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#yellowfang my beloved
fatal-rewrites-warriors · 2 months ago
darkest hour chapter 3
"dont worry no one say you sleeping beside bluestar" proceeds to describe how everyone is already in the clearing preparing to bury bluestar's body
curious to know what would have if a cat refused to become deputy or leader. would the clan try to force the issue? would they vote among themselves for a new leader? would the leader just have to pick a different deputy? we honestly shouldve explored that
hehe moonstone time
chapter 4
honestly I love the visuals of starclan coming down to fill the hollow
"his beloved medicine cat" shut up
bro okay like the 9 lives ceremony honest to god fucking SLAPS I cannot BELIEVE the Erins came up with this
me, seeing redtail: THATS HIM THATS MY BOY
having a favourite in warriors do be like -projects an entire personality on them- huh
ugh fireheart just fucking drinking in the life yellowfang gives him because he misses her so much. mwah. poifect.
-skips spottedleaf-
okay but wouldnt it be even cooler if there was a ritual to strip him of his old life first and THEN give him all nine lives, just to really hammer home the "your old life is gone" symbolism
also like. imagine having to die essentially to become leader.
man tho how much cooler would it be if the bloodclan prophecy at the end had been actual interference with the ritual as if bloodclan had a power that rivals starclan or something
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goatpaste · 5 months ago
WC design/headcannon/ect masterlist- Part C
another chunk of all the headcanos/AU’s/design notes/warrior names for kits and leaders never given a canon one/ect for all the wario cats!
this one is for all the C named cats!
info under the cut
Tumblr media
slight design change for my cedarheart design, mostly color change
big huge headcanon i have for cedarheart is he is nightclouds father. Whitetail and him met as apprentices at gatherings, but didn’t officially meet until they were fighting against bloodclan. Whitetail almost slain in battle was saved by the the shadowclan tom. a kind cat with a good mentor who taught him well. 
the two fought side by side and after the fact whitetial figured that was the end of their alliance. However Cedar thought different. the next time the two would meet Ceder would have been made one of blackstar’s first warriors as Cedarheart. the two would see each other often at gathers, whitetail being thought to be very close with deputy onewhisker had the privilage of going often and Cederheart being a new and well liked warrior under new management was brought along as an example. 
Cederheart would try to make small talk with the windclan she-cat seeking to befriend her after their mutual battle not long ago, but Whitetail understood herself to not make friends with another clan cat.
but then he throws this silly line, after seeing she wouldn’t talk to him he simply says ‘so do i have to wait until you need saving again so you’ll talk to me?’
and its this stupid silly line that cracks whitetail, she finds him funny. and the two make quick for friends talking at the gatherings, chatting at the border.. spending long nights together when no one watched.
after an incident with a shadowclan and windclan scuffle, whitetail was seen by her thought to be mate onewhisker not fighting cedarheart. it was quickly found out she was in love with cedarheart.
onewhisker wouldnt tell on them but told her then if she didnt give up her romance with cedarheart he would he forced to tell tallstar
she tried to cut things off with cedarheart but the two felt sorrow at the idea of it, but did their best to not cause further problems in their clans.
its then that whitetail realizes she is expecting kits, and their sure to be cedarhearts. Whitetail tries to confine with her closest friend onewhisker. only to be barraged with his sour nature accusing of whitetail for acting against the clans. telling her this would be her last chance, to give her kit to one of the queens and act as if  neither her or onewhisker’s relationship ever happened. with firestar off on his skyclan quest no where to be seen, problems popping up with the leafbare seasons through all the clans, not to mention the bloodclan battle cause both too much comradery between clan cats and at the same time a big strain. for the deputy’s mate to come out with a half clan kit would ruin him. 
whitetail pushed into a corner agreed to onewhisker’s demands. Cedarheart and whitetail would spend their moons watching their daughter from afar and separately. Cedarheart would give his life in the great war against the dark forest helping to keep windclan safe, only whitetail understanding his will to fight for them.
Tumblr media
aparently a cat named chadder showed up in the newest darkness within book so a design for her!
Tumblr media
bit of a design change on this one
first litter of robinwing and fuzzypelt,ofc. very much a spit fire and would die under ‘unusual circumstances’ found dead on thunderclan territory. no one knowing who her killer was
if she got a warrior name i think some cute names would be like Cherrypit or Cherrysplash 
Tumblr media
sibbling to cherrypaw
died much younger due to lack of prey in the territory and fights breaking out over prey stealing in the clans, chestnutkit died young
warrior names i think would be cute
Chestnutcrack, Chestnutfur, chestnuthawk
Tumblr media
i dont actually have much cinderheart commentary beyond her design
her design is meant to contrast to cinderpelts design who looks like dying burnt out cinders while cinderheart is buring glowing cinders
Tumblr media
got a few differing cinderpelt things, there is the design stuff
which her lil design correlating to cinderhearts as stated previously with the heart marks and the cinder stuff
i also like the idea with cinderpelt, when she was cinderpaw young before her accident and falling into a depression she was all bright orange like her dad. but grayed quickly and only her tail was left orange
i like the idea of medicat cinderpelt who gets to have a symbolic warrior ceremony performed by yellowfang after her medicat ceremony that only fireheart and brackenfur get to see
then my rewrite i like more with cinderpelt staying a warrior after the accident with the support of her brother and everyone. brackenfur becoming a medicat
and cinderpelt goes to live with windclan for a bit being mentored by the excellent deputy deadfoot, and given an honorary windclan warrior name
i mention this in my last masterlist of headcanons with brackenfur’s stuff and here
also my other headcanon that make me sof, cinderpelt being also a reincarnation alongside fireheart of yellowfangs stillborn’s wishkit and hopekit
Tumblr media
gosh do i thing her name is cute
buT i havent read the books she is in
but i like to imagine with the guardian cats, cats will come and go as they please as a place of healing should be. but cats with bigger injuries tend to stick around either just for the longer recovery or because they become accustomed to the lifestyle and wish to help out
cinnamon was found with a missing ear, lost hearing and a leg gone. she is fully recovered and living happily
Tumblr media
another new cat from graystripe vow book who didnt exist when i first started drawing all warrior cats. so a design for him
i 1000% designed clawwhistle to be related to firestar, idk from where maybe from one of firestars siblings, or another one of jakes siblings kids/grandkids. i simply muSt have a cat related to jake in every clan
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
i wanted cody to look like just a polite little lady
she was born with no neck (kinda like pig the dog) and its just a sweet round kitty
also i think her and leafpool shoulda been in love
Tumblr media
slight design update for my conefoot design!
and again on the design note of all one snowbird’s kit being color cordinated to a rainbow scheme conefoot is the black based color pallet
Tumblr media
not much about her, i like to think she was probably a fun apprentice who got along with the other apprentices in diff clans
if she had gotten a warrior name i think cute names would have been like copperfoot, coppershine or copperscales
Tumblr media
maybe unpopular opinion, but i like coriander for more of what id like to imagine of her
i think it be cute like, floss passed away and the owners of the house are wanting a companion for smoky so they got coriander. coriander has a huge hang up knowing all she is is a mate for smoky and nothing more. the moment theres another she-cat or she moves on he’d happily move on with his life while she probably would not.
she feels threaten by daisy when she appears, smoky is flirty and sees to hold some form of flame for his old companion.
but i’d like it if coriander ends up confiding in daisy. apologizing for her behavior and them both bonding over being this slice of entertainment for smoky and that he never truely cared for either of them or smoky. the two becoming close and mates bonding over their shared experiances and understanding each other
Crest of Snowy Mountain
Tumblr media
character who appeared in graystripes vow, so a design for her
Tumblr media
another baby cat
warrior names i think would be fun for them
Cricketsong, Cricketwhistle, Cricketlegs
Tumblr media
one of the biggest design notes i have for crookedstar is the graying on his legs. while i imagine by the end of his life he looked more like this
Tumblr media
the main design i use for him is like the first one. i imagine prolong years in the dark forest with direct connection and interaction of a dark forest cat grayed his pelt over time. its some what noticable on certain dark forest trainees but since its such a short time with only one year for most its only around their paws or tail tips, backs or faces looking more like graying from age. some cats like breezepelt who were more in tune with teh violence of the forest and less ‘not realizing the evil of the forest’ would gray more. but breezepelt is all black so its basically impossible to tell unless he’s in direct sunlight and you can see the glimmer of his gray undercoat.
crookedstar i also like, his real canon mate willowbreeze is fine and good but also i die for a romance between him and bluestar more than bluestar and oakheart tbh
also this big post thats mostly about rewriting mapleshade but crookedstar is there to
Tumblr media
crowfeather has the longest tail current in windclan, which to windclan cats is like a desired trait. a beloved trait of their founder windstar who had a beautifull long and windy tail. crowfeather descending from her bloodline has the passed down trait. a trait he passed down to jayfeather but noy breezepelt
a post about how i would die to rewrite crow and breeze’s relationship and bonding in crowfeathers trial
Tumblr media
crystal would totally be like the 50s diner waitress who calls you ‘sugar’ and ‘honey’ very very sweet
she also hast he classic firestar/jake family white paw(s)
she went blind relatively young as well
also my one AU with here were she finds mapleshade in the river with her one surviving kit petalkit and they fall in love and jake and petal are adoptive siblings
Tumblr media
very sad this one didnt get a warrior name curly is a very cute prefix
i think warrior names for her would been cute like
Curlyfur, curlycloud, or curlytail
Tumblr media
another baby cat who didnt make it to being a warrior but this one just sdjkgh straight up got unexisted with her sister which is such a shame
i imaged her as this timid lil thing who in comparission to her sister who was much louder tend to sit back and let her handle things
warrior name i think would been cute for her
Cypressflood, Cypressshadow or Cypresscloud
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