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victory royale
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careful around those kids
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rewatching the unsleeping city s1 finale for Reasons and i’m just thinking about ricky again... because like. goddamn that final power that he gets? the one that deals equal damage on himself, and maybe kills him? ricky (and zac) fully use that power with the understanding and the acceptance that He Might Die, and he’s fully okay with that.
he fails that con save, the one that means he dies, and you can see in zac’s face that he just . he just Accepts it. he did what he was trying to do- he destroyed the corporeal form of the american dream- and if that killed him, he was okay with that. he had a mission, and he accomplished it, and he helped his friends, and that was enough
BUT. but. literally nobody else accepted that. 
the whole rest of the combat, until ricky gets revivified, the rest of the party is almost entirely focused on what they can do to make sure ricky gets to kingston and gets saved, even if that means putting themselves in more danger. they make some RISKY choices, there, and every single time you can see that zac is just. in agony. because that wasn’t what he wanted, and you get the impression that he wasn’t expecting it either!! this was supposed to be how ricky went out!! he was going to risk himself so that no one else had to!! 
and yet. and yet. and yet. they’re all a family at this point. and they’re not gonna let him fucking die, not if there’s ANYTHING they can do about it. and it hits.
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nicolas cage when asked about stealing the declaration of independence:
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Appreciation post for sniper Jay in season 9
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I discovered this anime recently and I'm obsessed, it's beautiful <3 (I love my babies Ricky and Patrick)
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Why can’t transwomen handle jokes about themselves?
Ricky Gervais is hilarious. 
Dave Chappelle is hilarious, too.
Disclaimer: I’m a transman.
Transwomen need to learn to have a sense of humor. Gay men, too. Transwomen need to learn that they can’t bully and harass comedians into being politically correct. That’s not how comedy works.
Not being able to laugh at themselves is what’s making everyone uncomfortable around transwomen. It’s NOT their fragile “gender identity” that repulses everyone- it’s their inability to laugh at themselves. It’s their inability to allow ANYONE to mock them that makes everyone uncomfortable around them.
Jewish people suffered the holocaust. Yet, Jewish comedians have joked about that. Jewish comedians make fun of themselves and their community ALL THE TIME. If a group that has suffered as much as the Jewish community has can make fun of themselves, why can’t trans women? 
I’m a transman. I never see transmen get upset about comedians making fun of them, NOT unless there’s someone from the LGBT+ community pressuring/brainwashing them into it (which would usually be a transwoman or a gay man- lesbians/transmen don’t care about this stuff).
Do you think I give a damn whether comedians make jokes at my expense? Do you think I care if they mock me for being transgender? No. 
It’s COMEDY. It’s supposed to be FUNNY. You’re not supposed to take comedy seriously, transwomen/gay men. 
Learn to laugh, transwomen/gay men. You sexist, narcissistic XY imbeciles are ruining it for everyone, especially for the XX community. 
I hope these brave comedians continue to mock the transgender community. As a transman, I am sick and tired of this stupid brainwashed community full of fake smiles and phoney laughs; a community that behaves more like the church of scientology than a group full of “love”. I don’t see “love” when I look at the transgender community now- I see death threats against JK Rowling, I see Dave Chappelle being assaulted, and I see death threats against mostly people with XX chromosomes. 
When I look at the transgender community now, I mostly see misogyny.
The transgender community isn’t a community of “love”. At this point, it’s essentially a cult of mostly brainwashed people who feel the need to stalk/harass anyone they feel threatened by- just like scientologists. Instead of talking about “thetan levels” or “going clear”, the transgender cult is all about not being “cisgender”, calling out “terfs”, or “finding your authentic self”. All these stupid fake words and memorized slogans are an insult to intelligent life everywhere. I refuse to use them.
Can anyone explain to me the difference between the church of scientology and the transgender community? I don’t see much difference these days. 
Learn to laugh at yourselves, XY people... and allow others to mock you, too. 
-a transman
Ricky Gervais is right- women DO NOT have penises. Duh.
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🎵 And for the 14th day of Vale-thon I finally post the first thing i originally drew for it~ 🎵
Have a valentine from any of your faves!
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Doko Demo Issyo Calendar 2015
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Doko Demo Issyo // Photo Picture Diary (3)
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 The Dream Team Season 1 / Season 2
Actual sizes in either of these - Pixel tag / Masterpost (Pizza rat and Rowan are in there, too!
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Things that are heavily implied in puppet dialog AKA an analysis of the puppets
They can eat (Norman and Leonard's Mail dialog, Junebug's eating gravel dialog, Norman's Living in your TV Dialog, Learn your numbers dialog, and brush your teeth dialog)
They apparently have teeth (the brush your teeth dialog)
There is a puppet named Pearl we haven't seen that upset Junebug (Junebug's upset dialog)
Junebug knows all the curse words (her Jump Jump dialog)
Leonard seems uncomfortable with harming people who aren't themself (They speed through feeding squirrels to dogs and their hesitation during the upset dialog seems more like that than Junebug and Norman's, but they still have the numbers dialog)
This might be a big leap, but Leonard and Norman might be roommates, as implied by both of their Mail dialogs being the same up to and including the best bugs the world has to offer and the greasy hamburgers being from the same place (those two are the only ones with that dialog)
get your roomate jokes out now folks
If the entire What does Norman Notice dialog is all a flashback to a tramatic event for Norman, that means Leonard also witnessed what went down that day.
Norman just seems the most disturbed of the bunch (basically any of his dialog that has mentions of depraved acts, most noticeably his upset dialog)
Okay, I have a small theory for the two above notes, they happened in succession. Norman injured or killed a kid and later went to Leonard to talk a bit about what happened since they saw it too, but Leonard either couldn't hear him or didn't want to talk about it, which upset Norman. This also might explain the loss of Leonard's eye, IDK.
Leonard may or may not have been crushed by a tree (their Music? dialog)
Junebug seems to be the youngest because she mentions her parents requests in present tense (most notable in her Ring Ring! dialog)
Touching on Ricky's dialog for a moment, he seems to lie on a whim (him supposedly not coming down there despite clearly being Ray's friend and knowing about the elevator, the washing his hair get out line)
He may also think heroic stuff, or Gordon's whole mission, is stupid (he disses Gordon about being unprofessional, and then dips when it's clear Gordon isn't backing down from a nicknaming sockpuppet)
Speaking of, theory 2, the only reason Ricky doesn't attack you might be that he's the first boss and doesn't want to get hurt like that again. Speaking of, it's weird that the boss puppets are both hand puppets that come from pipes.
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