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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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GoM with Kagami and Kazunari as the boy best friend of s/o!!

I’m a dummy who posted this without an answer!!!


Kind of okay with it? But also kind of not.He likes Kagami and Takao well enough, but they are rowdy boys and your safety, comfort, and feelings are his first priority.He is relatively possessive, though. He doesn’t mind you spending one on one time with them without his presence, just dont neglect him and always make time for him! Or else! (His words, not mine.)“I’m glad you have caring friends, my love, but please let me know if they cross any boundaries.”


“I have no fears.”“The person you love is best friends with Takao.”“I have one fear.”Honestly, he thinks Kagami is annoying and that you shouldn’t lower yourself by spending time with him. He’ll let you know this but only once. You’re an adult and you can make your own decisions, and he really respect your independence. He might scoff a little when you say you’re going to hang out with Kagami, but otherwise he’ll be silent.Takao, however, is the bane of his existence.Please don’t gang up on him, he WILL leave the room when y'all walk in together.Being best friends with Takao gives Midorima early gray hairs, but y'all two have too much fun making fun of him!


Big hypocrite lmaaoooooooHe’s best friends with Momoi but can’t stand you being around other guys! “It’s different!” He saysNo it isn’t AhomineIt doesn’t matter that it’s two guys he knows, he kinda wants to be the only male you pay attention to.It’s not in a serious, possessive kind of controlling way, but more in a really really childish way lol.If you spend too much of your attention on Kagami or Takao, you’ll get to witness big strong Daiki sit in a corner and pout.


Takao doesn’t bother him so much. If you two are hanging out, Atsushi will kind of invite himself as a thirdweel. He doesn’t interrupt all that much, he’s just content to be around you and eat his snacks.Just so long as Takao doesn’t mess with him!One time Takao started joking around about how he was going to steal you from him, and he ended up being thrown in a trashcan.Murasakibara really isn’t too keen on you hanging out with Kagami.He won’t ever try and stop you. He’ll just pout and whine a lot.He trusts you completely, he just doesn’t like Taiga lol.If he sees you two out in public he’ll make faces at Kagami until he gets mad and it’s actually really funny to see.


Kise is actually really okay with this. He doesn’t like clingy girls, so you having your own friends to hang out with is a-okay with him! He likes to hang out with you and Kagami-chi a lot!It’s kind of a reverse situation, instead of the boyfriend getting made for a friend tagging along, Kagami gets mad at Kise!


You wouldn’t be able to tell because of his sweet puppy face, but he actually gets a little jealous!Doesn’t mind you being friends with them at all, especially Kagami since he’s also his best friend, but Kuroko gets insecure sometimes.He’ll never let you see this though.Kagami and Takao both have much more presence than him, and he’s worried that could sway your affection.It doesn’t get too bad so long as you spend ample time with him, and bonus points if you invite him out with you and your friends! It doesn’t have to be every time- he doesn’t want you to feel smothered. He admires you so much!!! He just wants to feel you admire him just as much in return.“Shouldn’t your boyfriend be who you spend the most time with, Y/N-chan?”

Thank you soooooo much for being my first request! I was really stressed today, but after I finished writing this I feel sooo much better!

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Kuroko: *clicks pen*

Akashi: *clicks pen back*

Kise: Stop that

Kuroko: Stop what

Kise: That! You’re talking about me in Morse code.

Akashi: Yeah, that’s what we’re doing. In our very limited free time, we took a class on a very outdated, very unnecessary form of communication just so we could talk about you in front of you.


*Later, in an interview.*

Akashi: That’s exactly what we did.

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Cyanello - “Kuroko no Basket has been an amazing sports anime to watch and I absolutely love the dynamic between Kagami and the Generation of Miracles. And although I don’t know much about idols in general, I do know that the people in this zine worked quite a lot to finish their pieces. The mods were also great at structuring everything; it was sure an experience seeing them tie together such a huge project. I hope you all can admire and enjoy this impressive collaboration! ”
Tumblr: @cyanello


🎶  Store Link:

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