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nacecye · a day ago
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⋆⁺₊⋆ ☾ the twins ☀︎ ⋆⁺₊⋆
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otterty · a month ago
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going on a walk :)
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inklingofadream · a month ago
i know we’re all v excited about neil and the trolls but please do not forget that it is also the 5th (!) anniversary of
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[id: screenshot of The Adventure Zone: Balance episode 60 “Griffin: Um, one think I kinda want to make clear - we’re gonna learn a- a lot more about Lup during this session, um, and pretty much on through the rest of the campaign, but I wanted to say as long as we’re talking about your backstory that the two of you are twins, and that Lup was assigned male at birth, but like at a fairly young age she transitioned, and identified as a female elf, and as, y’know, as Lup-” /end id]
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[id: screenshot of the TAZ wiki page for the episode reading “Air date: April 13, 2017″ /end id]
Lup Trans Day
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yaboi-julien · 27 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
(Based on this post by @questbedhead)
Full image description below cut!
Image Description: A long form comic including three pages, all set in a dingy necromancy store and illustrated in a cartoony, fully-colored and shaded style.
In the first panel, a hooded figure sits behind a desk with his back to us.
In the second panel, we see part of his face which has a big sly smile on it as he looks over his shoulder. Behind him, a door opens with the ring of a small silver bell.
In the next panel he spins around in his chair and says: “Welcome to Blood-Bath and beyond, your home for necromantic wares! Anything I can help you find--”
Next: “...Today?” he finishes, seemingly dumbfounded. In the middle of the frame are three new people. Barry Bluejeans is in the middle, he is a white middle aged chubby man with brown and grey hair, stubble, and wearing a white shirt, brown coat and glasses. To the left is Taako, a dark skinned elf with straight choppy dark brown hair died lavender at the bottom, wearing a large purple wizards hat, a purple cape with gold stars, a frilled shirt and high-wasted pants. To the right is Lup, a dark skin elven woman with a face identical to Taako’s but with longer curly dark brown hair died red at the tips, and wearing a wine red wide-brimmed hat and wine red dress. The twins each are resting an arm on one of Barry’s shoulders, framing him.
In the next frame, Barry has a finger resting on his chin as he says “Uh... yes, I’m looking for a spell book with level 12 or higher spells.”
Next is a close-up of the shopkeeper’s eye, squinting forwards with a thought bubble that says: “Level 12?”
Next is the same close-up of the shopkeeper’s eye, only this time it is wide and looking up past Barry.
Next is a frame of just Taako and Lup, with Barry just slightly out of frame. Taako covers his hand as if to whisper something to Lup as they both look judgmentally in the direction of the shopkeeper. A speech bubble comes from offscreen as the shopkeeper says “Right away, sir.”
Starting the second page is a frame of the shopkeeper dropping a large book onto the table in front of him. The book looks to be stitched together from skin, with a large green eye-shaped jewel on the front cover and small fangs on the spine.
Next, Barry has picked up the book and is looking at it with a smile of curiosity as he says “Oh, neat!” The twins both peer over his shoulder as the shopkeeper looks at the three startled.
Next is a close up of Barry’s hand sliding a collection of very different looking coins across the table, including some golden hoops, a silver perforated coin with a dragon emblem, a pale blue coin, a canadian loonie, and a thin gold bar with line markings on it (it’s not a loss easter egg don’t worry about it)
The next panel is shot from over the shopkeeper’s shoulder. Barry excitedly shows an interested but calm Lup something in the book as Taako rolls a bunch of teeth around in one hand, bored. The shopkeeper thinks: “Who is this guy?!”
Next is a panel showing half of the shopkeeper’s face, the border of the panel cutting him off vertically as he stares forwards intently.
The next panel is exactly the same, except he has narrowed his eye, the pupil now glowing, as the words “true sight” are spelled above him
In the next panel, Barry is shot from the neck up, looking excitedly at something offscreen.
Next is the form of Barry’s red robe litch form, shot from the exact same position as the previous panel. He glows a faint red, the inside of his hood empty and black save for two glowing white eyes.
Starting the next page the shopkeeper recoils in surprise, his thought bubble reading: “A litch!” In the foreground, Barry and the twins are starting to leave, Taako dropping the coins Barry had paid for the book with into a small bag.
Next the shopkeeper lunges forwards with urgency, shouting “WAIT!”
Next, “Who are you?!” he shouts at the trio. Barry is looking over his shoulder at the shopkeeper, and Lup had put her arm over his shoulder.
Next is a very close shot of the bottom of Barry’s face, his mouth in a null position.
Next is the same close up shot of the bottom of Barry’s face, only this time he has a large sly smile on his face.
Next is a medium shot of Barry, he has a big gentle smile on his face, his eyes closed and one hand up in a polite wave as he says “Name’s Barry Bluejeans!”
In the final panel, the shopkeeper lays passed out over his desk, a small cartoon of a round ghost floating away from his body as the door in the back of the room closes. A small creature sits on his desk, eating the chocolate gelt which had been swapped out for the real coins.
End Image Description.
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angelshanties · a month ago
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crazy about her. ms lup
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fuckin-flip-wizard · a month ago
A little late but!! My favorite trans twins for tdov :)
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pidgedee · a year ago
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i forgot i drew this for instagram requests awhile ago omg
[id: two images. the first is a 3/4 view headshot of lup, a tan elf with freckles, a gap between her front teeth, purple eyes, and blonde hair shaved on one side. she’s saying “can’t talk rn i’m doing hot girl shit.” the second image is a cartoonish full body drawing of lup wearing a red ipre robe over a black crop top and jeans, holding two firearms and smiling deviously. in the background is a large burst of flames.]
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huitunkuutti · 6 months ago
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[Id: Drawing of Lup in her lich form. She is skeletal spectral woman with flaming, wild hair. She has a long, red robe around her. ]
Huevember day 8
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pricklepicklepie · a year ago
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💫🔥Twinsies 💫🔥
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ceilingfan5 · 2 months ago
46 blupjeans obv
“Don’t have a one night stand with your coworker on the spaceship,” Barry says, in the gravest of tones, and everyone laughs. He continues reading, in a serious, steady voice, “And when you do,” everyone laughs again, “Don’t, under any circumstances, do it again.”
“And when you do do it again,” Barry sighs, “No matter what you do, you cannot fall in love with your coworker on the spaceship. You will see each other every day, because you both still have to do your jobs, and you will both have to pretend nothing is going on, and it will be harder than anything you’ve ever done before.”
Barry doesn’t glance up from his notes, his grip iron-tight.
“Because,” he says, a little softer, “You will want to tell the world about her. You will want to tell every world about her. You will want to run down the hallways screaming about even getting close to her, and you will try to cartwheel down the corridor, and you will break your wrist.”
Lup, who is already crying, gasps.
“You told me-!”
“I lied,” he says, still very seriously. Everyone gathered here today finds this very amusing. “When you fall in love with your coworker on the spaceship, you had better get over it quickly, because this ship’s doctor will ask you too many questions you won’t know how to answer, and it will be the worst conversation you ever did. But when you don’t get over it quickly, you should keep it to yourself, because she might not feel the same way, and that would be absolute torture.”
“Bear,” Lup says softly.
“But when you don’t keep it to yourself-” Barry’s hands are shaking. “You had better kiss her, and kiss her good, so she knows that it’s true. So she knows it’s okay to tell you she loves you too, and even though it seems too good to be true, you have to believe it, because it is the best thing that ever happened to you.”
Their wedding guests awww loud enough that the floor seems to vibrate.
“And when you realize it’s the best thing that’s ever going to happen to you, you had better propose, because you need to be with her forever, and if you’re too much of a coward to get it together and say the words, then she’ll find someone better to spend her life with.”
“And when,” Barry clears his throat. “When you are too much of a coward to get it together and say the words, even though you’ve been holding onto that ring for seven months,”
Barry laughs. Everyone laughs.
“You had better accept her proposal, because she knows you better than you know yourself, and this is all you could ever hope for.”
“Barry, I swear-”
“And when you accept her proposal,” Barry continues, flipping to his final card, “You had better marry her exactly the way she wants to be married, and make it an absolute spectacle, and you had better celebrate every footstep she graces the dirt with. And when you marry her, you had better take it all in, because it’s going to be the best day of your life.”
Barry doesn’t bother to wipe the tears from his eyes.
“Lup,” he says, finally looking up from his cards. “I never could have counted myself this lucky. Can I be yours, forever and always?”
“Of course,” Lup chokes out, and hugs him tight enough he squeaks like a dog toy. “Fuck, Bear,” she manages. “I don’t have anything so, poetic. I worked on my vows for a month, and you know what I came up with?”
“What?” Barry smiles, so relieved the speech part is over that he could simply float out of the atmosphere.
Lup holds up her notecards, and drops the first one. They unfold to read, one letter on each card, HOT DAMN!
All of their wedding guests laugh.
“Merle,” Barry says, strained. “I want to have a wife.”
“Oh, right,” Merle says. “Do you, Sildar Hallwinter, wait, that can’t be right…”
“It is.”
“Take this incredible woman to be your wife forever and always?”
“I do. I do, I do.”
“And do you, Lup Taaco, take…Barry-”
“I do, do, do, do, do,” Lup sings, and she grabs Barry by the lapels and kisses him so hard everyone sees stars.
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tuesdie · 11 months ago
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This moment broke me
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nacecye · a day ago
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⋆⁺₊⋆ my wife ⋆⁺₊⋆
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kr-avitz · 8 months ago
so griffin didnt make a theme for Lup because he knew she would be too powerful. very rude on his part. i decided to give to the theme and power she deserves. thank you to @herbgerblin for giving me permission to use the art.
i had alot of fun composing this song. its called From The Ashes; A Phoenix
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milkyinfp · 5 months ago
Asking AI to draw The Adventure Zone characters
Tumblr media
I'm pretty sure it searches the web for pictures because it would always give Taako a wizard's hat and make him humanoid
Tumblr media
I think it looked at pics of Lenny Kravitz 💔
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media
and of course her hubby (I misspelled Barry's name, whoops)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
and then I got bored so I stopped.
App name: Wombo Dream
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cadaverkeys · a year ago
Consider Taako, because he'd want an overly complicated outfit
Tumblr media
she's being dramatic about her time in the umbrella again
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calamity-jam · a year ago
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Jacket OVER robe!!!
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dumbass-extraordinaire · 7 months ago
it always bugs me when i see ppl going “oh i used to hc taako as nonbinary but now i can’t bc lup is a trans woman and if he was nb it would mean that lup would have to be cis cause 4 taako to be nb and have them still be identical twins they’d both hafta be afab” 
like... y’all do realize that amab nonbinary ppl exist right?  like it’s super annoying that ppl have watered being nb down to just ‘gnc afab person in skinny jeans and a binder’ and that excludes sooo many nb ppl, myself included!
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sk-ench2 · a year ago
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simblings <33
lups jean jacket is 100% a gift from barry
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notataakokinnie · 7 months ago
taako, at a gathering ; listen im not saying barrys a bad guy im just saying you could do better like - no offense barry -
barry , used to it ; none taken
taako ; - but he ' s a dweeb ! an anxious dweeb !
lup ; so is kravitz
taako ; he is NOT he is refined and handsome and -
kravitz , walking in with the same " i see dead people " shirt that barry is wearing , brushing feathers out of his hair ; babe ? i think im molting .
taako ;
lup ; see
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thistornadolovesyouu · a year ago
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this is how my friend told our groupchat that she was dressing up as Lup for Halloween
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