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fearofpop · 22 days ago
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M*A*S*H + makeupaguy tweets (part 9)
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hey quick question why did no one ever tell me how fucking insane M*A*S*H is?? their commanding officer is a horse girl. the secretary has psychic powers. this guy walks around a 1950s military outpost in drag and everyone’s just like hey nice dress. the protagonist who is supposed to be the best surgeon in the entire korean war spends every episode strutting around drunk in a hawaiian shirt making homoerotic wisecracks and asking the nurses to step on him like some sort of unhinged bisexual jimmy buffet. guys what the hell is going on in this army doctor show
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dyingroses · 4 months ago
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Hawkeye + textposts
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fandomfishbish · 2 years ago
just ate some strawberries, turns out life really is worth living
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stimming-sim-silica · 6 months ago
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4077th Mash + text posts (7/??)
parts (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,)
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anonymousweirdo · 6 months ago
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onesweetbeautifulsong · 10 months ago
i realize this post is going to have a very small audience, but after seeing @weirdgirlsamwinchester​‘s post about bi vs gay dean, i just had to
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boycows · 2 years ago
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old meme
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thotful-opinions4u · 3 months ago
Tell me more about BJ’s Trapper Complex?
okay rn I cannot find any of the posts about this that I love. I'm not finished watching the show but I've read a lot of posts about this that convinced me
So, for me, it's based on a mix of canon and headcanons. A lot of it is his vibe honestly.
I think the biggest canon thing people point to is that BJ destroys the gin still because Trapper and Hawkeye made it and is jealous; when the still is remade, it essentially erases that last trace of Trapper because it's BJ and Hawkeye now. BJ is very aware of how jealous he is of a man who isn't even here. He's Hawkeye's best friend/life partner - and yet the lingering reminder of Hawkeye's previous best friend/life partner is something that silently hangs over his head.
BJ's extremely conscious that he is Trapper's replacement. (Hawkeye even tells him this, when discussing the lack of personhood in a war when people are swapped out like parts) Even if BJ doesn't verbally acknowledge his jealousy or frustration of inherently being compared to Trapper, I just know he's thinking about it. (Which, in his early seasons, there's a lot he thinks about but never says. King of Repression.)
imo from day 1, BJ tries so hard to impress Hawkeye. But unfortunately for BJ, the timing of their meeting is all wrong. Hawkeye is focused on and devastated by Trapper. From day 1, BJ gets eclipsed by Trapper's shadow. And sure Hawkeye is compassionate and kind; but there's wary disconnect there that BJ has to have noticed, especially as he gets to know Hawkeye better
Henry's death was bad but he got to say goodbye, even though he hadn't known how final it would be. He had time to process the separation, throw him a party. (And then mourn, which is another topic and the thought of him having a breakdown so bad that that's why he's on such a long R&R is! sure something!) Whereas the suddenness of Trapper leaving was something he didn't have time to brace for. He never got to say that goodbye. It's about the wound that never gets closure.
It's not BJ's fault that he arrives right as Hawkeye's going through this. But once you get to know Hawkeye, you'll notice the ways that he tries to keep his emotional distance even though he really, really cares about people.
Now let me circle back to BJ and how he tries - and how he has to try bc Hawkeye's put up a slight barrier - to impress him, whereas Trapper never did. Trapper's antics were accepted with a lot more enthusiasm bc Hawkeye hadn't lost his best friend/life partner yet and had no reason to try to not get as deeply attached to someone who might - and will, eventually - leave. Hawkeye in seasons 1-3 would adore BJ. But they meet in s4. Hawkeye's just that very day experienced being unexpectedly left behind. There's no time to recover! He has a break down but ultimately throws up a good show of bravado, right up until BJ sees the war and gorey death in whence Hawkeye drops the act and reaches out with (what he does best) genuine compassion because at the heart of it Hawkeye cares so so much. BJ sees this horror and among the horror is one of the kindest, most competent men. He's met the real Hawkeye with no shields up. Nothing but authenticity. And then once they're done, Hawkeye throws his shields up and puts the bravado act back on. Of course BJ is going to notice.
Of course he's going to think about it, connect it to Hawkeye and his "I missed him by ten lousy minutes" and to every time Hawkeye drops his guard to risk letting people hurt him - because he will and he does, and he'll always do so bc he will always risk suffering if it means caring for these people, if it means being a real person as the war increasingly takes and takes and makes Hawkeye strive to remind himself and others that they are real people
There's no way that BJ - who's seen the real Hawkeye from day 1 and then tries so hard to impress that so very good man - will not wonder, will not figure out the unspoken wound Hawkeye has. And the thing is, it's hard to heal it when it keeps getting ignored and pushed aside. He doesn't have time to process it. And so it lasts.
Now in a place like 4077 and with a person like Trapper? Even when Hawkeye doesn't talk about Trapper, BJ hears things. Picks up that he was so important to Hawkeye.
And no matter that BJ does manage to impress Hawkeye, that BJ does manage to become best friends/life partners with Hawkeye - Trapper was there first and (worse) might still have been Hawkeye's best friend/life partner if he'd never gone. It's like following a great act in a talent show. Intimidating and there's no way BJ isn't thinking about that he's being compared to Trapper. Whether or not anyone means to, it'll just happen. Because he is that following act, because he is Trapper's replacement.
Basically BJ's Trapper Complex is: 1. that BJ knows that he will be compared to Trapper - and if someone else doesn't do it, then he'll do it for him. 2. He worries that it's a competition for Hawkeye's love (even though he knows it isn't and that Hawkeye is very capable of love abundant) and that he's going to lose. To somebody who isn't even here! And so he has to win and - like a voyeuristic narrator - is very, very aware of this.
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toadallytickles · a year ago
It’s not so surprising how wet I get just from tickle wrestling~
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lesbiansforboromir · a year ago
Everyone in the films is more heterosexual than they are in the books except Aragorn who they just made fucking the MOST bisexual man imaginable in the films, such a complete 180 from his original character that it gives me whiplash to think about it
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fearofpop · 6 months ago
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M*A*S*H + makeupaguy tweets (part 5)
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tangled-pnumbra · 9 months ago
SO I JUST FINISHED THE FLYNN BOOK and if you’ve been on this blog for more than 5 mins you can probably guess what I’m zeroing in on (👁👁🏰🌙) BUT HOOOOO BOY do I have some THOUGHTS on the rest too- longer post soon!!
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dyingroses · 2 days ago
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sarcasmic-skies · 8 months ago
about me!
i’m tyler (she/they), you can call me ‘ty’ :^) i’m a queer 21 y/o college student (mortuary science major) & this is my shitty blog!!
my dps tattoo post w/gale’s response
free access to the dps novel (google drive link)
my inbox is open for messages & asks, so feel free to reach out!! <3 more info abt me under the cut :^)
what i typically post/rb:
poetry, quotes, webweavings, etc. (i dig the academia aesthetics. also shakespeare <3)
favorite films/shows/games/books of mine (dead poets society, house md*, fight club, a separate peace, criminal minds, platoon, american psycho, bioshock, star wars, hbo war, m*a*s*h**, batman/gotham/dc & many more). i’m also part of danonation <3
a wee little bit of military history!! but no blind propaganda or patriotism here lol. my favorite eras/those i am most knowledgeable abt: the civil war, wwii, vietnam era (also my favorite eras in the war film genre!)
art! collage art, photography, & paintings. i love art depicting the human body, so please be aware i may rb posts w/blood or nudity, but i will not post/rb sexual images or other graphic/detailed sexual content!
music!!!!! 40s-70s tunes: the bulk of my listening. 50s & 60s: my favorite decades. i post abt elvis presley, dion dimucci, the righteous brothers, johnny cash, dean martin, bruce springsteen, billy joel, elo, glen campbell, the beatles, gene pitney, marty robbins, frank sinatra, hank snow, elvis costello, the smiths (fuck morrissey), & plenty of others… esp yacht rock, doo wop, folk, (pre-80s) country, & honky tonk <3
interests/hobbies of mine:
the basics (reading/annotating, watching films & tv, listening to lots of music); cross stitch, sewing, collecting & repairing vintage clothing; swing dancing, gambling (among friends), driving, writing, playing guitar, harmonica, etc.; research, sending & receiving handwritten letters, photography, baking, thrifting, & getting tattooed!!!
*my liveblogging for my first ever watchthrough [211018-211211] is under #ty’s house md watch party
**my liveblogging for my first ever watchthrough [ongoing!!!] is under #ty’s m*a*s*h watch party
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stimming-sim-silica · 2 months ago
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4077th Mash + text posts (8/??)
parts (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)
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Charles: I have feelings for you!
Margaret: I have feelings for you too!
Narrator: The feeling was friendship, but neither had ever experienced it.
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gold-kobold · 10 months ago
Are you ready for some love??
- Not only is How To Fight A Shadow one of the best fic's I've read it's one that somehow drawn out so much emotion in me, Like I was physically upset when that lady was yelling at them or when Diccy and Angor weren't on good term or James sr at all (seriously f him). Like that is some amazing story writing, I'm so glad you are still writing this story <3
"i was physically upset when james lake sr." AFDSGDHFJK MOOD ANON LMAO--
thank you so much aaaa i need to go find more crying reaction images--
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archeaphone · a month ago
should i start a mash sideblog?
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gayness-and-mayhem · 7 months ago
Right, I'm slightly drunk, but I just want to say that I love Sidney Freedman so fucking much.
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