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#princess zelda

A double commission, thank you very much, and thanks to all of you who are sharing my status of open commissions UwU

And if you want one, send me a message and let’s see if we can reach an agreement :D

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Made a new design for Zelda. Was releated to the AU, then I realized I wanted to do her in her Smash Ult appearance.

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Princess Zelda from The Legend of Zelda // Cosplayer: Bgal1245

The sign was a funny last minute addition thanks to the random pizza box we found. I had kept telling my Link to hurry up and get ready and she was being super slow, and then we realized how accurate that was to the actual game!

Overall, I got a lot of Zelda fans who, instead of laughing, just looked at Link and razzed her for making me wait! I think I got more sympathy than laughter from some people, which was so funny. I distinctly remember some guy walking past me, flipping around and stopping me, reading my sign and then leaving with no words just bursting into laughter! It was so hysterical!

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Old WIP of zelda by the river. I should add some frogs eventually, me thinks🤔

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