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Me: *purposefully clicks on a fic tagged multiple times as a soulmate au*
The soulmate au: and they were soulmates!
Me, gasping: oh my god they were soulmates
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the-otaku-rulebreaker · a year ago
nothing will ever match the sexual tension of your otp having to get in each other’s personal space. nothing will ever match the sexual tension of your otp caring for each other’s wounds. nothing will ever match putting things like jewelry on each other, brushing each other’s hair, teaching each other to dance or fight. NOTHING WILL EVER MATCH THE BRILLIANCE OF PRE RELATIONSHIP PHYSICAL CLOSENESS AND THAT IS FACT.
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godwishesiwasdead · a month ago
I love and appreciate fanfic authors, but I read their notes and I have to wonder what fucked up shit they did in a past life to make god hate them so much. Like why do the worst things happen to fanfic authors and they just brush over it. I’ll be reading a fluffy fic and the notes will be “hey sorry the fic is late both my parents died, I’m in hospital right now, and my house burnt down. anyway hope u enjoy this chapter!!“ bro???? Are you okay?????
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virgils-thundercloud · a year ago
When you finish a chapter of the perfect fanfic but it says Top⬆️ instead of Next Chapter➡️
Tumblr media
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weremagnus · a year ago
Tumblr media
In my ongoing library adventures, I picked up "The Red Scrolls of Magic" on a whim last month and then got trapped in Shadowhunters on Netflix for weeks.  Anyway, these two are too powerful.
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