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incorrect-supercorp · a day ago
alex: *walks in on kara between lena's legs*
kara and lena: *freezes*
alex, exhausted (and absolutely cannot fucking do this anymore): when i said eat the rich that's not what i meant, kara
alex: and luthor, you're paying for my therapy. *slams the door*
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msdanvers · 2 months ago
tfw you are in love with your best friend and you want to tell them but you chicken out (again) and it’s definitely mutual but they also chickened out (again)
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ostropest · 3 days ago
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I'm not an expert but it sounds pretty gay 🤔
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sapphic-luthor · 29 days ago
graphic design is my passion and @itllsetyoufree​ and i have created this labour of love for tomorrow’s impending... festivities
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blackbirdblackbird · 16 days ago
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Tumblr media
when you’ve been using ur xray vision too much and miss the forest for the tiddies
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jpollens · a month ago
Kara:*munching on a choclate bar and popcorn watching the elevators*
Nia: What are you doing?
Kara: Waiting
Kara: She is going to do the thing!
Alex: Why are we starring at the elevators?
Nia: Apparently she is going to do the thing
Alex: What thing?
Kara: the thing!
*Elevator door dings*
Kara: Its happening
Lena:*walks out of the elevator*
Kara: *munching on popcorn*
Lena:*crosses her arms * Seriously kara
Kara: come on do the thing!
Lena:*Raises an eyebrow*
Kara:*happy squel*
Alex: What the hell did I just witness?
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msdanvers · 3 months ago
kara can fly, has flown to ireland before in a matter of seconds. lena living there doesn’t mean they won’t see each other anymore, it just means they have more privacy to f—
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teutlidraws · 24 days ago
I did say prepare for the crack!
@valkyrienine what do you say? Lena is kind of a dork when it comes to Kara, isn't she? This is part 2!
Again, this was possible thanks to @argo-city-exchange and all the people involved!
Don't forget to check all the other works! Especially this one, a parallel story *wink wink nudge nudge wink poke groin-kick uppercut suplex nudge wink*
Part 1 (in case you missed it)
Part 3 ;)
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oops-supercorptrash · 7 months ago
does anyone else feel like kara is the worst person to share a bed with? Like i love a good “there was only one bed” trope but i feel like itd go more like
(Post sex, the next morning)
Kara: you stole all the blankets last night!
Lena: because you shoved me off the bed!
Kara: i was asleep, how do you know it was me?
Lena: you have super strength, kara!
Kara: what if you just fell?
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feelingbyzantine · 5 months ago
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Tumblr media
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we should talk 
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jpollens · 2 months ago
Kara: Can you keep a secret?
Lena: *longingly looks at Kara* Yes I ...
Alex: No she can't
Lena: yes I can
Alex: ha, don't make me laugh.
Lena: I've been in the closet way longer than you Danvers
Alex: If by closet you mean buying my sister, flowers, a company, food, made her a new outfit. Sure we can pretend that's a closet.
Kara: This is serious. I dont need Lena to prove just how good of a friend she is.
Lena: Ha! Case in point, still in the closet if she doesn't know!
Kara: So does no one want to know my secret!?
Alex: sure what is it?
Kara: I think I might be a hufflepuff
Alex:*burst out laughing*
Lena: awe its ok, let's go have a cuddle, that should help you feel better
Kara: thanks you are such a good friend
Alex: in the closet my ass
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lena-in-a-red-dress · 8 months ago
Had a funny dream where Lena gets kidnapped and Kara receives a call demanding she pay a ransom for her wife. Kara's like, "uh... wife? I don't have a wife..." kidnappers grumble "girlfriend! Fiancee! Whatever!" Then Kara has to explain, with increasing embarassment, that she and Lena are just "gals being pals" while both she and the bound and gagged Lena in the kidnappers lair overhearing the whole convo start having Realizations. Plot twist at the end reveals the kidnappers were Alex and Sam
Okay, but is this pre-reconciliation, where Lena is GLARING over her gag at the very insuation! or is it post-reconciliation where Lena rolls her eyes over her gag, cuz really she's been trying to tap that for years and if Lena couldn't beat it into Kara's skull that she wants to bang, these halfwit kidnappers sure won't.
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