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Happy Birthday, Ogata Megumi!

happy birthday to the seiyuu who continuously inspire me to want to voice male characters - Ogata Megumi!


i have a soft spot for all her characters, mostly because she debuted as Kurama, my OG anime boi. her voice back then wasn’t as husky as it is now, but it was a start and i got so amazed by it! and when YYH finally got its OVA, we got a huskier-voiced Kurama bc she’s developed it for years!


and i also probably got sucked more in the DR fandom because she’s Naegi AND Nagito. it made me super happy because i heard her again in DR2, which was an absolute mindfuck too bc i kept thinking if it was Naegi in disguise (and omg *anime spoilers* i got so excited bc she’d be voicing two characters in one ep for DR3 aaah)


and i could just not describe my happiness when she got cast as Hanako! i’ve been looking forward to watching the anime bc the manga got talked about so much last year, so it made me look forward to it more ❤

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I was talking with @rapidfur and about a Hanako-kun VN and obviously how it’d have to be an otome with Nene as the heroine, so I drew half of the routes I had in mind. The other half will come later, and they’ll consist of the Broadcasting Club+Mitsuba.

There aren’t any backgrounds because I can’t draw that well. Yeah. These are all taken from various otome cgs. Nene has a blanket/shawl wrapped around her because there was one in the reference pic. Yeah. I just thought this would be fun.

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Hey hey heyyyy Joan my FREND

Hmmm updates on “the Moon Prince”? Chapter three is coming along nicely… we get a bit of background on Amane being the Moon Prince and about Princess Nene’s fate… we get angst, fluff, more angst and some more fluff…

It’s about a little less than halfway done, with a little bit of dialogue left to add and perfect, some typos here and there to fix and some things to proofread

I don’t do beta readers so I gotta do all this myself, and I’d stay it’s going pretty well! So that’s about it for updates, hope this satisfies ✌🏻

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