the massive boner that’d grown in his pants. Your hips shifted against Viktor, and he similarly gripped your side tightly, his cheeks flushed as he smiled to himself.
“You are a good kisser,” Viktor murmured.
“Aw, thanks man,” Jayce replied, patting him on the back, not knowing what else to say.
Viktor looked down and noticed your thighs tensed together. “It is good to know I wasn’t the only one aroused by that,” he said only loud enough for the three of you to hear, the pumping music and dimly-lit room providing some sense of privacy even though everyone was leering after that dramatic show.
Viktor leaned over to whisper in Jayce’s ear, those pretty lips grazing his lobe, “I kissed (Y/n) as well,” he relayed excitedly.
“Yeah, bud, I could tell,” He replied, his breath hitching on the last word as Viktor pressed a feather-light kiss behind his ear. “She sure is making you horny, huh?”
“Both of you are,” he admitted, then giggled again. Viktor was a sweet drunk, but never before had Jayce seen him so smiley. Jayce had to stand up to get away from his incessant lips, worried he might be compelled to kiss him again, and he didn’t want to intrude on whatever you and Viktor were doing.
Viktor followed him, reaching for his arm to lean against. “Where are you going so fast?”
Jayce didn’t want to draw attention to the fact that he was leaving you alone to get busy, so he uttered the first thing that came to mind.
“I- I promised a house tour to some people.”
You rolled off the couch, your dress slinking up dangerously close to revealing before you tugged it down again. “I want to see the disgusting wealth, yes.” You then promptly crossed your arms over your breasts after realizing your hardened nipples were poking against the thin fabric.  
Viktor leaned in close to Jayce to say “I think that kiss made our lovely (Y/n) a little bit flustered.”
Jayce’s heart fluttered. “Maybe we should do it again.”
You followed them to where they were walking towards the staircase, bodies illuminated in the soft blue from the massive fish tank that served at the foundation. You interrupted their whispering. “You are both cruel, cruel men. Conspiring to torture me without letting me in on the fun.”
Jayce chuckled, “Babe, if you’re jealous- ah!” He jumped as Sky appeared in front of him, pressing his hand to his chest he exhaled slowly, “Jesus, Sky.”
“Sorry,” she frowned, “I just wanted to… apologise,” her balance wavered and Jayce reached out to hold her shoulders, righting her. “Thanks. I… I was mean. Before.”
Jayce chuckled, shrugging it off. “Hey, I get it. We all have our own tastes. I’m not appealing to everyone.”
“You are appealing to me,” Viktor spoke under his breath, the gentle hand at Jayce’s back lowering, until it settled at the small dip right above his ass. Jayce swallowed.
“Anyway, I uh, uh should get the tour started, huh?”
“Good idea!” Sky grinned, glad to have gotten past the awkwardness. “Viktor, silly, you left your cane,” She took Viktor’s free hand and guided him to the fish tank to look at the wide array in the colourful school that flittered around in the water.
You slid close to Jayce’s side as you both followed, nudging your elbow into his side. “I’m also of the opinion that you’re appealing.”
Jayce’s cheeks warmed. He wasn’t sure how much more of this flattery he could handle, especially when it was so often followed by kisses, which you made sure to follow the pattern of, picking up and pressing a tender peck to his hand. Even after the kiss you held his hand to your mouth, keeping it there as you looked up at him; those doe-like eyes betraying the fact that you were not as drunk as Viktor was.
Sky was rattling off facts about anemones while Viktor stood beside her, ‘mhm’ and ‘ah’ leaving his lips every now and then to show he was listening. He was trying to be a good audience, but he noticed how quiet you and Jayce had gotten, and when he turned back to check on you he saw that Jayce had managed to slip away to the kitchen, passing you a bright pink drink while cradling one for himself, too.
There was a strange new stiffness in this well-lit area of the house, like you and Jayce were clinging to some semblance of politeness as you sipped your drinks, sharing the same desires but not acting on them. Viktor felt himself going mad; watching as Jayce’s shirt slipped down one shoulder, exposing rippling shoulder muscles, and you with in your sophisticated little dress, legs crossed as you spoke about something, eyes widening, impassioned, Jayce smiling and nodding, pressing the side of his glass to his cheek.  
It was like a statistical anomaly. How could the two most beautiful people be in the same room? How could he have managed to kiss the two most beautiful in the same night? And now you were reaching up, pressing a hand to his abs, admiring with a half-cocked smile that was turning Jayce into putty, his large frame hovering closer to you, an undeniable chemistry that Viktor wanted to be in the middle of.
“What’s over here? A library?” Sky asked, and it drew Jayce’s attention.
“Ah, yeah,” his smile was wobbly as he pressed a large hand to the small of your back, ever the gentleman as he walked you over. “We’ve got a couple books.”
Viktor and Sky followed you into the expansive, breath-taking room, filled from floor to ceiling with an impressive collection. Viktor was tired of relying on Sky to keep him balanced, so he reached out for the sliding ladder that was inlaid into the floor next to one wall of books, and as he walked he slid it along with him, eyes scanning the titles as he passed them.
“Jayce,” you gasped, slapping his chest as you turned to him, “You can read?”
He tittered, rolling his eyes playfully. “I don’t wanna flex but, I just finished reading ‘War and Peace’, so…”
“Oh,” you began applauding ironically, “Great work. Proud of you.”
“Thank you, thank you,” Jayce gave a little bow, “Tolstoy can suck my ass for that. It was way too long.”
Viktor smirked, picking up an interesting looking hardcover from the shelf, flicking through it as he said “As the only present representation of the Russian federation, I could take-“
“Don’t finish that sentence,” you pointed, laughing. Viktor joined in your laughter, feeling his chest bubble.
“What?” Sky piped up, lost, “What was he going to say?”
Jayce shook his head, releasing a deep sigh. “You don’t want to know. Trust me.”
Moonlight was streaming in through the massive window at the end of the room, your shadow dipping into the pooled light as you came over to analyse the enlarged bust that sat atop the marble plateau. You placed your now empty glass on the corner of the stone stand.
“You’re shitting me,” you breathed, “You have a fucking marble statue of Plato?”
Jayce shoved his hands into his pockets, “Don’t look at me, I didn’t design the place.”
“I’m going to steal this,” you claimed, without restraint.
“You’ll need some help,” Jayce replied, throwing an arm over the white shoulders of the stone philosopher, “This has to weigh at least, like, five-hundred pounds. It’s pure marble.”
You slinked up to him, sliding your hands up his chest. “So only a little heavier than you,” you joked.
Jayce purred, rolling his hips into yours as his hands sunk to your ass, “You’d love to feel all of me on top of you, huh?”
“It could be your reward, once you aid me in my heist.”
He laughed at that. “You’re the only person I’d help steal shit from my own home.”
“We could do a little roleplay to make it fun… home intruder gets caught red-handed…”
“Mm?” Jayce felt his skin heat, his dick swelling against your front, “If you don’t stop talking like that, I’ll fuck you right here on the floor. I’m not playing, (Y/n).”
You smiled up at him, “With Plato watching?”
“What better example of metaphysics,” he whispered, face drifting closer to yours, “than seeing that pretty pussy pounded into the ground so hard you forget how to exist?”
“Fuck, Jayce,” you muttered, feeling his hard dick pressing into you from beneath his pants, the outline of his bulge immense, “You’d tear me in half with that thing.”
“Promise I’ll be gentle,” he said, gaze flicking up to see where Viktor and Sky were before pulling you behind the statue, your bodies hidden in the shadow of Plato’s square shoulders.
Your back was pushed flush against the cold stone as Jayce’s mouth sunk to yours, his kiss needy and energetic, pouring every ounce of his built-up arousal into how he was touching you now, kneading at your ass as his hips dipped, dry humping you. His tongue dominated your mouth, hot and wet, sliding against yours, tasting the rough texture of the top of your tongue with the silky underside of his, until you were choking for air.
Jayce wasted no time getting you back for the hickey you’d gifted him, his mouth leaving a burning trail down your jaw until he found his target; the pounding pulse in your neck. He sunk his teeth into the tender flesh, his hardon rubbing against your core, but you craved more, a deep ache pulsing through your body.
“Jayce,” your voice was laced with intoxicating desperation. Jayce’s hands slid down from your ass to the back of your thighs, scooping you up so that he could hit the soft spot between your thighs with the addicting friction of his hardened length.
You felt weightless in his arms, wave after wave of arousal tugging you under as he shoved himself against you.
“Watching you and, mmm, Vik make out,” you panted, your quiet voice still loud enough to echo off the stone, “was so hot.”
“Yeah?” He groaned as he thrust against you once more.
“Yeah,” you whispered, fingers beginning to tug on his short hair, feeling your gentle pleasure fizzing underneath his hot touch.
“I want to fuck you both,” he admitted in a whine, his fingers painfully digging into your ass, “I want to wreck your cunt and, ugh, I want to fuck his ass so bad. I want you both begging for my cock.”
“Please, Jayce,” you arched your back off the white marble, “Don’t you want to feel me? I want to feel you inside of me,” he grunted, slapping his clothed hips against yours, shoving you back against the statue, “Jayce, oh god the pressure on my clit, don’t stop- ah!” You bit your bottom lip to stop yourself from crying out.
The friction against your sensitive spot was burning white hot, uncomfortable and delightful at once. Jayce jerked against you, his loud, pathetic moan muffled against your shoulder as he bit down, cumming in his pants. His chest heaved against yours as he brought his hand down between your legs, rubbing hard to push you over the edge, head falling back onto the hard stone, clasping a hand over your own mouth as your hips rocked against Jayce’s rough hand.
After the orgasm settled, Jayce put you down, your thighs tingling and wobbly. His face was flushed and he was wearing the most stupid grin. He reached out and flicked your hard nipples.
“That’s embarrassing,” you sighed, “for both of us.”
“Babe,” he pressed a kiss to your sweaty temple, “You’re not the one with semen running down your leg.”
You giggled. “But I’d like to be.”
Jayce pressed you closer to the statue as he spotted Sky rounding the corner.
“Viktor said the bathroom is this way?”
Jayce nodded. “Down that hallway. The door at the end.”
“Thanks,” she gave a tight-lipped smile and turned around, heading off.
You emerged with Jayce, spotting Viktor leaning over a desk, the lamp on, totally invested in a book.
“You know you’re not supposed to read at parties, right?” You teased, coming over to sit next to where he was standing, in the big leather chair behind the desk.
Viktor pressed a finger to the page to keep his place. “I know, I am just- wow! First edition of Gordon’s ‘Structures’. Jayce, how have I never seen this before?”
“The first time I showed you this place you wouldn’t stop staring at my ass when I was on the ladder.”
Viktor flushed. “Oh. Yes. But, you cannot blame me, I mean,” Viktor turned to you, paused, and then looked at Jayce again. “You are both very sweaty.”
“Really?” Jayce pursed his lips, running the back of his hand across his forehead. “Maybe I should turn up the AC.”
Viktor hummed, snapping the book shut. He came around to your back, pressing his hands into your shoulders, slowly massaging. You picked up the pen that laid on the table, tapping it against the edge as you tried to focus on not getting horny again. Viktor was making that increasingly difficult as his long, slender fingers tickling around your neck.
“I would be very upset to discover…” He lifted one hand to your jaw, tipping your head to the side, “That you were touching each other without me.”
He spotted the new hickey Jayce had left, and, feeling a pang of jealousy, bent over to press his mouth there, darkening it with his own teeth. You jolted, the pen tumbling to the ground. Viktor chuckled against your neck.
“Oops,” he whispered, then pulled the rolling desk chair out. Jayce stooped low to pick it up, ending up on his knees before you.
“Good boy,” you praised, scratching underneath his chin as he passed you the pen.
Viktor leant over your shoulder, smiling down at him. “I think I like when you are on your knees.”
“He’s so pretty, isn’t he?” you spurred him on, sliding your foot between his legs. Jayce snatched your ankle, unclasping your shoe. The act itself shouldn’t have been so sexy, but the way he was glaring up at you, with all that intent painted clearly on his face…
Viktor made a sound of agreement, tilting your head up so he could capture your lips as he slid the straps of your dress down your shoulders, callouses fingers from hours of tinkering leaving goosebumps in their wake. Meanwhile, Jayce had taken your other shoe off, his touch now sliding up your thighs, hiking up your dress.
“Mm,” you mumbled into Viktor’s mouth, “What about-?”
“Shh,” Viktor hushed you, pressing a finger to your lips. Your eyes widened as Jayce hooked his fingers beneath both your panties and the waistband of your tights, tugging them down before shoving them into his pocket.
You were about to ask if this was such a good idea, with the probability of Sky walking in being very high, but then Viktor started fondling your breasts, and you forgot how to speak as Jayce placed your bare thighs over his shoulders. He was pressing sloppy kisses to the soft inner flesh as Viktor pinched and rolled your nipples, the top of your dress slipping down, exposing your tits to the cold air.
“This is the best view,” Jayce murmured against your core, looking up.
“I would argue mine is better,” Viktor replied.
“You guys are killing me,” you whimpered, then stiffened as Jayce pressed his mouth to your dripping pussy, your toes curling from the stimulation of his flicking tongue. “Fffffuck.”
“Does it feel good?” Viktor asked pressing heavy kisses behind your ear.
“Mhmm,” You balled your fists, nails digging into your palms as Jayce brought a large hand up, giving you the extra gratification of his fucking fingers. Viktor scooped up one of your hands, letting you squeeze. Your other flew into Jayce’s hair as he pumped two digits into you, curling closer to your climax.
You couldn’t restrain yourself, rubbing your hips against his face, sliding down the chair, whimpering and moaning and crying as he withdrew his hand slightly to unfurl a third finger, pressing it into your depths with ease.
“You taste so good, (Y/n),” he sat up, taking hold of your waist as he pistoned his forearm, his smirk slick with your juices as he enjoyed watching you squirm. “Do you like it when I fuck you with my fingers?”
“Y-yes,” you could barely get it out. Viktor rounded, and you saw now that his dick was in his hands, stroking at the same pace Jayce was fingering you.
“Please,” he frowned, face heavy with pleasure, “P-please let me cum on your tits.”
“Hold up,” Jayce instructed, “she’s getting close. Her little cunt is so tight around my fingers. Bet you wish it was my cock, huh babe?”
All you could do was nod, your hand twisting in Viktor’s lacing your fingers with his. He was making the most undoing sounds, quietly grunting to himself.
Jayce shoved him forward with a smack to his ass, until his cock slapped against your face. You opened your mouth, wanting to draw out his sounds, since they were superimposing waves of arousal atop the already mind-numbing pleasure Jayce was inflicting.
Viktor slid his iron-hot dick into your mouth, his body shuddering as he felt the smoothness of your cheeks sucking against his veiny, pinkened flesh.
“Bliiiiin,” he swore, “Nice. Yes. Very, very nice.”
His hands were stroking all over your face as he rocked his hips slightly, staring into your lust-blown eyes. Losing balance he fumbled, taking hold of the back of the chair, his wet cock slipping out of you. Well, the first third of it was slick with your spit – the rest remained dry. He was far too big to confidently fit all of him into your mouth. A fact that caressed dirtier thoughts free as you watched him wrap his hand around his length, desperate as he jerked himself over you.
“I am… close,” he spoke through gritted teeth, and Jayce took that as his cue to lower his mouth once more, teeth nibbling at your clit as he continued to finger you.
Your orgasm hit you almost as instantaneously, Viktor’s warm cum sputtering in thick ropes over your tits, your thighs clenching around Jayce’s head as your body shook.
The clack clack clack of heels on marble reverberated into the room, and you hurried to pull your dress up as Jayce got to his feet, licking his lips, offering you a hand up. Viktor hurried to zip up his pants, then leant against the desk nonchalantly.
“That wet pussy was delicious,” Jayce said, as if Sky had caught them in the middle of a casual conversation, “you should try it sometime, Vik.”
Viktor ran a hand over his stomach, smoothing the crinkles in his button-down. “I’m sure another opportunity will arise soon enough.”
“Oh, let me get that for you,” Jayce said, politely leaning down to lick Viktor’s cum off your chest. “Mm.” He wrapped his arms around your waist, practically hauling you up as your weakened legs struggled to hold your weight.
Viktor hid his face in his hands, giggling. Sky stopped before you, smiling at the sweet, innocent way Jayce was embracing you. Then her gaze slid to your legs.
“Weren’t you wearing tights before?”
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threi · a day ago
Tumblr media
Creator Viktor and Battle Academia Jayce
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ddeeric · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
They are doing science
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chickenparm · 21 hours ago
Exhausted (Viktor/gn!Reader)
this is a sweet little gift for @arcanescribbles based on this piece of artwork titled Exhausted. PLEASE go look at their work - no one draws Viktor quite like they do. they are a master at capturing the essence of our boy.
Viktor/gn!Reader 1,537 Words - SFW Just some good, soft Viktor fluff where he finally gets some sleep. Artwork is under the cut with arcanescribbles' permission.
Tumblr media
Quick and sure footsteps echo down the hallway, the morning sun beginning to rise on the horizon to light your way with the softest beams of light - a promise of a beautiful, cloudless summer day that you’d soon long to be outside in when the motions of the lab become too tedious for your always-restless mind.
The lab is usually empty at this hour - Jayce begins his day with the council, and Viktor is usually just beginning the first cycle of REM sleep at this time - one of the few he’d allow himself to have before he’s back on his feet and stumbling into the lab with the wide, pleading eyes of a poro when he sees the coffee thermos on your desk.
You’re not sure if he’s caught on to the fact it’s always full because you bring it just for him, but you’ll never tell him directly. He still glances between you and it with a gaze that melts your heart.
The door to the lab is unlocked when you try the handle, and that’s how you know that Viktor is not dreaming happily in his bed. The door creaks slightly when you open it, just enough to enter but not enough to disturb whatever he deems as so important that he can’t let it rest for a few hours. The lab is silent, and you feel odd being so loud with your footsteps, so you place them a bit more carefully to avoid the echoing off the walls.
Viktor was right where you suspected, but instead of arc welding or fiddling with circuits and servos, he’s slumped on his stool, nearly falling off with how it’s begun to push away from the desk. As you approach, a sad little smile on your face, you can see his cheek is pushed up just slightly where he’s resting on his folded arms.
The position of the lab in relation to the sun allows sunshafts through the skylights. It’s almost cruel how angelic he looks, how the sun settles against his skin and lighting it golden. The vision of him is soft and sweet when paired with the near-silent snores that come from him - he’s breathing deeply, entirely lost to the world the moment he set his head down to rest his eyes.
The pen in his hand begins to slip as his fingers relax even more, and you catch it with ease and set it in his pen cup without a sound. You’ll have to wake him up, but you take a moment to admire his features - Viktor was a handsome man, and you were far from blind. There was a reason for the thermos of coffee in your hands that gets set down on his desk. Just like there was a reason you reached a hand to trace the line of his jaw.
Selfishness and greed, longing and love.
It’s warm under your skin from the gentle sunlight that blankets him. His skin is soft, so much so that your fingers travel from his jawline to smooth against his cheekbones. The motions of your fingertips freeze as Viktor shifts, but it’s simply him settling his head more comfortably against his arm and letting out a pleased sigh.
You desperately hope it’s because of you.
Maybe you were pushing it, but you let your touch slide to his hair, curling one lock behind his ear before running your nails oh-so-gently along his scalp. You smile unabashedly as you see the little cowlicks that were from the very hands that curled on the desk - he must have been thinking hard last night, if he had this many. Perhaps it’s time to wake him, you think to yourself as you make to move your hands away.
And then you hear the softest words, barely more than a whisper. Viktor’s eyes have opened the smallest amount, enough to show you their honey-gold color as he looks up at you with an exhausted gaze.
“Please, keep going.”
It’s pleading, or desperate. Almost greedily, you oblige and gently run the back of your nails across his scalp. Viktor’s eyes flutter closed again, and for the first time in weeks, his body is relaxed in every way as he slumps further against the desk’s top under your ministrations. You know you can’t stay here all day, nor can you leave him to sleep against the desk like this - not without his leg and back causing him pain the moment he wakes up.
“Viktor,” You whisper, your free hand coming up to his bent knee to shake him lightly. He barely stirs, but you can see the amber slits revealed with the cracking of his eyes. He looks displeased, but you’re willing to put up with his ire if it means he’d be comfortable. You find yourself wanting that more and more, lately.
“Viktor,” You start again, now that he’s listening enough, “Let’s get you back to your room. It’s not far, you can’t stay here.”
“It’s my lab. Yes, I can,” Viktor’s voice is thick with sleep, just the slightest amount of gravel in his throat from his slumber. Your laugh is soft, like being too loud would shatter the peace of the moment.
“Our lab. And I can’t let you sleep here or you’ll be sore from it. Let me help you back.”
Viktor rolls his head so his forehead is against his arm, and you’re more than prepared to fight him on this one. Opening your mouth to speak, you’re ready to begin to nag, but any argument you have goes out the window as he pushes himself upright on shaking, weak arms. A yawn rocks him, making his entire body quake with the force before he slumps again - even that took everything he had, apparently.
Despite your hovering presence, Viktor doesn’t seem keen on moving just yet as he rubs a palm into his eye absently. It’s not like you’re really in a hurry, and you take in the way his eyes blink slowly as he turns his head to look at you. There’s an openness to his expression, far removed from the careful guard he kept up when he was alert enough to do so.
It’s almost tender, like he can’t quite believe you’re standing at his side, with one hand still in his unruly hair and the other on his knee. You realize you’re still touching him, and with a bit of hesitation you remove your hands from his person - and the tilt of his brows makes it look like he’s sad to see you go.
You’re quiet as you ask him, “I’ll walk you back.”
Viktor’s jaw works as he swallows around a dry mouth, and almost absently he asks, “Will you stay?”
There’s a slackness in his jaw when the words come tumbling out, and his hands twitch in his lap as if he wished to reach out and put them back in his mouth. But you’ve already heard them, already answered them wholeheartedly.
“If you’d like me to, I will.”
A mute nod is his answer, and he’s on his feet in moments with the help of his crutch that you hold out for him. It’s tucked under his arm, and as an afterthought you place your hand between his shoulder blades as you guide him from the room at his own pace. The thermos is forgotten on the table behind you, but you’ll retrieve it later.
Viktor’s rooms are close, deliberately placed due to the proximity to the lab. Getting him there is a breeze, and you offer him a bit of privacy while you wait in the hallway for him to wear something more comfortable for sleep. Minutes tick by, and you wonder if perhaps he’s fallen asleep already - until he calls you back in.
He’s tucked beneath the thick blankets, eyes already fluttering closed as you cross to him and sit on the edge of the bed. This feels awkward, perhaps even inappropriate for you to be here, but he’s the one that asked and you were nothing if not a bit selfish with Viktor’s attention - no matter how tired he is.
“Will you do it again?”
“Do what?”
“The ah… the hand thing.”
You definitely can, and you’re more than willing to provide as your fingertips smooth his hair back from his forehead - it’s soft, despite how wild it could get at times. As you card your fingers through, you watch with a full heart as his eyes slip closed and he lets out a bone-deep sigh. Viktor looks blissful as you caress him, and you bite your tongue to snap yourself out of the trance of your own making.
For a moment, just a flicker of a thought passes through your mind as you wonder what it would be like to bend down and brush your lips against his. Would he return it? Would he even notice?
Instead, as his breathing evens out, you risk a bit of your heart by bending down and pressing a kiss just between his eyebrows, right at the furrow that seems to be there more often than not these days.
It smoothes out from the contact, almost as if that’s exactly what he’d needed.
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midnightlighthowlite · 2 days ago
One thing i really appreciate abt arcane is how it knows when to be clear. They could've made Jayce say " this could help many people" and keep it an impersonal goal.
But they didn't.
Jayce said " this could save Viktor's life"
Jayce spelled ot loud and clear and Heimerdinger turned his back and walked away.
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dad-dumpster · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
who wanna be boy best friends
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incorrect-fandomquotes · a day ago
Jayce: We both look very handsome tonight.
Viktor: You know, if you'd just said that I looked handsome, I would have said, "So do you."
Jayce: I couldn't take that chance.
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specsfrominsidious · a day ago
Tumblr media
lookin out for his bro 💯
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whatshxrname · 2 days ago
Y/N: Babe, come back to bed
Viktor: Not now darling, I'm not done with my Hextech research
Y/N: *face plants into pillow* Fuck that's so hot!
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theprettyarachnid · 2 days ago
hi! it's me, the same anon again... i mean, i'm the same anon that have been sending all the requests of arcane ;)
i hope you're having a great day and that you're sleeping well (we both know that last thing is not true anyways haha)
could you write some arcane char hcs when they have a nightmare about the reader?
a/n: hello! im doing okay, have had a couple of rough days but that's okay! i hope you're doing well though!
also not to flex but two posts in one day
warnings: nightmares, suggestion of ptsd, slight angst, slight violence
characters: jinx, vi, caitlyn, ekko, viktor, jayce, silco, vander
🕷 Jinx's nightmares are memories of her childhood and it's usually twisted so you take the place of someone else in her memory
🕷 She has nightmares about you abandoning her because of something she did
🕷 She also dreams about being the cause of your death because she's a jinx and she's dangerous
🕷 Jinx moves around a lot when she has nightmares so when she wakes up you're usually already up with your arms wrapped around her
🕷 A lot of the time she tries to push you away while wiping tears off her cheeks but you don't budge
🕷 Eventually she gives in and stays put
🕷 "do you want to talk about it?"
🕷 "what's there to talk about?"
🕷 Jinx can come off really mean after waking up from one of her nightmares but you've learned to not take it personally
🕷 To make her feel better, you'll redo her braids or let her give you another tattoo which tends to make her feel better but overall she really doesn't talk about her nightmares
🕷 Like Jinx, her nightmares are versions of her past or her worst fears
🕷 She dreams about you being kidnapped by Jinx and getting injected with shimmer against your will
🕷 She dreams about you ending up like Vander and not being able to save you
🕷 Vi doesn't move around much when she sleeps so when her nightmares wake her up, she slips out of bed without waking you up
🕷 Eventually you wake up and know she's gone so you go looking for her
🕷 A lot of the time she's right outside staring at the city
🕷 "hey"
🕷 "shit... did i wake you up?"
🕷 "no, no you didn't... come back inside it's cold"
🕷 Vi will just say she's fine but you drag her inside anyway
🕷 You bring her back into your room and hug her
🕷 Sometimes she'll just quietly check you for injuries and you just let her because you know it makes her feel better
🕷 She has nightmares about someone getting back at her by hurting you
🕷 You know this is a constant fear of hers and definitely one that plagues her dreams
🕷 Caitlyn mumbles incoherently during her nightmares which wakes you up
🕷 You try to talk to her and calm her down while she's still sleeping but other times you have to wake her up
🕷 "caitlyn, cait wake up!"
🕷 When she wakes up, she automatically goes into a defensive mode until she realizes it's just you
🕷 Caitlyn usually talks about her nightmares because she knows it's just going to bother her by ignoring them
🕷 You make each other a cup of tea and sit in the living room before she talks about it
🕷 "i... i just don't know what i'd do if i lost you"
🕷 Similar to Caitlyn, he dreams about someone getting back at him or about not being able to save you
🕷 He often dreams about you dying and him not being able to go back and fix it
🕷 Ekko wakes up in a cold sweat usually sitting straight up and waking you up as well
🕷 "ekko? ekko, whats wrong?"
🕷 As soon as he looks at you, he grabs you into a hug and stays silent for a pretty long time
🕷 During that silence, you just rub his back telling him that you're here and that you aren't going anywhere
🕷 He can be kind of jittery and unable to go back to sleep so many times you just have him lay on top of you while you trace shapes onto his back until he falls back to sleep
🕷 Viktor has fallen asleep plenty of times on his desk surrounded by tools and inventions
🕷 His worst nightmares involve those inventions such as hextech and you
🕷 There's a reason he doesn't let you into the lab but even with those precautions he still fears something will happen
🕷 Viktor tends to wake up kind of aggressively when he has a nightmare
🕷 He runs a hand over his face when he realizes he fell asleep on his desk again
🕷 Once he wakes up a little more, he immediately goes to your room to check on you
🕷 You're usually asleep curled up in the blankets with the side lamp still on showing that you were waiting for Viktor
🕷 Viktor is very quiet so he'll slip into the room, change, and lay beside you turning off the light
🕷 Sometimes you wake up and notice how tense Viktor is making you give him a small smile
🕷 "is everything okay?"
🕷 He lies to not worry you but you've known him long enough to know when something isn't right
🕷 Viktor isn't one to talk about his nightmares or fears, especially with you because he doesn't want to worry you, so instead you just wrap your arms around him and play with his hair
🕷 You tell him about your day and any gossip you might've heard
🕷 Before he became a councilor and gained the nickname "The Man of Progress" Jayce didn't have many nightmares concerning your safety
🕷 It wasn't because he didn't care, he just knew that you were safe and that the chances of something bad happening to you was very slim
🕷 But once he was seen as a VIP in Piltover, suddenly he became a lot more paranoid when it came to your safety
🕷 His nightmares are about someone using you to blackmail him or worse, you dying because of his own stupidity and impulsiveness
🕷 A lot of the time Jayce tries to play it off and act like nothings wrong when he has a nightmare, but you always know when he does because he holds you just a tad bit tighter, burying his face in your neck or hair
🕷 Whatever you do, do not bring up any council stuff it will just make him more upset
🕷 He'll appreciate if you just play with his hair and plant a kiss here and there
🕷 Silco? The Silco, most dangerous man of Zaun, doesn't get nightmares. Especially about other people
🕷 At least that's what he wants everyone to think and for the most part, he has everyone fooled... except you of course
🕷 His nightmares are honestly probably the most horrific, just because he has seen and done a lot of horrible stuff
🕷 The ghosts of the people he's killed and wronged haunt his dreams and many times he's woken up in a cold sweat from his nightmares
🕷 He dreams of you getting tortured right in front of him, you turning into something not human because of shimmer or all the other radioactive chemicals in Zaun that he's to blame for, he even dreams of himself hurting you
🕷 Plenty of nights you find him out on the balcony, smoking a cigar
🕷 "silco? why're you up?"
🕷 He just tells you to go back to bed and he'll be in once he finishes his cigar
🕷 If you refuse and stay out with him, you'll usually sit on his lap occasionally sharing his cigar with him
🕷 Because he's in control of Zaun, there aren't many people crazy enough to mess with him
🕷 But the thought of Silco getting revenge by hurting you is always at the back of his mind
🕷 He also fears that you'll find out what kind of person he used to be before you met him and that you'll leave him
🕷 Vander isn't proud of those days and the last thing he wants is for you to know that side of him
🕷 When he does get nightmares, which isn't very often, he'll usually go down to the bar and make himself a whiskey
🕷 He isn't exactly the most quiet when getting out of bed or moving around in general so he's gotten used to you coming downstairs shortly after him
🕷 Even when you're still half asleep, eyes barely open you still go downstairs to check on him
🕷 Vander always grabs your hand and leads you to a chair because he's worried that you might trip and fall
🕷 You two usually sit in a comfortable silence, you usually leaning against him trying not to fall back asleep
🕷 You always wait for him to finish his drink before asking if you two can go back upstairs
🕷 Most of the time he carries you up the stairs to your shared bedroom
🕷 Once you two are back in bed, you curl up into his side telling him how much you love him before falling back asleep
🕷 Whether you know it or not, those words coming from you mean the whole world to him
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honeydazai · a day ago
sharing you with their partners
feat.: Viktor/Jayce; Jayce/Mel; Vi/Caitlyn; Silco/Sevika; Viktor/Sky; & fem!reader
warnings: nsfw content, threesomes, double penetration, oral sex (reader giving and receiving), pet names, degradation
Tumblr media
With VIKTOR and JAYCE, it unsurprisingly happens in the lab — after their newest experiment fails to work, they're both feeling frustrated. As their assistant, you don't mind helping them out, which is why you soon end up on Viktor's lap, your thighs on either side of his own.
While Jayce stands behind you, his lips soft on your neck and his hands wandering from your hips to your tits, Viktor gets both of your holes ready; lithe fingers thrusting into you and opening you up with scissoring motions as you mewl and whimper into his ear. Eventually, you sink down onto Viktor's cock while Jayce pushes into you from behind, his hips flush with your ass.
While Jayce is simply eager to please you — his thrusts fast enough to have you whimpering and moaning, one of his hands moving down to rub your clit —, Viktor is a little meaner; his teasing comments are enough to make you clench around him with arousal, and, well, he's certainly tempted to edge you at least once.
“You're so tight around me, dear. I can even feel Jayce right next to me — and, ah, listen to yourself. You're moaning like a true whore already. You must have wanted us to take you like this for a while now, hm? That's just shameless.”
Tumblr media
It was MEL's idea to invite you to join her and JAYCE after she had noticed the way Jayce kept staring at you, and now here you are; on all fours on the bed with Jayce thrusting into you from behind, his groans low and guttural, making heat curl in your stomach.
Your back arches prettily as Mel pulls your head down to rest against her thigh, guiding you to her cunt and, oh — you had almost forgotten about her pleasure with the way Jayce's dick nudges against your cervix, but now it's painstakingly obvious how wet she is. You lean forward without further hesitation, your tongue flattening against her dripping folds, and Mel hums with appreciation, her hands grasping at your hair.
Mel is generous with her praise — she's not ashamed to constantly tell you and Jayce how good you both are doing, how pretty Jayce looks when he's fucking you and how talented you are with your tongue. The compliments get to you both; you're whimpering with flushed cheeks as you continue what you're doing; meanwhile Mel's nails are scratching at your scalp and Jayce's hand, calloused and so big compared to Mel's, is moving down to rub your clit in rhythm with his thrusts.
“Look at the both of you, so pretty and obedient for me, hm? Such good pets I have. Jayce, come on now, don't tease our lovely guest. Go a little faster, I know you can do it, baby.”
Tumblr media
You're honestly not sure anymore how it happened; one moment, you and SKY have been thinking of a way to stop VIKTOR from overworking himself again, and the next you're both kneeling beneath his desk to mouth at his cock together. Above you, Viktor is moaning as his hips buck up every once in a while, his head dropping back to reveal the pale expanse of his throat.
There's a sly smirk curling his lips as he yanks on your hair, the sensation borderline painful — honestly, it's your own fault for being of a brat. Sky, always eager to please, simply continues to lick at the length of his dick; though your mischievous personality is a nice contrast to her obedience.
By the time both of your knees are starting to ache from the position, you move this to the closest free flat surface, and while you once again close your lips around Viktor's cock, Sky eats you out from behind, her tongue circling around your clit as she pushes a finger into you, crooking it to rub against that one spot that has you whining.
“Ah—, you're both doing so well. My good girls, so pretty for me. Though it does seem like Sky is more keen on being obedient than you are, dear. It is almost like you're begging me to teach you a lesson.”
Tumblr media
The beginning of your sexual relationship with SILCO and SEVIKA is more or less an accident; you're currently sitting on Silco's lap, the head of his dick nudging against that one spot inside of you as you roll your hips, tiny whimpers leaving your mouth. Then, quite suddenly, the door opens with Sevika entering and, to your horror, she doesn't leave and Silco doesn't stop rubbing your clit — and before you're able to protest, there's some sort of unspoken agreement between the two of them.
You've got three of Sevika's calloused fingers in your mouth, steadily pushing down your throat, and you're drooling and gagging around them, saliva dripping down your chin. And even though you're fucked stupid at this point, you do your best to keep riding Silco, who's just watching you struggle to choke out whiny moans around Sevika's fingers.
You're honestly in for a hard time with them since they're both rather sadistic; Sevika makes you eat her out after Silco came inside of you, his cum dripping down your leg. While she grabs your hair, your lewd squelching and slurping sounds making her smirk, she's already thinking about bending you over her lap to spank you until you're sobbing.
“Come now, dear, I'm sure you're not tired already, are you? That'd be awfully disappointing, especially not that Sevika is watching. Don't you want to put on a show for her? My dick isn't going to ride itself, you know.”
Tumblr media
With VI and CAITLYN, it happens inside of Caitlyn's bedroom; what was supposed to be an innocent girls night quickly turns lewd as Vi insists for you to touch her abs and gropes the soft skin of your inner thighs in return. It doesn't take much more for you to move onto Vi's lap, your thighs spread wide to accommodate Caitlyn, who's laying down between them.
For just a moment, Caitlyn allows herself the freedom to tease your wet pussy over your panties, her fingers sliding along the fine fabric only to hear you whine and whimper. She's not opposed to you begging her either, though her cheeks flush adorably when you do just that; filthy words falling from your plump lips in hopes of her taking mercy on you.
While Caitlyn pushes your panties to the side and pumps two, then three fingers into you, Vi sucks marks into your neck; hickeys and blue and purple bruises soon adorning your neck. Her hands are on your tits, kneading them fondly and flicking over your hardened nipples, and you can't do anything but mewl in pleasure.
“Fuck, doll, you're so hot. Come on, why don't you beg for Cupcake here to eat you out, hm? Bet she'd love to do that if only you asked nicely. Oh, or do you want us to fuck you instead? You gotta speak up, babe, or else we don't know what you want us to do.”
Tumblr media
notes: threesomes are hot, and so are all Arcane characters
if you liked this, consider tipping me on ko-fi! it'd mean a lot!
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inkinflux · a day ago
“Blyat, I can see my cock moving inside of you. You feel me right there, lyubov? You feel me filling you up? No one will ever fuck you like I do.”
“Mine is the only dick you suck from now on, you understand? I’m the only one who can touch you. Your hands are mine. Your mouth is mine. All of you. Mine.”
“A new position just opened up on my cock. I’m deliberating whether you’d make a good fit.”
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Main Arcane Cast with an S/O who works out
The first time she saw you work out, she was kind of amazed.
She wanted to cause some trouble in Piltover and walked in on you, breathing hard, covered in sweat, and going full-speed on a treadmill.
She just watched you for a while and forgot why she was looking for you in the first place.
Once you’re completely out of breath, you figure it’s time to sit down and drink some water, only to turn around and see Jinx staring right at you.
She laughs pretty hard when you jump, but she assures you she wasn’t judging or anything. 
In fact, she thought it was pretty cool. She definitely doesn’t have a whole lot of muscle on her, so anything you do is going to impress her.
You can do a plank for more than 30 seconds? You lift something she can’t? You can open the fucking pickle jar?? She’s beyond impressed, and she’s really proud of you. She knows it’s hard work.
Sometimes, she panics when she loses sight of you, and she starts to think you left her. Then, she checks the room you workout in, and all those doubts go away, at least while she can watch you workout.
When that happens, it’s kind of obvious that she’s stressed out, so if you ask her to join you, she’d say no at first but join you at the end. She puts her all into it, and joins you occasionally when the anxiety really gets to her. If she makes it a habit, her mental health improves dramatically since she’s got something to do with you and a new, less destructive way of using her energy.
Vander absolutely worked out in his younger revolutionary days. Just look at the guy. The dude has some muscle, and he wasn’t born like that.
He might not work out as much now that he’s older and busier, but he watches you workout, keeps an eye on your form, and makes sure you’re hydrated.
He is the king of helping you ease your soreness. He has a lot of experience being sore, and he knows that while you might want to workout more, you can’t. He doesn’t want you to hurt yourself by trying to do too much, so he does as much as he can to make you comfortable.
He also doesn’t want you to lay in bed all day, so he won’t do everything for you, and he might even ask for a favor that makes you walk around the undercity a little bit. He makes sure you don’t have to take stairs if your legs are sore though.
The Last Drop is the best place to hang out after a workout, by the way. There’s plenty of ice, and Vander keeps the place stocked with plenty of juice, water, whatever the League of Legends version of Gatorade is, and whatever niche workout drink you need. He also keeps plenty of snacks and food that are high in carbs and protein.
Plenty of people in the Undercity also workout and are recovering from fights, so he’s not using shelf and fridge space for something that doesn’t sell. It works out.
When he first saw you work out, he had intended on asking you a question, something having to do with business probably.
He gently opened the door, saw you working out, and immediately closed it. He wanted to watch you workout, but he got a little flustered. If you ask him about it, he’ll deny it though.
He felt like if he watched, he’d distract you, or you would want to stop.
Because he was close to Vander, he knows that doing an exercise wrong can make you more sore or can hurt you altogether, so he doesn’t want to take that risk.
He comes back at a slightly later time, and if you’re done, he asks if you need anything, ranging from a snack or some water, to new equipment.
Like Jinx, he doesn’t have a whole lot of muscle on him, and he’s fairly lanky, so he is impressed with anything you do. 
He’s mostly proud of you though. His ‘power comes to those who will do anything to achieve it’ applies to you. Even though he was talking about Shimmer, he has more respect for you than anyone who takes Shimmer because working out takes a lot more patience, and you have certainly become powerful from it.
He first saw you workout, he was coming home from a long day of experimentation at the lab.
You had a yoga mat out and were doing a mix of cardio and bodyweight exercises. When you heard him come in, you were about to stop, but he ushered you back. “Unless you’re really tired and want to stop, you should keep going. You’re doing great.”
The guy doesn’t work out. He’s only as buff as he is because he spends so much time in the forge. He doesn’t make hammers as often as he used to though, so he’s nowhere near as strong as he used to.
He’s tried to do an actual workout alone multiple times, but he gives up each time. After watching you workout a couple of times, he asks if he could join you. Maybe he wouldn’t give up as easily if you were right next to him.
He has awful balance. If you do any workout that requires the slightest bit of balance, he will fall over. He’s also not the best at anything cardio-related. He does reps at half the speed you do, so either you slow down or tell him to do half the amount of reps. Strength exercises are the easiest for him though.
After each workout, he’s thoroughly amazed by how easy you make things look. Now that he works out more, he brags to everyone about how you and him have gotten stronger.
Unfortunately, Viktor can’t do most of the things you do. He’s supportive, but he can’t help but feel a little jealous when he sees you run, lift, stretch, etc.
He doesn’t watch you workout for that reason, but also because he doesn’t want to get in the way or make you feel bad and stop. It’s kind of obvious how he feels about it even though he tries to hide it.
On the other hand, knowing what you can do motivates him even more to work on Hextech. He keeps working day and night, hoping that one day he can join you.
Eventually, you figure out what’s up and discuss it with him. If you offer to stop to make him feel better, he tells you kind of bluntly that’s the last thing he wants. After a while, you ask if there are any low-intensity exercises or physical therapies he could do.
He stops and thinks. The thought genuinely didn’t cross his mind. In the following week, you and Viktor visit just about every doctor in Piltover to get their thoughts and recommendations.
Once he’s able to join you, his work on Hextech stays about the same. Even though he feels better and doesn’t feel as left out, he still wants to do more.
Unlike everyone else on this list, she would not be afraid of making you flustered. She’d come into the room you were working out in and watch. Being a council member is stressful, so any time she gets with you is really the only time she can fully unwind.
She definitely praises you once you take a break and sit by her. She feels your muscles and makes a short, pleased, “hm” sound.
Watching you workout and get stronger reminds her a little bit of her home and her family. Of course, the difference to her is that you’re getting stronger because you want to be healthy or you think it’s fun. Her family members got strong to fight and kill.
Because it reminds her of her family, she wouldn’t want to do any strength exercises, but she would love to do something like cardio or yoga with you. If you fall over while doing yoga or a stretch, she will laugh at you a little and offer to help you up. 
She has superior balance and finds yoga, stretching, and cardio really relaxing. After a long, stressful meeting with the council, she would do any of those exercises for hours if her body would let her.
As a member of Piltover’s finest soldiers, she’s had to do plenty of training and working out, so she’s honestly really excited to see that you have an interest in it too.
She has really good variety in her workouts, and she’s willing to adjust her workouts to your speed and capabilities. Any exercise is still good, and she doesn’t want you to be intimidated and quit.
She incorporates a ton of different exercises into the workouts; she’s pretty good at all of them, but strength and anything with balance is not her strongest suit. She’s nowhere near as bad as Jayce, for example, but she may need to put her foot on the ground or in a position that gives her more support occasionally and immediately put it back up. Meanwhile, strength exercises make her really sore, and she has to constantly remind herself to breathe.
Like Vander, she’s really caring for you once you’re sore; however, she does not care for herself nearly as much. If her legs are sore, she’ll climb stairs and lift things like it’s nothing, and you have to stop her before she genuinely hurts herself. Sometimes, she does hurt herself, and you and her parents have to keep a really close eye on her to make sure she doesn’t go on some adventure with a torn muscle.
If you manage to convince her to actually rest, you need to talk to her and give her company. Otherwise, she’ll get bored. She’s definitely down for cuddles; just don’t lay on her where it’s sore.
You’d be insane to think Sevika doesn’t work out. She does so much fighting that it would be crazy for her to not workout as much as she does.
She doesn’t do really crazy workouts that would make her really sore; she’s already done a lot of work to get the muscle she has. At this point, she mostly tries to keep those muscles. She works out for like half an hour every day, but it’s not too intense. She just does some stretching and practices fighting, making sure to use all the different muscles in her body.
She refers to it as training, but it is a workout. You’d probably have your own routine, but on your active rest days, she teaches you how to fight. She thinks it’s great that you’re active, but you need to know how to defend yourself while living in Zaun.
You both do a bit of sparring, but she for sure takes it easy on you. If you leave an opening, she pats you instead of actually hitting you. She fully expects you to hit her with full force if you get the chance though. She can take it, and she feels better about you walking around Zaun alone if she knows you can throw a punch that hurts.
Very rarely, if she’s in a really sour mood, especially after doing a dangerous job for Silco, she’ll point out that the mistakes you make in a fight can get you killed, or at least really hurt.
A/N: This took way longer than I expected. Ik it’s not the most accurate, so constructive criticism is extremely welcome. Let me know what y’all think.
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Y/N: *running toward the labs*
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