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#anne lister's diary
yesimabitodd · a year ago
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Monday, March 11th, 1833. Incurred a cross just before getting up thinking of Π and before that speculating on Miss Walker coming to me or not.
Sunday, March 17th, 1833. Incurred a cross just before getting up thinking of Miss W and Π but at the very moment of Π.
Friday, August 9th, 1833. Incurred a cross just before getting up thinking of Miss Walker.
Sunday, September 1st, 1833. Incurred a cross just before getting up thinking of Miss Walker.
Wednesday, September 4th, 1833. Incurred a cross just before getting up thinking of Miss Walker.
Friday, January 3rd, 1834. Incurred a cross thinking of Miss Walker.
Wednesday, February 5th, 1834. Incurred a cross thinking of Miss Walker.
Tuesday, February 18th, 1834. Incurred a cross thinking of Miss Walker last night.
Wednesday, February 19th, 1834. A cross thinking of Miss Walker just before getting up.
Saturday, February 22nd, 1834. A cross this morning thinking of Miss W.
Monday, February 24th, 1834. Cross last night thinking of Miss W.
Friday, March 14th, 1834. At nine in twenty five minutes incurred a cross in the hut thinking of Miss W.
Sunday, March 16th, 1834. Incurred a cross just before getting up thinking of Miss W.
Wednesday, March 26th, 1834. Incurred a cross just before getting up thinking of Miss W.
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woollyslisterblog · a year ago
1834 August Friday 8th
Lister and Ann trotting around the countryside make an interesting diversion for us stuck unable to go anywhere very far.
quiet night a good deal of cousin – Fine morning - F67° at 8:00 a.m. breakfast at 8:45 had our host - paid all (I made out the bill) and bought for 35/. his napkin fait a la plume - he said it cost him 50/. the gilt cadre being 20/ of it - off at 10 from l'hotel du cours chez Berne, Department de l’Isère, à Voisin - Voisin a good little flourishing town - the situation of our inn looking up on the promenade shaded with trees very good and picturesque and this part of the town airy and handsome – fine drive
- at 11:33 delayed 8 minutes went into a little farmhouse – Ann’s bowels disturbed there was neither pot nor necessary so Ann obliged to go behind barn - kidney or French beans growing in rows watered like peas in England, at least 10 foot high - hemp grown about Grenoble 10 feet high - very fine drive rich fine country - have slung our shaft underneath the carriage -, and had four horses, and two postillons, 1st time today -
beautiful view at 12:05 down into the wide valley or plain of Mt Foret - there at 12:21 - nice little town - fine open hilly liveable country - corn and hemp, and nicely wooded - the mountains of Echellrs or the Port St Laurent in sight (right) - at 1:08 tolerably good village turn (left) to Lyons - the poste au cheveaux at Saz merely are one good house and farmstead – La Tour du Pisà a nice enough little town - little chalet looks good - very neat clean exterior - so still possible there –
Bourgoin a goodish largest busy town – delayed 1/4 hour rearranging the shafts under the carriage – the postboys wanted 40 sols per poste – but I said I had given up giving more than 30 and they were civil enough – with 4 horses I have determined to give only 1/50 – fine rich plain bounded by hills and just near the town a few vine-coteaux – Verpillière shabbyish little town – St Laurent des mûres a long straggling village – the plain gradually increasing from Bourgoin is become very extensive at St Laurent des mûres – corn, potatoes, tufle, hemp (not very good) etc etc – merely the poste and 1 or 2 more houses at our relais at Bron – lovely evening – at 7:45 fine view down upon Lyons – had the tower upon the hill above the cathedral almost from leaving Bron –
alight at the hotel de l’Europe at 8 1/4 – very good handsome apartment au premier -salon and 2 chambres de maître (with 3 beds) a sort of ante room and servants rooms upstairs for 18/. a day – dinner 4/. a head breakfast 2/. ditto servants at 4/. day each – without any bargaining – seated at our good dinner at 8:45 to after 10 – very comfortable – wrote the at 12:15 tonight - above of today till 12:10 very fine day – very hot – F74°
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wibbly13 · a year ago
I've been thinking about this a lot.
[September 1823]
"Wonders how M[ariana] can live with C[harles] he will never insure his life. M[ariana] certainly did know how he behaved to his first wife how he insulted her by his partiality to M[ariana] before her face. Lou will never forget it when she[Lou], Mrs B[elcombe] and M[ariana] were all staying at Lawton sometimes M[ariana] pretended not to see it then she was angry or low or perhaps talked to C[harles] about it. Lou always knew she would marry him she shall never forget when they first heard of Anne Lawton's death they were all here sitting at dinner M[ariana] burst out laughing and so did they all this was in november 1814, yet still C[harles] was not her heart's choice. They believe C[harles] wrote to her while she was at Shibden and it was all made up there, and then i said i knew nothing of it then but that it came on me like a thunderbolt after my return from Market Weighton in november 1815, I have some remembrance of her telling her family this story lest they should think the thing too easily made up."
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vitaandvirginia · 2 years ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I have never seen anything so beautiful as the York Minster.
Do you recognise the view from the street ?  Text : “They stayed in Spa for four days, at Ann’s request, before Anne hurried them up the river Maas to Huy, Namur and Dinant. They viewed Reims Cathedral - but, after all, and as a Gothic building, I prefer York Minster to all I have seen - and visited the Moët champagne cellars in Epernay. They drank a whole bottle with their meal.”  from Angela Steidele’s Gentleman Jack.
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lovingannelister · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Love this!!! 😍👩🏻🎩
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bagga-coal · 27 days ago
These couples… ❤️❤️❤️ the complexities of these characters and relationships, one set in 1830s Yorkshire and one set in the modern world. So much resonates with me. Fear of rejection, the blending of their different worlds, family expectations, their past relationships all seem to weigh them down and yet when they are brave enough to face them and learn from their past experiences, they are buoyed by their new loves and their ability to love themselves.
Suranne’s stellar performances are at the heart of it all. From the tough yet vulnerable Anne Lister, to the resilient, seemingly unshakable yet brittle Amy Silva still recovering from past traumas, she brings such realism to every character she plays.
Fuck! Such beautiful writing by Sally Wainwright and Tom Edge. Thank you for giving us these relationships on screen and the visibility of queer journeys.
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iredreamer · 22 days ago
"Gentleman Jack: A biography of Anne Lister, Regency Landowner, Seducer and Secret Diarist" I'm reading this book and it say that after Vere, seeing that there was no hope of marrying her and to dispose of her money and her status, she thought about marrying someone old in order to have a noble title, but only on her own terms. Is that true?
This is what Anne actually writes about it:
Tumblr media
Image courtesy of @wyorksarchives
February, Friday 12, 1830: Home at 10 35/.. – Sat talking to my Aunt an hour on the old subject of must have someone to keep house for us, and to visit with me – Doubting about whether I should ever have Mary [Mariana] or not – she has no name no connections etc. etc. cannot speak French etc. etc. and yet owned I should never like anybody so well – but older now and think more of expedience – Came to my room at 11 40/.. – Sat over the fire musing – Have thought often lately if I could get an old nobleman on my own terms (that is never to attempt any particular connection together) I would for the sake of rank and yet would all this rank make me really happier? I have no name nor rank now I should like to have both – well but I might be happier in peace and quiet with M- [Mariana] as I said to Aunt perhaps after all accident must decide. [SH:7/ML/E/12/0164]
One thing that is quite significant I think, to better understand why she voiced these thoughts in her journal, is that during that period Anne was meeting and spending time with people of high rank. Hope this gives more context about that statement.
Just a note: "Gentleman Jack: A biography of Anne Lister, Regency Landowner, Seducer and Secret Diarist" is the worst book about Anne Lister there's around. I highly recommend to take everything with a pinch of salt. The author didn't do her own research, she never transcribed Anne's journals herself and that whole book is made reading second hand sources so it's not very factual at times. There are inaccuracies. Here a list of books I'd recommend instead: link.
Have a nice day!
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jenjudyharding · a year ago
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big news for gentleman jack fans!!! they’ve found a diary of ann walkers!
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trying-to-fight-it · 2 years ago
I would just like to thank God and the Shibden After Dark podcast letting me know the "come for dinner and then stay all night" line is a completely true thing said by a 19th century lesbian
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woollyslisterblog · a year ago
1834 August Thursday 7th
Gah, life, and with that PSA over, more Listeriana
Q 9:35 12:05 She came to me about 8:00 to warm her stomach still bowel complaint and it ended in a long good kissed to her and our lying till tolerably cool - on having my motion fancied cousin coming and so he did gently after breakfast but have not put anything on at all today - fine morning F 68° at 10:30 a.m. breakfast at 11 - made tea for Ann (1st time) in our Jones’s boiler - put the tea into boiling water and let it have 2 or 3 bubblings afterwards and it answered marvellously - Ann enjoyed it and ate a large plat of strawberries and has seemed better ever since - wrote out the first 50 lines of yesterday till 2:30 - then off in light calêche and 1 horse at 3 our host driving us, to pont St Laurent to see the new road from there here - at the tolerably good village of Saint Etienne in 50 minutes at 3:50 - all the women sitting their doors spinning there as here - in 8 or 10 minutes get to the narrow defile through the calcerous rock -
about 20 minutes passing through it - workman there - good road - at 4:35 at the little village of Ensivière not marked on Chaix’s map and at St Laurent du Pont at 5 - sat in the carriage 25 minutes while Ann ate her cold poulet and drank her brandy and water I got out and walked over the good wooden bridge, oak below and poplar above not to be so slippery - off back again at 5:30 - walked up the hill from 6:10 to 6:30 the last 1/4 hour through the fine defile -
met the engineer there - 40,000 francs already spent and would take 30,000 francs more to finish the road - could not be till 1836, as the supply refused for bridge next year but promised to be given the following - road departmental now - would by and by be a route royale - when made good, government would then take it -
at home at 7:30 - very fine view from the hill above Voison - right (going) large white good building, now the Chartreusine (female Chartreux) bought 10 years ago for this purpose - a Chateau just new bought near the town by a fraternity of monks - the priests and monks now as well off under Louis Philippe as under Charles X -
psome nice grass and farming land at the top of the hill worth 1000/. per journal of 600 toises carrés and lets for 100/. per journal - this the second quality of land - the 1st (about the town) worth 3000/. per journal lets for 300/. per ditto - and yet he said, in buying land, one had only 3% here - 2 large manufacturers built here lately by Lyon merchants in consequence of the union work at Lyon Voison has considerable commerce in linen cloth - the distance from Lyon to Echelles by Pont de Beauvoisine or Voison not half hour longer than by latter - dinner at 7:45 to 9 - and much better - wrote out all but the last 50 lines of yesterday and the whole of the day till 10:55 - very fine day - F 68° at 11:30 PM - being master of the poste here (Voison) worth 1500 francs a year -
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pris84 · a month ago
"Sat by her on the sofa, both of us perpetually with silent tears trickling down our cheeks. She quite undecided, fearing she should not be so happy with him as she might have been. Never knew till now how much she was attached to me ... Torturing herself with all the miseries of not knowing what to do, she said how beautifully I behaved ... She said there was as something in me she liked better than in him. Felt repugnance to forming any connection with the other sex."
from the diary of Anne Lister, 1 Jan 1832 – 12 Jan 1833.
Their relationship intensified over the next few months. Ann Walker and Anne Lister exchanged vows on 10 February 1834, the date they considered their union official, and exchanged rings on 27 February 1834 as a symbol of their commitment to one another. They took communion together in Holy Trinity Church, Goodramgate, York on Easter Sunday (30 March) in 1834 to seal their union, considering themselves married.
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lovingannelister · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
Rada Tilly- Lemner Art
Anne Lister
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bagga-coal · 4 months ago
*Starts watching this Instastory with the puppy belly tickles.* Thought I to myself, I believe we might have reached peak Suranne Jones cute. I mean, really!
*Then in comes another bloody dachshund to lick her face.* I don’t even know how to function. I give up. The end 🤣
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skittlebits · 2 years ago
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Tumblr media
A Fucking Legend
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iredreamer · a year ago
Anne Lister 1806-1818 journal full transcription available
Hello everyone, I come with wonderful news! Full transcriptions from 1806 to January 1818 of the Anne Lister’s journals are finally online on the West Yorkshire Archive catalogue. It’s amazing to see how the Anne Lister Transcription Project is making progress and I’m so honored to be a part of it.
What has been transcribed till now? Transcript for the following volumes are available online: 
SH:7/ML/E/26/1 – 1806-1814
SH:7/ML/E/26/2 – Aug-Nov 1816
SH:7/ML/E/26/3 – Nov 1816-Mar 1817
SH:7/ML/E/1 – 21 Mar 1817-25 Jan 1818
[note: clicking the links will redirect you to the “volume level entry” in the online catalogue. There you can find all the info on that volume, everything you need to know about how to give credit and the link to a .pdf which is the transcript of that specific volume.]
How to access the transcript? I’m gonna directly quote from the WYAS website: “A full pdf version for these volumes can be found on the volume level entry in our online catalogue (...) Keyword searchable versions of the transcripts are included in each page entry within our online catalogue.”
In each page entry you will find the transcript for that specific diary page in the description box, like this:
Tumblr media
You can easily search for words doing cmd+f (I think is ctrl+f in windows) and writing the word you are interested in.
A thing that is worth mentioning is that the .pdf files follow transcription editing rules. This means that they can be quite difficult to read (and search) because there is a heavily use of square brackets since Anne Lister abbreviated almost every word. Just quickly skimming through one of the pdfs will give you an idea of what I’m saying > SH-7-ML-E-1_Anne-Lister-Diary-Transcription.pdf
If you’re interest in following the progress of the Transcription Project you can visit the page dedicated to it: Anne Lister - Diary Transcription Project. There you can find all you need to know about how everything is progressing, who’s participating + info & links if you wanna join the project yourself.
Well, have a wonderful read and let me know what are the most interesting and curious things you find about Anne!
West Yorkshire Archive Service useful links:
• Instagram • Twitter • Facebook
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recycledmoviecostumes · a year ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This lovely costume was first created for Greta Scacchi as Mrs. Weston in Emma in 1996. It appeared again in 2001 on Annabelle Apsion as Emma Micawber in Micawber. In 2003 it was seen on an extra in Byron, and then Sally Tatum as Anna Austen Lefroy in the 2008 Miss Austen Regrets. In 2010 it was worn by Anna Madeley as Mariana Belcombe in The Secret Diaries of Miss Anne Lister, and most recently it was worn in 2019 in Sanditon on Kate Ashfield as Mary Parker.
Costume Credit: Shrewsbury Lasses
E-mail Submissions:
Follow:  Website | Twitter | Facebook | Pinterest
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