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#Endura carrot
hylias-commonwealth · a month ago
Vallo, do you garden?
“Yes! I do enjoy gardening! My village is quite sustainable as we raise our own crop and tend our land with care.”
Tumblr media
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botwstoriesandsuch · 9 months ago
How do you get Malanya
In Age of Calamity I assume? You have to do certain sidequests to unlock the Great Fairies. Malanya appears as certain attacks when you play as the Great Fairies. I believe it’s like, a shove attack that lunges you forward while sending out horses beside you. Similar to Impa’s max charged ZR move. 
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luxdea · a year ago
I can’t believe botw has been out for three years and I just learned I can feed my horse
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st-hedge · 3 months ago
I've been following your calamity au stuff for a while and the horse called Soup stuck with me so today I caught the giant horse in botw and named him Soup. I'm sad you can't braid his mane or get him different saddles
Yet another message that got lost in my inbox omg. Please take care of soup and I know the endura carrots won’t have any effect but please give them as a treat
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coconi · 3 months ago
Q, U and V?
I'll answer these out of order because Q is going to be lengthy, whoops.
U: A pairing you might like to write for, but haven't tried yet.
I would adore to write zelpha at some point! One project I haven't started yet features them as the secondary pairing at least, but I would love to write something that focuses on just them someday.
And... dunno if I have it in me to write for the furuba fandom, but damn would I love to write kyoru one day. I love them so much.
V: A secondary (or underrated) character you want to see more of in fic?
Riju!!!!!!!!!! I feel like she'd be extremely good friends with Link and Zelda since, quite frankly, they have a lot in common in terms of pressure, duty, and expectations, but I rarely see her appear in fic. I'm guilty of this too, and would love to have her play a big role in one of my stories. Yunobo also deserves some love tbh ;w;
Q: Do you have any discarded scenes/storylines/projects?
I have one project I'm about 90% sure I won't ever complete, but I've recycled a couple ideas and scenes from it and used them in other stories so it's all good.
And there is one scene I had to cut out of Treading Water that I'm still lowkey fond of! I'll put the rest of this ask under a read more so I can show you, and I'm tagging @mamimigo in case she's curious since that fic was a gift for her.
[For context, this takes place during that one Hateno scene where Aryll is leading Revali to her home]
When they approach the house, a large brown horse with a shiny white mane trots towards them, neighing in greeting.
“I’m back, Epona.” Aryll calls out, tucking the Cucco under one arm to stroke the mare’s forehead. Epona nickers and presses her muzzle against Aryll’s face, looking over the girl’s head straight at Revali. He tenses under her intense scrutiny; horses have never been Revali’s strong suit, or any Rito’s for that matter.
Epona snorts pointedly and Aryll giggles.
“I know, I know. That’s not Link or dad.” The girl turns around and gently grabs Revali’s wing, tugging him closer. Revali bristles but allows it, albeit reluctantly. “He’s Revali, a friend of Link’s, so be good to him.”
Revali squawks. “I am not friends with that kn—!"
A louder snort right on Revali’s face makes his beak click shut with a pathetic whimper. Aryll bursts out laughing, and she pats Revali’s hand in reassurance.
“You better play along, she’s very protective of my brother. Link’s had her since he was little.” Aryll whispers, giving him a conspiratorial wink.
Epona’s intelligent eyes bore into Revali’s, forcing an uncomfortable shudder down his spine, but he refuses to look away. “Why isn’t she with him, then?”
Knights need horses, right?
To Revali’s surprise, Aryll’s brow creases and she lets out an exasperated groan, rolling her eyes.
“Because Link spoils her rotten!” She exclaims. “Can you believe he doesn’t trust the food they give horses at the castle? Hyrule Castle?! The fanciest place there is?! But no! Hylia forbid they give Epona swift carrots instead of endura ones!”
Revali guffaws in disbelief and more than a little amusement. “Absolutely ridiculous.”
“Right?!” Aryll shakes her head and gives Epona a pat on the side. The horse obediently trots back to the stable after giving Revali’s face one last sniff, and the Rito’s shoulders relax as he watches her retreat.
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ask-lu-wild · 10 months ago
You were talking about your horses earlier. I've got a couple Endura Carrots, does that slate keep veggies from rotting? because I really don't wanna have them spoil if I hang on to them for too long
The slate preserves everything.
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unholykrowcollection · 5 months ago
Zelda groaned as Midna pushed her out of the door, the screeching coming from the Abomination cut off suddenly when the door shut behind her. She huffed and looked at the piece of paper Midna had given her, an assorted list of random things she was certain her aunt had only put down to get her out of the lab while the abomination was being fussy.
She walked to her and Midna's room to retrieve a basket to put the items in. Taking another glance at the list, she wondered where she would even start to look for some of the things on here.
Bokublin Guts, four Lizaflos tails... an ice keese heart? Endura carrots? Care and keeping of Lynels- okay, that one Zelda was certain Midna did not need for her test subject, but at least she knew that one would be in the library.
Zelda quickly walked through the hallways of the castle, growing more and more frustrated the longer the library evaded her. Nearly two months they had been here now, and she still wasn't able to find her way through the maze-like castle. Aunt Midna was probably right, Zelda thought to herself, maybe she did spend too much time studying in the labs, and not enough time getting to know her environment. This was Hyrule's capital city, not a small town off the back roads of the countryside.
High arching windows revealed a courtyard in a spot Zelda had never seen before. It looked like a miniature paradise, small fruit trees grew among berry bushes and lush grass, and, oddly enough, a few training dummies. It was a wonder that she hadn't discovered one of these mini paradises before. Memories after memories of her refusing to leave Midna's side these last two months hit her hard, reminding her just why she hadn't found one yet.
Walking in, she breathed in a deep sigh, she closed her eyes as she stepped into the warm sunlight. For a moment, she was able to pretend that she was back in the woods of Lurelin, setting frog traps and searching for the perfect flowers for flower crowns, or the plants that Midna liked to experiment with, making all sorts of potions, some successful ones, most failures. For a moment, she could pretend that she could hear the crunching of dead leaves underneath deer hooves, or foxes pouncing after rabbits. For a moment, she could almost hear her father calling her for dinner, the distant crashing of waves against the shores guiding her back home.
The feeling of home cracked and shattered as she heard bare feet racing towards the pocket paradise. Opening her eyes, she dove for the shadows, wrapping them around her hiding her from unwanted eyes. A boy not much younger than her ran right past her giving her no indication that he saw her. There wasn't a pause in his motions as he drew a training sword out of one of the fallen logs and began attacking a dummy. Zelda watched with wide eyes as the dummy came to life, swinging its own wooden sword at the boy.
The boy's shoulders tensed. A group of soldiers walking in a protective formation around the king paused as the king stopped to watched the boy. It was only now that Zelda realized that this must be Prince Dmitri. She pulled the shadows tighter around her, praying to the goddess that neither of them would notice her. She shivered as she noticed the king held no warmth in his eyes for his son.
The shadows relaxed with her relief when the king moved on, leaving their sight quickly.
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supehmario · 12 months ago
Tumblr media
she farms endura carrots
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enduracarrotchips · 7 months ago
Hey so you know in elementary school when you put little notes in people's baskets? Well that was only true in movies because I was ✨bullied✨ but I'd like to spread the love nonetheless so I wrote either a haiku, couplet, or stanza for each of my mutuals based on their usernames and am dropping them in their ask box. Here's yours: If it's stamina you lack/This vegetable you must pack/When your energy rots/Nothing will do but endura carrots
And uughhah that sucks!! In my elementary school it was a rule that you had to give valentines to everybody,, I wanna kick whoever bullied you 💥
Happy Valentine’s Day!
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cascadena · 7 months ago
Rekindled - Prologue & Ch 1
Tumblr media
SUMMARY: Post-BotW. Zelink. Hyrule now turns to an exhausted Princess Zelda to pick up the fragments of the fallen kingdom. Link, who is still piecing together his own past and traumas from his own journey, realizes that he has to be the one to help Zelda back on her feet. Together, they travel the land to begin the rebuilding process, and uncover a new, mysterious threat along the way...
GENRE: Adventure, Romance, Hurt/Comfort
STATUS: Complete
RATING: T for Teen | Contains Action/Violence, Blood, and (Of-Age) Alcoholic Beverage Consumption, Kissing Scenes.
[Read on FF.Net] - The ENTIRE story is already posted there for your reading pleasure!!
[AO3 Posting coming soon!]
The clouds of malice curling above me dissipated upon the Princess’s eradication of Ganon, leaving behind an untainted sky that shone with a more vivid blue than I had seen since awakening from my slumber. Rising from where I’d landed with my paraglider after sending the final ancient arrow right into Ganon’s core, I rubbed a particularly sore spot on my right shoulder where Calamity Ganon managed to land a more severe blow with an ancient blade in our duel at Hyrule Castle. The bleeding had slowed from my adrenaline rush but it would only hold off the pain for so long. I gripped my arm as I cautiously approached the girl whose voice I had only heard in my mind since my revival. Though we’d just destroyed the malicious Calamity Ganon, my heart still beat quickly in anticipation of the reunion with the beautiful girl from my memories.
The Princess lowered her arm, facing away from me as she took a slow, deep breath. I flinched when she began speaking. Her soft voice was just audible over the whips of wind as the last of the malice storm cleared around us.
“I’ve been keeping watch over you all this time… I’ve witnessed your struggles to return to us as well as your trials in battle. I always thought—no, I always believed—that you would find a way to defeat Ganon.” She paused for a moment as she seemed to consider her next words. “I… never lost faith in you over these many years,” she said. 
Finally, she turned. A strangely familiar warmth pulsed in my chest as she faced me for the first time since I died in her arms a hundred years ago. Her small smile was familiar to my memories. I wondered how in the world I’d ever been able to keep my focus on the demands of my duty to protect her in the past. 
“Thank you, Link...the hero of Hyrule.” Her expression softened. I nodded and swallowed a smile, unable to speak as hot tears welled in my eyes. Zelda seemed to notice, and a weight visibly lifted from her shoulders as she clasped her hands in front of her. “May I ask… Do you really remember me?”
“Yes, Your Highness, I do,” I managed to reply, but my voice cracked as a tear escaped down my cheek. Zelda smiled as she clasped her hands over her face as she suppressed a cry.
“We’ve finally done it,” she breathed, and then her balance shook. 
Within a second of seeing her waver, I leapt forward, just in time to catch her in my arms as her legs gave out beneath her. I cushioned her as the weight pulled us both to our knees. I wondered if holding Hyrule’s Princess so close was proper for her Appointed Knight. However, when I felt her arms tighten a little in gratitude around my shoulders, I knew it was acceptable in this circumstance. “Even now, you protect me from any harm when it threatens me,” she said into my shoulder. 
A smile dared to cross my face, until I realized my wound had begun to bleed onto the back of her dress. I inhaled sharply as the pain began to throb. The adrenaline was wearing off for both of us.
My head flipped to the right towards the source of the voice. A covered wagon charged towards us from the East. I instinctively reached to the hilt of the Master Sword at my shoulder but relaxed when I saw a familiar girl hop out and run ahead of the caravan to meet us.
It was Paya. The Sheikah had come to help us.
Everything that happened next was a blur. The Sheikah caravan halted and Dorian and Cado jumped out to assist Zelda into the wagon. A million pains began pulsing through my body.
“M-Master Link… We left as soon as we heard the rumble of Vah Ruta’s laser,” said Paya. She took one look at my arm before she fetched a makeshift bandage from the wagon and handed me a water skin. “Please, let us assist you…”
We began the journey back to Kakariko Village, where the Sheikah could help us. I insisted on riding Epona, my horse, to give Zelda more space in the wagon, as the exhausted Princess had passed out shortly after being helped inside. Epona was a tough girl, and though she was exhausted from the battle with Ganon, I knew she could make it to Kakariko after Paya fed her a hearty mix of swift and endura carrots.
Epona followed the wagon on a lead as we made our way towards the Dueling Peaks. Hyrule seemed so peaceful as usual, and I briefly wondered if any of the civilians were even aware yet that the calamity had finally been destroyed. Surely, the Sheikah weren’t the only ones to witness the Divine Beast lasers fire. 
I glanced into the open flap on the backside of the wagon and could see Princess Zelda sleeping in a shaft of sunlight. Her mouth hung open as she curled up on the cushion inside. After a hundred years of fighting off Ganon, her nap was well deserved. Looking upon the exhausted Princess in her dirtied, bloodied prayer gown, I felt a wave of guilt pass through my gut and my jaw clenched. If I hadn’t fallen a hundred years ago and just slayed Ganon back then, she would not have had to suffer and fight for so many years. 
Her pain was a result of my own failure.
I knew I would have to apologize to her at some point. But how could one possibly apologize for a hundred years of suffering and a fallen kingdom? My thoughts began to drift as my consciousness faded away with the rhythmic thud of Epona’s trotting. The shadows of moblins, guardians, and lynels flashed through my mind in a hazy dream as my brain processed all I’d just endured. I had fallen asleep on horseback a few times previously, but never for very long stretches of time. It was a miracle that I didn’t fall off Epona and drown in the river right there. 
The golden light of the sunset fell over the mountaintops surrounding Kakariko Village, casting the village in shadow so that only the warm illuminance of the resident’s windows brought light into the streets. When our caravan arrived in front of Impa’s house. I jolted awake as Dorian’s small children called my name. A few other curious villagers crowded around before Dorian shooed them away. 
Zelda awakened, and I was grateful that the evening light would prevent us from drawing much more attention from the villagers as we ascended the steps to the elder’s home under the cover of darkness. Only as I climbed the steps did I begin to realize how exhausted my body felt: navigating through the rubble of Hyrule Castle, defeating Calamity Ganon, and then riding all the way back to Kakariko all in the same day had done a number on me. However, I couldn’t complain, because the girl stepping up next to me had just fought off the ultimate demon for a hundred years straight.
We had not even reached the top of the stairs when the doors to the house flew open. Zelda gasped from beside me, faltering before she whispered. “...Impa?”
Impa grinned down on us. “It has been a long time, Your Highness.”
Before she began preparing food, Paya fetched a red potion from Impa’s cabinet for me. I felt  the pain in my arm and head dull considerably with the first sip. I then went to sit down with Princess Zelda where she kneeled beside Impa’s cushion. We briefly made eye contact and she smiled, though I could see fatigue clouding in her emerald green irises. I offered a crooked grin of my own in return. A flash of surprise crossed  her face, though she said nothing of it.
“You look like you haven’t aged a day,” said Impa as she placed a hand on Zelda’s own. “Some of us aren’t so lucky, unfortunately… At least Link has all those scars to prove he battled in the calamity, even if his memory is still imperfect.”
I almost choked on my potion with Impa’s joke. Robbie must have talked with Impa about how he confirmed my identity. 
Zelda glanced over at me with a raised eyebrow before she shook her head. “I was locked in a state of stasis. Even now, I don’t fully understand how everything has changed since I last walked through Hyrule.”
Impa chuckled softly then nodded. “I am sure it will take quite a while for you to process everything that has come to pass.”
Zelda clasped her hands on her knees in front of her. Her white dress, though stained from the events a hundred years ago, still fell around her in graceful, unwrinkled folds. “We… we must immediately plan the next course of action,” said Zelda.
“Indeed,” said Impa, shifting to lean forward in her seat. She put her hands on her knees and leaned forwards. “Hyrule looks to you, Your Highness.”
“Well, yes…” Zelda’s eyes flickered wide for a moment as if it had only now occurred to her that the leadership of the kingdom now fell solely on her shoulders alone. I frowned as the memory—though still a bit broken in my head—came back to me. A hundred years ago, we’d fled the castle in a hurry when the Guardians corrupted around us. Zelda had not seen her father die in the castle that day, but I knew of his fate from speaking with his spirit. 
She may have not had any time to even consider his death at all, until now.
“Impa… tell me, as my Royal Advisor, what do you think we should do?” Zelda asked in a low voice. Her hands fidgeted with the folds of her skirt.
Impa tightened her lips. “I believe we should start with the restoring of the castle. It is the heart of Hyrule Kingdom.”
Zelda swallowed and looked down at her hands. “Right, the castle…”
“There are monsters everywhere inside,” I said. Zelda glanced at me when I spoke. “We will need to get them out first. I also think there are some things inside that could possibly be salvaged.”
A hint of hope glimmered in Zelda’s eyes but it was lost a moment later. “Who will help us do this? The entire army is gone. The last of our soldiers fell in the battle at Akkala Citadel.” She closed her eyes and clenched her fists. “We could do nothing to save a single soul.”
“The Sheikah have always served the Royal Family,” said Impa. “I will see to it that we do everything we can to assist. Perhaps you can ask the other races of the kingdom for help too.”
I could tell Zelda’s mind raced as her fists clenched the fabric of her dress. “Perhaps. Thank you, Impa.”
“I am sure they will be willing to help,” said Impa. Zelda nodded but fell quiet. 
A few minutes later, Paya placed a tray of steamed vegetable skewers in front of us. My mouth watered at the sight of the colorful vegetables. I hadn’t eaten since I swiped some  raw mushrooms from a moblin’s hoard in the castle’s ruined dining hall. Zelda reached out to take one of the skewers, and I suddenly remembered something.
“Eat slowly,” I said before she even touched the hearty radish on the skewer. She sent me a questioning gaze. I blushed when I realized I’d given an order to Her Highness. I needed to clarify. “Uhm… when I woke up after a hundred years, my stomach rejected food for a few days.”
Zelda nodded, now understanding, and narrowed her attention as she delicately pulled off the radish on the end of the spear. I dug into my own skewer without much regard for table manners, savoring the sustenance while Paya and Impa watched me, a hint of amusement evident on their faces. Apparently, I used to be a slightly more... refined eater when I served in the castle.  After only a few bites, Zelda put a hand on her abdomen and offered the rest of her skewer to me. My hunch was right—her body was still fragile from her long stay in stasis.
Paya served the rest of the meal to us: meat, rice, and fortified pumpkin pie for dessert. I ravenously enjoyed the meal, much to Paya and Impa’s entertainment—but Zelda only took a small taste of each dish to be polite before she said she felt too nauseated to continue. After the meal, I cleaned my hands and asked Paya if I could assist her in washing anything, which naturally sent her into a flustered frenzy as she declined any help whatsoever from me or the Princess. 
I found Zelda outside on the back porch later that evening, leaning against the wooden guardrail, her head inclined up to the starry sky. Her dress, though stained with the blemishes of battle, still reflected the silver light of the moon.  The trickle of the nearby waterfall and stream broke the silence of the night. She glanced over her shoulder when she heard me approach. “May I join you, Your Highness?” I asked. 
She nodded. I stepped up beside her and leaned against the railing. “Are you feeling alright?” I asked.
She bobbed her shoulders and I knew that probably meant ‘no’ but she would not admit it. “I am…” She paused, considering her words, before continuing. “I am worried… the races of Hyrule will be angry at me as I am responsible alone for the state of the Kingdom. I owe them all an immense apology for failing them, and I do not think I can ever repay them for it.”
My heart sank with hers. I leaned an elbow on the railing. “I believe the ones who helped me cleanse the Divine Beasts would each take up the role of becoming Champions—leaders to assist in leading a rebuilding effort—if you wish to designate them.”
Zelda tightened her lips. “It is because of me that our old Champion friends, their greatest warriors, perished in battle.”
“That was because Ganon corrupted the Divine Beasts before we even knew what happened,” I reminded her. “Besides, they will all warmly welcome you with the news of Calamity Ganon’s defeat. That is good news for all.”
Zelda nodded and looked down at her folded hands. A frog jumped into the water below us with a splash. A quiet beat passed before Zelda spoke again. “Thank you for the prompt warning about eating earlier,” said Zelda. “I suspect I would have become quite ill had I forced too much food on myself so soon after coming out of many years of stasis. I’m sorry you had to experience that.”
“You’re welcome, Your Highness,” I said. “I wouldn’t want you to feel sick either. Fighting Ganon was more than enough pain for one day, let alone a hundred years.”
Zelda cracked a small smile. “You know, we never spoke nearly this frequently a hundred years ago. You used to be so quiet. I always wished I had more opportunities to talk with you like this.”
I straightened up a bit and stared at Zelda as I processed this information. Had my personality really shifted that much since my memory reconstruction?
If so… What would she think of me now? How would she feel about me?
Zelda drummed her fingers on the guardrail as she continued. “I do wonder how we will both fit into this world now. We have not aged like those around us who are left that we knew before the calamity.” She shook her head. “I’m still processing the drastic difference of Impa’s age, to be honest. When I first saw Paya, I thought she was Impa because she has such a striking resemblance. But no, she is her granddaughter.”
I nodded. “It’s been strange meeting people who knew me from before, though I didn’t remember most of them at first.”
Our conversation was interrupted by the shriek of one of the villagers in the plaza behind us, followed by the cry of a bokoblin. 
Instinctively, I grabbed Zelda’s hand led her into the safety of Impa’s house. I pushed through the front doors to view the commotion in the village below. I halted when I saw that Dorian and Cado, Impa’s guards, had already taken care of the stray bokoblin and its body disappeared into thin air.
Several villagers gathered in the area below, nervously discussing the monster. Zelda appeared beside me and I heard her exhale heavily in stress. One of the villagers noticed her and called up at us. “It’s the Princess!”
All of the Sheikah turned their heads to look up at us. A few cheered in delight as the crowd migrated towards the base of the stairs. Several people began yelling things at us at once.
“Did you finally defeat the Calamity?”
“Are you really Princess Zelda?”
“Why are there still monsters attacking us?”
“What was that giant laser?”
“Will you defeat all the monsters around the village too?”
Zelda held a hand to her chin and took a step back as the villagers yelled all of their questions at her. Dorian and Cado waved their arms in an attempt to quiet down the excited villagers.
Impa’s voice boomed over the village and the crowd fell silent. I glanced over to find Impa at the top of the stairs. She crossed her arms and frowned down at her villagers. 
Zelda cleared her throat and I could see her hand shaking as she lowered them. “I assure you I will see to the concerns you have,” she called down to the crowd. “Please know that Calamity Ganon is defeated, and Hyrule will rise from the ashes.”
Several of the Sheikah cheered upon the news of Calamity Ganon’s defeat. However, one of the young child villagers ran forward in the crowd. “Then why are there still monsters attacking the village?”
Zelda pursed her lips. “We will investigate,” she said.
More villagers began to ask all kinds of questions. I glanced at Impa and she nodded at me, as if to understand my thoughts. I reached over to Zelda and grabbed her hand before I gently pulled her back towards the door to Impa’s home.
“I will take all of your concerns for the Princess in due time,” Impa called as I pulled the door open. “For now, good night, and stay on your guard for stray monsters.”
Zelda let go of my hand when we reached the sanctuary of Impa’s house. She paced around in a circle and sighed. “Why did a monster come into the village? Monsters should never come into a village on their own, right? What are we going to do about this?”
“Your Highness, it was just a stray bokoblin—“ I started.
“The monsters should all be tame now. We defeated the calamity. They have no reason to feel irrational anger and come to attack people now. We should be able to live in peace with them.” Zelda held her arms to her head and leaned over as she panicked. “I did seal it away, right?”
“Your Highness…” I tried again.
“I must research this. The Calamity may not have been properly sealed away—“ Zelda stopped when I placed a firm hand on her shoulder. She flicked her head around and faced me. Though she was slightly taller than I, her green, anxious gaze pierced directly into my eyes. I prayed I was not acting out of line by touching her without permission.
“It was just a bokoblin. They aren’t very smart. It probably just wandered in behind us when it saw the caravan. Dorian and Cado took care of it,” I said while looking into her eyes. “Everything is fine. You don’t need to worry.”
She looked straight into my eyes with such great intensity that I wondered if I should step away before she broke the eye contact and looked down at the ground. She sniffed and nodded as tears began to form around her eyes. “I’m sorry, I think I’ve… overreacted…”
Impa cleared her throat. “I think the Princess needs to get some more rest. How about we clean you up and then send you to bed? We can continue talk of Hyrule Castle and monsters when you wake up in the morning.”
Zelda nodded slowly and Paya escorted her upstairs to her personal quarters. I wanted to follow and give her a tight hug, although I knew that would probably be way out of line to my duty as her appointed knight. Impa told me I was welcome to stay as well but I decided I would stay at the inn that night to offer them all a little more privacy. 
I attempted to fall sleep early that evening but my mind kept drifting to the events earlier with Calamity Ganon. I decided to instead use the time to address my arm wound once more. I probably should have been seen by a doctor but I was not in the mood to answer a million questions about the battle yet. I retrieved a fresh bandage from Epona’s saddlebag and walked to the peninsula at the pond where Kakariko’s Goddess Statue resided, and sat myself down under the light of the torches. 
The red potion had luckily healed much of the delicate internal damage I’d acquired but the wound from Calamity Ganon on my shoulder would take some time to heal completely. I removed my tunic and undershirt before I applied potion-infused ointment to several minor wounds all over my torso that I accrued from monsters and malice burns in the castle. I smirked when I looked down at my abdomen. A Gerudo woman had once scoffed at me for not even having visible abs early on in my journey but there was… some muscle defined there now from months of climbing Hyrule’s mountains and cliffsides. It was clearly enough muscle needed to defeat Calamity Ganon, anyways.
My ears twitched when footsteps treaded on the grass behind me. I instinctively thought to grab my sword, but then came a quiet, “Link?”
I looked over my shoulder, and relaxed immediately when I saw the figure behind me. “Your Highness, shouldn’t you be sleeping?”
Zelda folded her hands in front of her. Her golden hair was tied up behind her head in a bun and she wore a blue sleeping gown underneath a Sheikah robe that Paya must have lent to her. “I...wanted to thank you for calming me down earlier before I settled in for the night. I was just a little overwhelmed at how suddenly everything has changed.”
I turned around and wiped the remaining healing ointment from my hand onto my arm. “Nobody else seems to understand exactly what we’re going through right now.” I muttered. 
She nodded and pulled the collar of her robe up around her chin as a chilly breeze floated between us. If we weren’t having such a serious conversation, I would have considered more how it was quite a cute thing to do. She held her palm to her face as she sighed. “I...I do not think I am ready to go anywhere near the castle yet. Though it’s been a hundred years for everyone else, the memory of the destruction and loss is still too fresh, too painful in my mind...”
I stepped closer to her and she looked into my eyes once again. The light from the torches behind me flickered shadows onto her fair face. Fear and exhaustion plagued her face. 
My heart ached for her. 
She had just fought an unimaginable horror in the castle for a hundred years and now was expected to immediately begin facilitating the reconstruction of Hyrule. The villagers didn’t understand how they had set off this expectation in her mind, of course. Impa was correct that the castle needed reclaimed as soon as possible—but did Zelda really have to be there immediately?
I realized she had said something to me again but my mind had been lost in my thoughts. “Sorry, can you repeat that, Your Highness?” I asked, shaking my head.
“I said, I can see all of your scars... You have collected so many, if you don’t mind me saying. You’ve endured so much pain for us,” she said with a frown.
I looked down. The scars, a mix of the severe mortal ones I’d endured a hundred years ago and newer ones from my journey, littered in violent slashes across my body. I tightened my lips. People so easily understood I had been through pain when they saw my scars. However, nobody else seemed to notice Zelda’s struggle right now. 
I was probably the only one who could even somewhat understand what she went through with the events of the calamity. And now, she faced the immense pressure to rule Hyrule by herself. Such pressure on a single person was incredibly difficult to bear. In the past—as Zelda had reminded me earlier—the intense pressure of being the chosen wielder of the Master Sword had driven me to silence. I could not let Zelda fall to a similar fate of anxiety. 
  “Your Highness, would you like to go somewhere? To get away from everything for a bit?” I blurted before I could consider my own words.
She blinked in mild confusion. “Leave here? What about the castle? Hyrule?”
“With all due respect, Your Highness, you won’t be assembling the castle by yourself. You just defeated Calamity Ganon. Let some other people begin work on the castle.” I put my hands on my hips. “Your Highness, you need a rest, even if a brief one. To be perfectly honest, I need one as well.”
“What about my sworn duties?”
I laughed. “The land has lasted a hundred years without an active ruler. The people can wait just a little longer for you to recover. A lot of people don’t even know that you’re still alive.”
Zelda folded her arms and tightened her lips. “Where would we go?”
I thought for a moment. “Hateno Village? I have a house there. It’s very safe there, and nobody would bother you. We could visit Purah’s Lab.” I tapped my jaw as I considered the other perks of Hateno. “There’s also a beach nearby, so you could see the ocean.”
Zelda furrowed her brow as she considered my proposal. “It does sound like a lovely place... I’ve never visited there before, actually. I would love to see Purah again too.“ A smile graced Zelda’s lips as she nodded. “It’s decided then. I will direct Impa to lead the Sheikah to begin the reclamation of Hyrule Castle, and inform her that I will be taking a short rest before I begin the rebuilding process.”
I smiled back at her and nodded. “We’ll leave at first light in the morning.”
“Wonderful,” She bowed her head lightly. “Good night, Sir Link, I’ll see you in the morning,” she said cheerfully before turning away and retreating back to Impa’s house.
My cheeks heated against the cool air when she used the formal title. It only then occurred to me that she’d never used any kind of title with me before that I could remember.
...Exactly how close had we been before the calamity? 
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ofcowardiceandkings · 4 days ago
I hadn't really thought about what the foods tasted like but now I want to know what you think? ☕
ive had this sat in my inbox for a few days im sorry !!
okay i'll preface this with uh .. i think about these things way too much because 1) The Rabies of course, 2) you gotta think about something while youre running around Hyrule for hundreds of hours, 3) i like science and know a lot of trivia fairly readily instead of like ... useful stuff... and 4) i like food and cooking and foraged foods looool what can ya do
hyrule herb: wild garlic hands down no doubt to me, it tastes good in basically everything and is bloody everywhere lol
okay SAFFLINA then i'll preface with the first i saw was cool and it also looks like flowering mint (or a mentha species) so:
cool safflina: spearmint (hot take fresh spear > pepper)
warm safflina: oregano
electric safflina: lemon thyme
mighty thistle: celery-like, maybe more bitter soo like fenugreek ?? thistles really are edible though and they can taste like mild celery
blue nightshade: honestly basil came to mind and basically yeah ?? i would think the flowers would taste sweeter though
silent princess: something about the immediate orchid-esque feeling of these made me think of vanilla and i'm sticking to it ... also i like vanilla so bite me :V
spicy pepper: sweet piquanté springs to mind even though theyre not especially hot ?? maybe a little spicier than that but something you could absolutely just snack on
voltfruit: i was kinda torn here because they clearly look like dragon fruit but theyre cacti fruits like prickly pears .. id say like those golden kiwis though because i reckon that splits the difference
hylian shroom: yer average button [shrug]
stamella: portobello ?? nothing special but more robust than a hylian shroom
endura: very nutty, like a chestnut mushroom on steroids
the element shrooms generally make me think of something very woodsy for whatever reason, perhaps because my first encounter was actually with the chill ones, so with that in mind ..
chill, juicy and almost piney
sun, somewhat smoky like a black trumpet ?
zap, a little astringent and earthy
rushroom: i get a hen of the woods vibe off of these at first but honestly i can see them being a bit sweeter than that
razorshroom: something like a hedgehog mushroom maybe so ?? nutty, a lil meaty and crunchy
ironshroom: dense, big umami and earthy
silent shroom: i can see these being pretty similar to a chanterelle with an apricot-like smell to them and a very light flavour
for the record id 100% say that Hyrule's truffles would be way more mild than real world ones because they're not madly overpowering but it can be a lot 🤷‍♂️
chickaloo nut: HUM makes me think of like a mild creamy hazelnut
throwing in that id imagine goron spice wouldnt be horrifically hot or anything like an average garam masala but id imagine it'd have a somewhat metallic edge to it
for the sake of being thoroughly over the top too, ive always liked the idea of fortified pumpkins being like red kuri, and swift carrots as the sweeter commercial varieties while enduras are like more earthy heritage types (which i love, also carrot greens are so good). id think that radishes start out more peppery like an english radish and get more like a daikon the larger they get ?? also wildberry like a sharp slightly more earthy raspberry so its a little like a bog-standard bramble, and i immediately spring to cox when i think of apples because they are superior. its also worth noting that that honey will be potent stuff since truly wild honey in the real world is pretty rare now but its flavour is still super dependant on what nectar is available
for things id add as well, id like to see the return of a cheese product like in Twilight Princess ?? imagine the possibilities ... and mangoes or a citrus because im a gremlin for a mango or lemons/limes any day , itd be interesting to see plums added though since plum trees do exist in the world anyway !!
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michpat6 · 10 months ago
Or: It’s been two days since Calamity Ganon fell. Link has some thoughts, and he and Zelda have dinner.
The princess sleeps a lot.
Zelda, he reminds himself. She wants to be called Zelda.
He’s in the middle of making an Endura Shroom Stew and opened his mouth to ask if she likes carrots, because he can’t remember if she does, and found her asleep again, slumped back against the tree like she has been for the past thirty minutes they’ve spent camped on the edge of Hyrule Field, crawling their way to Kakariko to see Impa.
The moon is full, and for the first time in his second life it isn’t dripping red. The monsters in the surrounding area all vanished after she struck the final blow, and have yet to reappear.
Link sighs. She’ll just have to eat around the carrots.
It’s been two days since the death of the Calamity, since the princess-Zelda, her name is Zelda-asked if he remembered her, since she smiled at him. Really smiled, not just a polite half-grimace whenever she said, Thank you.
May I you really remember me?
He told her, No, not really. I’m sorry, and watching her smile fade was like watching the clouds smother the sun.
He likes the sun.
Oh, she had said, bowing her head and tucking a strand of her golden hair behind her ear. Well, that’s all right. I wasn’t expecting you to.
Forty eight hours later, and Link finally realizes she was lying.
She’s small, smaller than she was in the snippets of memory the slate showed him. He can see her ribs through her prayer dress from where he’s kneeling over a cooking pot a few feet away, and her skin looks like paper. Her eyes are sunken in her face, the shadows beneath them like bruises even though she’s spent the majority of these first two days unconscious.
It’s not like he can blame her, though. Only one of them spent the past century fighting eternal darkness to save the world, and it wasn’t him.
No, not really. I’m sorry.
He wishes he were a liar.
The stew has been simmering for however long he’s sat, and he decides it’s finished, splitting it between the only two bowls he has with a century-old ladle he stole from the castle. The back of his right hand-his sword hand, he had identified it as when he woke up in the Shrine-tingles. Behind him, laying next to his shield on top of his bag of “stuff”, the Master Sword hums in its scabbard. Link frowns, doesn’t know why it’s calling to get his attention, until-
His eyes snap to hers. They’re a dull green, the color of grass in the shade, but he knows-he remembers-that they’re usually much brighter, especially when she’s holding a frog to his face and excitedly telling him to, Go on, try it! He likes her voice better when it’s in his ears and not echoing in his head, even like this. It’s weak, hoarse, and trembling, like she’s afraid to speak to him, and maybe she is. From what he can gather, they were friends Before. Maybe even more than that. After all, according to Kass, it was her love for him that unlocked her power.
He wonders what she thinks when she looks at him. He isn’t who he was Before, that much is obvious even to his blank slate of a mind, and he imagines it’s like seeing a stranger with the face of a friend and wondering why they aren’t your friend, why they’re different.
Why they’re not her Hero.
“Hey,” Link tries to smile, keeps his voice soft. He offers her one of the bowls. “Endura Shroom Stew? I hope you like carrots.”
“Yes,” her polite grimace flickers onto her face as she takes the bowl. He notices how her hands shake beneath the weight of it. “Carrots are fine.”
She can barely walk on her own, her muscles atrophied from the century she spent frozen, battling Ganon in a war of magical wills. Even standing up or sitting down seems to leave her sore and out of breath. But Zelda is stubborn and proud, Link has noticed. She doesn’t like to admit her weaknesses or failures, at least not to him. Not now. Not even when what ails her is just the weight of her dinner.
He’d hold it for her if she asked, but she won’t ask.
“I think…” he falters, staring ahead at the Dueling Peaks. “There’s a stable just past the Peaks. I could use the slate, teleport to it, and bring back my second horse for you to ride. We’ll get to Kakariko by tomorrow night.”
His first horse, Spots, was killed in the fight against Dark Beast Ganon. When he took his final shot, leaping off of her saddle with the help of Revali’s Gale, Ganon released one last wave of dark energy. It tore straight through Hyrule Field, splitting the ground beneath him, and turned Spots to ash. The only reason he wasn’t caught in the crossfire was Rhoam’s paraglider; One last save from the dead man who helped him gather his bearings on the Great Plateau, who trained him to use the slate and save his daughter.
His daughter, Zelda, who nods and says, “All right.”
“I’ll do it in the morning,” he tells her. “I don’t want to leave you alone out here.”
The monsters may have vanished from Hyrule Field, but there’s nothing saying they’ve vanished from all of Hyrule. They tend to wander in packs, especially the silver and black bokoblins, and who’s to say they won’t come here, looking to avenge their master and instead find the princess who killed him?
“Thank you,” she murmurs, looking down at her bowl. “I don’t like being alone anymore.”
Link holds his breath. “Neither do I.”
There’s a weak breeze that makes Zelda’s teeth chatter. She clings to her bowl of stew, bringing it close to her chest, curling around it as if it’s the only source of heat she has.
“Here,” Link gets up and walks over, sitting next to her under the tree. He’s always run hot, and the way she gravitates towards his side makes him smile as he starts drinking his stew. “I’d give you some Rito gear, but then you’d be sweating instead.”
“Thank you,” she repeats, and sips some of hers, humming in what sounds like surprise. “This is quite good.”
He’s just surprised she ate. This is her first time in a hundred years. “Was I not a good cook?”
She breathes a laugh. “Goddesses, no. Neither was I. Impa made and packed our meals like we were her children.”
He hums, trying to imagine the ancient woman who sits on a tower of pillows handing him a brown paper bag with his name written on it.
“Endura Shroom,” she says, covering her mouth as she talks with it full. She swallows, then continues, “Do we need energy for something?”
“So I can keep watch,” he explains. “Look out for any straggling monsters or Yiga Clan that might have seen that you’re free.”
He doesn’t add that he wants to be up in case she wakes screaming like she had last night, so he can get to her and calm her down quickly, or so he knows she’s really safe, that he succeeded in his task, and that the Calamity is finally gone.
“Oh,” she nods. “Do you really think we’ll be attacked?”
“I don’t know. I’d rather be paranoid than dead.”
It’s blunt, he knows it is, but she takes it in stride, nodding again and taking another sip of stew.
They finish their meals in silence. Link takes Zelda’s bowl when she’s done, notices she’s only ate half of an already small portion.
“I might throw up if I eat any more,” she’s quick to explain, as if she thinks he’s offended she didn’t lick the bowl clean like he’s done with his. “A century of starvation, no water or rest...It’ll take me a while to get used to eating and drinking, walking, needing to sleep, being...real again.”
He nods, sets her bowl aside to finish later, when he needs a boost. Who is he to question her? “Okay.”
Zelda’s eyelids are already fluttering, her head coming to rest on his shoulder. Link watches her fight it, wants to wrap his arm around her and hold her close or guide her head to his lap so she’ll at least sleep in a comfortable position, but that’s a privilege he’s sure he only had Before. To do anything but what he’s doing now would be torturing her.
Zelda sleeps, her breaths deep and even, and Link stares up at the stars, praying her slumber is peaceful, and waiting for the sun to rise.
He can’t wait for her to meet Spots Junior.
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belphies-corner · 3 months ago
I've got an inventory full of Endura Carrots baby, we can go all night. I'll be sure to help you out and get your dick nice and slobbery 👅
-Link cosplay anon
Okay, I like you. Best ask of the night.
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better-than-one · 2 months ago
Trying to calculate Ash's speed has been replaced with the need to calculate how ash didn't just straight up just faint during that ride like sir are you okay
he ate an endura carrot
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zeldaelmo · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
Hey, I hope you all know that you can increase the stamina of your horse by spoiling them with endura carrots! Are these little carrot symbols adorable or what?
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howveryfascinating · a year ago
Some botw tips I've learned after a little while of playing
- Yiga blademasters can't tell the difference between bombs and bananas
- There's a steady supply of endura carrots around every fairy fountain
- Most problems can be avoided by climbing a wall or gliding past them. I didn't even Realize there were monsters at the base of akkala tower because I glided to it from the top of Death Mountain, trying to avoid the trek and the few guardian scouts I spotted
- When using stamina, doing the thing that makes you go fast usually uses more stamina and takes you less distance. If you don't think you can do it, try doing it slowly
- Yes, the full armour set is worth the money
- Don't get rid of/sell stuff until you're certain there isn't a good use for it (ex: Luminous stones can be traded 10 for a diamond, and also used in fairy fountains). You have infinite room for items and armour
- Use the bad weapons first unless it's a mini boss or you really wanna go fast
- Do the shrine quests do the shrine quests just trust me if you get a shrine quest Do It there is no shame in googling how
- Do all the labyrinths and the lost woods it's worth it. Just the experience is very pleasant to me but also the labyrinths are Super full of treasure
- Find the dragon gods. Shoot the dragon gods. Collect stuff that falls off of the dragon gods
- If you see a beam of light/shooting star pin the spot the fuckers coming from/landed and run over there
- If you're worried about money, go to a stable/your house if you bought it. There will be an iron sledgehammer, they respawn every blood moon. Find the hammer, take it, and go to hateno tower. Glide down. There's ore deposits fucking everywhere around the cliffside, and one rare ore deposit. Break them. Sell your finds.
-If you're still worried about money, go to the stable at the base of death mountain and grab the sledgehammer. If you have the flamebreaker armour that will help, esp if it's upgraded twice so you can be fireproof, because there's a LOT of enemies. Make your way up death mountain however you like, if you go off the path a lot there's a lot of ore and rare ore. There's a place where the path is dotted, that's a series of caves you definitely wanna go through. There are a lot of enemies though so look out. And there's a roaming guardian at one end of the path. Anyway death mountain is just really covered in ore everywhere so you Will get rich. You might break your sledgehammer but that's fine just go to another stable and find a new one.
-STILL worried about money? You're in luck! Go to satori mountain. This might take a few day night cycles but you can light a fire if you wanna. You want a night where you see smth glowing. Sneak over there. God horse thingey is great and all but seriously theres a fuckton of blupees just shoot them and get ur money
- How are you still worried about money??? Ok fine go kill wolves, spears are useful here. Depending where you are you'll either get prime or gourmet meat. If you're in a rly cold place you need to grab it quick before it becomes icy prime/gourmet meat. Do not kill it with fire, then it becomes seared, and dont kill it with ice, then its icy yet again. Killing bears gets gourmet as well but it's way more difficult. Now make some meals with your findings and sell them
Feel free to add on
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shadsiethewriter · a year ago
My She-Ra Horses in  Breath of the Wild.
Alright, so I took these a little while ago.   I have a couple of  She-Ra themed  horsies in my Master Mode on The  Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.  I’ve posted about Horse-dak before... some of  the crazy adventures we’ve been on together.   First, the one I acquired first, Swift Wind!   (The character-slots were too few for a space). 
Tumblr media
He is the Royal White Stallion / Zelda’s horse-descendant from the “Royal White Stallion” quest.  Of course I got his hair dyed once I got max-bond with him.   I like to put him in the Royal Horse Gear:  
Tumblr media
Then there is this beautiful black charger I  found in Akkala and fought a couple of  Bokoblins over, including a silver bastard whom I broke a few weapons on.  He gets the mohak-cut, of course.  
Tumblr media
I pamper him quite a bit because he’s a handsome boy.  He is also the one I use the most because I happen to have him in the DLC-bonus tech-armor that allows a horse to be called to anywhere (except Gerudo Desert because of the sand and Death Mountain because most living things get cooked alive there without protection and there is no horse-armor for that).   
Tumblr media
Sure, the tech-armor would have the maximum speed-boost on SwiftWind or upon the un-shown horse, Liberty (Serene Stable area special-horse), but it  just LOOKS so much better on an all-black beast!  And just....
He’s Hordak.  I’ve decided that  this is Hordak in equine form.  Now, he’s actually a pretty healthy horse - that reincarnation into Hyrule worked out well for him, and for the most part, he is a good boy.   A little bit of free-will shenanigans pop up. (All of the horses are willfull before you train them) and this guy has kicked me in  the head after I’ve fallen off of him when pushing him too hard hunting at least once.   He’s also died at least twice (and I think three times!), making me go out of my way to get endura carrots for the Horse God so he can be resurrected.  No rest for the wicked, as they say.   So, there they are... Video game horses named after cartoon characters because I have no life.  
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