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06032020 14:55 // Working 9 till 5 is actually something I recommend. Going to uni earlier than your first class, getting some work done and creating a routine for yourself. Working till 5 or 6, depending on the work load and go home and treat yourself to a stressful night. Work ahead when it is calmer, give yourself plenty of rest and stressless moments when you are busier. 

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since my last post gained me a couple followers i thought i might formally introduce myself and this account!

me: clara, she/her, 18 years old, hails from New York, bisexual, ravenclaw

what i do: studying artificial intelligence in the netherlands, currently in the first year of my bachelor

what i like: portraiture, photography, cinematography, listening to anything and everything on spotify, vintage things and people, dungeons and dragons

languages: english, studied spanish in high school, currently learning dutch

favorite book: frankenstein (what this account is named after)

favorite tv show: hannibal

reccomendation: marie curie is Very cool and you should read her biography by susan quinn.

what i plan to post: short updates from my day, what I’m working on at the moment, etc. as much as i love the dusty coffee inspired photos that are usually posted on studyblr accounts–i also really like color so my pictures will tend to the vibrant side

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On my way back home! I absolutely loved the university and even the student/study organisations seemed nice :) Can’t wait to finish high school.

Only got lost once :P

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Ah! What a wonderful memory! This was a year ago today! It was just such a special and humbling occasion. Doing a degree at a relatively ‘mature’ (old?) stage of life gave me such compassion and empathy for my own colleagues, students, many of whom are studying and working at the same time. We all do our best to be parents, responsible and engaged members of our communities, scholars, and remain faithful to our work and witness (not to mention, trying to stay relatively sane)! I am so very, very grateful for this reminder, and for the wonderful friends, co-researchers, with whom I have to joy of journeying as they write their Masters and Doctoral theses! You inspire me!

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Liefste Nijmegenaren op tumblr,
Heeft er iemand van jullie een kamer vrij van januari/februari tot en met juni/juli? Ik kom jullie prachtige stad dan lastigvallen tijdens mijn buitenlandse stage! Laat me iets weten en stuur een berichtje.

PS: kamers van vrienden/kenissen zijn ook altijd welkom

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I guess the biggest change that happened was that I got a bike, and I could travel from one place to another WAY faster than before. Before that it was unimaginable to go to the university, the city center, and shopping on the same day, but today, I just did that. 

Also, classes have, started, but half of them were canceled and really starting next week, so it was still a pretty slow week. But the classes I did have were great so far, so I think it will be a pretty cool semester. I had Vulgar Culture, Broadway to Hollywood and American Art. All of the teachers seem to be really good at what they’re doing, so I’m quite positive about it, but they gave us so much stuff to read, that I will have to spend most of my weekend preparing for them. But I don’t want to get left behind, so I think that’s what I’m gonna do.



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the uni found me a room in the student complex i visited on the open day i’m so !!!!! 
still can’t believe i’ll be moving to a different country in 2 months tbh it seems so surreal

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Tomorrow I have to present the thesis I worked on for the last half year and then I am done. Done with this schoolyear, done with this school and I will have a diploma and I have so many mixed feeling about this.

I chose this school because I wanted to work on my social skills (since I had close to none because of excessive bullying and low selfesteem) and now I am a new person and ready to move on and make new friends and experience and do a lot of new stuff when I move on to another University and continue my education.

I’ve waited so long for this and now I don’t want to go. I don’t want to leave my current school and the friends I’ve put in an insane amount of effort in to make. I always want to change and move on, but then I don’t. The struggle is always real  😂

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you go to look at an apartment listing, and when you get there, the person who answers the door says, “oh, the landlord only rents to females. I just assumed you were a woman.”

am I the only who thinks its both creepy and discriminatory that male landlords will sometimes only rent to women?

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Op dit moment voelt het heel even alsof ik de wereld kan veranderen. Morgen ga ik naar de bibliotheek op de universiteit en boeken lenen, gewoon omdat het kan (en de bibliotheek heel cool is en ik nu eindelijk toegang heb tot eindeloze boeken en vertalingen), met teksten van Sappho, en ga ik ze vertalen en in een bundel zetten.

Morgenochtend als ik om 6 uur mijn bed uit moet zal mijn wereld-verander-motivatie heel wat minder zijn, maar goed. Voor nu houden we het vol. Ook al is Sappho een van de meest verschrikkelijke schrijfsters en een van de lastigste om te vertalen (en daarnaast zijn er van sommige gedichten slechts een paar woorden over). Maar hey, waarom verplicht woordjes leren, als je ook vrijwillig dit kunt doen om woordjes stampen te ontwijken?

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