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theprettyarachnid a day ago
hi! it's me, the same anon again... i mean, i'm the same anon that have been sending all the requests of arcane ;)
i hope you're having a great day and that you're sleeping well (we both know that last thing is not true anyways haha)
could you write some arcane char hcs when they have a nightmare about the reader?
a/n: hello! im doing okay, have had a couple of rough days but that's okay! i hope you're doing well though!
also not to flex but two posts in one day
warnings: nightmares, suggestion of ptsd, slight angst, slight violence
characters: jinx, vi, caitlyn, ekko, viktor, jayce, silco, vander
馃暦 Jinx's nightmares are memories of her childhood and it's usually twisted so you take the place of someone else in her memory
馃暦 She has nightmares about you abandoning her because of something she did
馃暦 She also dreams about being the cause of your death because she's a jinx and she's dangerous
馃暦 Jinx moves around a lot when she has nightmares so when she wakes up you're usually already up with your arms wrapped around her
馃暦 A lot of the time she tries to push you away while wiping tears off her cheeks but you don't budge
馃暦 Eventually she gives in and stays put
馃暦 "do you want to talk about it?"
馃暦 "what's there to talk about?"
馃暦 Jinx can come off really mean after waking up from one of her nightmares but you've learned to not take it personally
馃暦 To make her feel better, you'll redo her braids or let her give you another tattoo which tends to make her feel better but overall she really doesn't talk about her nightmares
馃暦 Like Jinx, her nightmares are versions of her past or her worst fears
馃暦 She dreams about you being kidnapped by Jinx and getting injected with shimmer against your will
馃暦 She dreams about you ending up like Vander and not being able to save you
馃暦 Vi doesn't move around much when she sleeps so when her nightmares wake her up, she slips out of bed without waking you up
馃暦 Eventually you wake up and know she's gone so you go looking for her
馃暦 A lot of the time she's right outside staring at the city
馃暦 "hey"
馃暦 "shit... did i wake you up?"
馃暦 "no, no you didn't... come back inside it's cold"
馃暦 Vi will just say she's fine but you drag her inside anyway
馃暦 You bring her back into your room and hug her
馃暦 Sometimes she'll just quietly check you for injuries and you just let her because you know it makes her feel better
馃暦 She has nightmares about someone getting back at her by hurting you
馃暦 You know this is a constant fear of hers and definitely one that plagues her dreams
馃暦 Caitlyn mumbles incoherently during her nightmares which wakes you up
馃暦 You try to talk to her and calm her down while she's still sleeping but other times you have to wake her up
馃暦 "caitlyn, cait wake up!"
馃暦 When she wakes up, she automatically goes into a defensive mode until she realizes it's just you
馃暦 Caitlyn usually talks about her nightmares because she knows it's just going to bother her by ignoring them
馃暦 You make each other a cup of tea and sit in the living room before she talks about it
馃暦 "i... i just don't know what i'd do if i lost you"
馃暦 Similar to Caitlyn, he dreams about someone getting back at him or about not being able to save you
馃暦 He often dreams about you dying and him not being able to go back and fix it
馃暦 Ekko wakes up in a cold sweat usually sitting straight up and waking you up as well
馃暦 "ekko? ekko, whats wrong?"
馃暦 As soon as he looks at you, he grabs you into a hug and stays silent for a pretty long time
馃暦 During that silence, you just rub his back telling him that you're here and that you aren't going anywhere
馃暦 He can be kind of jittery and unable to go back to sleep so many times you just have him lay on top of you while you trace shapes onto his back until he falls back to sleep
馃暦 Viktor has fallen asleep plenty of times on his desk surrounded by tools and inventions
馃暦 His worst nightmares involve those inventions such as hextech and you
馃暦 There's a reason he doesn't let you into the lab but even with those precautions he still fears something will happen
馃暦 Viktor tends to wake up kind of aggressively when he has a nightmare
馃暦 He runs a hand over his face when he realizes he fell asleep on his desk again
馃暦 Once he wakes up a little more, he immediately goes to your room to check on you
馃暦 You're usually asleep curled up in the blankets with the side lamp still on showing that you were waiting for Viktor
馃暦 Viktor is very quiet so he'll slip into the room, change, and lay beside you turning off the light
馃暦 Sometimes you wake up and notice how tense Viktor is making you give him a small smile
馃暦 "is everything okay?"
馃暦 He lies to not worry you but you've known him long enough to know when something isn't right
馃暦 Viktor isn't one to talk about his nightmares or fears, especially with you because he doesn't want to worry you, so instead you just wrap your arms around him and play with his hair
馃暦 You tell him about your day and any gossip you might've heard
馃暦 Before he became a councilor and gained the nickname "The Man of Progress" Jayce didn't have many nightmares concerning your safety
馃暦 It wasn't because he didn't care, he just knew that you were safe and that the chances of something bad happening to you was very slim
馃暦 But once he was seen as a VIP in Piltover, suddenly he became a lot more paranoid when it came to your safety
馃暦 His nightmares are about someone using you to blackmail him or worse, you dying because of his own stupidity and impulsiveness
馃暦 A lot of the time Jayce tries to play it off and act like nothings wrong when he has a nightmare, but you always know when he does because he holds you just a tad bit tighter, burying his face in your neck or hair
馃暦 Whatever you do, do not bring up any council stuff it will just make him more upset
馃暦 He'll appreciate if you just play with his hair and plant a kiss here and there
馃暦 Silco? The Silco, most dangerous man of Zaun, doesn't get nightmares. Especially about other people
馃暦 At least that's what he wants everyone to think and for the most part, he has everyone fooled... except you of course
馃暦 His nightmares are honestly probably the most horrific, just because he has seen and done a lot of horrible stuff
馃暦 The ghosts of the people he's killed and wronged haunt his dreams and many times he's woken up in a cold sweat from his nightmares
馃暦 He dreams of you getting tortured right in front of him, you turning into something not human because of shimmer or all the other radioactive chemicals in Zaun that he's to blame for, he even dreams of himself hurting you
馃暦 Plenty of nights you find him out on the balcony, smoking a cigar
馃暦 "silco? why're you up?"
馃暦 He just tells you to go back to bed and he'll be in once he finishes his cigar
馃暦 If you refuse and stay out with him, you'll usually sit on his lap occasionally sharing his cigar with him
馃暦 Because he's in control of Zaun, there aren't many people crazy enough to mess with him
馃暦 But the thought of Silco getting revenge by hurting you is always at the back of his mind
馃暦 He also fears that you'll find out what kind of person he used to be before you met him and that you'll leave him
馃暦 Vander isn't proud of those days and the last thing he wants is for you to know that side of him
馃暦 When he does get nightmares, which isn't very often, he'll usually go down to the bar and make himself a whiskey
馃暦 He isn't exactly the most quiet when getting out of bed or moving around in general so he's gotten used to you coming downstairs shortly after him
馃暦 Even when you're still half asleep, eyes barely open you still go downstairs to check on him
馃暦 Vander always grabs your hand and leads you to a chair because he's worried that you might trip and fall
馃暦 You two usually sit in a comfortable silence, you usually leaning against him trying not to fall back asleep
馃暦 You always wait for him to finish his drink before asking if you two can go back upstairs
馃暦 Most of the time he carries you up the stairs to your shared bedroom
馃暦 Once you two are back in bed, you curl up into his side telling him how much you love him before falling back asleep
馃暦 Whether you know it or not, those words coming from you mean the whole world to him
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dee-at-the-last-drop 2 days ago
Tumblr media
if you鈥榬e ever wondering what i鈥檓 thinking about it鈥檚 this image sorry
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butchbluebeary 2 days ago
vi: I will not let a technicality stop me
caitlyn: a technicality like the law?
vi: yeah, I hate those things
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incorrect-fandomquotes 2 days ago
Jayce and Viktor: *Fighting over who gets to try out their new Hextech device first*
Caitlyn: And historians will call them...
Jayce: *Accidentally lights Viktor's shirt in fire*
Vi: Morons.
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welkinsky 2 days ago
I love your hc on the arcane characters omg .. if its not too much cuz I ask for them being with someone short ?? Like 5 feet tall kind of short
Arcane Characters X Short S/O (Part 1)
Characters: Vi, Viktor, Jinx
Part 2 : Jinx, Jayce & Ekko (coming soon)
Arcane Masterlist
Tumblr media
Vi is 5"9 so expect her picking you up in a hug. Or at least when she's excited.
Be ready for hugs from the back too in the morning where you she rests her chin on top of your head and you both just get ready to take on the day.
She's big on head pats and find it adorable if you get irritated with them.
You're frustrated? expect a head pat, your happy? Expect a head pat, you're sad? Expect a head pat and ooooh don't get me started on when she's proud of you aaaaah she'll give them to you at 100 headpats/min
While you both Parkour your way through a busy streets she helps you up unconsciously. It's like an instinct to her.
While you both are doing it, you WILL be thrown on bed! Or If you're a sub then she loooves to pick you up and kiss you against the wall while she's kissing you.
Tumblr media
He's 5"10 so he's waaaay taller than you.
When you both first met and you were talking. The way you looked up at him with big eyes, it made him feel some type of way. It was all new for him but every single time he loves seeing you that way. And let's just pretend you were not doing some of it on purpose heh.
He loves to kiss your forehead, it is innocent and he loves to feel your warm breath on his neck, it reassured him that you were there and will BE there.
While doing IT he usually picks you up and make you sit on a desk or a cupboard.
Tumblr media
Caitlyn for some reason always offers you to carry stuff for you.
"I'm short not week!", you usually get irritated but she replies with, "Hey! Size is reciprocal of it.. I guess. Idk"
Her face is so cute, that you cannot be irritated for long.
You usually hug her from behind and she just give you kisses on forehead.
You love to hug her and hear her heartbeat and when she realize this, she pulls you in even closer.
Arcane Masterlist
Thanks For Reading and for the ask! You can send new ones too if you liked this.
If you liked it you can check out the masterlist too!
A-Z Headcanon
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Main Arcane Cast with an S/O who works out
The first time she saw you work out, she was kind of amazed.
She wanted to cause some trouble in Piltover and walked in on you, breathing hard, covered in sweat, and going full-speed on a treadmill.
She just watched you for a while and forgot why she was looking for you in the first place.
Once you鈥檙e completely out of breath, you figure it鈥檚 time to sit down and drink some water, only to turn around and see Jinx staring right at you.
She laughs pretty hard when you jump, but she assures you she wasn鈥檛 judging or anything.聽
In fact, she thought it was pretty cool. She definitely doesn鈥檛 have a whole lot of muscle on her, so anything you do is going to impress her.
You can do a plank for more than 30 seconds? You lift something she can鈥檛? You can open the fucking pickle jar?? She鈥檚 beyond impressed, and she鈥檚 really proud of you. She knows it鈥檚 hard work.
Sometimes, she panics when she loses sight of you, and she starts to think you left her. Then, she checks the room you workout in, and all those doubts go away, at least while she can watch you workout.
When that happens, it鈥檚 kind of obvious that she鈥檚 stressed out, so if you ask her to join you, she鈥檇 say no at first but join you at the end. She puts her all into it, and joins you occasionally when the anxiety really gets to her. If she makes it a habit, her mental health improves dramatically since she鈥檚 got something to do with you and a new, less destructive way of using her energy.
Vander absolutely worked out in his younger revolutionary days. Just look at the guy. The dude has some muscle, and he wasn鈥檛 born like that.
He might not work out as much now that he鈥檚 older and busier, but he watches you workout, keeps an eye on your form, and makes sure you鈥檙e hydrated.
He is the king of helping you ease your soreness. He has a lot of experience being sore, and he knows that while you might want to workout more, you can鈥檛. He doesn鈥檛 want you to hurt yourself by trying to do too much, so he does as much as he can to make you comfortable.
He also doesn鈥檛 want you to lay in bed all day, so he won鈥檛 do everything for you, and he might even ask for a favor that makes you walk around the undercity a little bit. He makes sure you don鈥檛 have to take stairs if your legs are sore though.
The Last Drop is the best place to hang out after a workout, by the way. There鈥檚 plenty of ice, and Vander keeps the place stocked with plenty of juice, water, whatever the League of Legends version of Gatorade is, and whatever niche workout drink you need. He also keeps plenty of snacks and food that are high in carbs and protein.
Plenty of people in the Undercity also workout and are recovering from fights, so he鈥檚 not using shelf and fridge space for something that doesn鈥檛 sell. It works out.
When he first saw you work out, he had intended on asking you a question, something having to do with business probably.
He gently opened the door, saw you working out, and immediately closed it. He wanted to watch you workout, but he got a little flustered. If you ask him about it, he鈥檒l deny it though.
He felt like if he watched, he鈥檇 distract you, or you would want to stop.
Because he was close to Vander, he knows that doing an exercise wrong can make you more sore or can hurt you altogether, so he doesn鈥檛 want to take that risk.
He comes back at a slightly later time, and if you鈥檙e done, he asks if you need anything, ranging from a snack or some water, to new equipment.
Like Jinx, he doesn鈥檛 have a whole lot of muscle on him, and he鈥檚 fairly lanky, so he is impressed with anything you do.聽
He鈥檚 mostly proud of you though. His 鈥榩ower comes to those who will do anything to achieve it鈥 applies to you. Even though he was talking about Shimmer, he has more respect for you than anyone who takes Shimmer because working out takes a lot more patience, and you have certainly become powerful from it.
He first saw you workout, he was coming home from a long day of experimentation at the lab.
You had a yoga mat out and were doing a mix of cardio and bodyweight exercises. When you heard him come in, you were about to stop, but he ushered you back. 鈥淯nless you鈥檙e really tired and want to stop, you should keep going. You鈥檙e doing great.鈥
The guy doesn鈥檛 work out. He鈥檚 only as buff as he is because he spends so much time in the forge. He doesn鈥檛 make hammers as often as he used to though, so he鈥檚 nowhere near as strong as he used to.
He鈥檚 tried to do an actual workout alone multiple times, but he gives up each time. After watching you workout a couple of times, he asks if he could join you. Maybe he wouldn鈥檛 give up as easily if you were right next to him.
He has awful balance. If you do any workout that requires the slightest bit of balance, he will fall over. He鈥檚 also not the best at anything cardio-related. He does reps at half the speed you do, so either you slow down or tell him to do half the amount of reps. Strength exercises are the easiest for him though.
After each workout, he鈥檚 thoroughly amazed by how easy you make things look. Now that he works out more, he brags to everyone about how you and him have gotten stronger.
Unfortunately, Viktor can鈥檛 do most of the things you do. He鈥檚 supportive, but he can鈥檛 help but feel a little jealous when he sees you run, lift, stretch, etc.
He doesn鈥檛 watch you workout for that reason, but also because he doesn鈥檛 want to get in the way or make you feel bad and stop. It鈥檚 kind of obvious how he feels about it even though he tries to hide it.
On the other hand, knowing what you can do motivates him even more to work on Hextech. He keeps working day and night, hoping that one day he can join you.
Eventually, you figure out what鈥檚 up and discuss it with him. If you offer to stop to make him feel better, he tells you kind of bluntly that鈥檚 the last thing he wants. After a while, you ask if there are any low-intensity exercises or physical therapies he could do.
He stops and thinks. The thought genuinely didn鈥檛 cross his mind. In the following week, you and Viktor visit just about every doctor in Piltover to get their thoughts and recommendations.
Once he鈥檚 able to join you, his work on Hextech stays about the same. Even though he feels better and doesn鈥檛 feel as left out, he still wants to do more.
Unlike everyone else on this list, she would not be afraid of making you flustered. She鈥檇 come into the room you were working out in and watch. Being a council member is stressful, so any time she gets with you is really the only time she can fully unwind.
She definitely praises you once you take a break and sit by her. She feels your muscles and makes a short, pleased, 鈥渉m鈥 sound.
Watching you workout and get stronger reminds her a little bit of her home and her family. Of course, the difference to her is that you鈥檙e getting stronger because you want to be healthy or you think it鈥檚 fun. Her family members got strong to fight and kill.
Because it reminds her of her family, she wouldn鈥檛 want to do any strength exercises, but she would love to do something like cardio or yoga with you. If you fall over while doing yoga or a stretch, she will laugh at you a little and offer to help you up.聽
She has superior balance and finds yoga, stretching, and cardio really relaxing. After a long, stressful meeting with the council, she would do any of those exercises for hours if her body would let her.
As a member of Piltover鈥檚 finest soldiers, she鈥檚 had to do plenty of training and working out, so she鈥檚 honestly really excited to see that you have an interest in it too.
She has really good variety in her workouts, and she鈥檚 willing to adjust her workouts to your speed and capabilities. Any exercise is still good, and she doesn鈥檛 want you to be intimidated and quit.
She incorporates a ton of different exercises into the workouts; she鈥檚 pretty good at all of them, but strength and anything with balance is not her strongest suit. She鈥檚 nowhere near as bad as Jayce, for example, but she may need to put her foot on the ground or in a position that gives her more support occasionally and immediately put it back up. Meanwhile, strength exercises make her really sore, and she has to constantly remind herself to breathe.
Like Vander, she鈥檚 really caring for you once you鈥檙e sore; however, she does not care for herself nearly as much. If her legs are sore, she鈥檒l climb stairs and lift things like it鈥檚 nothing, and you have to stop her before she genuinely hurts herself. Sometimes, she does hurt herself, and you and her parents have to keep a really close eye on her to make sure she doesn鈥檛 go on some adventure with a torn muscle.
If you manage to convince her to actually rest, you need to talk to her and give her company. Otherwise, she鈥檒l get bored. She鈥檚 definitely down for cuddles; just don鈥檛 lay on her where it鈥檚 sore.
You鈥檇 be insane to think Sevika doesn鈥檛 work out. She does so much fighting that it would be crazy for her to not workout as much as she does.
She doesn鈥檛 do really crazy workouts that would make her really sore; she鈥檚 already done a lot of work to get the muscle she has. At this point, she mostly tries to keep those muscles. She works out for like half an hour every day, but it鈥檚 not too intense. She just does some stretching and practices fighting, making sure to use all the different muscles in her body.
She refers to it as training, but it is a workout. You鈥檇 probably have your own routine, but on your active rest days, she teaches you how to fight. She thinks it鈥檚 great that you鈥檙e active, but you need to know how to defend yourself while living in Zaun.
You both do a bit of sparring, but she for sure takes it easy on you. If you leave an opening, she pats you instead of actually hitting you. She fully expects you to hit her with full force if you get the chance though. She can take it, and she feels better about you walking around Zaun alone if she knows you can throw a punch that hurts.
Very rarely, if she鈥檚 in a really sour mood, especially after doing a dangerous job for Silco, she鈥檒l point out that the mistakes you make in a fight can get you killed, or at least really hurt.
A/N: This took way longer than I expected. Ik it鈥檚 not the most accurate, so constructive criticism is extremely welcome. Let me know what y鈥檃ll think.
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kspeciale 17 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Choose your misfit鈥.
Jinx, Vi and Caitlyn from Arcane
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weirdplutoprince 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
not now cupcake
Tumblr media
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girlbossmel 21 hours ago
I know I鈥檝e been talking about Caitlyn simping for Vi, but goddang. Vi knew Caitlyn for like 10 minutes and was already calling her Cupcake.
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excessive-levels-of-gay 2 days ago
Jayce: Do you mean Vi is in trouble or Vi is the trouble?
Caitlyn: After all this months, she's either in trouble or going to be
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selineram3421 a day ago
Things in my Viktor(Arcane) X Reader:
The College Art Teacher
Silco picks up Jinx from college everyday.
Ekko teaches the kids in his neighborhood how to draw.
Also teaches them how to skateboard when he can *he'll get one soon
Heimerdinger is a substitute teacher for the science department. *Jayce took over.
His little puppy Porofessor follows him around everywhere.
Rio has their own spot in the classroom for when she's under Viktor's care.
Her area is off limits. Do not put things on her table, its her table.
Mel is oil painting teacher, as well as color theory? *or board member who donates to the art department
Haven't decided yet
Vi does boxing* Vander is not dead and runs the boxing ring after letting Silco take over the bar.
Caitlyn is Vi's girlfriend and they walk home together. Jinx is slightly jealous but Silco gets her ice cream after classes, so its ok.
Silco and Vander are bro dads 馃, no conflict
Jayce and Viktor have lunch together to talk about science stuff.
I can already imagine the flock of students coming up to them to ask questions about class. *the two men don't eat lunch anywhere near students now lol
Y/n does not do NSFW drawings, its a very innocent type of love.
Tried to draw him shirtless once and backed out immediately. Too hot.
Jinx caught Y/n drawing their teacher during lunch break and snatched the sketchbook.
"OoOoo! What do we have here!"
"Jinx! Give it back!
Y/n and Ekko have a sibling like relationship
The three friends go to the downtown art galleries together
Caitlyn took them to a fancy gallery once
Uniforms? Maybe. Not sure.
If there is uniforms, they are expensive.
Jayce substitutes for Viktor sometimes when it rains/cold.
when his leg acts up
Heimerdinger is now the history professor.
Y/n and Jinx are best friends
Somewhere it will be said
Will add more later.
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theprettyarachnid 10 hours ago
arcane char reaction to the reader that falls asleep in their lap, pleaseeee
a/n: oh to fall asleep in viktor/jayce's lap... also this request made me think and have i written cuddling headcanons for these characters? i cant remember if i have or not
warnings: none(?)
characters: jinx, vi, caitlyn, ekko, viktor, jayce, silco, vander
馃暦 Probably wouldn't notice at first, she'd be rambling about something while working on one of her gadgets before checking to see if you're listening only to find you with your eyes closed
馃暦 "hey sleepy head, are you listening?"
馃暦 She'd probably lift one of your eyelids but would quickly pull away when she realized you were actually asleep
馃暦 Jinx might get a little pouty because she was feeling chatty but would let you sleep
馃暦 If she has a hand free, she plays with your hair
馃暦 If you're still sleeping when she's finished with her stuff, she'll grab a marker and draw little doodles all over you
馃暦 You two would be hanging out on the couch watching tv when she saw you asleep
馃暦 She literally becomes stiff as a board because she doesn't want to wake you
馃暦 lowkey forgets to breathe
馃暦 Eventually Vi slowly relaxes when she's confident enough that she won't wake you up accidentally
馃暦 Lowers the volume on the tv and will try and grab a blanket to cover you so you don't get cold
馃暦 If there isn't a blanket close enough, she'll slip out of her jacket or sweatshirt and drape it over you
馃暦 Honestly I can imagine Vi being very comfy
馃暦 Caitlyn purposely makes you lay in her lap and plays with your hair or caresses your face so you'll fall asleep
馃暦 She turns the heat up a little and gets you all snuggled up with blankets while she's reviewing a case
馃暦 You soon catch onto the fact that she does it on purpose but it's not like you really care
馃暦 There have been a few times where you'll wake up with her asleep with her arms wrapped around you
馃暦 "... but i was cleaning up shop when i overheard鈥攂abe?"
馃暦 Ekko always smirks when you fall asleep on his lap mainly because he just finds it very cute
馃暦 He likes to take your hand and trace the lines in your palm
馃暦 I feel like Ekko's body temperature is naturally just very warm
馃暦 Sometimes he'll reposition you if he starts to get uncomfortable but he's a pro at not waking you up
馃暦 Shoulder kisses <3
馃暦 He'll be reading a book, taking a break from work, but once he's ready to get back to it he sees you're asleep
馃暦 Might question if you're faking it just so he doesn't leave but he stays put either way
馃暦 Viktor will either continue reading or will put the book away and just admire you
馃暦 His leg will eventually start to cramp so he'll gently lay you on his chest instead
馃暦 "mmgh... viktor?"
馃暦 "shh, my 谢褞斜懈屑邪褟, i'm right here" 谢褞斜懈屑邪褟 (lyuBEEmaya): darling, love
馃暦 Jayce can be a little fidgety but if he doesn't have anywhere to be, he'll try to sit as still as possible
馃暦 Might go on his phone and scroll through whatever while rubbing your arm
馃暦 Depending on how late it is in the day, he might just pick you up and bring you to bed
馃暦 If he tries to leave and you grab hold of him, he'll stay
馃暦 Will bring you to his chest and just rub your back lulling you back to sleep
馃暦 Might quietly tease you about wanting him to stay
馃暦 "you must've really missed me today..."
馃暦 It's a rare occasion that Silco actually lets you fall asleep on his lap
馃暦 It's usually when he's doing paper work at his desk and you're sitting on his lap
馃暦 Whenever he lets you sit on his lap, it usually means he's angry about something so most of the time he doesn't let you leave
馃暦 Since he works late nights, you end up falling asleep on him
馃暦 Silco would offer you some of his cigar just to see you asleep
馃暦 I can't really imagine him caring that much but he'll rub your back occasionally while flipping through papers
馃暦 Once he's finished with paper work, he'll wake you up by gently shaking you
馃暦 This is only after he gives you a few hickeys
馃暦 Literally how can you not fall asleep on this man? He's so comfortable
馃暦 When he sees you asleep, he quietly chuckles to himself before putting you to bed
馃暦 He's also a pro at not waking people up just because he's had plenty of nights where he's had to stay up with Powder/Jinx
馃暦 Vander will usually put off whatever he has to do for tomorrow so he can stay with you
馃暦 Will change you into comfier clothes
馃暦 He usually falls asleep shortly after you
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rancid-crows 8 hours ago
Let's Discuss
It has just dawned on me that both Jinx and Caitlyn are excellent marksmen, and I wonder who would win in a competitive shooting range event 馃
I believe Jinx has some raw skills and talent but Caitlyn is down right surgical with her aim-
What do you guys think?
Ps: If Caitlyn did win, Jinx would probably flip out lol
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butchbluebeary a day ago
caitlyn: where were you born?
vi: uh, cupcake, you already know where
caitlyn: yes but what part?
vi: my whole body??
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incorrect-fandomquotes 19 hours ago
Vi, after winning a fight: It鈥檚 like we just cleared a video game on easy.
Caitlyn: Real combat is NOT like a video game.
Jayce, in the background: Hey! Coins!
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dee-at-the-last-drop 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
this is the look of a woman realizing she is in LOVE
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jayktoralldaylong a day ago
1 - Vi and Powder's past.
2 - Jayce's past.
3 - Silco's past.
4 - Heimerdinger's present.
5 - Caitlyn's past.
6 - Viktor's past.
7 - Ekko's present.
8 - Mel's past.
9 - The present for everyone.
These are how each Arcane episode starts. I figured it would be symbolic or something, perhaps in representing each main character.
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ao3isalliread 21 hours ago
Caitlyn: We need more of these
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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g3arb0y a day ago
Can we talk abt how silco is an ass
Manipulated jinx to groom her into something he wanted to be when he was younger. Something he COULDNT be. He saw a helpless child in the lanes 鈥渁bandoned鈥 and instead of helping her the right way, he made her a weapon. ALL THIS, couldve been avoided if silco took jinx to therapy. Every scene with him that we view as a cute father daughter moment is just him manipulating her to make sure she doesn鈥檛 leave or doubt him, making himself seem like the only person jinx could ever trust. Jinx could鈥檝e gotten better but silco Didnt let her cause he鈥檚 a manipulative little bastard.
(Also i dont get how ppl simp for him??? His bones prolly crack when he thrusts???)
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lovesdevotion 2 months ago
forever grateful for whoever was behind this character design change
from this
Tumblr media Tumblr media
to this
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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