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#kise ryota
AU, where Aomine, Kise, and Murasakibara (separately) would be part of the Kirisaki Daichi team. Please.

team w/ kise: 

  • y’all think kaijo bullies kise? wait till y’all see kiridai
  • hanamiya’s a cunt when it comes to mocking kise’s more childish side, even the more mature seto can’t spare a joke at kise’s expense, and yamazaki dips very quickly being joking about kise to condemning the others’ comments
  • anyhow, kise gets along best with hara probably (gets him a modelling job) and has probably helped hara dye his hair on more than one occasion (by help, i mean he tries to touch hara, and hara looks pointedly at how much grease is on kise’s hair)
  • in general though, kise’s abilities in basketball are respected by the team though, but they refuse to big up his ego about it - they treat him very much like he’s just a usual dude, “generation of miracles” who, and it’ll do him good in the long run
  • or i mean, it would do him good if not for the fact that hanamiya most definitely unlocks a more sadistic side in kise: a side that takes to mocking his opponents a lot more (but a side that would never dare mock his teammates)
  • (oh yeah and, just in case you wanted to get a lil emotional, imagine how fucking heartbroken kise would be when his senpai’s graduated)

team w/ murasakibara:

  • tbh, though he’s bound to get in arguments with the rest of the team, he’d probably fit in quite well
  • now being on the kiridai team definitely isn’t gonna be good for his development as a human being - he’s gonna be encouraged to be sadistic, rather than be encouraged to not be a shit - but hey it’d be great for the team
  • it works for seto that they’re got a talented centre who can cover for him when he’s lazy, but, then again, considering both seto and murasakibara are hella lazy, matsumoto’s still gonna be regularly called in to play for them
  • realistically, i can’t see murasakibara being really good friends with any of the team, but hanamiya’s good at controlling him and yamazaki doesn’t mind gaming with him (unless mura throws a hissy fit)
  • (on a side note though, hanamiya has made it a point to show mr “you can’t win against absolute height” that height means nothing if you reduce someone to begging on their knees for forgiveness)
  • if anything, hara probably pisses mura off the most: the second year has no qualms about stealing food from mura, and he knows exactly what jokes to make to rile up the first year
  • and then there’s furu who refuses to acknowledge that murasakibara is part of the team. 

team w/ aomine:

  • out of these three, i feel like aomine would fit in the worst in kiridai
  • sure, he can have some fun flicking through magazines with hara, and he gets along with yamazaki decently enough, but ultimately he’s very different to them
  • the kiridai squad doesn’t really respect/love basketball like aomine does, which ends up pulling them apart (especially due to hanamiya - he and aomine are constantly in arguments, ones that threaten to get physical, which really isn’t ideal considering that the rest of the team is obviously gonna support hanamiya)
  • i mean, in theory, aomine could survive in the kiridai team, but the result would be a very cynical and bitter daiki, pretty much haizaki 2.0, who’s grown to hate basketball
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Happy Valentines Day! (Kise and Midorima)

The boys buying/giving valentines chocolate for you.



Originally posted by kacchadeku

You and Kise have been friends since the two of you were little, Growing up with him always by your side, you couldn’t help it but fall inlove with Kise Ryota.

“Valentines Day is coming up..” You wanted to ask him out on a date but you were too nervous,“Do you have any plans?” You asked. That wasn’t what you were going to say! Asking him out isn’t a big deal right?

“I have a photoshoot on valentines day.” Kise sighed,“I wanted to celebrate valentines day.”

“Oh really? With whom?” You wanted to slap yourself from asking that question. Of course the answer wasn’t going to be you!

“What are you talking about? With you of course!” He gave you a warm smile that melted your heart,“I’m more comfortable with I’m with you.” Those words felt like ‘I love you’ to you. Hearing him say that made you blush so you covered your face with your hair.

“What are you going to do now?” You asked shyly.

“I guess the only choice I have now is to cancel the shoot.”

“Eh? Why?” You curiously asked,“I’m not worth it.”

“You are.” He stopped on his tracks,“I’ve been waiting to tell you this..” He leaned in closer, Is he going to kiss you? hug you? surprise you?,“Would you like some chocolate for valentines day?”

“O-Of course.” You answered. You were expecting something else to happen but I guess that could wait.



Originally posted by midorihope-blog1

You wanted to see Midorima smile. He always has a straight face on and you wondered what he looked like if he was smiling.

“Is your plan really going to work?” You asked Takao. You asked him for help since he was the closest to Midorima and probably has seen him smile a few times.

“Yeah! Just remember to act wise!” He gave me a pat on the back,“Why do you want to see him smile anyways? Do you like him?”

“No!” He arched a brow,“Okay, fine! I like him! Happy now?” You rolled your eyes.

“Very.” He answered,“Midorima’s in the school rooftop go meet him there!” He gave me a small push.

I quickly ran to the rooftop and saw him standing with a paper on his hands.

“Were you the one who called me here?” I read what was written on the paper.

‘Meet me on the rooftop mwah!’

Damn it. Why did I let Takao plan this? I could have asked someone for help.


“You seem unsure about your answer.” He said.

“I really am the one who called you!” You gave him a shy smile,“Sorry for wasting your time but I wanted to give you this.” You gave him a small green paperbag.

“It’s chocolate!”

“Why are you giving me this?”

“Uh… Happy Valentines?” You smiled.

“I don’t really deserve it but thank you.. It’s the first valentines chocolate I received in my life.” Really? I thought he was a heartthrob? He is hard to approach but other than that? He’s perfect! He accepted it and looked away,“Thanks.. I got something for you too.”

“For me really?” You were surprised. What did you do to deserve a present coming from him?

“Yes.. It’s not like I planned it or anything nanodayo.” He grabbed something from his pocket,“Consider it a coincidence.” He handed me a velvet box.

“A proposal ring?”

“No!” He quickly answered,“Well it’s a chocolate I tried making yesterday. Just pray that it tastes good.” He sighs,“I have to go thanks for today.”

I didn’t see him smile today but the chocolate was definitely worth it.

“Oh by the way.” You gave him a concerned look,“Happy Valentines Day.” He gave you a warm smile that totally melted your heart.

Mission accomplished!

I know it’s like Feb 16 but I was busy during valentines so I’m very sorry for posting this so late 😭

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