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#jibaku shounen hanako kun

Fanart based on the amazing fic From Eden by Hammsters (@uglierdaikon

“There were the Dark Woods on the hill and the town in the valley, and the short, crumbling stone wall dividing them that no one remembered building. What belonged to the town stayed in the town, always keeping a respectful distance and a respectful mouth, so that what belonged to the Woods stayed in the Woods.”


Yashiro Nene visits the infamous wall on a dare, and gets more than she bargained for. But what harm can there really be in exchanging gifts with the Fae?

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AAAA that’s my most favorite scene and I see it as a metaphor as well!!


With the moon is closer than ever before, and Hanako’s wish to go there, albeit a fake moon, is just within reach—and yet, all Hanako sees is Nene—because in his eyes, she outshines the moon itself ;;

Because she is his new moon, his new wish.


And no matter how badly Hanako wants to be with her, just like moon he gave up on—he won’t let himself be with Nene.


And it’s only when he’s about to shatter that he confesses his true selfish wish ;;

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author’s note: so i don’t think i know anyone who has made mei headcanons so i thought i might give it a shot! its probably ooc tho-.manga spoilers and enjoy!!

tw: hospitals,mentions of sickness

  • she asked you out
  • there’s no debate
  • coffee shop dates!!
  • y’all swing by the nearest coffee shop and do your stuff
  • whether it be art,writing,photography,etc whatever you are into; she’ll support and help you!
  • if its art then she can review your artwork and give you some tips on anything!
  • if you want to, you can help critique her work as well!!

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“Well then, let’s play together~”

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I personally don't think it's possible to come up with a crazier plan.
We could attack them with hummus.
I stand corrected.
Just keeping things in perspective.
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With preorders now open, check out our stretch goals for Ad Lunam!

We will be offering the following stretch goals with no additional charge, depending on how many physical orders* we receive: 

  • 50 sales: a die-cut sticker included with every physical order (Luna, Solis, or Stella bundles)
  • 100 sales: a roll of washi tape included with every physical order (Luna, Solis, or Stella bundles)
  • 125 sales: an enamel pin included with every physical order (Luna, Solis, or Stella bundles) 

 *Physical orders include Luna (digital pdf + physical zine book), Solis (merch only), and Stella (digital pdf + physical zine book + merch). Terra bundle orders (pdf only) will not count towards stretch goals.

Preorders are open until March 8. Place your order today at!

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Preorders for Ad Lunam: A Space Themed Hanako Kun Zine are now officially OPEN! 

Explore the moon, stars, and beyond in this zine with 80+ pages and 40+ contributors! Our shop will be open from January 25 to March 8, so be sure to place your orders soon!

Shop link:

Bundle info under the cut!

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