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Happy Cat Day!! 🐱

Sorry for the watermarks, but I thought today was the perfect opportunity to show off the cat AkaKuroMayu Standee I worked on some time ago. This will be on preorder on my next shop opening, so keep an eye out for it! 🤗🐈

(Akashi’s dream bubble is intentionally left blank so you can write/draw on it ww)

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Day Two: Are you wearing my shirt?

Murasakibara, Midorima and Kise



Originally posted by atsu-san

You and Murasakibara was having a nice walk at the park. It was romantic and amazing but mother nature decided to stop your romantic moment.

It rained.

“Ah! Let’s run!” You grabbed your boyfriend’s hand run away but instead he pulled you closer to him,“What’s wrong?” He opened his backpack and got his jersey.

“Wear this.” He placed it on top of your head.

“What about you?” You asked.

An idea popped into your head.

Are we going to share this jersey and walk together? You had seen it in plenty of romantic animes and movies. You wanted to experience that kind of moment too.

“I’m going to run!” He said with a serious determination on his face,“My house is nearby, Let’s meet there!” Before you could even stop him he immediately ran away.

You sigh,“I really really love that guy, huh?” You laughed. Murasakibara doesn’t know how to be romantic but in some moments he tries to be and you find that amazing about him.

When you two have fights he was the one who would apologize first and would give you tons of his favorite sweets that he wouldn’t even share to others.

He’s amazing.

When you arrived in front of his house the gate and door was opened for you. Dangerous but he wanted you to get in his house without having any problems.

“Mura?” You started to look for him around the house but he was nowhere to be found.

“Showering!” You heard a loud shout from the second floor.

You grabbed a towel from his room and decided to dry yourself up but it wasn’t enough.

You looked at your boyfriend’s closet to find something to wear but you found nothing. They were too big! You ended up picking his favorite gray shirt that was definitely too big but you loved it anyways.

You laid down on his bed tired and sleepy just as you were about to sleep the door suddenly opened.

“[Name]-chin?” A blush formed on his cheeks and you loved it,“Why are you wearing my shirt?” He asked.

“Why not? It’s comfortable.” You giggled.

“Cute.. Too cute.” He gave you a warm smile,“I’m cold [Name]-chin. I want cuddles.” You laughed.

You stood up and gave him a warm hug,“Alright, I like that.”

Wearing big shirts wasn’t so bad at all, As long as the shirts were his, It’s definitely okay.

Posting Midorima and Kise’s prompt later!

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KNB AU: Let’s get serious!


After Hanamiya Makoto died rumors about the killer began to spread tons of rumors were created but the most popular rumor was ‘A member of the vorpal swords team could be the killer.’ Akashi being the captain of the team start to worry and asked Kuroko for help.

but they have two problems.

One: The killer

Two: The team

Let’s get serious! Introduction

// next




I know that Valentines Day is near but this has been on my mind since last year and i’ve been dying to create it so here ya go! Updates every weekend.

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Love at first sight: Akashi Seijuro


Your friend forced you to watch the match between Rakuzan and Kaijo, You were told to support Kaijo since the model Kise was there but your eyes weren’t on Kise, It was on the guy with red hair and eyes and had the number ‘4’ printed on its jersey.

“Who’s that?” You pointed at the guy with red hair.

“Oh! Akashi Seijuro! Rakuzan’s captain!” Your eyes widened. You didn’t expect him to be the team captain of Rakuzan since he was just a first year student like you.

During the third quarter of the match, Kaijo called a timeout some Rakuzan players were throwing balls at each other and apparently one came flying to your face.

You were waiting for the ball to hit you face but when you opened your eyes you saw a hand infront of your face protecting you from the impact.

“I-I’m okay.” You looked down and hid your face with your hair. You were blushing and he was aware of that.

“Are you okay?” You looked up and saw Akashi looking at you with a worried look on his face,“Kotaro stop playing with the balls.” He told his teammate.

Seeing the smile on your face got him riled up and made his performance better and when he noticed that you were watching him play he improves his play a little bit more.

“Akashi! Time out’s over!” A teammate of his said.

Unbeknownst to you Akashi already saw you way before the match started and when he laid his eyes on you he couldn’t look away. He just can’t.

He was definitely not going to leave without your number and name today.

“Oh.” Akashi sighed,“I’ll see you later beautiful.” He gave you a warm smile before heading off to the court.

Once again a blush appeared on your face causing him to laugh. The sight of him laughing was amazing. He was just laughing so why was it amazing to you? Maybe it’s love at first sight?

He definitely wasn’t going to leave without getting your number and name today.

Part one of Love at first sight series!

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Brand New

Kuroko No Basuke Namja Town / Namco Collab Merch ))) 💓

All items are in SGD, mailed via tracked airmail. Mailing is additional.


Pic 1) Prize A Kise Ryouta Neko Can Badge ❌

Pic 2) Prize A Kuroko Tetsuya Rockabye Standee + Postcard Set SGD$20

Pic 3) Prize D 44 mm Kise Ryouta Can Badge ❌

Pic 3) Namco Kise Ryouta 75 mm Can Badge ❌

Pic 4) Silicon Ring (Kise Ryouta / Akashi Seijuuro) SGD$6

Pic 5) Namja Town Tokuten Postcards SGD$4 each

Pic 6) Left Column Neko Postcards SGD$6 each

Pic 6) Right Column Sticker Sets (Akashi SGD$8, Himuro SGD$6)

Tags: kurobas knb Himuro tatsuya Akashi seijuuro Kise ryouta kuroko tetsuya cats

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Kurobas Valentine’s Day Event 2020

Hello, everybody!

Because my friends and I are missing KnB so, so much, we decided to have Valentine’s week soon!

WHAT: A week dedicated to creating content for KnB ships! Any ship will be welcomed and celebrated!

WHEN: February 11-17, 2020

WHO: All KnB fans- artists, writers, photographers, etc.

HOW: So, there will be 2 prompts (one is a thing, the other, a dialogue prompt) for each day, it’s up to you if you want to use both or just one. Any interpretation of the prompts will be accepted, any content will do, just no hating on other ships, please, and use tags for trigger warnings. We’d love to see any shippy content for our beloved basuke dorks: full color artworks, amv, fics, drabbles, gif sets, headcanons, doll/toy/plushie/ cosplay photos, please bring them on!

When you post your content, be sure to use your ship tag and #knbvdaychallenge2020

Also, we’d only ask you to reblog this until the event week and of course, to like and reblog/retweet the content that will be posted for this event, as a way to support our fellow content creators and to keep the KnB fandom flame burning! Let’s spread KnB lovin’ all around this Heart’s day!!!🖤❤️💛💚💙💜♥️


Day 1

Chocolates / I don’t remember having these many hickeys. But I don’t mind.

Day 2

Pillow / Are you wearing my shirt?

Day 3

Flowers / You’re beautiful, you know that?

Day 4

Love Song / I wish you were here.

Day 5

Kiss / Your lips are so soft. I could kiss them all day.

Day 6

Stars / I’m flattered, you’re jealous.

Day 7

Free day


We’re on other social media too, come tag us or holler at:

Tumblr: @vanilla-daydreams , @theuglycrybaby

Twitter: @dreamsinvanilla, @theuglycrybaby1

Instagram: @formlesscopycat, @theuglycrybaby

No hate, just respect and love and enjoying KnB fan content, please!

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Title: familiar
Pairing: Akashi/Kuroko
Rating: T
Summary: Tetsuya wakes up to an unexpected visitor in his room.

This is a continuation to a little writing exercise I did two years ago about Akashi as a cat familiar.

You can read the whole thing on AO3. )


Seijuurou has resigned to the bed by the time Tetsuya returns to the room. He’s carrying a tray of tea served for two, the warm aroma wafting into the air. 

It has only been a few days since Seijuurou appeared and he has settled in nicely into Tetsuya’s home like he belongs in the first place.

“Excuse me,” Tetsuya utters when he enters, as if Seijuurou is the owner and he, the guest.

Keep reading

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