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Tech: *performing a health assessment* On a scale of one to ten, how would you rate your pain?
Crosshair: I love all my pain equally.
Tech: thAt iS nOT A vALid AnSwER.
Tech: I w i l l s c a n y o u n o w—
Crosshair: Wait—
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a-lil-perspective · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
I bet the tapestry of your personality is gorgeous and vibrant, and I won't listen to anyone who says otherwise.
Actually the tapestry is tattered and utter garbage and as I said, not worth much lol.
But you are sweet and this put a smile on my face today. I appreciate you.
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a-lil-perspective · 22 hours ago
I am the monster you created
Tumblr media
You ripped out all my parts
Tumblr media
And worst of all, for me to live, I gotta kill the part of me that saw
Tumblr media
That I needed you more
Tumblr media
I hope you know we had everything
Tumblr media
When you broke me and left these pieces
Tumblr media
I want you to hurt like you hurt me today and
Tumblr media
I want you to lose like I lose when I play
Tumblr media
What could have been…
Tumblr media
“I thought, maybe you could love me like you used to. But you changed too. So, here’s to the new us.”
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The truth
Tumblr media
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a-lil-perspective · 22 hours ago
Tumblr media
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a-lil-perspective · 22 hours ago
i don't ever overshare. everything i say is essential information to help u weave a rich tapestry of me in ur mind.......
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So maybe the five-point harness was a miss but Hunter definitely earns brownie points with the pregnancy pillow.
Cyare’s quality of sleep is on a steady decline the further along she becomes, and Hunter is at a loss for how to help. There comes a point where his massages have little to no effect, she tosses and turns at night, she whimpers in pain.
It breaks his heart.
And he feels helpless—he hates that feeling—so he goes to the resident genius for answers.
Upon conclusive research, Tech points him to an orthopedic pillow designed to better aid in sleep, the science behind it being simple: to redistribute the stress and pressure on the joints caused by pregnancy, thus minimizing Cyare’s discomfort.
Hunter thinks it’s a great idea.
He and Tech do a quick scour, examining pillows of various material, shapes, and sizes. They settle on a full body one and Hunter is on pins and needles waiting to present it to Cyare. He fits it over on her side of the bed and waits.
Her eyes are alight when she sees it.
“I know you haven’t been feeling well baby—hopefully this’ll help.”
Her hands smooth over the padded material, and she smiles to herself. She has the most thoughtful husband, she knows. No one compares to Hunter.
He’s telling her all about the pillow - but she’s hardly listening. She crawls into bed and settles herself within the new product, tossing a leg up over the pillow so perfectly molded to her aching body.
She’s asleep in an instant.
The relief that washes over Hunter is monumental, and her evident bliss feels like his greatest success. He watches her sleep for a long while after, her breaths tranquil for the first time since she ballooned up with their little pumpkin. She smiles in her sleep, and Hunter shares her sense of peace.
(That pillow stands the test of time through all of her pregnancies.)
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a-lil-perspective · 23 hours ago
Cue Wrecker and Crosshair asking Cyare how she likes her car seat. XD
And Cyare just giving them the middle finger.
Tech stays silent because he’s the one who installed it and she’s mad at him most. XD
Okay but Hunter as a budding Papa is so cute.
I just imagine him being so overbearing when Cyare is pregnant with their first he goes to such great lengths to rework everything to better cater to her (to her exasperation), he gets the bright idea to put her in a five-point harness during space travel that way her and baby are extra safe.
Especially during Tech’s flying.
Cyare thinks it’s a bit much.
Anyway he’s dutifully fitting her with the buckle and she’s heavily pregnant and she’s glaring at him because is this really necessary?
Hunter gives her an apologetic smile and reminds her that he just wants his girls to be safe.
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something needs to happen! I don't know what but something!
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Me, having a Bad Time™️: Oh man this is some great character development for my self insert oc
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feeling so hamburger helpless
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Oh look more of my bullshit.
so um...what would the ideal partner look like for each of the boys? Not physically, but like...what personalities, temperaments, and values would each of the boys need or want in a romantic partner? I love the insights you have into each character and I figured you’d be the best person to ask.
(If you’re not comfortable answering this you can totally ignore it 🥺)
No no I LOVE this! I appreciate you confiding in me and my opinions.
Okay so I think about this a LOT and I will try to keep this a decent length but knowing me I’m gonna end up with a “Read More” cap. XD
SO. Let me first start off by saying that my analysis is not the final word, nor is it set in stone, this is just my personal take. I am in no way intent on devaluing other personalities, there is no absolutely obligation to change who you are or feel like your traits are incorrect if they don’t line up with these here. You are special just the way you are, and the Bad Batch boys would love you for just being YOU, for being true to yourself. Let’s set it straight that they love a confident individual. So you do you.
(Also so sorry I did not include Echo for this one.😔)
So with any wonderful Clone trooper boi, being in a relationship with them is not for the faint of heart, nor the heartless. Relationships are challenging anyways, but this is especially true with people of soldiering backgrounds. There is a certain type of finesse required for it. This is especially true for the Bad Batch.
I’m also going off of the firm belief that the Bad Batch, or any Clone, prefer long-term relationships. The reason being it comes from a sense of stability, which I think the Clones value deeply. They need that sense of security. They need to feel like their actions and their efforts have meaning in the long run.
That being said; these guys are committed, they’re not about playing with your emotions, nor you theirs. They fall hard and they fall fast, even if it takes them time to realize it themselves. Their sense of duty and loyalty spans to more than just on the field. If they’ve got you, they’ve got you.
Tech, to me, is very bold, very ambitious. We witness this profoundly during his performances on missions, specifically in dire situations. While I do think Tech is not quite as high maintenance as the others, a relationship with him very much has to be a proactive, joint effort. I think there’s a common misconception that Tech would only vibe with fellow nerds, and while I believe he would experience an easier time connecting there initially, Tech would enjoy the presence of anyone who hungers for knowledge in the same capacity. Those who ask questions, who see a larger equation and want to solve it with him. He deeply appreciates inquiring minds and confident hypothesizers. Tech actively seeks out those who wish to break intellectual barriers alongside him.
That being said, he also loves someone who listens. To Tech, the most important thing for him is to be heard. He values your time, even though his own needs work. Tech can appreciate someone who not only listens, but is engaged in the conversation and what he has to say. You don’t have to understand every bit of his vernacular; in fact most times it’s quite impossible to. He just wants his thoughts out there, to be assimilated and collected, to be heard and adored. So a good listener and an open mind is a trait Tech very much values in a partner.
This hunk just wants to have fun. I’d say a relationship with Wrecker feels something akin to a breeze; he is warm and inviting, fun and adventurous, very reciprocating of all people. The ideal significant other. The only hiccup there would be if you are quite the polar opposite, it might take you some time to adjust to his boisterous nature. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Whether you’re introverted, extroverted, or a mix of both, Wrecker loves it and wants to know it all. Wrecker can appreciate a laid back individual with a sense of adventure. He wants to get up to mischief with you, live in the moment, make memories. His worries are scarce.
Because he does not carry the emotional baggage that his brothers do, a relationship with Wrecker is far less mentally strenuous. On the flip side, however, it is very high maintenance. You may find yourself having to wrangle him out of trouble more often than not; though his antics stem more from his childlike wonder than it does misdemeanor.
I have said before that Wrecker is very emotionally aware. You don’t ever have to feel like you need to sequester your emotions around this big guy; he loves hearing about how you feel, and finding ways to make you feel better. He’s all about taking initiative. This helps Wrecker develop strong problem-solving capabilities. Wrecker appreciates an emotive individual, like himself. Furthermore, he appreciates the honesty that comes with being so expressive. Wrecker values authenticity and spontaneous traits in a person.
Oh emotionally constipated sniper man. Where to begin with his needs. First off; what YOU would need is the patience of a kriffing saint. I have said before: loving Crosshair is not an easy feat. I would like to explore and possibly shift some of the common misconceptions I see about him.
First being; I don’t think Crosshair actively desires an abrasive/caustic individual. Confident, yes. A bit of a spitfire, yes. But waspish and defensive and able to match his malice? No go. He harbors enough of those traits, he doesn’t need any fuel added to his flame. That’s not something that’s going to help him grow as a person. That being said, what Crosshair needs is, ironically, quite the opposite of his own personality.
I’m gonna categorize him and Hunter for a sec. Those two are such strong-willed, afflicted, and passionate men that they require a certain delicacy to kind of reset them and their purview in a way that’s different from the others. I’m not saying to treat them with kid gloves or like they’re fragile. What I mean by delicacy is emotional delicacy. Having the finesse to drive through their walls in this soft, unassuming, yet powerful way - so powerful that they don’t even see it coming until all of sudden you’re there, filling their otherwise guarded heart and stealing their breath away. It’s an all-consuming love that they’ve no choice but to succumb to. It’s an impressive feat and they can appreciate skill when they see it.
Back to Crosshair. I think Crosshair comes to admire those with tenacity, someone who can put up with him, who wants to put up with him, who works with patience and steadfastness; something the marksman in him especially can appreciate. We know that trust does not come quickly or easily to Crosshair, so he requires a lot of reassurance in a mix of verbal and nonverbal cues but especially nonverbal. Actions really do speak louder than words, and Crosshair clings heavily to this. Despite his misgivings he is an excellent judge of character, and so his decision to ally and align himself with someone is not to be taken lightly or questioned.
Dependability is everything to the sniper. Crosshair needs to be able to trust your intentions, which is taking a big leap of faith for him. I think Crosshair has been so tainted by the things of life and is so cynical he needs someone to open his eyes and help him see things in a whole new light. He needs someone to give him that sense of balance where he cannot himself. Crosshair wants to be vulnerable, so when he can finally come to that place, he’s set.
Another very complex individual, I dare say rivaling Crosshair. The parameters of a relationship with Hunter is something I find myself struggling to articulate because of how deep and intimate it would be.
Truly empathetic people are a rare find these days. I think that once Hunter finds one, he falls head over heels. I think that emotional intelligence is one of if not the most important trait for Hunter. Hunter understands that people are not all-knowing, but he can appreciate someone who is in-tune with his emotions as much as he is theirs. It’s a bit of a daunting endeavor. But Hunter requires that level of connection. With his enhancements, a lot of things are not explicit.
Hunter embodies a very unique position where his needs and emotions often take the back burner for the greater good, and that often leaves him suppressed and struggling to express himself in more interpersonal settings. I think, Hunter kind of goes through the same emotionally stunted cycle as Crosshair, yet Hunter’s is far less self-destructive. He is very loving and proactive but when it comes to his own needs it can be a struggle for him to relay and then acquiesce. It does not help that he, for all of his confidence, is incredibly bashful. Which at times can be very frustrating to his partner.
Because of his leadership role, Hunter is subject heavily to the mindset of self-sacrifice, see himself as the martyr; it’s easy for him to get stuck in that outlook, and so he needs someone to help pull him out of it and remind him that his needs are just as valid, that he is valid, that he is Hunter, and that is separate from Sergeant. Hunter deeply appreciates the times when he does not have to exhaust himself verbally, when his partner intuitively knows what he needs. And of course, that just comes with time. Certainly don’t expect to nail it on the first go—Hunter for sure doesn’t expect you to.
Like Crosshair, Hunter also requires a lot of reassurance. It’s not so much stemming from a sense of neediness as much as it is a sense of clarity; he needs to make sure that he is doing the right thing. We know that the welfare of others is his utmost priority. So he needs to be reassured constantly that he’s doing okay. He needs a strong and long-suffering support system to fall back on. A relationship with Hunter requires a lot of effort, it can be extremely tedious. But much like with all the Bad Batchers, it can be so very rewarding. They are good men and would be good to you.
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a-lil-perspective · a day ago
Hunter you’re such a DAD—
Hunter: I can’t believe you did that! I’m at a loss for words!
Wrecker: Despite being at a loss for words, he yelled at me for fifteen minutes.
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a-lil-perspective · a day ago
Cyare Gets Hurt
Cyare: *cutting apples* Fuck! *drops the knife and inspects her finger*
Hunter and Tech: *appear out of nowhere*
Hunter: Tech, burn the knife. Cyare, luv, let me see.
Tech: Affirmative! *grabs the knife and scurries away*
Cyare: *scoffs* I’m fine, hell, it’s just a cut—
Echo: *races into the kitchen to see Cyare* What happened? You alright?!
Wrecker: *shoves Echo aside and pulls Cyare into a hug* CROSS! GET THE SHIP, CYARE IS HURT!!!
Crosshair: *curses from his room, crashing noises can be heard* On it.
Hunter: Cancel that; get a convoy!
Hunter: No, get the mafia!
Echo: *clarifying* Your mob friends!!!
Crosshair: *grumbles heavily to himself*
Wrecker: *sobbing* Hang in there Cyare!
Everyone: *crowding Cyare and yelling*
Hunter: Babe, you’re gonna be alright.
Wrecker: *continues sobbing like the mama bear he is*
Wrecker: WHO HURT MY CYARE?!?!
Hunter: A knife; it’s outside.
Wrecker: *running outside* Y O U
B A S T A R D!
Hunter: Cyare, it’s alright. Deep breath in… deep breath out…
Crosshair: HOLD ON DAMMIT—
Wrecker: *wailing*
Hunter: *panicking*
Echo: *comforting Wrecker*
Cyare: *already managed to bandage her finger* Um… I’m fine…?
Wrecker: *pulling Cyare into a tight hug* THANK FORCE! CROSS! WE DON’T NEED YOUR “FRIENDS”!
Crosshair: *murmurs* Thank fuck. *speaking into his comm* Alright, cancel that order—
Hunter, Echo: *gathers Cyare into a hug*
Tech: *runs inside and hugs Cyare’s leg*
Crosshair: *grudgingly stalks his way over, awkwardly pats Cyare on the back*
Echo: *pulls him into the hug pile*
Wrecker: *literally throws himself over the others*
Cyare: *being squished to death* H-Help…
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I was talking about this in a discord server, but Hunter's the dad who will make his daughter wear a sweater over her princess dress because it's too cold outside and then she'll be mad becuase she doesn't want to wear a sweater, she wants to show off her princess dress papa why can't you understand
That princess costume be glowing and you want to cover it up with a sweater why can't you be normal
Best I can describe Papa Hunter is “he a lil confused but he got the spirit.” XD
He doesn’t understand the appeal of her wanting to wear princesses out and about, not initially; he’s always dressed according to efficiency and he automatically expects his girlies to do the same.
Cyare has to remind him they’re not gonna come out sporting a body sleeve and armor. XD Not yet, anyways.
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a-lil-perspective · a day ago
Tumblr media
Yessss Papi Hunter you can protect our babies like that all day long yep yep.
Tumblr media
You just keep standing there with your domestic™ handsome self.
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a-lil-perspective · a day ago
i may look bad but i also feel bad
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