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#bondi rescue
joshua-bradley · 3 months ago
Harrison: *eats kiwi*
Jake, immediately: Cannibalism
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tmrs-beautiful-mess · 2 months ago
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firebenderwolf · 3 months ago
Joel: We are clearly lost!
Harrison: We are not lost. We have just got a little turned around with the directions.
Maxi: Well you said to make a right!
Jethro: I said make a right next!
Maxi: Well that meant for me to turn right since we were at the stop!!
Harrison: Why don’t we just call someone?
Joel: You know damn well if we call someone then we will get more lost!
Harrison: Excuse me, I am not like you. Words don’t go in one ear and out the other one!
Hoppo, Reidy and Whippet watching from the tower.
Hoppo: They are still in the car park.
Reidy: Should we help?
Whippet, with popcorn: As if! I’m enjoying this!
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rescuebondi · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Jethro and Joel won't let Jackson live React
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mclauren-unboxed · 8 months ago
‘i cant talk rn im doing hot girl shit’
the hot girl shit: watching 5 hours worth of bondi rescue
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lizzymacy555 · 3 months ago
Trainee Love
Tumblr media
Jethro x Reader
Plot: You were Hoppo's daughter and also worked with the boys in blue on Bondi’s beaches. When Jethro joined the ranks, they were the new trainees for the season. While being ripped into everyone during the summer and trying to prove their spots, something else forms.  
(For those who might not know, Roots is a Canadian brand that sells sweaters, sweatpants, etc. with the word roots on it, but in Australia, Roots mean something else than just the tree system in the ground)
Warning: mentions of abuse, lifeguards saving people, words meaning different things (like thongs are flip flops), sappy 
Word Count:2.6k
​I do not give permission for anyone to repost/ post my stories, with or without credit. Reblogs, comments, etc. are more than welcomed, but please DO NOT copy and paste my stories that you may like onto another platform.
Divider by @firefly-graphics​
Tumblr media
Being the boss’s daughter was always hard, and for (Y/N)’s case, she had about 9 uncles watching her everywhere she goes on the beach. But this summer was going to be different. (Y/F/N) Hopkins was going to be a trainee lifeguard this season. For her it was exciting, but for Hoppo, he was nervous as he knows what the job entails. 
With that, it has all lead to this morning. (Y/N) was sleeping when she felt someone shaking her shoulder. She whines at someone waking her up so early before shaking them off.
“I am guessing that you want to miss your first day then?” her dad questions.
Her eyes shoot open and she quickly got up, causing her to fall out of bed. As she lets out a grown and stumbles to get up, Hoppo was quietly laughing at her antics. She looks over at him and glares at him, before getting up and stretching.
“Ok, I will let get ready and I will meet you in the kitchen,” he says before leaving her room.
She sighs before going over to the (one-piece/ two-piece) bathing suit before pulling on some gym shorts and the lifeguard blue top. She then grabbed a sweater to put on, as it is 5 am and it is still chilly out and made her way to the kitchen. As soon as she entered, her father handed her a breakfast sandwich. 
“Are you excited for today?” he questions while leaning against the island and taking a bite of the egg sandwich.
“Yeah, but not looking forward to them ripping into me cause I am the trainee,” she says. 
“Well, you won’t be the only one that they get to pick on this season. There will be a kid named Jethro joining us this season as well.”
“Why didn’t you tell me that there was going to be another trainee this season?” she questions him.
Hoppo chuckles at his daughters’ reaction before turning to her.
“Thought I would make it a surprise. Now, come on, we are going to be late opening the beach.”
(Y/N) finishes her breakfast before putting on her sweater. Hoppo turned to her and sees what sweater she had decided to grab.
“I hate that you got that sweater in a gift box from (Y/BF/N) when he/she went to Canada,” he complains.
She looks down to see she had pulled the salt n pepper-coloured sweater with almost velvet letters that spell out Roots and a small beaver on top. (Y/N) looks back up and just giggles while getting her thongs (FLIP FLOPS/SLIDES) on. 
Tumblr media
When they arrived at the beach, there were already a few other lifeguards there. Some of them noticed that Hoppo wasn’t alone this morning and they knew who exactly it was.
“Good morning Hoppo and (Y/N)!” Harries yells from the tower, causing the ones who were close to the tower to look.
(Y/N) Looks out to see that Chappo, Beardy, Maxi, Matty Dee, and a new face. Harries brings her into a side hug while the others start to make their way up to the tower.
“Are you excited for your first day on the beach as a trainee?” he asks. She gives a small nod.
“As ready as I’ll ever be.”
“Awe if it isn’t (Y/N/N), now you get to run with the big boys this year,” Chappo teases. (Y/N) just rolls her eyes before lightly pushing Chappo.    
“Alright, you will have all day to push her around,” Beardy says with a small chuckle.
Before she could respond to his words, Harries jumps in quickly.
“Ok, before this can go on any further, how about we introduce our trainees for the season? (Y/N) Hopkins this is Jethro James, the fellow trainee this season,”
Her eyes fell upon a kid who looked to be 5’9 or 5’10, long blonde hair, with the same blue lifeguard shirt on.
“Hey, it is good to meet you,” she says with a smile while shaking his hand.
“It’s good to meet you too, these guys wouldn’t stop talking about you all set up,” Jethro confesses. She turns to the boys with a fack, over sweet looking smile.
“Awe guys, are you excited to work with me,” (Y/N) teases them.
“Of course we are, we get to be your babysitter, and get paid for it,” Chappo says, causing her to drop the smile and roll her eyes.
“Alright you bloke, let’s get our teams together before the film crew is on us, Hoppi and Chappo will be in the North end, Jethro and Maxi will be at the South end and Beardy, Matty Dee and myself will be in the tower and leaving Hoppo in the office,” Harries tells the group.
As they all agree with how the morning set up was, (Y/N) just looks at Harries with a disappointed look.
“What?” he questions.
“Hoppi?? Really?” (Y/N) questions.
“Yeah, your dad is Hoppo and you are Hoppi,” Harries says with a shit-eating grin plastered on his face.
The rest of the guys were stifling their laughs as she just glares at him. She grabbed her water bottle and started to spray him with it. This caused Harries and (Y/N) to run around the front of the tower and the rest of the group just laughing at their antics. Hoppo just shakes his head watching his daughter and his friends antics and thinking ‘It is to early for this.’ 
“Anthony Carroll you will regret that!” you scream, causing him to stop and laugh.
He turns and throws her over his shoulder and started to walk back towards the tower. As they were walking back, the sounds of the guy’s laughter relaxed (Y/N) just a little.
“All right you two, let’s get the buggy’s ready to go, so we can have a good first day for our trainees today,” Hoppo says. 
(Y/N) helped with putting boards on the buggies and making sure they all are stocked with first-aid. Chappo grabbed the keys and radios before he made his way to the blue rhino and met her down there. She puts her hair up and places her sunglasses on as the hot Australian sun starts to peek over the buildings looking over the beach.
“Are you ready?” Chappo questions while starting the buggy. (Y/N) smiles before answering.
“I was born ready.”
“That a girl,” he says before driving the buggy down to North Bondi.
Tumblr media
After about 3 or 4 hours of watching the calm waters of North Bondi, Yatzey had shown up to take over. As they started to make their way back to the tower, her stomach growled. Chappo laughed at her but kept his eyes on where they were going.
“Lunchtime?” (Y/N) question.
Before he could respond, his stomach growled as well. Now they both laugh at their body noises.
“Definitely lunchtime.”
As they arrived back at the tower and walked up the stairs, Jethro and Maxi were back there.
“Hey guys, how was the south end?” Chappo questions.
“Had to make a few saves, told some people off when they wouldn’t listen, but nothing too serious,” Maxi answers.
“Well that’s good, I am going to go for my lunch now, does anyone want to come?” she asks.
Jethro looked like he was about to say something, but Chappo quickly jumped in.
“It’s all good (Y/N), we are going to eat in the tower,” Chappo replies.
“Alright, I will be right back,” she grabbed her things from the tower and walked to one of the restaurants on Campbell Parade.
Jethro POV
Once (Y/N) left, Chappo and Harries turned and gave me a look.
“What?” I question.
“You better be careful who you give googly eyes to, or you will have a whole fleet of lifeguards on you,” Harries explains.
“I know she is Hoppo’s daughter, but come on,” I defend myself.
“You are just lucky that you didn’t see what the last boyfriend did,” Maxi chimes in while looking out over the water.
I quickly shoot him a confused look. Now, this really caught my attention. “W-why what happened to the last one?”
The three didn’t say anything. I watched as they gave each other looks before one of them decided to speak.  
“She had introduced us to this kid named (Random boy name here) and he was nice, but had an off feeling about him. We tried to warn her about it, but she wouldn’t have any of it,” Chappo explains.
“One day she walked into the tower with bruises all over her body. Without even asking her what happened, we knew that he did this to her,” Maxi said.
“Luckily for us, she didn’t hide who did this to her, they had broken up the night before and he decided that he wanted to show his true colours,” Harries says, leaning on the rail.
“So, what happened to him?”
“That night, we decided to go to the Iceberg and have some drinks after our shift was done. Just to relax. When we saw (Random boy name here) walk in, we took this matter into our own hands,” Chappo says, making my eyes widen a bit. Before anyone could say another word, the door opened and (Y/N) walked back in.
Back to Normal POV
“I thought you were on lunch?” Harries question.
“Yeah, but I would be too lonely, so I grabbed a sandwich and came back,” she says while opening it.  
She then looks around to see the guys looking at her.   
“What?” she questions. They quickly averted their gaze away from her and back to the beach.
“Harries and Maxi, can you help me with some stuff that is in the storage area?” Chappo questions.
“Yeah, you two keep eyes on things, we will be right back,” Harries says, while Maxi and Chappo follow him out of the tower. This leaves the two trainees in the lifeguard tower. As (Y/N) ate her sandwich and watched the beachgoers have their fun. Jethro’s mind was racing.
“Hey (Y/N)?” Jethro’s voice breaks the silence in the tower.
“Yes, Jeff,” taking her eyes off of the water and turning to the blonde.
“I was wondering if you wanted to hang out after work tomorrow?” This question shocks her, but she smiles at him.
“ I would love to Jethro,” she replies. Jethro looked shocked at her answer.  His shocked expression quickly turned happy.
“We can get some food and hang out at Bronti,” Jethro suggests.  
That sounds perfect,” she says before they both turn back to watching the water.
Tumblr media
~A couple of weeks later~
After (Y/N) and Jethro had spent their afternoon together, they were spending more time together, both during work and after work. The crew started to notice how often they were together and started to poke fun at them. This wasn’t new for trainees to be picked on and pranks being played on them, look back to Harrison counting people on the beach and getting sunburned, but they would do it to the two of them at the same time. But today seemed like a calm day from what they had been dealing with. 
As (Y/N) was returning to the tower, she saw a bunch of them and a member of the public looking out the back of the water. 
“What’s going on?” she questions. 
“They had sent your little boyfriend out to retrieve a big Texas dude,” Deno responds. This caused (Y/N) to pick up a pair of binoculars to look out and sees Jethro toe paddling him back to shore. She then joined in on the laughter that was forming in the tower. 
“I’ll go meet them at the shoreline,” she says quickly leaving the tower. When (Y/N) gets down there, the two were just getting out of the water and the camera crew was setting up a quick interview with the both of them. After that, Jethro was drying off. 
“That was quite the rescue,” she says, making him jump a little. 
“Awe thanks, that was the most intense rescue I have done all summer so far,”
“You were his hero,” He then starts to laugh before bringing her into his wet chest. 
“NO JEFF!! I DIDN’T WANT TO GET WET YET!” she yells, but he laughs more and just holds her tighter. 
“So I was thinking of having a little surfing competition between the two of us,” he says, still holding her. 
“Oh yeah, so you are prepared to have your ass kicked,” (Y/N) says with a shit-eating grin. He then releases her and puts back on his shirt. 
“If anything, I will beat you,” he corrects her, causing her to roll her eyes. 
“How about after work I can prove you wrong.” 
“Deal now let’s get back up to the tower before the others think we are doing something other than lifeguarding.”
Tumblr media
When (Y/N) and Jethro’s shifts had ended, they quickly put on their wetsuits and grabbed a surfboard and headed out to the surf. As the waves started to roll, they would take turns riding the waves. When she would fall off of her board, Jethro would laugh at her, but she would do the same to him. 
When they came in from the surf, they sat on the sand and watched the sunset. (Y/N) leans against him and Jethro put his arm around her shoulder. She looks up at him, her feeling for the blonde had grown over the last couple of weeks. She feels her cheeks blush at her thoughts before leaning her head into his chest. He smiles and kisses the crown of her head. 
She looks back up at him, and he looks down at her. She then leans up and places her soft lips onto his. He was shocked at first, then he leaned into the kiss. Sparks were felt between both of them and it felt magical. Before it could get too heavy of a kiss, cheers and laughter were heard behind them. They released each other and saw the rest of the lifeguards were standing by the tower and buggies. 
“Well they seem happy,” Jethro comments, causing both the chuckle. She turns back to him with a smile. 
“So what does this make us?” she questions. He smiles before getting up and putting his hand out for her to get up. 
“I think this makes up for than friends. How about I make you my girlfriend?” he questions. This caused (Y/N) to smile before hugging him.
 “I like that… but…” 
“I won’t be like (Randon Boy's name). You will never have to worry about that again,” he says while looking deep into her (Y/E/C) eyes. She was shocked at his words. 
“How did you…”
“Thank Chappo, Maxi and Harries for being the protective people that they are,” he says with a small smile. (Y/N) looks back up to the tower before turning back to Jethro. She brings him into another kiss. Jethro smiles into the kiss and brings her into a heated kiss. 
“All right you two, come back to the tower,” Hoppo says through the megaphone. 
They break apart before looking back to the tower once again. (Y/N) could feel the nervousness coming from him. 
“It will be ok, my dad will be fine,” she says while starting to walk. 
“That’s not what I am worried about…” 
“So what are you are worried about?” 
“The team being the protective family that they are to you and Hoppo letting me go.” (Y/N) holds his hand and gives it a reassuring squeeze. 
“If they do anything, they will have to go through me first,” she says, causing both to laugh. 
“Oh my hero,” he says while smiling, now ready to face the protective squad of lifeguards.     
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thecynicalartist · 8 months ago
The only boys in blue I trust are the lifeguards on Bondi Rescue.
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crinkled-emotions · 8 months ago
That feeling when you KNOW you fucked up and you’re like dammit :(
Tumblr media
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ciboulette · 4 months ago
If I said it once I've said it a thousand times, Harrison looks like a young JFK and no one can tell me different 
Tumblr media
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joshua-bradley · 2 months ago
Hoppo, answering phone: Hello?
Reidy: It’s Reidy.
Hoppo, sighing: What did he do this time?
Reidy: What? No, it’s me, it’s actually me.
Hoppo: Oh… what did you do this time?
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tmrs-beautiful-mess · 2 months ago
to the people making incorrect bondi rescue quotes and keeping this fandom alive, i see you and i love you
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firebenderwolf · 3 months ago
Harrison, asking Reidy: Can I have three bucks?
Reidy: For what?
Harrison: To buy an ice cream. I left my wallet at home and Maxi won’t give me money.
Reidy: No, because remember what happened last time you had ice cream at work?
Harrison: I won’t go in the water after I eat it.
Reidy: Still no.
Harrison, turns to Hoppo who is right by Reidy: *pouts*
Hoppo: *Pulls out 6 bucks from his pocket* Get me one
Harrison: *smiles big* Thank you! *runs to get ice cream*
Reidy: *glares at Hoppo* Really?
Hoppo: *shrugs his shoulders*
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rescuebondi · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The Rat Rescue
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eegyo · a month ago
Me: * a TERRIBLE swimmer* *sinks like a rock* *lung capacity: pea size*
Also Me *after watching Bondi Rescue once *: “I think I want to become a life guard 🙂”
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I'm still laughing 🤣🤣🤣🤣
I just love him ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤🤍🤎
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pastel-0-princess · 5 months ago
All I've been watching the past week has been
Bondi Vet
Tumblr media
I can't help it Dr Chris Brown is just amazing
And Bondi rescue
Tumblr media
But fuck yeah, I love my boys in blue, I do have a big soft spot for Reidy tho lol.
As we as playing some Days Gone,
Tumblr media
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