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#You were only 1 years old ;-;

lydia martin early seasons was absolutely going through it imagine being completely unbothered and popular dating the captain of the lacrosse team and barely ever paying attention to a guy who’s liked you since third grade with a mildly unhealthy obsession with you and suddenly that guy and his weird friend have dragged you into their life or death problems and you’re stuck in your school in the middle of the night being h u n t e d and once the guy who was hunting you is killed he made you bring him back to life and activate your dead people powers with no guidance whatsoever?? then almost getting killed because the weird friend’s sire’s nephew thinks you’ve become your asshole ex boyfriend’s alter lizard ego? three 15 year olds are trying to paralyze you in the middle of science class and you’re at someone’s house with four werewolves standing outside who want you dead and STILL nobody is gonna tell you what’s going on????

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Finally playing Saeran’s After Ending, I still want a Vanderwood route 😔

#There's a special pain when you're playing a dating game and fall for the character you CAN'T date#I dreamt about Vandy once. Years ago. (wow MysMes is 4+ years old already what)#He was kind of a dick in my dream tbh but he had a good heart. Tsundere y'know.#I don't remember the details I should check if I sent it to anyone#But not now. Now I should go to sleep because I'm playing MysMes which means several alarms so I can get all chats and calls#I was gonna sarcastically say ''Y'know. Like a rational human being.''#But uhhh honestly?#I bought both special packages (VIP and Special Believer's). And a 707 pillow. Pretty sure all together is worth more than 100$.#I think I can stop pretending I'm ''rational'' at this point tbh#Tbf I have many fandoms where I spent perhaps a bit too much on merch#But so far none beat MysMes I think#And I don't even have the magnets from the packages anymore 😔#They were the least important parts but still!#(They were on my fridge. I couldn't clear out my apartment myself so my parents did it for me. They gave away the fridge)#(*Without removing the magnets*)#Speaking of I was wrong#I spent more on both Lucifer (1 convention in England) and Supernaturally (2 conventions but both in Germany) than on MysMes#I've also ruined my sleep schedule for SPN before#I still think it was all worth it though#(Alongside the magnets I also lost most of my fandom mugs to this. Only really sad about the one that was a gift though)#(Like yeah the rest also sucks but this one was GIFTED to me!!!)#(And almost lost my chopsticks but those I could get sent to me)#(And lost my favorite bowl... Which was my favorite because I myself blew it when I visited Japan 😭)#That one's my fault tho. I mean my parents were the one who gave it away but they didn't know.#Bc after mom said they'd take ''all personal things'' I just figured oh well that's all I need#Now I do think she could've noticed fandom magnets and mugs are personal things#But she and dad could not have known about the bowl#My Mephisto Pheles figure might've lost its hat too but since it was nowhere to be found there's a chance it just slipped into some box#I have Sephiroth's sword (was broken so in danger of being lost) at least#And I THINK that my parents took Meph's umbrella (also broken I'M SORRY HE FELL AT THE VERY LASR POSSIBLE MOMENT) so it'd only be the hat
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Just imagine a nindroid being super social to humans and they’re just “Wow you must have a lot of experience with humans to know the social cues, how old are you?” And he just says like 2 and they’re just “wow, we’re talking to a toddler”

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