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y'all ever had an ex girlfriend you broke up with to allow you both to heal and grow only to find out she had an affair with the girl she told you not to worry about and then said ex had a minor psychosis triggered by y'alls breakup and all you really want is to make out with someone on a dancefloor but there’s a pandemic going on so instead you resort to scrolling endlessly through skincare instagram instead of keeping up with your studies or is that just me?

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i posted to a fb group to try and find a roommate and One dude liked the post but no one commented or anything so im 100% sol when it comes to finding a place it feels like

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Does anyone own the hardcover of Wizards Of Once 1?

Do you have a picture of it without dust jacket? Mine is purple but I just saw a picture of a red one????

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plz can I have an angsty protective thread – like a famous couple are being hounded by the paparazzi & she’s pregnant & swarmed by paparazzi for the perfect photo and separated from her partner and they got in to papa bear mode and try and get her out of the swarm!

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