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polyphonic-minds · a day ago
System Origins and DES Scores Survey
We made a survey to measure and compare levels of dissociation in traumagenic and endogenic systems. We want as many responses as possible, but having equal responses from endogenic and traumagenic systems is ideal.
It may take a while to complete, but the longest part of it is the DES II.
You can take this survey regardless of your stance on endogenic systems. The survey has no stance related questions.
The results will most likely be published within a few months. They will be shared on this blog.
If you have any constructive feedback, please let us know.
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traumageniccombopack · 21 hours ago
Shout out to systems who use their tumblrs to educate.
You are… so, so brave. I cannot imagine what you go through. I get regular messages on my DID Vent sideblog that rile me up to the point of almost tears, and it’s nowhere near the bulk of messages I see other users get. On top of that, you’re giving information about a disorder YOU yourself have, which means regularly encountering and discussing triggering topics - and yet, I see so many of you doing it with a smile on your face.
Thank you for trying to make this community more informed. While I have my (audible) problems with this community, that is one part I’m grateful for.
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ratpunksdraw · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
here’s something i threw together, as a fictive, i feel like its important to talk about the stigma around fictives and fictive heavy systems! feel free to reblog as a singlet, just dont clown. text id would be appreciated!!
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aomdc · 2 months ago
PLEASE READ and think about this.
this trend thats been going on where systems display every single piece of information and detail about their alters is so fucking dangerous. listing all your alters' positive and negative triggers is literally telling people how to make them show up and leave. you're giving others full control of your switches and the way your system functions. it hurts how its normalized to have an alter profile that lists every single small detail about said alter and basically takes up the whole screen. its really really dangerous putting this stuff out (especially sharing it in public spaces) because honestly its just a matter of time until someone takes advantage of you for it. literally please think about what ive just said. just exist. your alters dont need to be super fucking developed for them to be real. think about fragments. you dont need to make super detailed introductions to each one of your alters for them to be considered real. people often forget this is a trauma disorder and not some fun game. youre allowed to just exist and not justify or have to explain anything. nobody should question the way your brain handles and copes with mental trauma, and if they do, i swear they are not worth your time. you DONT have to give people every piece of personal information in order to be valid. listing your name and pronouns is enough and if someone wants to get to know you further,they should talk to you personally. not read some page and instantly learn all your weaknesses.
please please please keep yourselves safe.
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lgballt · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
System Adventures: Having a horny headmate sucks when you're Ace                         
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dissociative-talks · a month ago
What can you do as someone without DID/OSDD when a switch occurs:
Tip: If a system memeber doesn't talk to you/is masking around you, they're just uncomfortable or don't want to talk at the moment. It doesn’t necessarily mean they have anything against you.
Remember to respect any boundaries they place.
Be patient with them. Switches can be disorienting for anyone involved. It doesn't matter the role within the system or who it is. If they need a moment, give them a moment.
Help them acclimate to their surroundings, if you can. If they need any reminders on where they are, or basic information such as when the last time they drank, eaten, or slept. Do your best to help them figure it out. If someone just pops up, they might not be able to piece information right away. If you can help, do so, but be sure to ask if they’d like the help in the first place.
Make them feel welcomed. Be sure to ask/use the correct pronouns and names once you find out who is fronted. Having them feel welcomed into the conversation could be a nice way to help any alters who fronted unexpectedly.
Set up boundaries of your own. If the system members have placed boundaries with you, then it would be a wise decision to place boundaries if you have any. This avoids conflict in the future, if you just out right communicate it to them when you meet. Communication is key.
Ask them what they are comfortable talking about. If you are to ask them questions about why they're fronted, or anything relating to their disorder, make sure you have their permission to talk about it first. Don't pry too much unless they're fine with it. Even then, don't be disrespectful in the process.
Keep in mind. System members are individuals with thoughts, emotions, and have every right to deny a conversation with you. They are in obligation to help the host with their endeavors, because they are a system together. However, they are not obligated to do anything for you. Just because you are friends with one system member does not mean you are friends with all of them.
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syshet · a month ago
I rarely ever see factive positivity posts so...
Shoutout to factives who are dating other factives
Shoutout to factives who use different pronouns or have a different sexuality/gender than their source
Shoutout to factives who use a different name than their source
Shoutout to factives hyperfixated on their source
Shoutout to factives who aren't source conforming
Shoutout to factives who ARE source conforming
Shoutout to factives who don't care about source at all
Shoutout to factives who are hosts/co-hosts
Shoutout to factives who's inner world voice differs from their source voice
Shoutout to factives with multiple sources
Shoutout to factives who have to keep their identity a secret
Shoutout to factives who are super open about their identity
There's nothing wrong with being a factive. You don't control who splits and how you grow as a person. You're a valued member of your system and you're loved.
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osdd-1bitch · 8 months ago
okay fuck fakeclaimers make aesthetics for your system. make moodboards and make stimboards, request them, commission art, fucking make shit with your alters about them. bond over aesthetics, give them shit they like to ground themselves with, to have fun with or just because. Make picrews, draw, make collages, no matter how "cringe" and "fake" they call it. fuck them, and and be yourselves unapolagetically. you dont owe them shit.
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fragment-syst3m · 4 months ago
i need more systems/multiple or whatever you wanna call urself follows. my dash is dead as heck.
reblog if
you’re a system
you have DID
you have OSDD
you are 15+
you have other mental health problems
you have dissociative/derealization/depersonalization symptoms
professional diagnosis
self diagnosed (w/ research)
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systemboxes · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
This system uses I/me and we/us pronouns interchangeably.
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custom-emojis · 4 months ago
Hey y’all, I made [THIS CARRD] that explains things for new alters within systems who don’t know anything at all, as well as explaining how to set up pk, tupper, and simplyplural. Hopefully it’s helpful to some of you! Feel free to spread it around and keep it pinned in system chats etc
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plural-compilation · a month ago
Being a system is:
“Why am I feeling this way?”
“Is it okay to feel this way?”
“Why am I so sad?”
Only to realize hours later that it’s someone else’s emotions affecting your own
Tumblr media
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cafe-collective · 28 days ago
Honestly at this point I don’t care.
OSDD-1 system? Shit man us too!
DID system? Yo that’s cool!
UDD system? Fuck dude lit!
Nondisordered? Great!
Disordered but there’s no name for it yet? Glad you figured it out!
Believe your system was caused by a disorder that doesn’t usually cause a system? Hey, you know yourself!
Completely endogenic formed spontaneously? That’s so cool!
Soulbonding? Sounds sweet!
Tulpa? Neat!
Your system has been here for as long as you can remember? Ooh that’s cool!
You only just found out about your system yesterday? Amazing!
Your system only started the other day? That’s rad!
What if they’re faking it? We don’t care.
Do you really not care? YES, REALLY.
How can you not care? You can’t tell if someone is faking being a system no matter what they say unless they outright tell you “I’m faking this.” Even if their claims seem outlandish and unbelievable, just because you don’t experience it doesn’t mean they’re lying; it simply means they’re different and that’s okay. Unless someone is actually directly harming another system/their recovery/etc we cannot care less about what they say they are.
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alterhuman-positivity · a month ago
If your system functions differently to everyone elses, that doesn’t mean that it’s less real. Plurality is such a varied experience and no two systems function the same way. You’re real, you’re valid, and you’re no lesser for being different.
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dissociative-talks · a month ago
Friendly, but firm reminder:
💛 Do NOT post or list your systems triggers publicly.
🧡 It’s okay to prioritize your systems needs before others wants.
❤️ Switching is/can be disorienting and scary. It’s okay to take your time.
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