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pyroklutz · 2 hours ago
just read the summary of the most recent warrior cats book . the last warriors book i read was the last hope and that was 3 years ago . WHAT is going on in warrior cats
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So I was thinking about how little drama there is between the clans nowadays, but at the same time I was also thinking about Cinderpelt and Stonefur. So I made an AU.
Part 1
- Cinderpelt was never meant to be a medicine cat
- She only became one because she was hit by a car
- In this AU, she is not hit by the car and after Greystripe she becomes deputy and then leader
- Due to Fireheart having to train Cinderpelt, he is unable to help Brackenpaw with his training and with Greystripe never being around he is drawn to the medicine cat den
- She chooses Brightheart as her deputy (she trained Hollyleaf)
Part 2
- Mistyfoot is the one who is killed instead of Stonefur
- Stonefur becomes leader and hold massive anger towards Blackstar
- This leads to a lot of conflict
- He chose Blackclaw as his deputy because as Mistyfoot's mate, he thinks Blackclaw is the only one to come even close to understanding his grief
Part 3
This diagram shows how the current clan leaders and deputies see and interact with each other:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I might build on this later
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retroscourge · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
Love Problems - Silthergirl
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matoitech · 14 hours ago
i rly don’t get why writers will be like i hate my protagonist they just don’t do it for me like why didn’t you write one you liked then... any time i’m writing and i’m like this character isn’t interesting or enjoyable to me i either fix it kick them out of the story or put one i like more in their place and move them into the bg / combine chars w more interesting traits into one that takes their place / etc like if u don’t like ur character and think they’re boring then why would u expect other ppl to care abt them. u have options here... i get if u don’t have a lot of time to plan but why couldn’t u have subtly changed the char over time to be more likeable to u or smth if u were pressed w book deadlines
on the other hand a lot of chars hated by their writers r hated for qualities such as ‘woman who disagrees with man the writer loves and babies’ or ‘autistic’ (just, for example) so i’m like hmm u shouldn’t change that part of the character lol maybe u should just look more critically at Why you seem to dislike your character..
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hedgedhogz · 22 hours ago
hi shameless self promo but i just put my drawing of squirrelflight on redbubble as a sticker :] i’d appreciate it if u checked it out!
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hotfrost · 22 hours ago
following that up with my new prophecy rewrite!!!!!!!!!! oh boy i would change a lot about this one
okay for starters: crowpaw and squirrelpaw are apprentices, brambleflower, tawnypelt, stormfur, and feathertail are all warriors, but squirrelpaw should be a warrior by now (she’s not because she keeps getting in trouble so they keep holding back her warrior ceremony i’m trying to fix any age gaps) and crowpaw should have been a warrior but he went on the quest
leafpaw is ferncloud’s apprentice and squirrelpaw is dustpelt’s
squirrelpaw is the most annoying little shit to ever walk to the forest ofc
the prophecy involves one chosen cat but someone else tags along from each clan (so stormfur, squirrelpaw, trans icon rowanclaw, and nightcloud/onewhisker all come on the quest)
ships that do happen: stormbramble, tawnyrowan, squirrelnight, maybe feathertawny?
ships that do NOT happen: bramblesquilf, feathercrow, stormbrook, crownight
bramblesquirrel would have a huge sibling dynamic because that’s literally what they should have had. 
crowpaw’s “love” for feathertail would probably just have been best friends/platonic/MAYBE a little crush but not anything too big
squirrel and night would have been “besties” (if you know you know) 
i think crowfeather would probably have helped nightcloud have children but they would have never gotten together so at most he would have been an uncle for breezepelt
whitewing gets apprenticed to longtail who is the deputy still of course
birchfall still gets ashfur
hawkfrost would have a much cooler arc because he had so much potential!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
another weird take: hawkfrost wasn’t the son of tigerstar but mothwing was. they both grew up with sasha (maybe hawkfrost was adopted or just was close with them bc he never knew his parents). sasha brings them both to the forest ofc and moth and hawk develop a kind of sibling relationship. hawkfrost’s need for a father figure is so great that he agrees to join tigerstar in the dark forest and that would have made his character 100000x cooler
mothwing, tawnypelt, crowfeather, feathertail, stormfur, rowanclaw, and nightcloud all get povs. 
feathertail still dies and crowfeather gets named after her, but out of platonic love not romantic love
cinderpelt still dies in the badger attack but sootfur and rainwhisker don’t. she wouldn’t get reincarnated in cinderheart and firestar would be shown greiving more
firestar becomes depressed after having to leave the forest because he already lost graystripe and has to leave his other good friend, ravenpaw, and his sister, princess, as well as speckletail and frostfur. he spirals more after cinderpelt’s death because of how close they were
deadfoot doesn’t die and becomes deadstar. mudclaw thinks he should be leader and leads a rebellion which onewhisker quickly ends. onewhisker remains the wholesome happy boy we knew and loved
leafpool and crowfeather happens but it’s not love it’s like a “one night stand” i guess. 
stormfur joins thunderclan after feathertail’s death. the three are adopted by him and squirrelflight or maybe brambleflower? i haven’t figured out the logistics of that yet.
after longtail retires as deputy (because he’s getting old) firestar appoints brightheart as deputy. 
ashfur and squirrelflight does not happen in this au ashfur has a crush on brambleflower instead and he grows bitter because brambleflower rejects him (forgive me im trying to play out the story without the sweet home alabama)
i can’t think of much else i would change?????? idk i will add on as i go
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silversong-wc · a day ago
Tumblr media
Wanted to redo an old squilf design, I'm pretty happy with it!
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dovewingz · a day ago
i think im going to start posting about characters based on scenes that didnt actually happen in canon just to see how angry i can make people
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sapphirestarsstuff · a day ago
I think it would of been more interesting if Brambleclaw had lost his deputy status after saving Firestar and that the prophecy that Starclan sent Leafpool was more of a set up for Bramble to become deputy so that once he killed Hawkfrost and Firestar found out he was training in the dark forest, it could become a lesson to Bramble, giving him either positive or negative development. Which I think would of made him more interesting.
And just the idea of Starclan making someone deputy, knowing that it will be stripped away in the end, sort of gives me chills.
Which also gives the story another path it could take on whether or not Firestar tells Thunderclan and the other clans on why he demoted Brambleclaw and of course his relationship with Squirrelflight and even Stormfur since he would of very much felt betrayed by the cat he considered a friend for training with the guy that tried to kill him and his sister just for being half clan when he was barely an apprentice.
This just came to me and I felt like I had to write it down before I lost my inspiration and train of thought so sorry if this feels more like a ramble. But I really wanted to share my thoughts with the fandom before I lost it
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aleda1320 · 2 days ago
"Mariposas que al alba, de regreso a casa se venían conmigo..."
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"women. i have heard of them"
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the-end-is-nigh · 2 days ago
Petition to for Bramblestar to fucking die in the next arc. Please for the love of god let him die and have Squirrelflight be leader
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sorrel-love · 2 days ago
Battle cats! (#1)
The new Warrior cats RP game on Roblox is pretty cool, here are some canon cat designs I made today, feel free to ask me to make more, these are fun!
This is Tigerclaw.
Tumblr media
This is Squirrelflight! (SQUILF)
Tumblr media
This is Sorreltail!
Tumblr media
This is Sandstorm!
Tumblr media
This is Ravenpaw!
Tumblr media
This is LightningTail! (From DOTC)
Tumblr media
This is Jayfeather!
Tumblr media
This is IvyPool!
Tumblr media
This is Greystripe!
Tumblr media
This is Firestar!
Tumblr media
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mallowstep · 2 days ago
Cinderpelt was waiting when she turned her gaze away. She would have thought Cinderpelt would have been young, before her accident, but the Cinderpelt she had always known stood before her.
rage, rage against the dying of the light (may there be no sadness of farewell, ch. 1)
look, i have to choose to believe cinderpelt found happiness as a medicine cat or my heart is going to break for her
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possvmtooth · 2 days ago
just saw brambleclaw x ashfur and you know what? good. both of them suck, they're perfect for each other.
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catgirlgwen · 2 days ago
warriors the new prophecy couldve been so great ... like imagine this little ragtag group of cats, none of whom want to be anywhere near each other b/c they’re all from different clans, have to make a long arduous journey to save the clans. great premise! love it!
now, with that premise, you proceed to write 6 books that are basically just walking for 300 pages each with uninteresting drama and annoying protagonists. you introduce a new group of characters but they are ALSO boring and underdeveloped. you finish the series feeling like you have just read absolutely nothing from beginning to end.
like!!! why wouldn’t you emphasize the found family of it all!! all of these characters forming bonds with one another because travelling together for over a month in the mountains Does That!!!! have them bond over the loss of their territory and friends!!! have them bond over how unfair it is that THEY were chosen by starclan to make such a dangerous journey!!
instead of having some weird romance between crowpaw and feathertail, make her become like a big sister figure to him!! he very clearly needs a friend rather than a riverclan warrior crushing on him!! make him choosing his name to be crowfeather a homage to the sister he never got to have rather than to a fleeting romance that came out of nowhere!!
make stormfur and squirrelpaw bond over not being chosen by the prophecy, but coming along because they were stubborn and concerned for their respective clanmates!! and once again!!!!!! no random weird romance involved in it!! stormfur doesnt Need to have a crush on this random apprentice! maybe he just sees a lot of himself when he was younger in her and they bond over that!
make brambleclaw and tawnypelt talk extensively about their childhoods!!! the difference between being raised in thunderclan vs shadowclan!! how they both had to endure suffering bc other cats could only see tigerstar in them !! brambleclaw because he physically looks like him, and tawnypelt bc she chose to leave thunderclan for him!!
and most importantly MAKE THESE RELATIONSHIPS LAST BEYOND THE NEW PROPHECY SERIES!!!! warrior cats has SUCH an issue with throwing away friendships as soon as an arc is over. (e.g the great journey, the sun-drown-place journey, etc) like!! let crowfeather and squirrelflight hang out during gatherings and congratulate each other on becoming deputy of their respective clans and reflect on how far they’ve come since being stubborn apprentices on that journey !!!
erin hunters you had such a great concept and you gave us literally nothing and i am so mad!!!
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