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rivershine · 5 hours ago
crookedstar, whose entire blood family is half clan, watching his former deputy agree to kill half clan cats 🧍‍♀️
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motherhenuwu · 9 hours ago
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nugs-art · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
“If this becomes part of the warrior code, I will live forever!”
Poppycloud is a tortoiseshell she-cat.
- same black as mottlepaw, same white but darkened
- soft mama
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goblinofthemoon · 11 hours ago
Do They Believe in Cryptids?
Bramblestar- No. He thinks they are tales for kits.
Cloudtail- Yes. He regularly convenes with Bigfoot. They chat about the weather and have tea.
Firestar- No. But he is open to the idea and if a wounded cryptid was found within Thunderclan territory he would dispatch the med cats.
Mousefur- No. Even though she whacked a moss monster over the head with a baseball bat she refuses to believe there are such things.
Feathertail- Yes. She didn't until she made it to Starclan. That's when she ran into the Tribe's mountain shadow monster.
Yellowfang- Yes. She's the reason the selkies are terrified of her because she still has the coat of one and she turned it into her nest.
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thunderp4th · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
the original bad bitch
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mallowstep · 14 hours ago
He comes back to her looking troubled. “He’s having visions from StarClan,” he says. “They blame him for this.” Squirrelflight wants to scream. She wants to make Leafpool take her to the Moonpool so she can share tongues with their ancestors personally, and tell them exactly what she thinks about this. She wants to turn back time and make Cloudtail watch her kits more, in hopes they pick up some of his atheist tendencies.
depths (ashes, ch. 12)
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