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incorrect-supercorp · 22 hours ago
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My Top Posts in 2021
Nia: Would you kiss Lena for a million dollars?
Kara: I guess..?
Kara: But, I mean, I don’t really have that kind of money though.
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Maggie: I sleep with a knife under my pillow.
Alex: Weak, I sleep with a gun.
Lena: You're both pathetic.
Alex: Oh yeah? What do you sleep with?
Lena: Kara.
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Kara, sighing: Perhaps I should just drink my sorrows away.
Kara: *Stabs a straw through her Capri Sun*
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Lena: I don't have emotions.
Sam: You're making a valentines day card for Kara right now.
Lena, holding a glue gun like an actual gun: You're on thin fucking ice.
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Kara, peeling a banana: May I take your jacket, sir?
Alex: Do you think other people can’t hear you?
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incorrect-supercorp · a day ago
Lena: You know, we’re a lot like cocoa and marshmallows.
Kara: Oo how so?
Lena: I’m hot and you’re on top.
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incorrect-supercorp · a day ago
alex: *walks in on kara between lena's legs*
kara and lena: *freezes*
alex, exhausted (and absolutely cannot fucking do this anymore): when i said eat the rich that's not what i meant, kara
alex: and luthor, you're paying for my therapy. *slams the door*
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incorrect-supercorp · 2 days ago
[one week later]
lena: *develops a new type of phone that detects fingerprints even when covered in grease*
kara: lena, that's amazing! you know its funny, i made this tweet the other day –
lena: hm what tweet? you know i don't use twitter, kara. pffft this is just a coincidence do you really think i can invent something like that within a week? don't be ridiculous
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incorrect-supercorp · 3 days ago
Kara: Do you have Anxiety Prime?
Kara: Amazon*
Lena: Yeah, I’ve got both.
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incorrect-supercorp · 3 days ago
anti-kryptonite suit this, lena luthor protocol that, tell me its not just lena's way of saying "i love u to the point of invention" to kara
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incorrect-supercorp · 3 days ago
Kara: You know what I love about you?
Lena, gasping: You love me?
Kara: Your handwriting is impeccable! Its like you have the soul of a label maker.
Lena: Oh ...
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incorrect-supercorp · 4 days ago
kara is exactly the type of person who'd say "le tits now" instead of "let it snow" (to lena) on purpose
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incorrect-supercorp · 6 days ago
Kelly: You use humor to deflect your trauma.
Lena: Aw, thanks.
Kelly: That’s not a good thing.
Lena: All I’m hearing is that you think I’m funny.
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incorrect-supercorp · 9 days ago
Lena: If I say I love you, will you say it back?
Kara: Yes.
Lena: I love you.
Kara: It back.
Sam: Why is Lena crying face-down on the floor?
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incorrect-supercorp · 12 days ago
Lena: What the hell is that?!
Kara, holding a kitten: It’s a kitten I found in the trash.
Lena: Well put it back, it doesn’t belong to you!
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incorrect-supercorp · 13 days ago
Kara: Lena? What's wrong? Are you crying??
Lena, tucking her head under Kara's chin: I always mess everything up and everything falls apart and now I woke you up in the middle of the night and –
Kara: Hush, none of that is true.
Kara: It's not even midnight, it's 3AM.
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incorrect-supercorp · 13 days ago
Tumblr media
[ tags from @msdanvers ]
[At the end of the date]
Lena: We should have dinner again.
Kara: Thanks, but I'm full.
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