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#ky kiske
incorrect-guilty-gear · 2 days ago
Ky: I hate my life.
Sol: I hate your life, too.  
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incorrect-guilty-gear · 3 days ago
Ky: Don't you ever want to talk about your emotions Sol?
Sol: No!
Sin: I do!
Ky: I know Sin.
Sin: I'm sad.
Ky: I know Sin.
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doreamu-san · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Since people loved the Thigh Kiske mod so much, it was about time Sol got the same treatment too. So he’s now shirtless.
I actually updated the Ky files with small improvements as well which is why there are 3 files for him rather than 2.
Because these files replace the default colours, these will affect how the characters look in story mode and digital figure mode whilst you have the mods on!
Download is in the replies to this post!
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incorrect-guilty-gear · 4 days ago
Leo: I owe you guys an apology. I've been acting like I'm the only winner in  the middle of a bunch of losers. Well guess what? I am a loser, too.
Ky: I thought he was going the other way with that.
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mysticdragon3md3 · 5 days ago
Should be drawing, but wrecking my hands on fighting games instead.
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guiltygearofficial · 6 days ago
Which Guilty Gear characters are tops or bottoms?
This is quite the unusual question Dear Gearster, however I will answer it to the best of my abilities!
Sol is neither top nor bottom, he sleeps on the ground, outside, in the dirt.
Ky sleeps in the bottom bunk bed together with Dizzy because Sin gets grumpy when he doesn’t get to sleep in the top one.
May sleeps on the 4th level of the Jellyfish Pirate 14 Etage Bunk Bed and Johnny sleeps on the 14th. Most people consider it “A huge safety risk” and “A really stupid idea”, Johnny however thinks it’s “Wholesome fun for the whole family!”.
Eddie makes Zato sleep in the bottom bunk bed
Millia needs an entire bunk bed to herself, one for her body and one for her wig.
Potemkin has wished to sleep in the top bed for all his life and for his birthday Gabriel finally made his wish real, creating a Bunk Bed that can handle 30 megatons of force, on which Potemkin can properly sleep. The lower bunk is always kept empty however, for safety reasons.
Chipp doesn’t sleep in a bunkbed, however, he does sleep in a racecar bed.
Faust sleeps in both the upper and lower part of the bunk bed at once, coiling around both like a snake.
Axl Low sleeps in the british equivalent of a racing car bed, which is a red double decker bus bunk bed. He sleeps in the bottom one.
Testament and Kliff used to share a bunk bed. Testament was heartbroken after his father died, but quickly got over it when he realized that this would mean he finally gets to sleep in the top bed.
Baiken sleeps in the bottom bunk bed while Anji sleeps in the upper one. She doesn’t actually care which one she sleeps in. 
Anji sleeps in the upper bunk bed. He claimed that he desperately wanted to sleep in the top one to start shit with Baiken, only to find himself dissapointed when she didn’t care.
Venom sleeps in a double bed, hoping that he could one day convince Zato to share it with him. This has so far been unsuccesful because Eddie refuses to sleep in anything but a bunk bed.
Bridget shares a bunk bed with his brother who is definetly a real person. Bridget got the top one after winning at rock paper scissor.
Slayer sleeps in the top part of the double decker Coffin he and Nagoriyuki share because he’s the older vampire.
Zappa doesn’t sleep in a bunk bed, he passes out on the ground whenever the ghosts feel like it.
I-no, Jack-o and, Raven and That Man share a bunk bed because cause Jack-O imported expensive candy from overseas, using up most of their budget. I-no, Jack-o and That Man all share the lower bunk because no one wants to share one with Raven “I got a spike in my head” GuiltyGear
Bedman and Delilah will be returning as the Bunk Bed Buddies in Guilty Gear Strive. They’ll have a stance change mechanic that changes which one has the top and which one has the lower bunk bed.
Elphelt wanted to get a bunk bed with Ramlethal, Ramlethal however doesn’t need a bed. Whenever she feels tired she simply closes her eyes and stops moving for 8 hours, something that dissapoints Elphelt greatly.
Leo bought himself a bunk bed, in which he always sleeps in the top one, because he was forced to sleep in the lower one that he shared with Ky during their holy order days.
Answer owns a bunk bed, however he hasn’t slept in the last 3 years.
Giovanna doesn’t own a bed because Rei doubles as a comfy pillow.
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guiltygearofficial · 6 days ago
In honor of 4/13,
Which characters have and havent read homestuck
Sol read Homestuck when he was young but has become very good at denying that he knows anything about it. He says it sounds like something for “gay nerds” despite, behind his jock facadé, being a gay nerd.
Ky has not read homestuck: He refuses to consume any piece of media where they say the f-word.
May and Bridget have never read Homestuck but has seen some of the characters on the internet and thinks they’re neat
Zato has not read Homestuck, however he made Venom read it, specifically because Eddie would not stop calling anything he does a Homestuck reference. Eddie has also never read Homestuck.
Potemkin has read Homestuck and he has written a 3000 word essay on his mixed feelings on Equius character.
Chipp started reading Homestuck because he was promised it was like an anime. Unfortunately there were too many big words and not enough fight scenes so he quickly got bored. Answer can recite all of Act 6 from memory.
Faust has not read Homestuck and everyone agreed to keep it a secret from him because he’s already suffered enough.
Axl has read Homestuck and constantly subtly references it around Sol, for no other reason but that Sol cannot call him out on it without revealing that he has also read Homestuck.
Kliff does not know Homestuck exists and it’s probably for the better
Testament knows Homestuck exists and it’s the reason he has a grudge against humanity
Baiken doesn’t know what Homestuck is and has stabbed people in the past for trying to explain it to her
Anji gets into vriskourse with a different opinion every time just for shits and giggles. Has gotten stabbed in the past trying to explain Homestuck to Baiken.
Johnny refuses to consume any media that does not contain atleast two (2) tiddy and/or ass shots of every female character
Dizzy does not know what Homestuck is and it’s probably for the best
Zappa wrote a dissection of Homestuck’s cultural impact as his college thesis
You know that book A.B.A. reads in her intro? That’s a physical copy of all of Homestuck.
Slayer hasn’t read Homestuck but knows enough about it to hold a conversation about it. This is true for every piece of fiction in existence, except for How I met Your Mother, which he to this day refuses to learn more about.
Robo-Ky has “read” all of Homestuck, meaning he looked at the pictures without actually opening a single pesterlog. Has no idea what it’s about but he liked that therer were robots.
Sin hasn’t read Homestuck because Ky think it’s too violent and Sol thinks it’d probably blow his brain up
Raven reads Homestuck because no form of torture can compare to the psychic damage it inflicts.
I-no says that she’s too Sexy to know what Homestuck is. Once tried to kill Anji for calling her “A Vriska”.
Bedman has read Homestuck when he was thirteen and that’s why he’s Like This now. Kins Dirk Strider. 
Elphelt got into Homestuck because she heard Axl talk about “Troll Romance” once. Has tried to explain Troll Romance to multiple people who were already not interested in a regular Romance.
Ramlethal read all of Homestuck at Elphelt’s request in a single sitting. After finishing all of it she simply stated that “She didn’t get it.” before moving on with life.
Leo got half his dictionary entries from Homestuck. He is the only reason anybody in the year  2187 knows the word abscond.
Jack-O technically has not read Homestuck, however she roughly remembers half the plot from when she was Aria. Does the exact same shit as Axl whenever Sol is around.
The pope did the juggalo facepaint thing in Guilty Gear Revelator because she kins Gamzee.
I hope these answers were satisfactory to you dear Gearster! Always remember to Gear on Gearsters!
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jay-jp-art · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
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incorrect-guilty-gear · 10 days ago
Sol: Really, Ky? That plan seems a little underhanded.
Ky: Well, desperate times call for desperate housewives.
Sol: ...
Ky: Measures. I said measures.
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incorrect-guilty-gear · 10 days ago
Ky: How can you be so infuriatingly optimistic?
Dizzy: It's who I am.
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incorrect-guilty-gear · 11 days ago
Ky: The odds of this happening by coincidence are vanishingly small.
Leo: I’d say even infinitesimally.
Sol: And I’d say teenily-weenily, I get it, we’re all good at words.
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sphelon8565 · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
An old sketch involving Ky Kiske, Sophita and Guts
Finished Art can be found here:
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sphelon8565 · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
================================================posting individual sketches In the meantime.
Ky Kiske Sketch.
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incorrect-guilty-gear · 12 days ago
Sol: I hate my life.
Ky: I hate your life, too.  
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