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blancobook · 2 days ago
they are no longer just killing the lesbians, they are killing the entire shows..
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Lena Luthor would totally step up & save wlw cancelled shows.
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chocolate-cream-soldier · 2 days ago
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@usergif back to cool event: challenge 1 # Blending →” All we see has gone away”
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bagga-coal · 2 days ago
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There are soooo many beautiful things circulating around the Gentleman Jack fandom born out of pure passion for the series, our history etc but nothing catches my eye more than our Ann(e)s in a kiss.
It really doesn’t take much to be seen, and yet it’s still something we have to fight tooth and nail for. Representation Matters.
No matter how hard to try to erase us, pretend we don’t exist, we are still here and we will fight for our place. And if not for ourselves, for our next generation. Not just for Gentleman Jack but for all wlw series/movies. Visual representation is so important!
Art credit: Art By Kylie @wildheart71
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ksadark · 23 hours ago
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the-deeds-to-shibden · a day ago
Thursday 13 August 1840
[Anne misdated this entry as Thursday 11 August]
[this is the very last known journal entry Anne Lister ever made]
Tumblr media
(Image courtesy of the West Yorkshire Archive service)
[up at] 6 1/4
[to bed at] 9 1/2
awakened last night between 1 and 2 cats at my cheese and squalling children squalling enough to distract the old gentleman himself   Ann awoke me before 6 anxious to be off – she ordered the horses – she out of sorts – terrible – did a good job so many women and people knew not whom to give to – gave nothing – the cottages so hid amid the trees and vines and 8 feet high maize hardly visible except when close upon them – off at 6 50/.. – the children especially and the men and women look pale and yellow and unhealthy in this moist hot bottom – at 7 35/.. Engour fine river nearish (left) ascend highish (left bank) above it and go upwards along its broad bouldery bedded islandy streamy course for ever thro’ lanes of alder and hazel every now and then in our eyes – bits of deep mud every now and then   at 8 1/4 at village (large) of Dvjari /Djvari/ i.e. orchards vine-covered, tees alders pyrus diospyros etc., the woods chiefly beech and next in quantity oak – at 8 20/.. close upon the Engour – then ascend again on high ground always in the village of Dvjari no houses to be seen – all hid – fine river running downwards amid lower green wooded rounded beautiful hills, and upwards amid higher such hills – beautiful valley   at 8 55/.. at the large beautiful square green of the village in the style of Zugdidi – with several picturesque goodish galleried sacles scattered around – alight at one of them (empty) at 9 to breakfast – the white krepost castle on wooded ridge of hill almost hid among the wood close over the river (left bank) – wrote so far till now 11 10/.. and Reaumur very nearly 21° – breakfast from 11 1/4 to 12 50/.. including a tolerably comfortable wash inside the sacle – 
off at 1 3/4 – at 2 50/.. out of our narrow lanes thro’ tall brackens in the bottom and I passed thro’ wood (beech and Spanish chesnut and alder and walnut) and up steepish not good ascent and then fine view over rich extensive wooded plain and the old tower of prince Āppăkīdzĭ at the village of Satchīnă close (left) – stop 5 minutes under enormous lime tree for the men to get water – off again from Satchina at 2 55/.. steepish bad descent down wood again from here – then up the hill and down and forded little stream and 2 or 3 or more cottages at 3 1/2 still the village of Satchina – and Indian corn 9 or 10 feet high – a village (Sapêlĭ) is a little district – at 3 35/.. ford good broadish stream, the Īnsēērăh – and at 3 42/.. ford the Islēēăh an equally good stream – beautiful little green comby valleys among the rounded wooded hills, and here and there houses and fields on the lower hills – at 3 47/.. ford the Islēēăh again – several more scattered cottages still the same village of Satchīnă – at 4 10/.. the village of Nărolōōgĕe (hid) at a little distance (left) – at 4 18/.. in the bottom and ford little stream and ascend again – at 4 40/.. put on mackintosh cloak rain not heavy but likely to continue – 
at 4 55/.. stop at wicker hedge against field of Indian corn said to be the village of Djkālĭ tho’ I see no house at all – the old castle of Djĕgālĭ (prince Mantchar Dadian) he lives at some other village castle deserted and empty? beautiful groups o valleys and rounded hills – Mingrelia very beautiful and fine race of men – e.g. our David and several others whom we have seen – all our 3 men have left us to seek somebody or something – Adam came back in 1/2 hour – Ann had had an egg beaten up, and I had the things off my horse and done up my mackintosh – David does not know the road – get a man to go with us to the village – he now says it is 6 (instead of 3) hours from here to [blank] and 6 days from here to Muri – terrible – an hour lost here – off to the village Djkali at 6 5/.. and arrived at 6 3/4 – 2 sacles – arrange ourselves in the Indian corn barn (a little wicker place perhaps 4 1/2 x 3 yards[)] – spread our burcas on straw and now 8 25/.. I have just [written] in it the last 19 lines – high hills north and within ridges of wooded hill rising every now and then into little wooded conical summits – the sides of the hills furrowed and little conical summits on the ridges of the sides – tea etc. now at 8 25/..
WYAS page:  SH:7/ML/E/24/0174
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g4l-p4ls · 6 days ago
it's not even the tv shows themselves at this point it's the fact that almost all of our current wlw representation has been cancelled. we're currently facing the threat of our rights being taken away so we find comfort and happiness in shows where we're represented and they get taken away too. it makes me so fucking angry and so fucking sad at the same time, and I just feel defeated
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slayerofthemisogynists · 6 days ago
so if we’re keeping score of shows in the last few years:
teenage bounty hunter: canceled
trinkets: canceled
dollface: canceled
betty: canceled
batwoman: canceled
legends of tomorrow: canceled
motherland: fort salem: canceled
gentleman jack: canceled
the wilds: canceled
first kill: canceled
supergirl: ended
dickinson: ended
the bold type: ended
killing eve: ended
and we’re just supposed to be cool with almost all lesbian tv media being wiped out?
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iredreamer · 5 months ago
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GENTLEMAN JACK SEASON 2 TRAILER «If I were a man, and thank heaven and providence that I'm not, would you even think to question my ambition? I fear you have built me up in your mind to be all manner of things I am not...and some that I am.»
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knew-it-all-too-well · 5 days ago
Networks in 2016: killing wlw characters
Networks in 2022: just killing all wlw shows
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multixkellz · 5 days ago
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moghedien · 5 months ago
Gentleman Jack is a show that you know is based on real people because no purely fictional show would be able to get away with a main character named Anne who lives with her Aunt Anne, and decides to woo Ann, who also has an Aunt Ann
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mae-martin · 4 months ago
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— March 4th, 1834 
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wheelernancy · 6 months ago
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GENTLEMAN JACK Season 2 | First Look
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morerevenge · 6 days ago
New trope alert: Cancell your gays*
*only applies to queer women characters
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grandselfmythology · 3 months ago
lesbians will be like "I can't watch straight shows, I can never tell the men apart. anyways, now let me go watch my favourite lesbian period drama, with all my favorite characters: Anne, Ann, Aunt Anne, Marian, Mariana, Mary Ann, Anne-Marie, Marianne-Ann, Ann-Anne, and Mary-Marian-Ann-Mary."
(yes I'm lesbians)
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lousolversons · 4 months ago
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“You’re not teally going to shoot him, are you?” “Only if I have to.” Gentleman Jack - S2E01 - Faith Is All
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