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#ikevamp sebastian
delicateikemenmemes · a year ago
ikevamp memes part 3
part 1 | part 2 | part 4
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
dazai is both of them at the same time
dazai: “i just pretend i know what i’m talking about 150% of the time”
dazai to dazai: “if you can’t blow them away with your brilliance, baffle them with your bullshit”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
vincent so wholesome ;;;;
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
i can’t explain why the post has such inexplicably jean energy... but it does
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
his internal monologue @ leonardo probably ASKJFDSNJKF
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
comte did NOT bring yall back to life to put up with yall’s bullshit
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carnelianns · a year ago
(Ikesen and Ikevamp) Sorry if this has been asked before. But how about an MC who went back to her own time only to find out she was pregnant. How would the boys reaxt if she comes back somehow a few years later but with a young child she says is theirs.
im sorry for keeping u waiting this long anon huhu,, i only did the vamps but, if my askbox allows, i’ll come back to do the sen boys too ! i didn’t have a specific gender for their children so jus imagine the lil rascal any way u want
Napoleon Bonaparte
When you come back through that door with a fascinated child holding your hand, it’s him you meet first again, and the tears are already glossing his eyes over before you can say anything.
He literally has no words when you smile gently, saying it’s his. Napoleon swallows the bump in his throat before making his way to the both of you, holding the two of you in his arms for only god knows how long.
“I.. can’t wait to live my life with you both, nununche,” he mumbles into your hair, ears slightly tinged, only causing you to laugh at his adorable antics.
As a father, he isn’t very strict, and he isn’t all that good in child-rearing, either. But he tries — you have to keep reminding yourself of this when you catch them in a compromising position, usually when you see your child holding a foil with a goofy smile.
“Nunuche.. I can explain,” Napoleon says calmly when you first find the two of them — well, three; it seems Jean was in on this little practice, though he quickly bolted when he saw you — parading around the training room with the foils.
“Mamma, papa said he was the King! He teached me how to be King!” Your child exclaims, flailing the weapon around excitedly as your gaze only darkens.
“Well, you see, I meant emperor, but—” his words die down when he sees your unimpressed face practically dripping with the murderous intent he’s so used to fighting against on the battle field
Slowly kneeling down to meet your child’s eyes, you see him whispering something incoherent before the little one nods seriously, slowly putting down the foil.
Then, as if counting down ‘3, 2, 1′, Napoleon immediately hoists your child up in his arms, running out of the room as both his laughter and your child’s squeals echo throughout the halls.
“Napoleone di Buonaparte, get your ass back here right now!” You scream, running after them.
“3, 2, 1 — Vive L’Empereur!” The two of them scream back, before bursting into laughter. They’re always in sync. It’s exasperating.
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
“That child is.. mine?” He asks, slightly jaw-slacked, pointing at the child that undeniably looks like him, if the identical beauty mark or violet eyes are anything to go by.
“Do you.. not want—”
“I never said that,” he instantly cuts you off, going over to kneel at the confused child. With a slight smile, in an attempt to hold his tears back, he manages, “So.. how was spending time with that clumsy mother of yours?”
Mozart doesn’t really know how to spend time with his child, though he’s clearly not opposed to carrying the little rascal around on his shoulders, or dragging the child clinging onto his leg around when stubbornness bites.
You often don’t know what he’s thinking whenever he spends time with your child, or the whole situation, but rest assured, he wouldn’t change it for the world, despite how he may look.
A clear example of this is when you once walked into the piano room only to see your little darling on top of the grand white piano itself, snoozing on top of a small comforter whilst your lover plays the soft tunes you’ve grown to love.
Shock holds you captive as you stare at the lovely sight, before finally trailing off, “Mozart..”
Without so much as glancing at you, he replies, voice hushed in a soft tone you don’t hear so often. The blissful smile on his face speaks thousands of words.
“I thought you were the only one foolish enough to let your guard down in front of me… It seems I was wrong.”
Leonardo da Vinci
He had an inkling the moment he saw the child sporting caramel eyes so similar to his own, tawny gaze regarding the large mansion with wonder.
And when you did reveal that the child is actually his, he only pulled you close to his chest, hoisting the little one up with his other arm.
“Papa has a lot of time to make up to you, doesn’t he?”
Leonardo is good with children, if it isn’t obvious. Not in your conventional dad way wherein he brings the child to school — in fact, he probably fell asleep in the hallway just when the two were about to leave — but he's awfully good at keeping his child entertained.
Running around the mansions, creating new inventions, learning a new language — sometimes, you have to remind yourself that this child’s father is literally Leonardo da Vinci.
A position you often see them in, however, is snoozing on the floor, probably near the library, your child a small ball curled into Leonardo’s arms and head in the crook of his neck.
“Again? Really?” You can only huff, though that doesn’t stop the small smile from spreading on your face as you brush the locks of hair out of your lover’s face.
“Cara mia,” he rasps out, cracking a bleary eye open and gripping your wrist softly. Then, he smiles, all sorts of soft and lovely and.. unguarded.
“You two.. are the best things that have happened to me.”
Arthur Conan Doyle
Arthur tries swallowing back the lump in his throat when he sees you standing in front of that damned door, though to no avail as a tear slips.
He starts full-on crying when you say that you’re back for good and that the child is his, and he’ll have to be comforted by yours and your child’s tiny arms before he even plans to stop.
“Ah, crying like that on our first meeting… Don’t you think your fath — I’m a bit embarrassing?” He asks, sniffling as he musters a smile.
Your child giggles, blue eyes crinkling. “No! Mommy told me a whooooole lot about you, daddy!”
He has to stop himself from sobbing again.
Arthur wastes no time in making up for what he’s missed, and every single day is one you’d find the two of them either in town or messing about at home.
If not, then they’re probably just chilling in the comforts of his room, doing god knows what. The day you peek in to see what exactly they were up to was a blessed day.
Maneuvering yourself in a way that lets you see through the tiny crack of the open door, your jaw drops at the adorable sight of your child in a tiny deerstalker and trench coat far too big for his form, Arthur nodding with a serious look on his face.
“So, Watson, do you think crepes make mummy happier?” Your child asks, holding his magnifying glass up — one you’re sure is from Leonardo — like a mic in front of Arthur’s face.
He strokes his chin for a moment, before answering, “Seeing her reaction when we gave her the ones we bought yesterday, I deduce they do, Sherlock.”
“Good dedoo – deduck – deduction, Watson! I thought so too.”
Your heart literally melts. The two are far too cute for you, you having to calm yourself before walking in with the widest smile on your face. Dorks. 
Vincent van Gogh
When you meet those familiar, cerulean eyes from your place in front of the door, they’re already glossy in seconds, a flurry of emotions clear on Vincent’s face, though his smile says it all.
“Is it too much to say I’ve been waiting for you this whole time?”
Vincent would be practically wallowing in regret that he wasn’t able to be a part of his child’s life for the first few years, leading him to do any and everything that will cause his child to smile. In simpler terms, he’s basically wrapped around the little one’s finger.
He’s so adorable and happy that he’s blessed with your lovely child, and there’s an immediate smile on his face when he so much as thinks about the little blondie.
He literally makes the other residents question whether or not they want a child too.
Their bonding time is painting and, more often than not, it ends up with all three of you cramped in the shower, scrubbing furiously at the sticky paint on their skin.
“I’m sorry for having you do this all the time,” Vincent’s soft voice only makes you sigh in relaxation as he massages your shoulders from behind you, causing your fingers to halt in their journey of rubbing some blue paint off your child.
“It’ll take more than that if you wanna make it up to me,” you hum, leaning back into his chest and looking up into his bright eyes.
Your lips were just about to meet, when —
“Mam, I’m not clean yet!”
You groan, Vincent only laughing as you meet the crossed arms of your child pouting child.
“Don’t give your mammie too much of a hard time, okay?” He never forgets to take care of you above all, of course.
Theodorus van Gogh
When he first sees you after years with a child, his child, grasping your hand, Theo has to literally disappear to cool his head off because he’s angry.
Not at you, no, never, but at himself. That he wasn’t there for his child, for you, and god, even if he were, would he have been a good father?
“Hon — Schatje,” he starts, running his fingers through his already messy hair and staring at you with eyes that practically bleed insecurity, his voice breaking. “How am I supposed to take care of a child when I couldn’t even take care of you?”
After many reassuring words and gentle touches, Theo’s finally okay, holding up and scrutinising your child much like how he does a painting. He’s, well, awkward.
Theo is surprisingly very gentle with your child because he honestly doesn’t know what the hell he’s doing.
He’s also very grounded and doesn’t fall for cute little tricks that much either, so out of the residents, he’d be one of the better fathers.
“Nee.” “Papje, pleaaase?” “No. Non. Nee.”
Your lover’s fixed refusal causes you to peek your head into a lovely picture. Theo was holding a chocolate bar high above his head, steely gaze fixed on your young child with his puppy dog eyes in full view.
“Je mama said no chocolate, right?” Your heart warms when you realise he remembered your scoldings, though you can’t help but to feel bad for your whining baby.
“Theo,” you say, both their heads turning towards you. “How about you give the little baby some chocolate and we all enjoy some pancakes, yeah?”
The way both their eyes shine almost identically is adorable.
Dazai Osamu
When you showed up again with the child in hand, one he knows is his, his first thought, first wish, is that for that tiny thing to not be his. Because no one knows how harsh this world is more than the man who wished to end it all, so much more than once.
But Dazai makes up his mind when he sees you and your — his child staring up at him with those eyes that look so much like your own. He makes up his mind, despite his own continuous suffering, that he’ll never let this child go through what he had to.
“Was I staring too much?” He smiles, slightly sad and, well, empty. “I suppose it’s because the little one looks far too much like you.” Bright. Too bright for me.
As a father, he’s surprisingly really good with children? He quite enjoys seeing your child smile more than anything, and one way he knows how to do so is by perching the little one on his shoulders, running around the mansion as his hands intertwine with small, tiny fingers.
You don’t know whether to yell at him and his close-eyed grin, or simply laugh at the resonating giggles of your child. Probably both as you chase the two down the halls.
Dazai often zones out whenever he’s playing with your child, a look you can only describe as pure bliss on those handsome features of his. As you stare up at him, confusion clear on your features, you ask, “Hey, Dazai, why do you.. Zone out so much? Whenever you’re with, you know,” you motion to the snoozing one in between the both of you.
“Why do I zone out, you ask?” He gives you a smile, a real one this time, and gently pokes at the little ones cheeks. “I think.. I’ve found a wonderful reason to live, is all.”
Isaac Newton
“That’s… mine??” “That?” “... It?” “It?” “The.. child?”
Isaac is very flustered, for lack of better terms. He can barely manage the children he and Napoleon go see intermittently, but his own child? Lord, help him.
He gets awfully flushed whenever he’s carrying his child around the mansion because even then, he isn’t spared by Arthur and Dazai’s teasing remarks — in fact, it only seems to have gotten worse.
Isaac is surprisingly good at getting your rascal child to sleep with his bedtime stories, which are usually all his unsaid rambles.
“And did daddy get that bruise on his forehead because he slipped while chasing Uncle Dazai and Uncle Arthur?”
Your child nods, bright eyes sparkling and toothy grin showing. “Daddy also said, ‘Get back here, you devilish imbeciles!’”
Your accusatory gaze turns towards Isaac, who averts his eyes, holding an ice pack to his bruising forehead.
“I-In my defense, they were—”
“One more time, Isaac, and I’m changing this baby’s legal godfathers to the two imbeciles you love so much.”
Gaping, his eyes widen to the size of saucers, “You wouldn’t.”
“Try me.”
He is now a grumbling mess when the two are around his child, but the lack of chasing them around with a stick in hand can be counted as an upgrade.
Jean d’Arc
When you walk through that door once more, nervously telling your lover that this child is his, you’re afraid of his reaction — after all, Jean is, despite his vampiric aging, barely an adult himself.
His jaw drops and he can’t stop staring at you nor the child with his inky locks, and you have to help him sit and calm down.
“Papa?” Your child asks, staring up at the still slightly panicked Jean as you hold your breath.
He stares for a moment, mouth wide, before finally, finally smiling, albeit a little awkward and rough around the edges. “Yes, little one?”
He’s extremely unaccustomed to this whole parent thing and can barely do anything without asking you first, so he feels bad quite often for having to lean on you so much.
Although he barely knows how to handle a sobbing child, nor can he entertain the child very well, you find that the both of them are quite content in each other’s presence as is.
Jean, well, looks ethereal as the sun shines through the windows in his room, a gentle smile gracing his face as he stares at his sleeping child.
He utters your name, causing you to look up, only to find him tracing circles around your child’s soft skin.
“Is this.. how it’s like to be happy?”
William Shakespeare
When Shakespeare wakes up to the news that you are, in fact, back at the mansion with a little surprise, he’s already there in no time.
He didn’t expect the little surprise to be a little child that’s practically an identical copy of him. But he’s always been more of a shoot first, ask questions later type of guy, so he immediately whisks you off to his manor, much to the exasperation of the residents who were surprisingly enjoying their time with the little Shakespeare lookalike.
Except he doesn’t really need to ask questions, because he’s already figured everything out through your soft, slightly nervous gaze, and your lovely little mannerisms.
“Alas, it seems the Heavens were kind enough to grant my wish,” he says as he stares at your child, only smiling to meet your confused gaze. “For I only wished you weren’t too lonely without my presence.”
William is always with his child, whatever the circumstances. Though he quite enjoys showing off his child, he’s also keen on spending his every waking second with the little tyke because he knows how it feels like to grow up lonely, and he wouldn't bestow that upon his own little one.
“Darling, it appears I has’t gotten myself into a slight predicament.”
If you could, you would have snapped a picture of your smiling lover practically itching to get up, yet unable to do so due to the sleeping child in his lap.
“And how did you get yourself into this predicament, my love?” You tease, your own smile on your face. He has a habit of reading his writings aloud, and it seems the little one fell asleep to William’s gentle voice.
“My works seem to be but a mere bedtime story to this little one,” he motions to the child, his smile softening. “I wonder why it does not dishearten me.”
Comte de Saint-Germain
“I was hoping you’d be back, ma chérie.” His perfunctory smile betrays the inner flurry of emotions inside him as he glances towards the child. “With a lovely little thing in hand.”
“Your lovely little thing,” you say gently, and the surprise outlining his normally composed face is something you’d forever save in your mind.
Comte is wrapped around the little one’s finger, his rotten spoiling being the effect of not being in your child’s life for a good while, and, of course, his indispensable regret for having you come back to him.
Many times have you asked Sebastian the whereabouts of your lover and your child, only for him to give you the look, responding that they were out yet again, and are probably not coming back without a few shopping bags in hand.
Then, to finally put a stop to it all, you decided to conduct a harmless experiment.
Placing a few coins on one side of his desk, a toy in the middle, and a beloved fruit on the side. After explaining to him that it’s to see what your child’s fate would be — picking between fortune, fun, and, well, snacks, you think — he simply leans back, interest shining in those eyes of his.
Unsurprisingly for you, your child pushes all these away in a second, opting to hug the wide-eyed man on the soft armchair behind the desk.
“And what.. does this mean, ma chérie?” He asks, honest-to-god confused as his hands slowly wrap around your child’s form.
You smile softly, “Isn’t it obvious, silly? The little rascal loves you more than anything.”
His eyes are suspiciously glossy before he laughs it off, preparing for yet another shopping spree — you regret everything.
He only gives you a knowing smile when you pass through the door with a young child gripping your hand.
“So.. this is the little one, is it?” He asks, tone soft as he walks towards you, wrapping a sturdy arm around your waist and meeting eyes with his child. “I’m a strict father, mind you.”
“Sebastian!” “I was joking. Slightly.”
Despite being a father, Sebastian is as strict and precise as ever around the mansion, rarely having to leave either his work or his family unattended due to his impeccable time management skills.
And if he struggles with both, well, he just has to merge them into one task, doesn’t he? Many are the times wherein the residents catch Sebastian working, his little runt on his tail or on his hip.
“They’re at it again, you know,” Mozart says in passing, only causing you to groan.
“Sebastian! How many times have I told you not in the kitchen?” You exclaim, walking into the kitchen to find your lover and your child tackling yet another chore together.
It seemed to be baking this time, if the flour on both of their faces says anything.
“Mama!” Your child exclaims with powdered hands as Sebastian says blankly, “We’re doing chores.”
You merely roll your eyes, sighing as you walk out the room. Your apology comes later when a sloppy cupcake makes its way into your view.
Your eyes move up to your proud looking child, hair obviously patted down in an attempt to look presentable while your lover sports a tiny grin on his own face.
“We made this for you, mom! Papa said he wanted to make you reaaaally happy.”
Sebastian’s head instantly snaps down, eyes narrowing, “Hey.”
You can only laugh at your two babies, taking a bite of the surprisingly good and sweeter than an average cupcake.
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Imagine if the suitors went to the beach for a whole day in the modern world...what crazy crap do you think will happen
Here are a handful of crazy and/or cute headcanons that came to mind! :D
-Mozart swatting away seagulls because HE IS TRYING TO EAT IN PEACE
-Jeanne watching him, MC offering him two water guns with a silent nod (sunglasses on, we’re going full meme)
-Jeanne then proceeds to shoot at them (no gulls were harmed in making of this promotional video) and his aim is impeccable it would be disturbing if the thwarted squawking wasn’t so funny
-Little kids start swarming around Jeanne asking how he’s so amazing and wanting to play team battles, inviting him to join
-Napoleon encourages him, and even Mozart joins in despite not liking getting wet very much (he wants Jeanne to have some positive fun times bc he BIIIIIIIG depressy)
-In the end they both admit to having fun, and one of the kids even teaches Jeanne a special ten step handshake (Jeanne has no idea what that was but the kiddo was smiling so he figured he’d go with it)
-Dazai, alternatively, gathers the fallen gull army and becomes their god with a singular cylinder of Pringles. No I will not elaborate--THE SEA GULLS GOT HER!!!!!!!!
-Spends most of the beach day wetting his feet in the tide pools and talking very earnestly to the gulls about this new thing he learned about called tax evasion while people pass by this fucker in full kimono at the beach and are convinced he’s lost it
-Dazai is very much not sane but we knew this already, offers sea shells to little kids that ask him what he’s doing and tells them to listen to the secrets bird friends can tell them
-If Dazai sounds like an Animal Crossing Villager, that was entirely by accident but remains no less true
-Surprising absolutely no one, Arthur suggests volley ball after watching people play and invites some pretty ladies to join him
-Arthur ends up needing two more people to play, so he invites Vincent and Theo (Vincent is so excited about trying something new that Theo can’t say no despite wanting to make a volleyball-shaped crater in Arthur’s face)
-The funniest part about the volleyball game is that not only is Arthur a shit player (CANON WEAK ARMS FOOL) Theo destroys with his spikes, and Vincent’s reach is insane--the two brothers end up becoming the talk of the beach
-I just laugh imagining Vincent sincerely complimenting people around him and the ladies swooning because he’s just so nice and pretty is he even real
-Men aren’t happy about that^TM but at the sight of Theo’s defensive glower they keep their malicious traps shut--which turn on whichever girls weren’t interested in Vincent jahkslgjh
-**Kaguyasama narrator voice** Today on Arthur Shenanigans: Arthur loses
-Poor Isaac is hiding under the umbrella clutching sunscreen bc HE IS A PASTY BOY HELP HIM
-MC brought a few of the newest Maths/Physics books in her time for him to read, and while he doesn’t enjoy the intensity of the sun--not like vamp weakness, it’s just the strain on his body (too many stimuli too many people too much noise) that makes him tired and ultimately thirsty bc aberrant. But the change of scenery's not so bad.......
-MC laughs when she gets out of the water and the salt dries visibly on her skin, Isaac’s eyes bug out and he asks if it hurts (startles when Leo flicks sea water at him and asks how on earth they got in the water when it’s so cold!!!)
-Leo chats with him and he likes being able to draw theorems and the like in the sand, it’s like one big chalkboard (until a kid tramples across them in the middle of writing, POPPYCOCK!). Isaac ultimately has fun but prefers to stay inside poor bub
-Leonardo, surprising no one, falls asleep in the sand the second he gets there HE IS HOME (Italian beaches, amirite)
-MC decides to, after a point, bury him fully in the sand for shits
-Comte notices and aids in her shenanigans from his beach chair, snickering the whole time
-When the two are satisfied they go for a swim together, trusting Leo to look after Isaac if need be (even if he’s a mummy rn)
-Comte is relieved to hear that she knows how to swim, but also watches carefully and doesn’t let her drift out too far by keeping closer to the shore himself (riptides!!!! can be!!!!!!! dangerous!!!!!!!!!!) if he had his way (he would never impose but he worries ;-;) she’d be wearing floaties SAFETY FIRST
-They splash at each other like maniacs and chat amiably until they start swimming away as fast as possible when Leo wakes up, laughing
-How do we know that Leo woke up?
-Because he sat up ramrod straight and a tower of sand fell. He then proceeded to jump up and sprint to the water despite Isaac’s startled cries about being careful, and swam after them like a shark to get his revenge (it was like something out of an anime s2g)
-Mostly just tugs on MC’s leg, picks her up in the water, and yeets her across in retaliation; really harmless, she’s cackling the whole time
-Dunks Comte’s head in the water while he’s being scolded, and MC has to de-escalate their increasingly dangerous shenanigans before the life guard comes after them LMFAO
-They concede only bc MC looks sad/worried abt being kicked out, and agree to keep things fun FIGHT TO THE DEATH LATER TONIGHT
-Napoleon goes for a nice long walk along the shoreline and climbs the rocks if he finds any til he gets to the top (he does not go to his happy place HE GOES TO HIS HIGH LONESOME PLACE) wishes that Jupiter could be here to enjoy the brine
-Our boy Napoleon is simply just vibin he loves the beach. A little further off the sound of people is p muted, it’s just the crashing waves and crisp smell of salt, the light breeze ruffling his hair 
-Sebas is absolutely watching through binoculars and writing down how majestic Napoleon is while making sure no one gets lost/wrecked as he takes notes
Bonus: since volleyball games can often happen back to back on a sizable beach, the boys^TM were playing and Arthur called out “Theo duck!!!!” and just as Theo was saying “Are you fucking kidding me did you really think I’d--T H W A C K” Theo gets nailed in the back of the head (Arthur later died after being put in a headlock)
Shakespeare didn’t feel like playing volley ball and didn’t have much else to do (can’t swim and has no interest), so he just sat back and tried to throw Theo off his game as much as possible 
Por ejemplo: Theo misses a serve and Shakespeare just “For never was there a story of more woe; O bard Alexa, verily, play us Despacito” “SHUT THE FUCK UP”
Jeanne also gets hit by a stray volley ball, but when Vincent said “Oh no, Jeanne, duck!” he has one of either two reactions: 1. Boulevard of Broken Dreams plays obnoxiously loud as he dodges inhumanly fast 2. he quacks, gets nailed, and doesn’t react because he doesn’t have any brain cells to damage
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ladyrinielbright · 2 years ago
Ikemen Vampire Character Reference pt 3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Links to PART 1 and PART 2
Please note: I scanned these from the official Ikevam artbook. All images belong to Cybird.
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ikev-mpire · a year ago
ikevamp reaction to seeing mc cry
hello its me how are u and u better say good and u better mean it >:(
napoleon: leon, like a child watching it's mother cry when she thought he wasn't looking, would have no idea what to do. of course, he didn't want to embarrass her further, but he couldn't stand to leave her alone, so he crept into the room that was silent aside from her gentle whimpers, sniffles and gasps and crept his arms around her waist, resting his chin atop her shoulder. he was silent for a long while, gently nuzzling his face into the crook of her neck before he mumbled, "nunuche, i'll keep you safe so stop crying. when i made my promise to protect you, it included  protecting your heart."
mozart: mozart would awkwardly stare at her for a few moments before carefully grabbing a handkerchief from his pocket and reaching to cup her cheek in one hand, dabbing her tears away with the other. "there's no need to cry, meine liebe, not with me beside you." he'd try to help, gently stroking her cheek with his thumb after drying her tears. "whatever's making you cry... i'll make it better. now hush yourself and get some rest. i'm right here." he'd be silent a few long moments before deciding to hum quietly, a gentle song he'd composed himself to put her to sleep with. 
leonardo: Leonardo would be somehow prepared, unsurprised, immediately jumping into action by swooping her into his arms and carrying her back to his room to lay her on his bed and wrap himself around her. "let it out, cara mia." he'd hum, stroking her hair gently. "i'm right here. get all those tears out so you can tell me what's bothering you." he'd say and place a gentle kiss on her forehead. his main priority would be to figure out why she was crying so he could brainstorm a way to fix it. he hated seeing her cry.
arthur: Arthur would react in an instant, coddling her cheeks and ducking to press a few quick pecks to her lips, one after another. "mm, i'm here, y/n." he'd coo. "right here. don't cry." he'd raise his head to peck her forehead, and then pull back with a small, calming smile. "look at me. instead of crying, let's talk, hm? i promise i'll make it better." there would be something suggestive in his tone, turning it into a bit of a teasing remark, but the familiarity of his personality would make her feel safe until enough to melt into his arms and slow her tears. "now tell me what's on that pretty mind." 
vincent: the majority of vincent's comfort would be silent, instantly tucking her into his chest when he caught sight of her tears and brushing her hair down with his palms, pressing occasional kisses to her forehead/hair. his touches would be warm, comforting, and her tears would dry on his sweater until she was calmer, and he'd ask if she was hungry or tired, his main concern being to make sure she was physically okay before he'd say, "i don't like seeing you cry. next time just tell me what's bothering you, okay?" with a small, warm smile. 
theo: theo would sigh, raising one eyebrow in surprise before he swooped her up into his arms. "dogs shouldn't cry." he muttered. "all the other dogs are happy creatures, you're ruining their reputation." he'd like the feeling of having her in his arms, wrapped up and unable to escape, because he'd know he was the only one who could get to her and therefore nothing could hurt her except him, should he choose to. (he never would.) "how silly to cry when you're perfectly safe. go to sleep and wake up when you're calm enough to speak to me." 
isaac: "are you crying?" would be the first thing he'd say, eyes widening in disbelief before he cleared his throat and opened his arms, gently placing his hand on the back of her head to awkwardly pull her against his chest. "come here. if i hold you like this, will you stop crying?" he'd wrap his other arm around her waist, keeping her against him in silence until her tears finally stopped. "seeing you like that is uncomfortable, i ask that you don't cry anymore." 
dazai: he would laugh a bit, fondly, and press his hands to your cheeks, pulling their faces close so he could peck a kiss on the tip of her nose. "what's this? you're not crying, are you? apologies, y/n-san, but you can't." he'd warn before his hands would fall to her sides and he'd tickle her until her tears were no-longer sad and she begged him to stop through giggles. he’d try to keep her distracted until later that night when he'd go to her room to ask about whatever made her cry so she could get past it. 
jean: jean would look around, searching for anyone else who could comfort her but when he found none, he'd offer her his hand and if she took it, he'd carefully wrap an arm around her and hold her silently until she stopped crying. "you shouldn't cry into the chests of men... it's hard to control oneself when you look so vulnerable and in need of such comfort." he'd scold softly, wiping her tears with the pad of his thumbs before stepping back respectfully. "you should rest. it will make you feel better."  
will: "with what circumstances have come the lady's tears?" he'd ask quietly, leaning forward to kiss her tears away and lick the salt from his lips, stroking her chin with his thumb. "to make a creature such as yourself cry such beautiful, crystalline tears is nothing short of criminal, and i shall take it upon myself to punish those who have committed said crimes." he'd hum, smiling calmly the whole time. "and in the meantime, i expect you to allow yourself to stop crying and rest. i will stay by your side the entire time." 
comte: "ah," he'd coo, gently taking her chin in one hand to force her to look at him as his other hand fell to her hip, keeping her close to him. "what's wrong, little one? has someone hurt you?" his words would be kind, tone coaxing her to reply, but even through her tears she could see just a hint of anger in his eyes at the idea of someone hurting you. "tell me what's wrong, ma cherie, and then allow me to make it better." he'd lean down and kiss her forehead, using the hand previously on her chin to wipe away her tears. 
sebastian: Sebastian would frown, grabbing a handkerchief to dry her cheeks with. "there's no need to cry." he'd say. "but for now, take this and let all of your tears out. we don't need them interrupting your work, hm?" he'd pull her into his arms when she took the handkerchief from him and press a firm kiss to her temple. one of his hands would press firmly to her lower back while the other flattened against the back of her head, gently stroking her hair. "i hope you don't cry in front of the others like this," he'd mumble, kissing her head again. "i want to be the only one who comforts you like this. please allow me just that." 
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delicateikemenmemes · a year ago
ikevamp memes part 6
Tumblr media
the first half of isaac’s route in a meme
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
why is this MC in like... half the routes lmaooo 😂
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
i have the 5-star card of jean kabedon-ing mozart jean & mozart together—half the lines are basically jean having half a functioning brain cell about stuff and mozart being like “🙄 you’re so dumb but ily anyway”, and this meme reminds me of that 😂
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
honestly i consider it a personal achievement that i’ve managed to make as many of these as i have.
also, this is just SO satisfying i had to share it:
Tumblr media
(part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4 | part 5 | part 7) 
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dear-mrs-otome · 2 years ago
IkeVamp 2nd Birthdays - Flower Symbolism, Pt. 2
Tumblr media
Osamu Dazai - Hydrangea - pride, gratitude for being understood, frigidity
Tumblr media
Isaac Newton - Gladiolus - strength/moral integrity, infatuation, ‘you pierce my heart’
Tumblr media
Jean d’Arc - Lily - purity
Tumblr media
William Shakespeare - Lavender - ardent attachment, devotion, mistrust/caution
Tumblr media
Comte de Saint-Germain - Chrysanthemum - longevity, rejuvenation, wealth (yellow - secret admirer, slighted love)
Tumblr media
Sebastian - White Camellia - adoration, perfection, excellence
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rimalovegood · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
For all of you who like me are a little confused about when do everyone of our favorite vampires came from or how does that door works (thought after doing this I still got some doubts myself...) here is a timeline with the periods each one of the mansion residents were suposed to be alive 
(also the 3 newcommers who were announced this week and whom will be uptaded when we know which Charles is Charles)
On the second picture there is also the timeline including the other cybird games (except MidCin because that one has no relationship with our world and DTL because I didn’t play enough to remember any detail that would give me a date more accurate than 300 years ago)
The dates for the game are mostly aproximations since the only game with a set year is IkeSen (1582) while IkeVamp and IkeRev are set on 19th century. 
So for IkeVamp I drew the line on the period of time none of the vampires is supossed to be alive and for IkeRev I chose a little time after Alice adventures in Wonderland was published (1865) 
(I hope Tumblr doesn’t ruin the quality)
EDIT: There is a new, better version of the timeline, please reblog this one.
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diagnosed-by-doyle · a year ago
MC who doesn’t speak much
“Scenario- Ikevamp Scenario with an MC that often holds their tongue when they speak because they’re use to being around people tell them what they say is irrelevant and so they’re either soft spoken or silent but often have a lot on their mind.”
I’m sorry this took me a few days to get to, anon. One of my professors moved up a due date by a week and a half.
Before I get started, I just want to say that you’re not alone in this. I’m always happy to lend an ear to you.
I hope you enjoy!
None of these sweet boys would ever tell you that what you have to say isn’t important, and they’re always happy to hear what’s on your mind.
With one look at you, he can tell that there’s something wrong. One way or another, he’ll get you to tell him.
When he finally does get you to tell him, he makes it a point to ask for your opinion on everything you do together.
He will try his hardest to get you to see that you can be yourself with him.
With his vampiric hearing, he can hear you even though you’re speaking quietly. But he doesn’t want you to feel like you have to be reserved with him. He’ll work with you to boost your self-confidence.
At first, he thinks that being quiet and reserved may just be your personality. He quickly realizes that that isn’t the case when he’s talking with Leonardo about a ball and you look like you want to say something.
He encourages you to speak your mind whenever he sees you wearing that expression.
He’ll set aside some time every day for you and him to talk and have tea. He genuinely enjoys these times with you, so he wants you to relax and be yourself so that you can enjoy them too.
Your expression is familiar to him, so he has a good idea of what you’re feeling. He doesn’t need to coax you into talking about it since he already understands.
He’ll keep doing things that make less and less sense (i.e. appearing with a chicken in his arms). Eventually, he’ll do something so strange that you can’t help but comment--from confusion to laughter, he’ll take anything. It’s his way of getting your attention.
He’ll randomly appear next to you and tease a resident in hearing range. When he’s certain he has your full attention, he’ll ask you how your day has been and make conversation with you. As you start opening up, he will ask questions that require some thought instead of just pleasantries.
Once you realize that he hasn’t once told you that what you think doesn’t matter, you slowly begin to get more comfortable with the other residents.
He thinks that you’re shy just like him. When he sees you deep in thought one day, he will ask you what’s wrong. He finally catches on when you tell him it’s nothing. Anyone could see that there was certainly something wrong.
He’ll put his shyness aside to talk to you.
Your quiet, short conversations together are awkward at first, but you soon grow more comfortable with each other.
Since he spends a good bit of time teaching the children in the city, he asks you to come along. The children have lots of questions. “Is she your girlfriend? She’s pretty!” They bring you out of your shell when they start asking you questions instead.
He doesn’t really go out in search of conversation, but he doesn’t mind talking to you. He intrigued by your soft-spoken words and can tell that you’re uncomfortable.
At first, he thinks that you just don’t feel comfortable around him. After living with you for some time and observing your behavior around the other residents, he realizes that your behavior with him is the same as with everyone.
From time to time, he’ll play cards with you in an attempt to get you to talk. When he finally feels that you are comfortable with him,  he starts approaching you more often when he notices you doing work around the mansion.
Eventually, the two of you have lengthy conversations. He’s happy when he feels like you’re enjoying yourself around him.
Since you know that he isn’t particularly outspoken, it warms your heart to know that he talks to you more than anyone.
He notices that you won’t say much unless you’re asked a direct question. This happens while he’s doing research in the library while you’re cleaning. Your eyes locked with his a couple times, yet you never said anything. You were about to leave when he asked you how you were enjoying your time at the mansion. Your answer was very quiet, leaving him wondering if you’re upset about something.
Sometimes he pretends to be asleep so he can learn if that’s your usual behavior or if something is actually wrong. He peeks at you when you’re not looking, and he can tell that you never really say what you want to say.
He comes to visit you in your room one day. He wants to get to know you, and he teases you some in hopes that it will get you to be more easygoing and tease him back.
You frequently find him asleep outside your room. Maybe you’re afraid of living with vampires?
He soon proves to you through his caring actions that you can talk to him without fear of being told that your opinions don’t matter.
He rarely converses with the other residents, so he doesn’t usually see you unless you come to bring him Rouge or Blanc. He finds it a bit strange that you leave him with a quiet “You’re welcome” when he thanks you for the drink.
When you bring him his drink one random day, he asks you to sit next to him on the piano bench. After taking your seat, he’ll play for you the piece he recently finished composing. Once he’s done, he’ll ask you what you thought of it. An answer such as “It was nice” will not satisfy him. He’ll press you for details until you give him a satisfactory answer.
He starts to do this so often that you come to expect it once a week or so. You build up a mutual understanding with each other. Your opinion has become valuable to him. He finds that he wants to please you with each piece he creates.
Sebastian is surprised when he comes in search of you after you took such a long time and sees you talking to Mozart. Your closeness with Mozart leads Sebastian to ask you for details (He’s eager to write what you tell him in his journal.). Thanks to Mozart, you little by little become more confident with speaking your opinion to others.
You’re assigned to wake him up after a few days of staying in the mansion. Needless to say, you’re shocked when he kisses you. After he finally wakes up enough to realize what he’s done and to who, he ask if you’re alright. After a simple “I’m fine,” he knows that you are, in fact, not fine.
Throughout the day, he tries to talk to you about it whenever he bumps into you. Finally, he tells you that you don’t have to pretend. You can say what you’d like with him.
After you finally give him an answer, he’ll take you for a ride on his horse as an apology.
From then on, he always makes an effort to talk to you and make you feel comfortable with him and everyone else.
From the very beginning, he’s asking you about your interactions with the mansion’s residents.
He’ll accept your quiet, short answers at first. As time goes on, however, he’ll want more detailed answers. He believed you to just be shy.
Realizing that shyness isn’t the case, he makes time for daily “staff meetings”. These “meetings” exist so that he can get to know you. It’s hard to be in a new place without truly knowing anyone.
While talking to you, the two of you bond over experiences you had in your time (the future). He’s eager to know what your favorite things were and are. As you grow closer, the two of you start working on tasks together so that they can be completed faster. While you’re working the two of you talk to each other.
When the other residents appear, they’ll join your conversation. This is how you become more comfortable with everyone.
He finally gets to meet you at one of Comte’s balls. He wants a chance to get to know you, so he invites you to his house for tea and sweets.
He’s intrigued by you. You’re adorable in every sense of the word. He finds your soft voice endearing.
He’ll be a perfect gentleman when you come to visit. He’ll ask you questions about yourself and how you’re enjoying Paris and life in the mansion. He also asks for your opinion on his plays. He doesn’t push you for more answers, but you can tell he’s always happy when you give him some detail or start a new topic on your own.
He introduces you to his shady acquaintances. The introductions he gives of you show his admiration.
Once you realize that he’s nothing but kind to you, you’re more open to being yourself with him.
His initial harsh behavior toward you only makes things worse. When you quickly leave the room without a word, he feels a bit confused. He’s used to people biting back at him whether they know him or not.
Comte and Vincent have to have a talk with him and explain that you’re sensitive. After that long talk, he comes to apologize to you. It’s a brief apology, but still an apology--something you’re not used to receiving.
He talks to you every morning at breakfast. He’ll even ask what you think about a couple of the articles he’d read in the paper that morning.
You notice that he’s a lot nicer to you than a lot of the other residents. He’s almost put you on the same level as his brother. Because of that, you decide that not everyone is like the people you’ve encountered in your past.
He always has some words of gratitude for you whenever he sees you. You work so hard that he feels it’s only right for him to show his appreciation.
His calming aura makes it easy to talk to him once he strikes up a conversation with you. He’s saddened that you don’t seem to say what’s on your mind, though. He can tell that something’s wrong.
He doesn’t feel like he should pry, but he lets you know that he’d love to listen to anything you have to say. He always shows you his finished paintings and asks what you think. If there’s a painting you really like, he’s more than happy to give it to you.
Every time he needs more supplies, he asks you to accompany him. While in town, the two of you stop take a break at a cafe that has the loveliest sweets. His smile is contagious.
He doesn’t say anything since he doesn’t want you to be surprised, but he’s genuinely thrilled about how happy you seem when you’re with him. He’s even more overjoyed when you start coming to him on your own once you’ve become comfortable with him.
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crimson-snowfall · a year ago
Hey i read that you do requests for 3 max characters but I wanted to know if you would do a “the ikevamp guys kinks” in short format so as to include all the guys (ex. Guy A: Bdsm, Guy B: Food play) Sorry if this makes you uncomfortable your not obliged to do anything! Thanks❤️
It’s okay anon~ This has been fun to write.
[NSFW] Ikevamp HC request: The Ikevamp guys’ kinks
Napoleon || Kink: Furniture sex
After a few years of being in a relationship with Napoleon, there’s barely any place left where he hasn’t fucked you on yet. At one point you thought that it’s like he’s marking his territory, like an alpha wolf… you can’t blame him though; he was emperor. Just pray he doesn’t get any weird ideas about doing it on the other residents’ rooms.
Mozart || Kink: Anything to do with your fingers
Sometimes he would teach you how to play the piano by guiding your hands, and this is where he got this kink. Let him suck it, run it through his hair during sex– Mozart loves it.
Leo || Kink: You wearing kinky/sexy outfits
Leo loves ravishing you with his eyes whenever you wear something naughty for him, but you better not end up liking whatever you wear for him because this man can’t take anything off of you without ripping it to shreds or damaging it somehow, intentionally or unintentionally. Even if you decide to keep something on as he fucks you, it’s already guaranteed to be damaged once he’s done and you don’t even know how he does it.
Arthur || Kink: Dirty talk
Arthur makes good use of his wide vocabulary and is good with his tongue through and through. Arthur is so good with his words that he has never failed getting you into the mood with just his words. The flirt has a lot of other kinks, but hearing you talk dirty as well and encouraging him to do nasty things to you turns him into a whole new monster. You better mean what you say though, because Arthur will stop at nothing just to make sure you get what you ask for.
Vincent || Kink: Mirror sex
There’s nothing Vincent finds more beautiful than the various expressions you can make whenever he makes love to you, but he found that you’re at your most beautiful when he’s rough and relentless with his movements. He keeps his eyes opened most of the time, committing to memory every second of the pleasure he gives you as it plays out on your face and the subtle arches of your body.
Theo || Kink: Sensory deprivation – blindfolds
Theo loves driving you crazy by overwhelming you with sensation then suddenly withdrawing, holding off any further touch and pleasure until you’re begging with your life. His touches tend to be featherlight while you’re blindfolded, but he’s guaranteed to rough you up once his sadistic side is finally satisfied.
Isaac || Kink: You moaning his name during sex
When you don’t feel like doing anything for the next few days, you can count on Isaac losing control to give you a good excuse. It’s simple– the intensity of his thrusts increase proportionally with the volume and lewdness of your moans… well at least Sebastian knows you’ll be taking the day off the following day and he can prepare in advance. Isaac is the only one who deals with the teasing that comes on the following day too, so it’s a win-win situation for you.
Dazai || Kink: Window sex
You’re quite thankful that Comte doesn’t have any neighbors, because then it’s not only the whole mansion that gets to know whenever you get laid. There’s nothing that turns on Dazai more than having you moan into the night sky, but there are also times he would do it with the windows closed. Even then, you’re still thankful Comte doesn’t have neighbors… you don’t really want anyone to watch you getting fucked with your face and boobs smooshed against a window.
Jean || Kink: Your waist and hips
The only reason you were saved from being stuck with having sex exclusively in the missionary position is because this good christian boy can’t have enough of your waist and hips. Jean loves doing you in dog style when he’s feeling particularly naughty, and he almost always ends up leaving marks on your waist and hips from gripping too hard.
William || Kink: Hair pulling
Duh, he’s not growing his hair out just so you can stare at it. Pull on it as hard as you can as he eats you out, and you’re guaranteed to be treated to a mind-numbing pussy eating as a reward.
Comte || Kink: Voyeurism
Comte likes watching you interact with the other residents but would never admit that he gets off a little from it. He probably won’t mind sharing, even though he keeps on telling himself he won’t let it happen. He alleviates his pent up desires from this kink by asking you to masturbate as he watches, after which he will spend the rest of the night pleasuring you until you pass out from exhaustion.
Sebastian || Kink: Butler/Maid play
No matter how much time has passed and how proficient you become in doing housework, Sebastian would still occasionally sabotage you so that “the butler can punish the clumsy, newly-hired maid”. Much like Napoleon, he’s willing to try it anywhere in the mansion… but unlike Napoleon he has actually done in it with you in Comte’s room, when one day he felt like playing as the master of the house. Whether Comte realized this or not is yet to be confirmed, but maybe he did because he gives Sebastian a meaningful smile whenever the two of you are anywhere near his room.
Charles || Kink: A dominatrix
The collar choker he’s wearing is not just there for aesthetic purposes. It’s an invitation and he’s looking for a mistress who will whip him all night long. He is also very open and perverted about being a sub that he’ll randomly ask you to step on him, sometimes even when you’re not in the mood.
Faust || Kink: Priest/Nun play
Pretty much self-explanatory and would do it anywhere in the church, but his favorite spot seems to be the altar table. Sometimes he likes to do it under the pretense that you’re possessed by a demon and the only way to drive it out is having a “holy sword” driven through you countless times.
Vlad || Kink: Restraints
You can’t remember the last time the two of you fucked you without any form of restraints involved. Occasionally he would ask you to tie him up as well and have you take charge for a while, but he loses control easily and breaks out of it eventually, after which he proceeds to fuck you into his bed. Sometimes you would wake up in the morning tied to his bed, and you actually look forward to these occurrences since it is guaranteed he will eat you out as soon as he’s completely awake.
Tumblr media
Uni starts again tomorrow… which means the regular scheduled posts (aka incorrect quotes and the occasional memes) will be back. 4 requests to go and maybe I can do them all within this week since it won’t be that busy yet? No promises though.
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niphredil-14 · a year ago
Surprising the IkeVamp Boys on Their Bed in Lingerie
Thanks to @karinabeaker for requesting this!
Jumps on you
That’s it. That’s the headcanon
No, I’m joking. But he will be on you in a second, whispering in your ear, biting you, grabbing you. 
You name it, he’s doin’ it.
20+ rounds
Wear literally anything even slightly skimpy
Something red (Like an apple)
He’d like some lace
He will be a blushing mess, but that’s when the beast comes out
Y’all doin’ it on the floor
He is gonna tear the panties off and leave the bra on
Poor good Christian boy doesn’t know what’s happening
He doesn’t see a ring on your finger, and yet you are showing so much skin
He is blushing so much omg
Like, people should be making apple jokes about him
He wants to touch you so bad, so he throws a dress on you, carries you to a jewelry shop (Over his shoulder), and then to a priest so that you can get married (He doesn’t let go of you the whole time.) 
He wants it all off once he is doing you. 
Gentle boy (But also rough boi because of all his oppressed hormones)
Le Comte 
See-through lace is the way to this man's heart (And dick)
Make it gold, or white
He wants to keep the lingerie on while he fucks you
In front of a giant mirror
Or on his desk
Soft boi
Lots of blushing
Call him Wolf with a sexy look in your eye and he will be on his knees begging you to let him touch you. 
He’ll be a dom, but secretly wants to be a bottom
Wear something white or light blue
Wear a black bra with sunflowers over the boobs, he will be weak.
He is confused, and blushing a lot
Wants to kiss your neck a lot
Gonna do you against the wall.
Deep blue lace matching bra and panties will have this boi on you in 0.25 seconds
He wants to put a collar on you
Vincent is probably gonna hear you in the middle of the night and gonna tell you two to apologize to one another because fighting is bad, and is gonna scold Theo for not being gentle with girls
When Theo is confused and asks what his Big Bro means, he is gonna blush really hard when Vincent says that he heard noises last night and thought that he and you were fighting
You are just laughing your ass off because neither you nor Theo can explain it to the poor sunshine boy
Two words for you. 
He will call you micetta mia (Ref. to the pet play event) 
Lots of licking, and jaw kisses
Okay, so hear me out.
Maid lingerie
It’s gonna be Master/Maid RP and you can’t convince me otherwise.
Beg to blow him, and he will get so hard that rather than you blowing him, it’s pretty much just him face-fucking you. 
That’s what makes Will go all in 
(Omg I should be a poet lol)
But yeah, he’s gonna tie you up. 
He’d go crazy for a playgirl bunny outfit.
Wear something skimpy, literally anything skimpy
He’ll be all over you
He’s probably into mutual masturbation
Climbing in through windows has given him some seriously strong arms
So sit on his lap while he uses his arms to bring you down on him. 
It’ll feel great.
Wear something with garters and he’ll be hard in less than a second
He is going to pamper you
seriously, you’re probably gonna get cavities from how sweet this man is in bed. 
Buuuuuut, if you call him some royalty-related pet name,
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writer-akihiko · a year ago
IkeVamp Boys + Multilingual!MC
MC, as a person who previously worked as a travel agent, arrives in a mansion filled with multiple nationalities of famous historical figures…
Inspired by a post by @delicateikemenmemes. The post is here.
Napolean Bonaparte
The first time you spoke French with him was when he called you that dreadful word… nunuche
You retorted his teasing in his own tongue in not such a nice way that he was left shocked
On another part, he finds your French a little awry (after all you were a Japanese speaking French) but he likes that foreign nuance in your voice
It's… adorable
He makes effort to trigger you to speak French
Dazai surprised you one time through the window and the syllables of Japanese that rolled off your tongue as you scolded Dazai enchanted Napolean, despite the fact you were threatening to wrap Dazai in his own yukata
But he didn’t have to know that 
Maybe it was because he was unfamiliar with the language
He follows you around to hear any slips of French or English or any other language
Isaac Newton
The first time you spoke English with him was when you were confused about a certain term in a book
"What does this mean Isaac?"
"You know English?"
You continued to explain about your job, all in English
He's… impressed
"How can you handle so many languages?"
Comte had gifted you a Japanese novel from his trip
Isaac is so intrigued. You can read those scribbles?
Once in a while, he'd learn some Japanese from you
Arthur Conan Doyle
Let's be honest, the only time you ever spoke English to him was because you couldn't understand a single thing he said!
"Sir, I don't quite understand you."
"Oh? Poppet doesn't? Shame really, why not I guide you?"
You often referred to Isaac or Dazai on what he's saying
In Japanese, "Dazai-san, what is Arthur-san saying?"
Oh dear oh my, your voice in Japanese was simply too cute
The way your lips moved… Too enticing indeed
Shall he erase your confusion with a kiss?
Dazai Osamu
Because Dazai was born in an era not far from yours, you two converse quite easily in Japanese
The other members of the house listen in, but you and Dazai converse fast
The only barrier you two have is slang. Modern Japanese slang
"Dasai nee…" [do not use this if you are learning Japanese, readers. It’s slang]
"Toshiko-san? What does that mean?"
You spend the next 20 minutes explaining the slang, sometimes dragging Sebastian into it
Theodorus Van Gogh
Oh you tried to conceal speaking Dutch but… one time…
"What's this? You really are a Hondje, following-"
"Did you just call me a Hondje you **********?!" [I am not teaching you readers Dutch curse words]
He stops
You called him that
You know Dutch
You know all the shit he's been saying
Well ****
Vincent however is quite enjoying himself
"Be careful what you say next time Theo."
Vincent Van Gogh
Vincent knew you spoke Dutch when he took his paints out and there you were
You were humming to a Dutch lullaby he was fond of as a child
Mustering his courage, he continued the lyrics to your humming
You joyfully continued with him, all your shyness vanishing
"How did you know this song?"
"When I learnt Dutch, I learnt through songs and folk tales."
You told Vincent of how you learnt through songs because they were nice
Vincent asked about Japanese and of course, you sang Momotarou as he painted
Leonardo Da Vinci
Leo heard about your abilities through Comte, but wanted to test it out for himself
He would ask questions which further triggered your travel agent self to reply in the language
"Cara mia, your voice sounds so sweet with Italia. Say more my Fragolina~"
Oh but you mispronouncing words is so much more cuter
"I'm sure my name would roll off your tongue more than chiacchierare~"
This man makes it almost impossible to learn
All you have to do is whisper a little Japanese in his ear and he turns red
Jean D'Arc
Once he had knocked you over and apologised, calling you mademoiselle
You replied in French. He wasn't that alarmed
He was alarmed at you and Sebastian though. Especially you calling him... Ah-ke? Akee? Akihee... He couldn't understand
He was further alarmed when you understood Dazai
"What is that language you speak?"
Ah... Japanese... Dazai's mother tongue
He found it more peculiar that Comte would talk to you in different languages: French, German, Dutch, English and others he could not identify
In his own interest, he only spoke French to you
He was quite delighted that you understood untranslatable French idioms
You would always talk about food with him, especially delicacies you'd tried in modern France
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Oh? You know a lot of languages like him?
He knows more
Except for Japanese, which in fact bothers him to an extent
He doesn't wish to be Dazai but he... wants to know what you were so giddy about
He heard your little mixed curses in German and Dutch
Quite cute
Once you had chatted with Schelm, whispering in German about how cold Mozart had been to her the whole day
He would ALWAYS correct you
Pronunciation, spelling, tone
You got irritated and simply refused to speak to him
He broke your silent treatment by speaking broken Japanese he picked up from Sebastian
You couldn't help but correct him, which broke your silence
Sebastian/Akihiko Satou
Teach. Him.
He gets jealous that you know more languages than him
He sees you talking to the residents in their local languages and he simply watches in envy
"YN-san, teach me."
"A-Alright… Which language?"
"All of them."
When you clean together, you quiz him and teach him basic speaking phrases
He catches on quite quick and started speaking to other residents
"You're quite a good teacher."
You'd teach him from Japanese to the targeted language
The residents often find you two bantering each other in Japanese
When asked to translate your conversation, you’d find yourself in a pickle
Sebastian swoops in to translate it for you
He's better at translation
Comte Saint Germain
This man is testing you
As in, literally testing you everyday
He would speak and switch languages, testing your abilities
He simply wanted to see your cute thinking face as you translate in your mind what he said previously
He takes you on social events to show off as a pretend partner to associates
Of course, he wouldn't mind if you chose to be his actual partner
You were useful in your special way, speaking to his associates' foreign wives and partners
He however, wasn't that slick when it came to slang like Dazai
When he tested you in Japanese, you'd slip up and say a modern slang that he wouldn't know
"Oh? Are you testing me now?"
You just so happen to be really bad at explaining slang
He would 'exchange' phrases where you teach him a slang and he would teach you a French one in return
He just loves seeing you hanging on to his every word
William Shakespeare
Oh? His muse speaks many tongues? Interesting~
Similarly to Napolean, he observes you so
If he knew what a voice recorder was, he'd record your voice and probably play it so that he sleeps well
He makes the effort to be near you whenever you talk to Dazai or Sebastian since he finds you cutest with you blabbering on with your Japanese
Unlike Napolean, he surprisingly doesn't make effort to trigger you to speak any language
He finds it more intriguing this way
When you spoke English with Isaac and Arthur, he grew a little jealous
He wanted to be in the presence of your voice as you communicate with him
At times, you'd find flowers or sweets with a handwritten letter in his Shakespearean way
He wants you to come to him
Aren't you curious on its meaning?
"Come, my muse."
Previously, I had forgotten Will’s part. I apologise William stans. Please forgive me.
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toloveawarlord · a year ago
IkeVamp Boys as parents dropping of their kids at school:
Napoleon- The parent that sends their kid off without even getting out of bed. It’s too early in the morning. His kid comes and rouses him from his sleep just enough to get a gruffy “have a good day” and then Napoleon rolls over and falls back asleep.
Leonardo- The parent that knows everyone. He always gets caught up talking to all the parents and even the teachers, being asked for assistance on tasks at the school. His kid always embarrassed that Leo is so popular with everyone and just wants him to leave.
Arthur- The flirty parent. He has the female teachers all around him, and he has probably slept with dated many of them. God forbid his kid get a scorned teacher, grades slip due to the angry teacher. Arthur thrives with the lonely school teachers.
Dazai- His kid is always late. Every day, they are late. Dazai can’t remember the teacher’s name, either. All around embarrassing for the kid, as they have to make an excuse for the parent instead of the other way around. Everyone knows it’s Dazai’s fault the kids is late. Has been caught sneaking his kid in late through an open window.
Comte- As a benefactor of the school his child attends, everyone knows his name. The teachers adore him for his support of the school, but also fear his power. Never leaves the carriage unless he is dropping off money. Teachers can only hope to get a glimpse of him from the school. Everyone assumes that he is some kind of royalty.
Jean- The shy parent. He just wants to drop off his kid at school and get out of there with as little interaction as possible. The teachers try to get him to stick around long enough to talk but Jean typically slips away as quickly as possible. His kid is spared most of the embarrassment.
Theo- The soccer mom parent. He takes his child to school knowing exactly what he wants to speak to the teacher about. No matter how busy the teacher is at drop off, Theo will speak his mind, rather loudly, thoroughly embarrassing his child. Does not care at all what the other parents think of him.
Vincent- The normal parent. He enjoys taking his kid to school and speaking to the teachers for a quick moment, usually to thank them for taking such good care of his child. The literal sunshine to the teachers. They adore him. His kid is never embarrassed because of this normalcy.
Isaac- The parent that is asked to teach a class to the kids. Once the teachers discover how good his is at science and math, they are begging him to come in and teach a class. He is super awkward about it, but ends up agreeing due to pressure. Embarrasses his kid during a lecture, instead of at drop off. Isaac just wants to go home.
Mozart- The busy parent. He is always in business mode, having much to do when creating entire symphonies. He is listing out his agenda and barely notices his child walk away from him. Gives a half wave and is one his way. He does this because he is distracted, but also because he learned its a good way to keep the teachers away from him.
Sebastian- The way too early parent. He has his kid up and at school an hour before it begins. He hovers over the kid and makes sure their work is done. Constantly checking in with the teachers about behavior. The strictest parent of them all.
Shakespeare- The absent but weird parent. Shakespeare rarely goes with his child to drop off at school, but if he does, the teachers and other parents are little off put. He talks strangely to them if he does show. Most of the time, the teachers are working to track him down for a talk, but they put it off for as long as possible.
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