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#cake mix

2 ¼ cups chocolate. fudge pudding cake mix

¾ cup water

3 Tbs. oil

¼ cup warm water

2 eggs

¼ cup chocolate syrup

3 Tbs. sugar

Combine cake mix, ¾ cup water, oil and eggs. Beat 2 minutes. Pour into

greased cake pan. Sprinkle nuts over batter. Blend together chocolate syrup,

¼ cup water and sugar. Spoon syrup mixture evenly over batter. Cover, Bake

in covered crock-pot on high for 2 hours or until tests done.

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50 Followers! I Have An Army! I Have Enough Comrades To Make This Piece Of Advice Known To The World!

You know that Duncan Hines Mug Cake Mix? Don’t eat it raw; it starts off pretty okay, but by the end of the packet, you’re just eating surprisingly tangy cake-water mush that tastes of the sound of crumpling tinfoil.

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night sweet kiddos!!! (I used an old dress that doesn’t fit+is covered in stains as a blanket for a furby bed/home in a clear drawer that’s directly at the foot of my “bed” (I sleep on the floor since my air mattress deflated lol) once I get more sweet furbs in there I’ll add pillows/mini stuffies and whatnot!!!

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