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Oof. Where to begin. I honestly can’t remember the last time I posted to this blog, the last time I even checked the ask box. Life happens, you know? I took quite the, uh, hiatus and tbh I can’t promise that I’m actually back and that this might be more than a semi-active blog. But, let me tell you, writing was once a tool for me to use to pick myself up when I was down; having something to write and people who read it really helped distract me from my loneliness. I took time away from writing as whole due to a number of reasons. School, depression, insecurity about people even caring that this blog exists in the first place. But I like to think that I’ve done some growing in my time away. I like writing because I like to be able to express my thoughts as best as possible. When I was younger, I wanted to be able to use words to paint the pictures in my mind that I didn’t have the ability to actually paint.

Perfect Segway~

If I am going to continue with this cute little blog, I would like to use it, and KnB, to practice more than just my writing. I’ve recently bought my first art tablet and I’m beginning to feel a creativity I thought I lost years ago. So I’ll be (slowly) making my way through my inbox (holy shit the last time I looked, I only had two messages I swear) and maybe I’ll have the courage to post more of my art here from time to time as well, and I am more than excited this picture of Aomine crying as my starting point. I’m also hoping that I’ll be able to practice different art styles and develop my own and to find both motivation and inspiration from this blog, even if no one reads it lol.

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